DAME Marguerite Pindling has landed on Cat Island this morning!

Dame Marguerite Pindling landing in Cat Island this morning. She was greeted by Opposition Leader and MP The Hon. Philip Brave Davis Q.C.

WELCOME TO CAT ISLAND: Cat Islanders are at this hour welcoming with cheers Dame Marguerite Pindling Governor General of the Commonwealth Bahamas as she makes an official visit to the island.

The DAME was greeted by the Leader of the Opposition and MP The Hon. PHILIP Brave Davis Q.C.

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  • F S

    The queen of horse shit infested with maggots and flies, the star of the uncle Tom Pindling monkey show was greeted by rats, roaches, and fire ants….LMFAO….a sea gull even took a shit on her head. This deadbeat tax dodging whore is as worthless as a tick on a dog’s ass; we want Dame Janet to replace this pile of horse shit ASAP.

  • F S

    The massive crowd was so overwhelming that this PLP propaganda newspaper forgot to photograph it or record it…LMFAO. Do our people a favor dame horse shit Pindling, stay the fuck on Cat island and fade away just like your dead forgotten criminal of a husband. Man, she is ugly as a pile of horse shit infested with maggots and flies; did a Bahamian mule kick her in her face?