Suitcases of Alrae Ramsey and Blair John have vanished from their room, according to investigators in Italy….


ITALY| More shocking information is coming into Bahamas Press as the Italian police attempt to solve the mystery behind the the deaths of two Bahamian men whose bodies were fished out of the Po River in Turin, Italy this week.

The two young friends, Blair John, a 28-year-old psychologist, and Alrae Ramsey, a 29-year-old diplomat, went missing sometime after meeting up in Italy for a speaking event. But their disappearance and later discovery has quickly become an international thriller as questions now surface on both sides of the Atlantic.

Bahamas Press can now tell you investigators have now hit a roadblock in solving the mystery as the suitcases of both men have vanished from their apartment.

When they both were retrived from the river, they still had in their pockets the keys to the house they rented. So what has happened to their bags?

The men had decided to meet up in May at the 19th Eawop congress. Blair presented with his colleagues from St. Mary’s University at the congress. That presentation took place last Friday.

Both men earlier had taken up residence in a suburb apartment, not far from the congress. Then concerns began to build.

On Saturday morning, Ramsey was expected in Vienna for an exam, but he didn’t show up, and this became the first sign of an alarm.

Quaestor of Turin, Giuseppe De Matteis, earlier announced following the discovery of the second man John’s body that “no elements emerge that lead us to believe that the two Bahamian citizens have been victims of crimes or violent acts.” Well, this is a shock, especially after adding to this detectives have yet to locate the men’s suitcases.

This fact alone has left investigators scrambling for answers and are now pressured to rethink their hypothesis on the conclusion of the incident; What really happened on the day they vanished?

Ya know the Italian police are beginning to sound like they operate similar to RBPF detectives, who allowed a housemate to vanish after discovery of a corpse at Port New Providence in the murder of Dannie Lea on May 19th. What is this?

Both John and Ramsey completed their undergraduate degrees at St. John’s University in Collegeville. John went on to earn his master’s in psychology in 2015 at St. Thomas University in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and had moved to St. Mary’s University in Halifax where he was earning his Ph.D.

Ramsey, who had moved to Vienna to attend the Diplomatic Academy, was on leave from the Foreign Office in The Bahamas and had just received a grant for his studies from the Bahamas Government.

With the men suitcases not found, and their personal items vanished and with the keys to their apartment all still inside their pockets, the Italian police must now monitor the CCTV of the apartment where the men stayed to properly conclude what really happened with their belongings!

Anyway – BP is on the job!

We report yinner decide!

Scenes following the discovery of the bodies of Alrae Ramsey and Blair John on Tuesday.
The men apartment in Italy where they stayed before vanishing last weekend.
  • Kris

    There has to be some sort of surveillance cameras nearby that they can look at for clues. The two had checked in with friends and family and then vanished suddenly. Who took their belongings? How did they get into the B & B? Sounds like someone on the inside may be a key to this mystery. This does not look like an accident.

    • media

      Well read the latest update.


  • Jamesun

    Very strange incidents. Keys in pocket but suitcases gone. What is the name of the hotel? Ramsey may have resisted and ended up getting clubbed in his head. Were their signs of strangulation? Some drugs can also be untraceable which are used to kill people. Why bed and breakfast? Did they rent a car? Were they walking or caught a taxi? The hotel is definitely on the hook. Have you all ever watched Hostel? please go watch it. Inside job usedto poach their items such as passports. Were their WALLETS in their pockets? Most Bahamian men keep their wallets on them. So if keys their but not wallets that’s another red flag. They couldn’t have drowned, SAC ensures you are proficient swimmers buddy. UNLESS they were both drugged and then dropped into river. Like i said, if Blair had no injuries or sign of strangulation, drugs could be untraceable. Im meaning both men were forcefully drugged. Just watch the movie Hostel. Why i say that. Hostel 1 and 2 were based on tourists being kidnapped from bed and breakfast hotels. THE RISKIEST PART IS the history of the hotel and integrity of the police. Never trust folks that arent your own. Always assume they think you’re stupid because you’re black. Alrae and Blair may have never even left the hotel. I cant wait to hear what the name of this hotel is. Seems like they’re not revealing. What is the trip advisor reviews? Was this an air bnb? If so the owners could actually all be serial killers and yes still get approved for license….Be careful as your travel to foreign countries.