Sunday, November 17, 2019


BLOCKED AT THE DOOR: It was a chilling scene. Half a dozen police officers, some men, some women, some in khaki, some in the red stripe, but all of them ominous. Members of Parliament for the Progressive Liberal Party were headed to the House of Assembly with Glenys Hanna Martin, the MP for Englerston and the Chairman of the PLP. Mrs. Hanna Martin had been expelled from the House of Assembly the day before Wednesday 3rd June. On that day she rose from her seat to ask for an explanation from the Government about the death of Michael Knowles, 15, in a police lock up in South Beach in New Providence. The police said that he died by his own hand, using the drawstring from a pair of pants which he had on. The mother of the boy denies that he had any pants with a drawstring. In any event, what was a drawstring doing in his pants when all of that is supposed to be removed from the prisoner when he is put in the lock up including laces from shoes? How is it possible for someone to have the time to hang themselves without someone spotting it? What was a juvenile doing in a cell with nine other male adults? These are all questions that needed answering. It was a matter of critical public importance. The government did not want to hear it. The Speaker of the House demanded that she sit down. When she did not sit down, he “named” her and then ordered her expelled from the House. The government then moved a resolution, never put, to have Mrs. Hanna Martin removed from the House. She said that she would not go, and the police were called to the House of Assembly to remove her but the PLP Members of Parliament moved to protect her, led by Dr. Bernard Nottage, the Leader of Opposition business in the House of Assembly. The police were unable to remove her but the Speaker gave orders that she was not to enter the precincts the next day. The scene then was set for Thursday 4th June when she was blocked from doing the people’s business by order of the Speaker and with the support of the FNM government. Our photo of the week is the protest at the door of the House by the PLP as they sought to enter the House on Thursday 4th June.. BIS photo: Peter Ramsay