Viceroy Chester Cooper responds to hopeless creature and FNM Chairman Carl Culmer!


Response to Carl Culmer’s Nonsense – Chester Cooper, Exumas and Ragged Island MP

Exuma and Ragged Island MP Chester Cooper arrives at the House of Assembly to destroy the FNM Government. – FILE PHOTO (Photo by Torrell Glinton)

The chairman of the Free National Movement is a hopeless creature, barely worth responding to, but unlike him, I have a care about how my name is bandied about.

I note that he has claimed I have disparaged the probe of the auditor general into the National Sports Authority, which he incorrectly identified as the National Sports Agency in a press statement today.
This is patently false.

I have made no comment on the audit report and have no plans to do so at this time.

The chairman of the FNM should get a life; one in which his thoughts are not consumed with me.

He and I are no company.

He should focus his efforts on better explaining the disastrous policies of this faltering administration as opposed to making up stories.

  • F S

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