Pedophile in Grand Bahama is brother of sitting FNM MP!


NASSAU| The man who is set to be arraigned for the molestation of an 8-year-old girl on Grand Bahama, we are learning, is the brother of a sitting MP.

The suspect, who is now set to be charged in court, was recently released from jail after molesting the daughter of his first wife. The suspect has since remarried and has now recommitted his offense. NO rehabilitation. And today another child has been violated by the same suspect. Who is protecting the children of the Bahamas from these dangerous sexual offenders?

Where is the Sexual Offenders Register to protect children?

We report yinner decide!

  • F S

    Peter Nygard…..LMFAO…..everything he owns here now belongs to our government; we’ll never see that Dracula looking cracker in Bahamaland again. Cooper, where is the PLP going to get the money to pay it’s debts with? Forget the convention my friend, your party still owes over a million dollars for last election expenses. See, the corrupt PLP though they were going to win and just add their debt to the people’s purse….LMFAO….Not! Your ship is sinking fast Cooper, you have till the end of this month to save yourself.

  • F S

    If he’s a pedophile what does his FNM brother have to do with it; is he his pimp or something? Hang the fuckin pedophile Pindling thinking nigger, and while your at it, hang the Barbadian powder puff boy too, his PLP brother is an ex-con drug dealer. Listen people, when a 65 politician’s choice of lovers is a teenage boy, you know he ain’t thinking straight, you know he ain’t thinking like no Christian. Bahamaland, in the USA a photo of a 65 politician fondling and kissing a teenage boy in a public bar would not only end his career, but would fetch tens of thousands; how much do you think it would fetch in Nassau, I might buy one.