Government now say they ga prosecute everyone with garbage [except those in the Haitian villages and Bay Street?]

Garbage pills up high under Bridge. What a scene! FILE PHOTO

NASSAU| WATCH THIS: For the first time in as many years, THE MINNIS GOVERNMENT SAY, the Hon. Minister of Public Works, Desmond Bannister, in his capacity as the Minister responsible for the regulation of garages and buildings, will be bringing charges against a number of persons who have contravened the Garage Licensing Act Chap. 222 and the Buildings Regulation Act Chap. 200 Statute Laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Additionally, they have invited the media to come and expose these persons who will appear before Magistrate Samuel McKinney, this Friday, 8th March, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.  

None of the persons are from the illegal ShantyTown areas across the country. NONE are the people, we understand, on the dirty looking Eastern section of East Bay Street.

Ya think they ga deal with those who pile garbage up on Arawak Cay where the rat playing jump-rope over the rice pot? What is this?  

This Minnis government FIRES YOU…CUTS OFF YA UTILITIES…now you are headed to court for sitting in garbage…It’s Yinner Time!

We report yinner decide!

  • F S

    Thank you FNM, we finally have a government who cares about our tourism product. From the first day Pindling and his PLP goons took office, our people started to notice the disregard they had for keeping our beautiful country clean while they pocketed the funds intended for it’s every purpose. PLP were always known for eating and shitting in the same room, only jungle apes do that, meanwhile making us live in littered ghettos while they live in manicured kept gated communities off our backs; Majority Segregation Rule at it’s finest.