FNM 2010 Convention Set for Wednesday, 3rd Nov. 2010.


The Chairmans: Johnley Ferguson, the former Chairman of the FNM and Carl Bethell, the current Chairman of the FNM are seen again in more happier times at the Party's fair at Arawak Cay, Nassau. Photo by Rodney Moncur.

Nassau, Bahamas — At 3:33am this morning Bahamas Press was delivered new information out of the high command of the Free National Movement, which confirms the Party’s Convention 2010 will open on November 3rd at the Wyndham Crystal Palace & Casino on Cable Beach.

Well-placed sources in the position to know noted the big event will be held for three days and will converge delegates from around the country to chart the course for the Party before the general elections.

We’ve learned Carl Bethel would become a ‘backbencher without portfolio’ as his chairmanship is about to be yanked from him like his new friend of the Party, Johnley Ferguson!

You would remember Bethel was fired on national television from the Ingraham Cabinet following gross neglect in the department of education where he served for three years; leaving ministry the laughingstock of the region.

The source said, “This Conclave will go down in history as we shall see major changes within the landscape of the FNM. The Party will not remain the same, as we know it today. For example, Carl Bethel shall not be returned as National Chairman. I will not say he has been fired again, but he will leave the organization in further disarray, particularly after the resignations of all executive members of the Women’s Association on Grand Bahama early this year.”

Hubert Ingraham, PM and FNM Party Leader.

Bethel is also being blamed we are told, for the chaos which occurred during the Elizabeth by-election where he lead the Party into a crushing defeat. PLP candidate Leo Ryan Pinder was declared winner in the ballot vote and was seated as MP.

Bahamas Press has learned possible names set to replace Bethel are former Chairman Dwight Sawyer, a longtime ally of Hubert Ingraham.

Another name being put forward, said to be the ‘Dark Horse’, is a major player within the Ingraham inner circle.

We’ve learned Bethel has already removed from the preparations of the upcoming Convention, as recent statements found him confused as to whether such an event will be held due to the financial downturn facing the country.

Ingraham told delegates to meet him at Convention 2010 at “the same time and same place” as he closed out caucus 2009. Prime Minister also told the press at that Convention he would make his decision as to whether or not he will stay on as Party Leader by the end of 2010.

  • I agree with Awakened….everyone has a say on what’s wrong in the Bahamas but when I travel around the world I don’t see any difference. The world all over is in a mess and the great USA is no exception. In every city and town I’ve visited I met clean places and I met dirty places. So to suggest that something is wrong because there are some dirty street makes no sense. Then ask the great USA to clean up its many filthy cities.

  • K4C

    Awakened it’s time for Bahamians to look with-in, the rest of the world isn’t worring about the Bahamas, it’s up to Bahamians to solve it’s delima and it’s some delima……..if you are pleased with whats happening now…………..well………….best of luck to you ………

  • media

    Someone just told BP this is no news and was in the public domain long ago. Boy I tell ya! We wonder what they ga say when they see the rest of the story…

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  • media

    Someone just told BP this is no news and was in the public domain long ago. Boy I tell ya! We wonder what they ga say the rest of the story…

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  • K4C

    Visiting Nassau last week after almost 20 years I have noticed something, both the FNM and the PLP have done something, something very very WRONG, it’s called being in power at all cost, and that cost will NEVER be recovered, you call for CHANGE, well that CHANGE has to be COMPLETE and that will be a new way of thinking and a new party, but the big question is ……………..who’s up for the challange, the middle class is all but gone, Nassau has become a eye sore, yet you are looking at the same leaders who made this happen !

    • K4C, do you realize that the Democrats and Republicans are still the power base in the USA, and have been so over “TWO HUNDRED YEARS”, and look at the condition of the USA, my boy they are all greedy, and dysfunctional human beings, FNM, PLP, Democrats, Republicans, but we and the Americans citizens keep putting them back into governing positions, in the USA and in the Bahamas, and all over the world don’t have competent leaders or better yet,”MONEY HOGS” and cater to “SPECIAL INTEREST”, that is the major problem around the world, don’t pick on the Bahamas, Bush, Obama and the USA aren’t doing any better, look at the full picture, don’t just come in for a couple a days and judge the Bahamas, life goes on everyday, and there will be good times and bad times, but Greece, Italy, Britain, I could go on all day with this, don’t mine the head on these organizations changing, watch the guys behind the curtain, they are the real leaders.

  • All I can say is that it makes my heart very glad to see that BP has just learned this morning that the FNM convention will beheld this year. This confirms that BO is behind in getting information that is already in the public domain about the real happening within the FNM.

    The convention committee has been working for a while now. The FNM recognize that the work ahead of them is one of the biggest challenges in a long time. However the party is sure that it will over come and will set a bold plan to inform the Bahamian public of what the government has been doing and will be doing in the best interest of the Bahamian people.

    BP, your are late on this one.

    • I totally agree with Willard L. Dean. Bahamas Press is beginning to be behind on their info these dayz… Keep up the Good Work BP…

      • media

        Carry on Loverboi, carry on keep reading. WE REPORT and yinner decide.