Celebration hits dockside as bad weather moved into Grand Bahama


Freeport – Carnival cruise ship CELEBRATION hit the dockside in Freeport while docking Wednesday.

The ship experienced extensive damage and was taking on water.

We understand authorities will provide updates as to the incident and the safety of passengers and crew members.

  • Natacha Jelinic

    I just talked to a friend of mine working on the ship. He said he doesnt know what this article is talking about as they are getting ready to sail out of West Palm b
    Beach 😡😡 Where did you get this from??? Why are you scaring ppl likd this. Imagine the family of the crew members reading this? I was on the ship when the Bahamas Celebration ran aground, it was scary enough! Don’t do that ppl!!

    • media

      Watch the VIDEO! Maybe ya friend was not informed.