People are losing their dignity under Minnis DEM!


Is this live from the Straw Market?

Bahamians caught sexing in the shop – someone say its the Straw Market- We doubt that!

Nassau| Something has gone wrong in the country and no one can tell us what has gone wrong!

Today, while a couple was caught on video ‘juicin’ in a back store that looked like the Straw Market, another woman was caught on camera reading aloud to herself, bald naked! The woman was captured on video near Saffron Court in the border communities of Nassau Village and Pinewood Gardens. People are losing their minds and summer is not here yet.

Earlier today another man, captioned “da ballerina”, was caught on camera while in traffic on East Street South near the Dunkin Donunts doing spins and twists while running around his vehicle.

Something has gone wrong in the country and we believe far too many on the streets need help.

We report yinner decide!

Young Gal Getting Ready for Carnival 2019 eh?

Young girl walking naked aloud on Saffron Street in the Nassau Village community behind Sadie Curtis Primary.
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