A BREAKING BP NEWS ALERT: Murder #179 in Misty Gardens



Bahamas Press is reporting murder #91 for 2010 or 179 since 2009.

While reports are indeed sketchy, we can tell you this latest incident occurred in the Misty Gardens community. The area is just off Marshall Road west near the car dump, which is near the Anathol Rodgers High School.

We can confirm the shooting happened shortly after 9pm. The victim is believed to be in his 40s, and had just returned home when he was shot on by a group of males. The gunmen we are told passed the wife and opened fire on the husband. The men then fled the crime scene.

BP can confirm the victim was taken to the PMH but died shortly afterwards. The deceased we are told was a major promoter of the Bahamas Hot Rod Association [The Bahamian NASCAR].

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    Bahamas Press is confirming this Misty Gardens victim as Bahamas Hot Rodd organizer, Dexter Brown. He was 42 years old.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  • Jesussssssssssssssssssss …NOT AGAIN ???? What have we come to ??????

    • I agree. The Bahamas is creating an outrage in the crime epidemic.