Dead is 18-year-old Cavalier Construction worker Harry Sands jr… 18-year-old Harry Sands Jr. Rock Sound, Eleuthera – Bahamas Press tonight is the only news team down in Eleuthera at this hour canvassing the details surrounding the death of a New Providence resident on that island. Dead, we can report this Resurrection morning, is 18-year-old Harry Sands, a 2012 graduate of the C. V. Bethel High School and an employee of Cavalier Construction. Sands, we can tell you, was visiting the island for the holidays and was in the Rock Sound community on a motorbike when the accident occurred. He death counts the third fatality incident in the community just days apart. Earlier in the week Bobby Branville Thompson lost his life when a guest to the island hit him while walking in the Palmetto Point area. Again, 29-year-old, Pacino Simmons, of Governor’s Harbour lost his life when his motorcycle lost control and slammed into another vehicle just hours following Thompson’s fatality. And now this latest incident has left shocked the community as some begin to wonder what could be happening on the streets of Eleuthera why so many young lives are being lost so quickly. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
PLP MP haul-ass on plane to join Dr. Minnis in Mical – Opposition Leader is reclaiming lost ground for his Party for the last four days in MICAL! Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis on the ground in Mical for the past four days. Crooked Island, Bahamas – BP agents down in the Southern Bahamas in the community of MICAL are now tracking the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis where he is right now barking his coconut water to get ready to turn up the heat on the Christie Regime. BP understands that, as the FNM leader landed on the runway of Crooked Island to earlier this week rally that community, the MP for MICAL V. Alfred Gray was in a plane just behind. Sources tell us Gray – in great fear and panic – joined the Opposition Leader to make sure no supporters were snatched and that Crooked Island remains GOLD! Serious advances have moved the Opposition Leader ahead in the polls following the botched referendum on Gaming. The opposition supported the “NO” Vote and the poll won in the party’s favour. That was the first election win for the FNM following 3 defeats. But Dr. Minnis is wasting no time. The Opposition Leader is already showing up in communities around the country rallying and resetting the game for his Party. Today the doctor is barking coconuts just like the Peter Street inner city community man he is. He told reporters on the ground, “it ain’t long nah!” as he chapped in two a coconut to extract the jelly! Bahamas Press is live on the ground in Crooked Island! We report yinner decide! THE RECREATION OF A NEW BAHAMAS IS JUST AHEAD >>>>  Read More →
Dead is 29-year-old Pacino Simmons of Governor’s Harbour Victim had just come home with his son for Easter 29 year-old Pacino Simmons of Governor’s Harbour. Governor’s Harbour - Bahamas Press agents have confirmed that there is another traffic related death on the island of Eleuthera tonight. Dead is 29 year-old Pacino Simmons of Governor’s Harbour, son of Paul and Judy Simmons. The young man was planning to enjoy the Easter Holiday as our agents say he had just picked landed at the airport yesterday with his young son in tow. According to witnesses, Simmons was attempting to pop a wheelie on his motorcycle in front of Burrows’ grocery store. While we are letting the police official investigations, we are told that a small SUV was reversing and hit the motorcycle. Those on the scene say Simmons was obviously suffering from a neck injury (believed to be a broken neck) and he stopped breathing at the Governor’s Harbor Clinic, which is less than about a five minute walk or less than one minute drive away. This is the same clinic that just a day before declared, Bobby Thompson, of Palmetto Point dead, after he was struck by a car driven by guests to the island. Thompson, a 30-year-old male, was talking his usual exercise walk when he was struck. Friends and relatives have been online sharing the lasts scriptures and words he sent to them. We want to know if breathalyzers were given to these tourists to make sure they weren’t drunk when they were driving and hit this man. We can confirm however that police have since charged American Christopher Botero of New York for the traffic death of Thompson. What is dis tonight on the island of Eleuthera where another family is mourning the loss of a young man because of traffic fatality? And although Bahamas Press has live photos of the incident, out of respect for the family we will not publish them… We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Long Island is reporting two criminal awaiting trial have escaped police custody… One wanted to use the bathroom but two escape? They was going