Tweet Georgette Rahming Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News Homicide #61 >>>> Bahamas Press is right now live at the scene of another homicide on Palmetto Street just off Baillou Hill Road where a female has been shot dead. We have identified tonight’s murdered victim to be Georgette Rahming. We understand shortly after 11:30m three shots were heard in the area, and before police arrived the victim was found dead; suffering from gunshot wounds to the upper body. Sources on the ground tell us the young woman was sitting on her front porch when a dark male, dressed in dark clothing with a scarf covering his mouth, came from the western side of her home firing shorts in the victim’s direction. Georgette ran from the porch into the front room of the home. There she collapsed onto the floor and was pronounced dead. She was shot to the head. Blood drained from the victim leaving a lasting impression to onlookers. What a scene. What a night. What a day this was for crime detectives. What a day this was for three  families left mourning their love ones. We need healing in the land! We don’t have a motive as yet for the killing but one must wonder – WHERE IN THE HELL ARE WE HEADED WITH ALL THESE VIOLENT MURDERS IN THE STREETS JUST HOURS APART? The cold killers are walking up and down! We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Tweet Two murdered victims identified….One is son of NAD Board Member – Trevor Smith! A photo of a body being pulled. THIS IS A FILE PHOTO! Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press can now identify the woman found dead on the Airport Service Road near Coral Harbour to be 24-year-old Samantha Johnson of Sapodilla Boulevard, Pinewood Gardens. On Monday morning police discovered Johnson around 10:30 am in a pond located near a service road off the Airport Road. The lifeless body of a female submerged in shallow waters with injuries to the head. The female body was removed from the water and she was pronounced dead at the scene. We can also report the male victim – and the 60th homicide victim – shot multiple times about the body this morning just outside his home is 41-year-old, Trevor Smith of Catnip Close. Smith, son of Pastor Lloyd Smith of Mt Horeb Baptist Church, was on Emmanuel Way off Soldier Road when gunman opened fire on him, killing him dead. He was taking workers to the Ministry of National Security complex under construction on JFK Drive. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Tweet For those who fought. Chairman of the Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation (AMMC) Courtney Strachan, National Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) President General Lindsey Brock, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism Harrison Thompson all pose at Ft. Montagu after laying a wreath to commemorate the Battle of Nassau. (Kendea Smith/Photo) Over 50 members of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) were in New Providence this week to commemorate the Battle of Nassau – a pivotal moment in both Bahamian and American history. The Battle of Nassau took place on March 3-4, 1776 at Fort Montagu. At the time, over 200 Americans invaded Nassau to obtain gunpowder and other supplies needed to combat Great Britain for independence. Since civilians and British soldiers didn’t protest, no one was harmed and the Americans left Nassau two weeks later on March 17. At Fort Montagu, the Ministry of Tourism hosted a brief reenactment of the event. Antiquities Monuments and Museums Corporation (AMMC) members and Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution carried out the reenactment. It climaxed with the firing of one of the canons on Ft. Montagu. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism Harrison Thompson welcomed SAR to The Bahamas and spoke to the importance of the historic event. “This moment in time has left a mark on history that cannot be forgotten. It proves that Nassau played a valuable role in securing the United States of America’s independence. While your independence from Great Britain was obtained in 1776, our independence was not gained until centuries later in 1973. Despite this difference, our relationship with the United States of America remains strong,” Thompson said. “This is significant as we in The Bahamas welcome millions of Americans every year with the hope that they would return and bring others with them. We in The Bahamas salute you the National Society of the Sons of American Revolution for your patriotism and your passion to keep your history alive.” National Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) President General Lindsey Brock presents Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism Harrison Thompson and Chairman of the Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation (AMMC) Courtney Strachan with medals of honour. (Photo/Derek Smith)  SAR President General Lindsey Brock said he has traveled all over the world to commemorate different events in the American Revolution. However, The Bahamas impressed him more than any other place. “ I have been to Germany, Spain, France and all over Europe and this is the most fabulous greetings that I and the others have received in a foreign country,” he said. “We were so well-received, I could not imagine a better to commemorate an event such as this. I appreciate everything we have received here and we shall return. As a matter of fact, we may be back next year.” SAR has over 33,000 members throughout the United States. Defense Force Band Leader dances with a Daughter of the American Revolution at Ft. Montagu. (Photo/Derek Smith)  Read More →
