A BREAKING BP UPDATE >>>> AN IMMEDIATE PUSH BACK ON CRIME!!! Woman was bathing when jungaliss/accomplice came knocking at the door!… Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press was live in the Pinewood Gardens community yesterday where we witnessed the fact that no one is immune from crime. A DEU police officer was taking a shower when she heard a loud knock at her door. BP was the fly on the wall, and as she looked through the window, she saw a lady with ‘rasta locks’ who was not known to her. Being aware of crime and its affects within communities like Pinewood, the officer then went into her room. Peeping through the window; there she saw that the same lady who knocked at the door and left was in conversation with a man who then walked into the yard. The officer, still in her birthday suit, called a police and then a friend that was at Island Luck spinning. She told the friend to call back up to the home from ‘the cut-ya-ass neighbourhood crew’. Faster than any police patrols, the ‘CUT YA ASS’ team came from nowhere in a rush. The thief piss-up his pants having already attempted to wedge the door, hoping to get inside, but was now surrounded by members of the community. And, boy, then the question came, “Who are you looking for in this F##@-ing house?” the crew asked. The reply was low and some bogus name was mentioned. But when the neighbourhood ‘CUT YA ASS’ team had seen the door wedged, the Bahamian barefoot bandit broke the world record and took off in one direction as he jumped through the window of a passing 21a bus. Then there was a chase, some on bikes, some on rollers, one in wheelchair, some just pointing and others just looking while others jumped into cars. This is what I call REAL URBAN RENEWAL 3.0! Bahamians needs to form themselves against the bandits and cut dey ass if ya must until the police arrive. And these are the people who should be up on Government Hill getting medals and visiting the GG! By this time a patrol car arrived. Just down a few blocks, the bus stopped with the barefoot bandit inside who then ran off but was caught. Sadly, in all this, while the bandit was caught, the lady friend is still roaming the streets around Pinewood. Somehow she slipped away like da crook she is; and disappeared like the Halloween trick she is. Do not answer your door if knocked on by a stranger – especially if you are in the Pinewood Gardens area. Call the police and, if you are fortunate like BP – LOAD UP ALL YA LICENSED WEAPONS and have them on standby in the event of something similar. And if ya don’t – make sure feed and fund your local community ‘CUT YA ASS’ team – for – you never know when you ga need dat team in place! URBAN RENEWAL 3.0! Boy I tell ya – if ya don’t laugh you will cry! We report yinner decide!  Read More →
BREAKING UPDATE >>> Here they are brought to you exclusively by Bahamas Press investigative team. We have here Team ABM…the crew now all in police hands in connection with the death of Andre Cartwright. The one in the black shirt is the suspect who arrived in hospital with a shot to the chest. THE FEMALE is the one who drove him to hospital and refuses to speak. And then we have Kevin Andrews… the one who police caught soaking up air in a hotel suite on Paradise Island…. News only Bahamas Press can bring to you….  Read More →
Man found dead at door of morgue… PMH Jarron Valention Forbes, 27 Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is questioning the mysterious death of one Jarron Valention Forbes, 27 of #281 Derby Road, Yellow Elder. We have learnt that Forbes, who worked for the Ministry of Education in the security department at the Doris Johnson High School, had signed up for a security night job at D. M. Security. Money was tight and Forbes, in setting his goals, wanted to make some extra cash – but his misfortunes unfolded in that evening job and we know he had not signed up for what was to come. Get this: two weeks ago Forbes was making rounds on his evening job when it was reported he, being fatigued, fell [perhaps from sleep], and dangerously landed on his head during that fall; knocking himself out cold. He was transported to the Accident and Emergency section at PMH. And, by some mistake and human error, some jackass decided to take the live man out of A&E and deposit him into the morgue with all the dead. THIS MUST BE HALLOWEEN – WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?! As staff for the morgue section arrived the following morning, they met Forbes on the ground, at the door of the morgue, in a failed attempt to get out of the locked door! Sources tell us Forbes, they believe, awoke in the morgue and could not get out and there he died; never getting his needed medical attention. How sad. Could it be negligence? All we know is that another young man is headed to the graveyard and his untimely demise was not done by a knife or bullet. Someone must investigate this! We pray for the family, and that his soul through Jesus, may rest in peace. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