to the bathroom together eh? Nassau, Bahamas — Police are requesting the public’s help in solving a shooting incident that has left one man dead and another man detained in hospital early this morning. Reports tell us, shortly after 12:00midnight, Police received a report of gunshots being heard in the Key West Street area. Responding they found the lifeless body of the deceased lying in the street. In the road just as the holiday weekend is about to begin. The victim was pronounced dead on the scene. Preliminary information indicates, that the deceased was walking south along Key West Street with two other males when they got into an argument. In the process shots were exchanged between the men resulting in the deceased being shot twice to the head, once to the chest and hand. A 31 – year old male of Coconut Grove Avenue was also shot to the shoulder and chest. He was transported to PMH via ambulance and is listed in critical condition. Gunmen in that part of town have been shooting at each other for two weeks now. Stay out of that part of Nassau – PLEASE! 5 ARRESTED DURING RAID BY FLYING SQUAD AND MOBILE DIVISION OFFICERS, 3 ILLEGAL FIREARMS SEIZED As a result of “spot on” police intelligence, a 37 – year old woman, along with three men ages 43, 31, 22 and a 15 year old juvenile male were arrested for possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition on Thursday 17th April 2014. According to reports, around 3:00am, Officers from the Flying Squad and Mobile Division acting on intelligence executed a search warrant at a home located on Rock Crusher Road. During the search the officers uncovered two (2) handguns, a Shotgun and a small quantity of marijuana. The five suspects were taken into custody and are expected to face firearms and drug related charges. Meanwhile news coming out of Long Island today reports two prisoners awaiting trial have been good their escape at that island’s police station. The pair was being held for a trial when one asked to use the bathroom and fled into bushes. How the second man fled is still unknown, because only one person could use the bathroom at a time. But hey this the Bahamas – where anything thing goes and can be bought!  Read More →
A BP NEWS ALERT >>> The 55 year-old male alleged drowning victim is now identified, and Shopbreaking suspect arraigned pleaded GUILTY!!! Demetrius Keenen Sejour, age 23 years of Fawcett Lane, Grand Bahama. Bahamas Press has confirmed that Grand Bahama Police have brought shopbreaking charges against one Demetrius Keenen Sejour, age 23 years of Fawcett Lane, Grand Bahama. He was arraigned before Magistrate Debbye Ferguson in Magistrate Court #1 on (4) counts of Shopbreaking, (1) count of Attempted Shopbreaking and (4) counts of Stealing from a Shop. He pleaded guilty to all charges and was sentenced to (4) years and (5) months at Her Majesty’s Prison in New Providence. This report we can tell you was in connection with a number of Shopbreaking incidents which were reported between January 2014 and April 2014 in the Down Town area of Freeport, Grand Bahama. CASE SOLVED!!! BP can also tell you that drowning victim on Grand Bahama has been Identified. Police in Grand Bahama have identified the 55 year old male who reportedly drowned while in the canal on Xanadu Beach on Sunday April 13th as, Chester Bethel, of #11 Almond Road, Pioneers Loop.  Read More →
Who do we have living hire with records of Sexual Crimes from around the world? READ THIS STORY WHICH BROADCASTED LAST YEAR AUGUST IN THE DAILY MAIL! Robert Van Gundy, pictured with wife Arielle, were planning to sail to the Bahamas. Is the Bahamas a haven for Sexual Offenders? What did we sign and when? Fugitives: Police nabbed Robert Joseph Van Gundy, left, and wife, Arielle Van Gundy, at Dinner Key Marina. A fugitive who allegedly sexually assaulted a minor was arrested with his wife near a sailing boat, packed with weapons, which they were planning to use to flee to the Bahamas. Robert Van Gundy, 29, and his wife Arielle had boasted to friends that they would never be taken alive before being nabbed by police at Dinner Key Marina in Miami yesterday afternoon. Investigators say the pair were just days away from escaping, with Robert Van Gundy – wanted for 16 counts of interfering with a minor – posting a request for sailing directions on a ‘cruising blog’. ‘I want to cruise the Bahamas and maybe farther… I would like to sail from Biscayne to Bimini…I will freely admit that the gulf stream crossing scares the crap of me…I’m not from this area (Miami, FL) so I don’t know anyone…I’m from the desert and in a strange land’, Robert Van Gundy wrote, according to 7 News. Robert Van Gundy, charged with 16 counts of sexual conduct with a male victim under the age of 18 between 2008 and 2009, fled Arizona after missing his court hearing. A warrant for his arrest was issued soon after on August 14. Officials