Exuma all ready to support PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis and Chester Cooper at Convention!

PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis addressing supporters in Exuma.

Exuma – PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis and team took their message to the people of Exuma Monday as his ‘Road to Convention’ swing continued.

Deputy Leader candidate and Exuma MP Chester Cooper, South Andros MP Picewell Forbes and Senate Jobeth Coleby-Davis also met party supporters on the ground and were welcomed.

The Party Leader travels will continue into Fresh Creek, Andros moving across Central Andros. By evening meetings will gather supporters at the Huntley Christie High School cafeteria in Nicholls Town, North Andros.

At each stop Mr. Davis is presenting his plans to rebuild, renew and rebrand the PLP. The Party’s National Convention is set for October 22 – 25 at the Melia Cable Beach.

Former Exuma MP Anthony Moss address the gathering.

Supporters ready to support Brave Davis and Chester Cooper at the October 22 Convention.

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