BahamasPress’ Model of the Week 10/08/10


Name:  Cristina Suciu

Home country: Romania

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Occupation: Communication and Public Relations

Hobbies: Traveling and Modeling

How would you describe yourself in three words: creative, energetic , ambitious

It's time no?

  • ModelMix Studios is coming to Nassau the week of October 25th, we’re going to be shooting Bahamians Models to be featured at BP. Models interested to participate should write an email in the Contact US Page of We’ll be also announcing a Casting Call soon with all the details.

  • True Bahamian, I have a Photo Studio that only take photos like these.
    But ONLY female politicians. Would you like me to give BP a few photos with our lady politicians?

  • OK B.P. but I sure The Bahamas has a photo studio where models can take pictures.

  • Dobby

    Ok Bahamas Press. This girl is a fine specimen, but why is this on your front page? Great eye candy but you can’t expect to bring serious stories then put pics like this front page. Put it under your lifestyles headings.

  • B.P. If this is a Bahamian website why you don’t display Bahamian Models as the model of the week.

    • media

      Because the photo studio is in Florida and would have to have the Bahamian models fly to the US. Now if they wish to go there we will accommodate them.


    • media

      Also BP is while based in the Bahamas has affiliates all over the world.