received a tip a few days ago saying the self-described ‘anti-government’ couple were staying at the Chesapeake Motel in Hialeah, and making daily trips to a boat they had bought for $4,000 on July 31. The 31-foot split sailing boat was also stocked with weapons and ammunition. ‘This is an individual who basically traveled 3000 miles all the way across the United States and now he’s here in Florida on a sail boat with a cache of weapons and ammunition, and he was trying to get out of Florida to flee to the Bahamas,’ Marshals Service spokesman Barry Golden told Fox 10. Officers from the U.S. Marshals Service, Miami-Dade Sexual Predators and Offenders Unit and Miami Police staked out Pier 4 at the marina all day until the couple arrived on the dock. ‘We snuck up behind them, basically surprised them and they had no idea we where there and arrested him without incident,’ Golden said. Robert Van Gundy, a boating enthusiast, has reportedly been taken back to Arizona to face his charges. Arielle Van Gundy was also arrested after authorities found a small handgun inside a dog purse and she does not have a concealed weapons permit in Florida, the Miami Herald reports. Three small dogs that were with the couple were picked up by Miami-Dade Animal Services. Golden said it was critical the couple were arrested before making their escape. ‘They made statements he would not be taken alive, so when you have someone who is making those kind of statements and you have fire arms involved, there’s a huge concern for safety with law enforcement,’ Golden told Fox 10. Fellow boaters said they thought the couple were ‘pleasant’ and had seen them with their three dogs as they made several trips each day to their sailboat. This report never made pages/broadcasts of the WUTLESS MEDIA DEM – which have access to the international global wires and the web like Bahamas Press….WUTLESS! Escape vessel: The Van Grundys bought this 31-foot split sailboat for $4,000 about a month ago and kept it at Dinner Key Marina.  Read More →
BREAKING BAHAMAS PRESS NEWS >>>> ANOTHER CRIMINAL FROM US WAS SITTING LOW AS A TOURIST IN BAHAMAS! >>> WANTED US FUGITIVE ARRESTED IN EXUMA 70 - year old Loomes Wheeler of Kissimmee, Florida in Georgetown. Nassau, Bahamas — A man from Florida charged with numerous sexual offenses in Osceola County who fled to the Bahamas was arrested in Exuma on Saturday 12th April 2014. According to reports, around 7:50pm, officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit assisted by officers in Exuma, acting on intelligence arrested 70 – year old Loomes Wheeler of Kissimmee, Florida in Georgetown. Wheeler is wanted for nine (9) Counts of Capital Sexual Battery, four (4) Counts of Lewd and Lascivious Conduct and three (3) Counts of Sexual Performance by a Child. Wheeler is presently being held for Breach of the Immigration Act and is pending deportation to the United States.  Read More →
One man is dead following a fatal shooting in Millennium Gardens – incident is believed to be over woman… Scenes from that fatal shooting in Millinium Gardens last night.... Nassau, Bahamas – A suspected robber by the name of, Giles Russell, was shot by an officer after attempting to rob the off duty police last night. And get this; sitting nearby in a get away car for Russell was a female. That female, who BP will not name at this time, was indeed an Immigration officer. Police nabbed the pair last night as they attempted to make good their escape. Bahamas Press can report the as Russell was shot and attempted to get away; he dropped his weapon before attempting to flee into that awaiting vehicle. Police are now questioning the female – The male robber Russell was taken to Doctors Hospital. All we can say is this; look what the damn immigration officers have come to. But ya know this the Bahamas – where – if a Principal could murder and be at the top of a school, then certainly without any standards, the female immigration officer is expected back to work soon. This is the Bahamas where money talks and bullshit walks! Meanwhile Bahamas Press is reporting another overnight shooting that has left on man dead in the Millennium Gardens area. According to BP reports, two persons on a trail motorbike were shot by persons driving in a Honda Steam. One of them succumbed at the scene. This incident happened near children’s home in the area. Sources believe the shooting was over WOMAN! And while the country celebrated more police boots on the ground this week, a crew of officers celebrated the graduation of their squad-mate. The party began last night, but all didn’t end well. The party was in full swing when a rasta male known as Mikey from the Fox Hill community was told to cease and desist his smoking of ganja at the event. A row then ensued between the officers and the ‘peace pipe’ smoking Mikey. Along with Mickey was another male known in the Pinewood area