SuperCOP Ellison Greenslade Nassau, Bahamas — POLICE wishes to reassure members of the public that police officers will be out in full force to create a safer environment for trick-or-treaters and residents throughout New Providence, on Halloween night. (Tonight) According to police, although most people enjoy this time of year without any issues, a small group of persons use it as an excuse for troublemaking and making the events a misery for others. Therefore police want to send a clear message to those who use the night, as an excuse for intimidating and anti-social behavior, that anyone caught committing this type of offence will be dealt with firmly and robustly. Police recommend that parents go over the following safety tips with their children to assure that everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. Children Should: Be accompanied by adults at all times. Never cross the street between parked vehicles, never go into a stranger’s house, watch out for cars reversing or turning, wear bright colored clothing and use a flashlight. Drivers Should: Keep an eye open for children who forget the rules, use caution when traveling and obey posted traffic signs especially in neighborhoods. Parents Should: Ensure that trick-or-treating only occur within the community where they live, instruct children not to open candy until they return home, inspect ALL candy for tampering, discuss the route their children should be taking and most important, explain the difference between tricks and vandalism.  Read More →
Breaking BP UPDATE >>> Nassau, Bahamas — A young 12-year old was placed in the back seat of a patrol car last night after he was caught in the Prescription Parlour Pharmacy shoplifting. The young child was unattended around 9:30am last night and some believe was in the area with another child outside begging for alms. A security officer in the store caught the young chap slipping items under his shirt as he attempted to leave. Bahamas Press believes some questions must be had here for his behaviour like; Where are the parents? We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Dr. Bernard J. Nottage - Minister of National SecurityPress Statement by The Minister of National Security Dr. the Hon. Bernard J. Nottage MP The National Security Council of The Bahamas met this morning under the chairmanship of the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister to agree new crime-fighting initiatives aimed at curbing the recent spike in certain types of criminal activity in New Providence. In this regard, the public can rest assured that there is no greater priority that the Government has at this time than to broaden and intensify the war on crime so that no one need have any fear of falling victim to crime while in some public place, at their place of work, or within the sanctity of their own home. It would, of course, be foolhardy in the extreme to disclose details of these new measures as to do so would be tipping the hand of law enforcement to the very persons we are determined to catch and put behind bars. We are confident, however, that these new measures will achieve satisfying results within a very short period of time and that the perpetrators of violent crime will be brought to justice and made to feel the full weight of the law. Indeed this can and will happen if the security services of our nation receive the co-operation of the public in flushing out criminals from their hiding places and if our judicial system proves itself responsive to the public cries for a stricter approach to the granting of bail and the imposition of harsher and longer terms of imprisonment for accused murderers and other violent offenders. As Minister of National Security and as a citizen of my country, I unreservedly condemn criminality in all its forms but most especially criminal violence that results in the loss of innocent lives, whether in public or, worse still, in someone’s own home, whether it be in Bain Town or Blair or Fox Hill or anywhere else. And my sympathy goes out to all the victims of crime and their families. These are senseless tragedies that are occurring. They must stop! And I am satisfied that they will stop through the co-operation of decent, law abiding individuals and communities with the security services of our country as they proceed now to implement aggressive new measures to rid our nation of crime.  Read More →
Minister of Youth Sports and Culture Dr. Danny Johnson.NASSAU, The Bahamas — The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture launched The Bahamas Ambassador Magazine (BAAM) at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, October 23. Aimed at “bringing the people, the culture and the beauty of The Bahamas to the world,” said the Hon. Dr. Daniel, Johnson, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture – the magazine is a creative production of Bahamas Information Services (BIS) and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. The magazine , BAAM, and film entitled Run Come See are ingredients of the festival mix that will comprise the exciting ‘Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival 2015’ experience. BAAM will on a quarterly basis set the bar for the spirit of excellence required for the success of Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival 2015. It will invite the world to celebrate with us and showcase the distinct multi-cultural heritage of our nation and people, said Mr. Luther Smith, Director-General of BIS.  Read More →