Tweet Mizpah Tertullien Dear Editor, Last week marked the passing of Senator Mizpah Tertullien, a great Bahamian woman – a visionary and trailblazer. Senator Tertullien was infected and affected by the 1950s movement for Self Governance and Majority Rule, which eventually led to Independence. She was a well educated woman who chose to dedicate herself to public service and the transformation of The Bahamas. Her weekly newspaper columns “Psychologically Speaking” incited Bahamians to self-respect and self-love. It’s is amazing to me that in 2015 we are still wringing our hands about something that she and so many others more than 50 years ago saw as obvious – women and men are equal. In advancing the cause of equality, and demonstrating her usual courage of conviction, she ran as a female candidate. As a Senator, she was a strong and eloquent advocate for equality, patriotism, excellence and self-respect – as well as advancing the causes of the Government and Party that she loved and to which she was committed. Wonderfully, she balanced her professional, public and family lives. She and her beloved Egbert (Bertie) Tertullien, who predeceased her, were totally devoted to each other, as family and as professionals. She was a brilliant woman and a strong advocate for equality. Even in trying times she was always gracious. And, she always embraced the opportunity to encourage young people, especially young women. I hope that those who are charged with recording our history and her family, who have the treasure of her writings, help our children discover her roots by recording the accomplishments and ideals of this quiet unsung heroine. May she rest in peace. Sincerely, Allyson Gibson QC Attorney- General and Minister of Legal Affairs  Read More →
Tweet Woman found dead with bruises to the face…. Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press confirms a woman has been found dead behind the service road of the LPIA airport. Police are seeking the public’s support in helping them solve this crime; to come forward with any information they may lead to an arrest regarding the death of the female found dead on Monday morning. According to reports, shortly before 10:30am, police received a report of a woman found dead in a pond located near a service road off the Airport Road. Upon arrival at the scene they met the lifeless body of a female submerged in shallow waters with injuries to the head. The female body was removed from the water and she was pronounced dead at the scene. No identity of the woman has come. We report yinner decide! Let’s follow a true story on how some young women are murdered in the Bahamas…  Read More →
Tweet Dear Editor, I enjoy late evening shopping mostly because the stores are free from the heavy traffic and they are less busy. This means I can take my time and browse through the shelves collecting the items my family enjoys. Recently, however, I notice at the Solomon’s Super Centre the lights in the parking light go out early. Why this is I don’t know. I thought to write this letter, however, to get the attention of the owners to let them know to please keep the parking lot lights on at night if only until after the store is closed. This can be helpful particularly for me who shops late. Yours truly, Esther Bethell  Read More →
Tweet Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie – File Photo REMARKS BY THE RT. HON. PERRY G. CHRISTIE PRIME MINISTER AND MINISTER OF FINANCE AT THE THIRD ELEUTHERA BUSINESS OUTLOOK MAY 21, 2015 Salutations… Let me first congratulate Mrs. Joan Albury and her team who are now in their third year of organizing this wonderful and informative business seminar series which has been hosted on the islands of New Providence, Grand Bahama, Abaco, Exuma and Eleuthera. Having just signed an agreement for a major development in South Eleuthera last week, it gives me great pleasure to be afforded this opportunity to address the communities of Eleuthera at your Business Outlook on the subject of “Securing Eleuthera through Planning, Partnership and Productivity”. Let’s start with Planning. You know, Governments continually engage in a process of planning and do so with the caveat that we cannot plan for today for today is already here. Our planning efforts, therefore, must focus on building a bridge to the future. Unlike the industrial sector where projects can be operational within 6-12 months, infrastructure, touristic, real estate and other related development projects, which offer a significant return on investment to our local communities, are not normally out of the ground until one or two years following the process of planning, government due diligence and approvals. In fact, last week’s signing of a Heads of Agreement between the Government and Cotton Bay Holdings & Mine Holdings Limited concludes a twenty year old vision and the determined effort of my Government with the principals of those companies to develop and operate what will become the Four Seasons Resort at Cotton Bay in Rock Sound, Eleuthera, a five-star branded resort. In terms of tourism development, the economic model of mainland Eleuthera is still evolving. The Ministry of Tourism’s records reveal that with 376 second homes actively engaged in short-term rentals, the islands of Eleuthera and Harbour Island are out paced only by Abaco in the Bahamian home rental market. Of that number, 290 are located on mainland Eleuthera, with seventy-five percent of these homes located in the Settlement of Governor’s Harbour. Globally, second home rentals have become an important component of the tourism mix and are attracting a strong and loyal following among consumers. Home Away, the global sector’s largest listings company, reported that in 2013 it generated more than US$11 billion in rental revenue for its owners and property managers. Eleuthera is ideally suited to this new niche product type, many of which, throughout The Bahamas, are Bahamian-owned. In fact, with 28 operating hotels, Eleuthera currently has as much second home room rental inventory as hotel rooms. When these home rentals are combined with newer resort developments such as the Cove and the Four Seasons, the Shaner Group here in Governor’s Harbour and other locally owned establishments, it will undoubtedly accelerate consumer demand for a plethora of commercial and retail enterprises to service this sector. There is, even now, a need for more cafes and dining and entertainment venues, sporting facilities, retail shops, food stores, etcetera; all of which deliver the kind of critical mass needed to generate economic activity and satisfy pent-up demand for more vacation experiences from consumers and Eleuthera is, now, certainly poised to provide these kinds of economic opportunities for its young entrepreneurs. As you may know My Government has launched a comprehensive planning initiative which, through the work of the National Development Plan Committee will undergird reform and expansion of our major sectoral pillars. Some projects have exited the planning cycle and are already bearing fruit in the economy. In