Senator Relative Shot at Fox Hill Jungle Club


Dr. Jacinta Higgs, Chairman of Clifton Heritage

Bahamas Press is reporting a shooting in the Fox Hill community once again and this time it involves the relative of a Senator and former candidate in the area.

BP can confirm, Eddie Flowers, a relative of Senator Dr. Jacinta Higgs was shot twice in the leg at the Jungle Club early Sunday morning.

Sources tell us Flowers got into an altercation with a young man at the Club, which resulted in him receiving shots to his leg. The incident occurred around 1:45AM.

Tommy Turnquest was having a moment of verbal diarrhea early this morning as he was a special phone-in guest on ZNS news earlier today.

The minister was commenting on the killing of world terror operative Osama Bin Laden.

The failed OUTGOING Minister had not a damn word to say about the TERROR now being committed in Bay street, South Beach, Pinewood, Fox Hill or the terror (Murder) which happened this weekend in Nassau Village.


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  • http://Bahamaspress Kim Sands

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