DID MARVIN DAMES LOSE HIS COOL??? Ingraham would have fired Dames long time…


Can Minnis justify why Dames needs a gun?

PM Minnis and his National Security Marvin Dames.

Dear Editor

The behaviour of the Minister of National Security, Marvin Dames, is troubling, to put it mildly. The uneasiness comes from the fact that a “thin-skinned cantankerous man”, who has complete control of the police and who seems to be too anxious to speak for the police in place of the Commissioner, has lost his cool.

This is more serious because self-control should be one of the criteria for such a position.  Everyone knows that Dames carries a gun.  Does he come to the House of Assembly “packing”?  Could he have been in possession on the 27 February when he “tripped out”?

Bahamians are a people who usually do not complain until after the fact, but this incident begs the question: if he is armed in Parliament, should he be, especially because of the heated exchanges between members?

This is not the first time Dames showed his temperament in Parliament.  Is this a pattern? Do we have a potential problem? Are members safe while doing the people’s business?

The newspaper that carries water for Dames has already started their spin.  They have begun to paint Dames as the victim and to try to water down his extreme behaviour. We must not let the editor and the assistant distract us from the truth. They do have the integrity to call it what it was: a meltdown by Dames.

We already know that this same editor has been hired by the FNM to do their public relations.

Dames should not be in such a sensitive position.  He does not have the mentality or temperament.  This alone is another reason why he should resign or be removed.

The people are not playing with this. Minnis will soon be sorry for not gathering the courage to fire Dames. What would it take? Another “explosion”?

Can Minnis justify why Dames needs a gun? Did B.J. Nottage carry a gun?

Definitely, Hubert Ingraham would have fired Dames, even if he did it on a tissue paper. It’s no wonder lngraham never made him COMMISSIONER.

The other members of the FNM government must stop talking behind Minnis’ back and be real men like McAlpine.

But we will not hold our breath.

  • F S

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    • bahamared

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      • F S

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        • bahamared

          My father also went to NYU. He tried getting a job back home in 1965 when he finished his masters of economics. He came back to find he was ‘too qualified’ for all the jobs he sought. Funny how a bunch of white Canadians, Australians, Brits etc were coming in to do the same jobs as accountants, bankers etc. Then in 1967, Lynden Pindling came to New York to encourage black Bahamians like him (and many others) to come back to the new Bahamas that the PLP was building. He came back, quickly joined the burgeoning middle class, sending his children to the best schools etc. Professionally, he was instrumental in setting up the Central Bank and was its second governor. He later served (under Ingraham) as Minister of finance. Your narrative reflects the bile of a sad little dude with personal grudges and racial adjustment issues. It does not reflect the reality of recent Bahamian history.

          • F S

            Lynden Pindling used MTK Jrs. Movement to fool Bahamians into thinking he was their saviour, he was anything but. He sold our nation to the Colombian cartel for a price, he programmed into the minds of our youth that it is easier to make money selling drugs than to work hard for a living. These young kids killing each other before they even make it to the ripe old age of 25 are his legacy. You my friend are part of the problem, you think you are above us all because your a die heart PLP, your party my friend will soon be no more.

          • bahamared

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          • F S

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