The New Newsbreak Team on Cable 12



The newscast closely watched by Bahamas Press. Only Newsbreak appears to have proven in its infant stages of transition to show the public how confuse Ingraham’s Cabinet is and then turn around and demand an audience with the chief himself.

We know why they cannot touch the Oswald Brown story but they still are making waves. BP will be looking for more BREAKING STORIES as they wip the government’s gluteus maximus [And yall know just what we want say].

  • Michelle

    What a pleasure it is to watch unbiased news!  Cable 12 I am a big fan!  If it was up to me ZNS would not even be in existence.  I watch absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing on ZNS!

  • Raah

    Those women are so fine! Put on attractive people, and folk will watch!

  • DMV

    O Lord if nothing else about this group of men and women…they sure are a pleasure to look at… and a site for sore eyes….ZNS in the name of God …plz use a page from Cable 12 book please!!!

  • FutureLeader

    WAPPP tell them beat up face raggedy zns crew take dat. This crew looks so digital and fresh. And the fact that they are as prudent as they are radient makes them my choice for the news report. Cheaper pap jes shet zeffer netwutless station down and send them raggedy news reportera with the exception of vaughnique toote and ladawn davis, the rest of that zns crew is just raggedy!

  • aurelia025

    An excellent, polished, and dynamic team that presents well balanced news reports.   The ZNS crew could learn much from them.