Two female guests say they were raped on Harbour Island while on the beach 2am in the morning


Eleuthera – Police on Harbour Island are reporting the incident of two sexual assaults in that part of the country.

Information confirm that sometime around midnight and 2am, the girls were on a beach when they were allegedly indecently assaulted by two Bahamian men.

We are learning that both men who are residents on the island have been arrested.

We are hearing charges of rape; unlawful sexual intercourse or indecent assault could result from police investigations. But everyone is tightlipped on the developments.

Meanwhile we are learning of drowning of a Asian women in the Berry Islands. He body was discovered floating around 11am Thursday.

She was discovered unresponsive in waters off Great Sturrup Cay. She was pronounced dead at the local clinic on the island.

We report yinner decide!

  • F S

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  • F S

    Fred, will you give our Bahamian ladies equal rights when you become the first gay PM? See my friend, these raped women are victims because our men think their above them, not equal to them; they think their the Nephilims, taking women at will. Now these raped women are going to go back to their country and tell their people to never visit the Bahamas; you need to stop this, this is what’s killing our economy. Fred, I have almost 1,000 views on some of my comments to you, our people are listening, they want you to run as in independant candidate. And if you run as a PLP, or even as an FNM, you will lose; they want you to run solo my brother.