as Jacob Wells. The men and a third suspect then jumped into their White Escalade, and then opened fire on the partying government workers; hitting two males in the leg. The men then fled the crime scene along the Cowpen Road area. A prison officer and another police were both the victims of that shooting. Their injuries were not life threatening. After reading this morning’s report all we say is this; looks what the people wearing uniform and working for government have brought the country to. They are setting little example and are committing crimes! Tell me, what two harden criminals doing smoking weed at a police officer’s party in the first place? Could they be celebrating the elevation of one of their own? Here again is news you will not read anywhere else but on Bahamas Press. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Victim was hit by a vehicle and left in the road to die…. Bobby Thompson BAHAMAS PRESS BRINGING IT TO YOU FIRST. We have our team outside the clinic in Governor’s Harbor, Eleuthera right now, where the country’s latest fatality has been recorded. Our agents tell us that the victim is a male, Bobby Thompson, of Palmetto Point, believed to be about 35-years-old. Thompson is said to have been walking near the dump between Palmetto Point and Savannah Sound when he was hit by a car. The area has absolutely no lights and the drivers are believed to be guests to the island. Our agent on the island has spoken to someone who knew the victim. He is said to have been a very quiet man, the oldest of four, who kept to himself. BAHAMAS PRESS FIRST ON THE SCENE AGAIN! BP is live down in Eleuthera tonight! We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Butler Turner don’t know what side of the fence she is on when she wakes up in the morning – Party could lose swelling support if chaos continues…. Long Island MP, Chairman and Sands looks as if they are keeping the confusion inside the party going…They together may just keep the FNM in Opposition for another five years! PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts along with sleek and dangerous PLP warroom teams now being assemble inside and outside of BIS are being called to desimate the FNM! Nassau, Bahamas – Just when the Free National Movement Government appears to be an alternative poised to return as the next government of the Bahamas, wild statements and bold mixup commentary from the top leadership of the party sets them back. Examples: The FNM led with confidence the party’s position that to dismiss the ruling of the referendum would prove the Christie Regime does not respect the will of the people as expressed in the Jan. 28th 2013 poll. Yesterday we found out that the Minister of Legal Affairs Damian Gomez said that the promise made by Obie Wilchcombe to present such a draft to make gaming legal is not realistic. But this morning in a report in the Tribune FNM DEPUTY leader ‘BIG SEXY’ Loretta Butler-Turner “yesterday criticised the Christie administration for failing to table in Parliament regulations to legalise and tax web shops in the country.” Now you gatta wonder who is behind all this confusion and chaos in the FNM which could keep the party out into 2017. When it isn’t Darron Cash, who said he is for legalizing the Webshops, it’s Big Sexy, who now says she is disappointed that Christie dem can’t bring the law. But just a few weeks ago it was the stated position of the party to agree for the Christie Regime to stick with the will of the people. Wasn’t it also the FNM’s position to have Bahamians vote “No” during the referendum? So what is this now by Loretta? Is this an attempt to intentionally keep confusion within the party and then make it even harder for the opposition to gain a chance when all indications and polls today show that the FNM has gained much needed ground since May 7th, 2012? Boy, I don’t know, but if Loretta dem keep this up – they ga sink the FNM ship for good. Yesterday PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts took opportunity to the double take by Butler dem and capitalized on its! If voters continue to see the ball of confusion coming from people like Sands them who want to privatize the hospital and Butler and Cash dem who agree with the legalization of the number business, then it makes it looks as if the party is saying one thing as a unit and something else comes from personalities. The organization must quickly get things together. To the leadership of the FNM [particularly the Ruling HIGH-RANKING Councils of the Party]: take control of your ship before people like Christie, Davis and Roberts [THE CDR] begin launching missiles hard at it and implode the FNM ship for good! In short – Loretta, Cash and Sands them ga cost the FNM a victory come 2017 if this is not quickly fixed…. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
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