Why are foreigners replacing so many Bahamians at Bahamar?

Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar

NASSAU| If you thought Brent Symonette’s Enterprise Bill was not designed to replace the Bahamian workforce with foreigners, just take a look at the example in this BP report.

Bahamas Press can confirm a Bahamian manager at Bahamar has been fired. Vanria Culmer was the latest victim this week at the mega resort that opened under the Christie Government. The resort was to attract Bahamian talent from all over the world to return home while giving opportunities to locals who desire to work in the tourism sector. But look what is happening!

Bahamar is right now awaiting the work permit for one, Lydia Montez, an expat already in the country who will replace Culmer.

Now we are sure some young Bahamian talent could have replaced Culmer in her post – but who cares these days? The government doesn’t give a damn and they said it’s the People’s TIME! WHAT A LIE!

All top posts at Bahamar, save Sandy Sands’ position, are currently held by expat labour. WHY? Was this the Vision of Mr. Christie? NO! So what in the hell is happening here under PM Minnis!

The country is bleeding! Bahamians are being forced to become unemployed at BPL, BTC, Bahamar and in major sectors of this economy! WHY? Where is the Minister for Labour on these issues? Undermining Bahamians.


We report yinner decide!

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