Club on Faith Ave. North prostituting minors?


Someone should deal with the CHURRIN DEM prostituting in a night club on Faith Avenue!

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Dear BP,

There is a club on Faith Avenue North that is a prostitute house for underaged youths.

It is a new exclusive club that employs girls that are underage. I understand they feed them drinks to have sexual stuff with older men. My cousin works there and she just started two weeks ago. She already had sex with men and the owner is not paying her. He gives the girls drinks. And some are younger than my cousin.

Can you PLEASE shine a light on this for me please. My cousin is only 16 and I find this disgusting what he’s doing to these teens.

Help us….

  • F S

    Fred Mitchell is a fuckin pedophile!

  • F S

    Stop deleting my comments you treasonous motherfucker, I’m going to tell the ACU all about you!

  • F S

    ACU, question Fred Mitchell about what he knows about this place. If there is anyone on this island that knows about underaged prostitution it’s Fred “Oddly” Mitchell. He has two hard drives, a clean one and a dirty one, he keeps the dirty one in his closet safe.

  • F S

    ACU, investigate Fred Mitchell, he knows about this place. Confiscate his computer which is filled with child pornigraphy. He also removes the hard drive and keeps it in his house safe in his closet.

  • F S

    This is Fred Mitchell’s favorite hang out, he’s been seen here with unaged boys many times; the PLP’s best member.