Nassau, Bahamas – Under the patronage of the Right Reverend Laish Z. Boyd, Sr. and Mrs. Boyd, the Anglican Chorale will be presenting its Ninth Annual Festival of Hymns and Anthems at Christ Church Cathedral, George Street, Nassau on Sunday, 16th November, 2014, commencing at 4:00 p.m. Admission is free and an offering will be taken. This year’s event promises to be exciting and special as the Conductor Dexter Fernander has introduced a few new elements to the programme, including the Highgrove Singers (conducted by Adrian Archer), Lee Callender on piano, and also female and male ensembles from within the Chorale. The group will also be joined in the finale by The Bahamas Christian Chorale. Organists on this occasion will be Edward Cox, Preston R. Ferguson, Sr. and Jeffrey Sturrup, and pianists Kendrick Coleby and Raymond Antonio. Organists: Edward Cox, Preston R. Ferguson, Sr. and Jeffrey Sturrup Since its inception in 2006, the Hymn Festival has received widespread support from Anglicans and the wider community, and has become one of the signature events of The Diocese. A number of CDs have been produced, featuring favourite hymns and anthems of the Church. The objective of the Chorale is to bring together persons who are interested in keeping alive the singing of the traditional hymns of the Church, while at the same time singing more contemporary music, all to the glory of God. Over the years the Chorale has made donations to the Diocese of The Bahamas and The Turks & Caicos Islands.  Read More →
Northern Bahamas and particularly Grand Bahama say – “Give US PINTARD”! Youthful FNMs say give us Michael Pintard! Pintard most likely will be elected as the FNM’s next youthful Deputy Leader! Freeport, Grand Bahama – A BP breaking report coming right now out of Grand Bahama confirms Michael Pintard will not only enter the race for the Deputy Leader post within the Free National Movement, but he is now BP’s projected front runner for the upcoming national party’s conclave. The Deputy Leader position became vacant after the current Deputy announced her challenge for the leadership of the Party. BBB Analytics can now project Pintard, who is presently a Senator in the Parliament, will clinch the number 2 spot hands down against his nearest rival, Duane Sands. Our polls show outright in the communities of the north, in particular in Abaco, Grand Bahama and Bimini, hardcore supporters say they are coming together to support the youthful Pintard who is now being branded as the real future rising star within the Party. BBB Analytics poll was conducted over a two-week period and had a sample size of 200 respondents. A sample of this proportion only represented a maximum margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 per cent. The poll showed that the Pintard’s core support is now at its highest at 68.5 per cent, followed by Sands at 23.7 per cent, with the remainder 7.8 per cent undecided. When asked who would be most effective in attracting young voters back into the party, some 60% said Pintard would deliver a better formula to carry on a resurrection of the huge youth vote which abandoned the party in the last election. The shocking data revealed Pintard having a handsome 80% support out of the Party’s bedrock supporters on Grand Bahama. When asked who would best serve to assist the new Leader, again Pintard’s dedication to the present Leader, was echoed as being best able to create a better and more cohesive team to go into an election. Questions in this area proved that Sands was not only not popular enough to form that needed cohesion, but many respondents believe an election with Sands in the post would further create tensions and foster an inability of the party to garner the needed support for a general election. The polls also showed Sands did not carry the national appeal to the youth voters polled and that he would not attract the needed loyalty lost by the party in the last election. BP is watching these events and took off today on the ground to bring you this breaking data… We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Great Christian Campaigner for Christ moves on for heavenly reward! Bishop John Humes 1951 - 2014 Nassau, Bahamas – Today is a sad day in the Christian Church following the passing of one of its pillars. Bahamas Press pauses to pay tribute on the passing of Bishop John Humes, former President of the Bahamas Christian Council and former Leader of the Church of God in the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. In early June Bishop Humes demitted as Overseer. The 64-year-old suffered a short illness. In early July this year he lost his twin brother, a Bishop in the Church of God of Prophecy, to an illness. Bishop John Nathaniel Humes and his twin, Solomon Humes, were born to Nathaniel & Alsaida Humes in Nassau, Bahamas on February 26th, 1951. In 2002, John N Humes became National Overseer & Administrative Bishop of the Church of God and served for 12 years in that position. Bloggers commenting on the passing of the Bishop are expressing their sadness following his passing. Sanford Rolle Sr. wrote: Today I morn with thanksgiving the passing of My Bishop, My Mentor, My Father Bishop John Humes …thank you Bishop for you care and concern, when I was down you lift me up,… you never gave up on me, you called me your son, in my tears I’m so happy your pain is gone. Thank You and REST IN PEACE. Sandra Simms wrote: Tears falling!!! RIP Bishop!!! Jenna Riley-Jones wrote: Condolences to the Humes family… may God comfort your hearts in this your time of sorrow….. We at the Bahamas Press family extend our sorrow on the passing of Bishop Humes. Rest Eternal Grant Unto Him O Lord! Amen.  Read More →
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