All Junkanoo Results for the 2018/19 parades should be declared NULL AND VOID amidst the scandal of judge bribe taking!

Parade costumes for the 2018/19 Junkanoo Parade.

Nassau – An investigation by the JCNP has commenced following a series of allegations about bribes being advanced during the 2018/19 Junkanoo parade involving a Genesis junkanooer and a judge connected to the JCNP.

Meetings this weekend saw the Junkanoo governing body handing details of those allegations to the police.

They involved a series of audiotapes [possibly staged] with conversations between the costume organizer and the judge who were having discussions about collecting bribes and being paid to vote up or down on categories during the parade.

Bahamas Press believes, seeing that these allegations have surfaced, all unofficial announcements of the 2018/19 parades should be disqualified and the results made null and void until properly concluded by the police.

What is interesting to note is the fact that the individual setting up the sting to bribe a judge is the same individual who used flatbeds during the Boxing Day Parade to block the streets of Bay [the holding area] and caused the parade to be stalled for more than two hours to the dismay of spectators.

This is the same kind of punishable lawlessness and uncorrected disorder, chaos, unruliness that continues to plague the country and remains unchecked in our democracy. This is unacceptable! And this is the same kind of anarchy that leads to this pervasive distrust in law enforcement. Where is the police to correct this? Where are they?

We report yinner decide!

  • F S

    It is good to see that the youth of our country can no longer be fooled into believing that the PLP’s created Majority rule day is on their side; it’s not. With all the internet information out there in their hands no one can fool them anymore. The PLP couldn’t even fill one church on this Majority rule day celebration as they demanded people to show up…lol… the youth know it’s a day all about them, the PLP, it does nothing for the Bahamian people. And now I read the treasonous Flyaway Sentator and his corrupt goons are going to go around to the schools to try to force their Majority rule down their throats…lol…going to back fire on their corrupt asses. All my smart Bahamian students need to do when approached by them is ask the PLP about Lynden Pindling’s drug smuggling past as you show them your researched information on your iPhones and watch them shut you right the fuck up proving my point….lol.