Former FNM Senator has resigned from the Party


PAPA in his morning suit look like dress. Boy Papa make us laugh nah when we saw this photo.

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is reporting a another FNM has defected from the Party.

We can tell you a former Senator, who also served as Chairman of the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas, left the organization warning the leadership of the Party that Change is coming to the country.

We are told the move has shattered the Party’s leadership, which has been overwhelmed with defections and resignations.

Earlier this year following the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless former junior minister for Immigration, Branville McCartney, resigned from the FNM, highlighting that PAPA has “NO Compassion”.

  • Dear BP, if you are so sure of this story and your sources please tell us who this former senator is!!!

  • Folks don,t you all understand that he has to wear his pants large to hide those 2 left legs.LOL

  • People laughing at how Papa gone to the Royal wedding, but I feel he owe the Bahamian people an apology for the major embarrassment he brought this nation, by going to the wedding like this. This was a slap in the face to all our Bahamian seamstresses, tailors and fashion designers, he made them look incompetent, like he didn’t even trust them enough to hem or take in this pants for him. He had to have known about this wedding for a while and he had to have known there would be people from all over the world there and you expect me to believe he couldn’t fixed himself better than this to represent the Bahamian people? Come on, I don’t buy that for a second, because even if he didn‘t want to have it alter, why didn‘t he buy his right size in the first place? It isn’t like he’s growing anymore at his age. I believe this was his intentions to humiliate us and to tell people that’s his reason for selling everything from under us to the foreigners, because we are not even capable of altering his pants.

  • Hey, the dude just build bad; who he gan blame for havin to LEFT LEGS,ya dun kno he can shuffle.Man leave this picture up here BP; I mean man, I laughin until am cryin.

  • The same person who gave the maiden name of Mrs Ingraham to the wedding planners rented this ballooon for papa.I see why Papa made the person responsible stand in the back row when he took the photo with Bahamian students in the UK.Stay around Papa as you give us many good laughs.

    • media

      SOMEONE TOLD US THE PAPA didn’t use a tailor but a dress maker for this suit.


  • Man I weak!

  • plz tell me yall photo shop this pic man no way on earth papa should leave out his house looking like this he get extra seat in that pants for two more cabinet ministers this man look so evil all he missing is his folk but i think someone should tell him but he so disgusting he wont lesson. lol

  • Papa just know he is do for more, where he been with this pants look like he borrow it? All these tailors and fashion designers we have in the country, you don’t think he could of let one of them adjust this pants for him? He just know how to embarrass people, even if he didn’t want to give any of the Bahamians the business, he could have gone to one of the Haitian tailors, where he would have been more comfortable.

  • If you are referring to Fred Mitchell that is old news. The FNM is ready for the battle and we will see you sit on your obese behind and cry.

    Hubert Vs. Perry and Hubert winds.

    • media

      No it ga be Crime and Unemployment which ga deliver the Better Party to Power. YALL REALL THINK BAHAMIANS THAT DUMB?


    • U dam rite Hubert break “WINDS” and Mr Christie is the winner.

  • LMAOF! A a true bullfrog in coat tails. I can’t stop laughing. LOL the pants too big. The coat don’t fit. LMAOF

  • Or man, please take this photo of hai down…he reminds me of a flying cockroach. It’s clear even Delores no longer cares for him as a caring wife would have ensured her husband did not go out looking like this!!!!

    • Hahaha. What a funny comment dude. I haven’t had a good laugh in a long time and this pic and comments really have me rolling. A cockroach lol! Please BP post more funny pics. We need more laughs in this country. Who better to laugh at than these morons?

      • This was a good laugh guys.

        • media

          It was wasn’t it? And the JOKE IS ALL ON THE FACE OF THE FNM!


  • evil dropping of this man. but i got to give him credit he knows some bahamians love bad treatment. this is why some of are woman being abuse and do nothing about it. so when ing-rum abuse them they just brush it off and say man i used to this bad treatment. we have some people out there who choose evil over good and thats them seem once who can’t see all this s**t this fnm doing to us.

  • IKB

    Don’t you think that they could have found a trousers that was a better fit for my PM!!!

  • Who is it BP???

  • At this rate we will only have a few persons in the FNM with balls.The paid contributors who come to this site better take note as they could soon be the meal of the tiger who takes no prisoners.Men who have compassion and see their brothers and sisters being throttled must resign from a party to avoid contamination.