Police tired of the fake news and we at BP are sick and tired of the WUTLESS MEDIA DEM!



Statement by Police

In light of the growing trend of false posts on social media about murders and other serious crimes, which in some cases caused panic our communities, the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) is appealing tomembers of the public to be more responsible while online.

More recently, social media sites such as Facebook and the popular “What’s App” messenger platform were being bombarded with various stories of multiple murders and armed robberies which were unfounded.

While Social media is a helpful medium for both the community and the police, however, the hoaxes, fake news and the dissemination of false information which we have experienced of late not only sows panic among our communities, but also wastes the police’s time and resources.

Finally, members of the public are being urged to always seek information from the police and trusted news agencies only, to avoid causing unnecessary stress to those affected or who may be affected by a crime.

  • F. Cartwright

    Fred Mitchell the ACU is investigating your travel expense under the Christie government …lol. Tell Sidney in Hollywood to visit you in jail….lol…fucking PLP crook!

  • F. Cartwright

    I hope the police lock up the assholes who run this plp propaganda newspaper. They should be tried for treason and hung till dead.