Mitchell On Reports That The Bahamas Government’s Plans To Investigate Travel Of The Christie Government

Opposition leader in the Senate Hon. Fred Mitchell.

Statement by Senator Fred Mitchell
Opposition Spokesman On Foreign Affairs

Hard on the heels of my observations by video note (Facebook 32,689 views) about the Prime Minister taking a trip on a private jet to Dominica with two Government ministers and civic leaders and his aides, with no accountability as to whose plane it was and who paid for it, the Prime Minister’s press secretary has indicated that the travel expenses of the PLP are now to be investigated.

The Minnis Government has continued with their hypocrisy.

They came to office saying that they would cut back on foreign travel. That nonsense started with the Foreign Minister whose job it is to travel. He quickly forgot that of course once reality struck him about the nature of the job and has been travelling up and down all over the place. Before Dominica, he spent 7 days at the United Nations in New York.

Yesterday, four ministers were pictured sitting around a table on the Charles River at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). One hopes they learned not to be hypocrites when they were there in the ivy leagues. Did they justify that expense and that of so many of them being out of town? Remember while Transport, Public Service, Finance, the Attorney General were in Boston, the PM, his Foreign Minister and Immigration Minister were in Dominica, a trip that could well have been done by the Foreign Minister alone, with the civic leaders and the Minister’s officials. So stripped of political personnel were they that this left the poor Minister of Education to act as Prime Minister.

Travel is not an issue per se. It is necessary to do so in an island nation for official reasons, all across the globe. Monday morning quarter backing is not the PLP’s style. What is reprehensible is the hypocrisy of the FNM on this matter.

This government is hopeless and certainly clueless. Wasting money investigating past government decisions, all properly approved by the Cabinet is not a good idea.

Unemployment is rising, added to by the firing of people instead of hiring. The FNM administration is contracting the economy day by day, bad talking it. Grand Bahama has been abandoned by them even though they have the five seats. Even Frederick McAlpine MP FNM had to remind them to whom they owe their first duty. Criminals rule the day and the night in New Providence. The man in the dark shades who is our Minister of National Security said he had the answers. It turns out it was all a bluff. He has none.

So now the FNM shock troops are to investigate whether a Minister of the PLP paid five dollars for a Coca Cola or ten dollars for a hamburger. That the Minister ought to have eaten at Wendy’s instead of at the hotel where the Government put the Minister to stay. The Bahamian people will be very interested to know that all trips were approved. Ministers don’t get involved in pricing their own trips and their expenses. Public officials are responsible for accounting for expenditure. Some former Ministers are owed monies by the Bahamas Government for expenditure out of pocket on behalf of the Government.

The public would also be interested to know that many in the PLP including this Senator suspect that the FNM has been purging the files of the Cabinet Conclusions and the Cabinet records to fit the narratives that they are now spinning and intend to spin. Too many times, they answer critics by saying they cannot find it in the files.

Oh Lord continue to protect us from these FNM hypocrites.


  • F. Cartwright


  • F. Cartwright

    Pay your Bills to our Country you sissy boy PLP piece of shit, you bad mouth “The Great White Hope” with your racist remarks on your treasonous newspaper Bahamas uncensored but still you owe our country. He is the only one who has never owed a penny to our beloved Bahamas, mean while assholes like you, Dame Pindling, Miller, Gibson, and the rest of you PLP crooks owed and still owe our nation tens of thousands while you turned off the power to people who only owed $200 or less…lol…You fucking asshole PLP hypocrites. I also saw the Tribune this morning, laughed my ass off reading about buck tooth coward ass Davis running for leadership….lol….these old PLP thieving dinosaurs just don’t get it …lol… The Bahamian people can’t stand the sight of you anymore, go drown yourselves in the Abyss!

  • F. Cartwright

    Anyone who thinks their going to prevent the FNM and the ACU from fulfill the wishes of our people is completely a dreamer, and should leave now. Nothing will distract us, detour us, or effluence us with their fake news and corruption; it’s the people’s time Senator, it’s the people’s time. Those with dirty hands come forward before you make us come to you and the courts will show some mercy. But those who don’t come forward and make us work harder than we should, we will throw the books of the courts upon you with no mercy. We the masses, we the people, we Bahamians, have realized that we will never move forward unless we wipe out the mass corruption in our beloved land. God bless the islands of the Bahamas and it’s people, thank you.

  • F. Cartwright

    Your next BahamasPress, like Trump says, fucking fake news….LOL….But one thing in this life you can count on, the ACU is for fucking real!

  • F. Cartwright

    If this jackass Senator has nothing to hide, than he shouldn’t be so bothered by it. Only a person hiding something would be bothered enough to make a public statement. Senator, do you think Sidney Poitier and his entourage are going to visit you on your birthday and give the travel expenses bill to Hollywood; I don’t think so Senator. My Bahamian people are not stupid Senator, this is the difference between the FNM and the PLP, we don’t think the people we serve are stupid.