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10 Responses to " BREAKING NEWS TONIGHT!!!! STANDBY! "

  1. Terez says:

    @ Kim sands
    Yeah they take our slogan forgranted. It better in the BAHAMAS. I guess for them and not for us.

  2. Kim Sands says:

    You are so correct; most of the celebrities who do come to our shores are looking for some sort of slackness.

  3. Terez says:

    You know I kinda like Christie, he can be a good leader its the other Members of his Party that don’t want to rule. There seems to be to many people within the party that want to be a leader. He needs to be a bit firmer like Ingraham and get his house in order.

    What are there motives?

  4. Dibbles says:

    Cool PC,I think it’s time for me to go to the convention.This way is out,to get to the convention for me to win the leader race.

  5. JR says:

    Don’t make me laugh. Get it right? How do you get a lie right?

  6. media says:

    Well folkes we must get it right, so please standby it coming….

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  7. Gary says:

    What is the breaking news I waited all night

  8. No Name says:

    Is that the DARK Horse behind Fmr PM Christie? Hope he don’t kick him.
    Christie is too smart to get beat. He planned for this moment, had numerous poolside strategy meetings and has his croonies at work.
    At the end of the day whether we like, love or desire it; Christie, Ingraham, Davis and Co. will be in control. ‘Delbern House’ run things.
    B J needs to sit down and be grateful for having his political life resurrected and himself as a result, RELEVANT. Just the thought of him challenging Fmr P M Christie is Sickening and all the evidence of what an Ingrate really is.

  9. olive says:

    You people need help

  10. Ishaq says:

    BP, where is the breaking news????? Yall aint see it’s almost quarter to eleven hey?

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