Agriculture, for example, the establishment of the Bahamas Agricultural and Marine Institute is meant to generate produce to reduce our food import bill and to provide technical assistance to farmers so that their activities can become more self-sustaining. In the energy sector we have now confirmed the identity of the new management company that will reform our energy infrastructure, introduce broad-scale renewable energy products in our Family Islands and reduce the cost of generation and distribution for the benefit of households and businesses. We are working expeditiously to facilitate the move to university status of the College of The Bahamas, and have established a National Training Agency to facilitate work readiness for the youth of Eleuthera as well as the rest of The Bahamas. Planning for us is not just an academic exercise. There are a number of initiatives which are in various cycles of the planning process or have graduated into programmes launched by the respective government agencies. The Government will also be embarking on a review of its operations to develop planning mechanisms for greater transparency, and accountability and to improve ease of doing business to restore our image as a competitive business jurisdiction in international circles. You will also hear more, over the course of the next week or so, on the Government’s continuing plans to implement a series of reforms to improve the quality of life for citizens and residents of The Bahamas. Let’s face it: you constantly hear about the challenges facing the Government and the land mines which erupt when things go wrong; but what you do not hear on a more consistent basis are the successes which are numerous, even in the face of international and economic challenges. The National Development Plan I would now like to discuss the Government’s initiatives with respect to the National Development Plan. As many of your would know, late last year, the Government embarked on a technical cooperation programme jointly funded by the Inter American Development Bank to strengthen my office, The Office of the Prime Minister. In particular, I sought to strengthen my office’s ability to planning for development. Within a few months of signing the agreement with the IDB, my office launched a 25 year National Development Plan process. The National Development Plan Secretariat is diligently working on a State of the Nation Report which I will present at Independence. The report will highlight where we are as a nation in four key areas: the economy, infrastructure, governance and the public sector and social policy (including education, health and healthcare and poverty). Next, the Secretariat will launch a series of visioning and strategy workshops to develop the content of the NDP through extensive consultations with the people of The Bahamas throughout the length and breadth of this wonderful country. In a few short weeks the National Development Plan team will be coming to Eleuthera to begin the discussions on the future that Eleutherans want for themselves and their children. We know that the Department of Statistics has predicted that by 2040, the population of The Bahamas will growth by 29% to just over 454,000. Currently Eleuthera has just over 8,000 residents and just under 3,000 households. If Eleuthera holds its share of the population, we can then be expecting an Eleuthera of just over 10,000 persons. We have to plan for this and examine what this means for schools, infrastructure, employment and training needs, health care needs and for Eleuthera’s workforce and economic development and growth. The government must work with the private sector and civic groups such as One Eleuthera to prepare for a bright future. And so, I charge each and every one of you in this meeting, to be prepared to contribute to the National Development Plan. Come to the civic engagements or express your thoughts about the direction of the country through the national survey which will be launched in July. Now let’s talk about Productivity – Cotton Bay Holdings Ltd and Mine Holdings will generate 200 construction jobs, and, along with the Operator, The Four Seasons, will three hundred permanent staff in the first phase of its operations. The companies have also agreed to implement training programmes to ensure that the services of both their construction and operations staff meet the international standards of the Four Seasons Hospitality Brand. The National Training Agency, instituted just two years ago, has successfully piloted skills training for 1500 of the 1780 registrants in New Providence, Grand Bahama, Bimini, Abaco. Just over 900 have been certified by City & Guilds, the London Association of Butlers, the International Institute for Healthcare Professionals Inc., and the National Training Agency Providers. The Agency recently graduated thirty-three young persons from its programme in Exuma – many of whom have already secured permanent jobs. The National Training Agency is now embarking on a similar exercise in Eleuthera and Ms. Kalin Griffin, Assistant Director of Labour who is coordinating these activities here in Eleuthera, has already received 40 applications for the fourteen week programme of skills training and internships which begin this month. I am advised that matriculating students ending their first academic year at the Bahamas Agricultural and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) will be the beneficiaries of paid, six-week internships with numerous companies and industry partners throughout the country. Every effort is being made to place students with companies in their own communities. In terms of partnerships, my Government will also be working with conservation and heritage interests such as the One Eleuthera Foundation, the National Trust and the Nature Conservancy, to develop and promote the many natural heritage attractions of Eleuthera. In terms of number of infrastructure works, the Government, within the next budget cycle, will carry out airport upgrades in Eleuthera to IATA standards and advance construction of the mini hospital here in Central Eleuthera. The Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Transport and Aviation will provide support in partnership with Eleuthera’s resort development partners to ensure that there is air travel access and the satisfactory delivery and facilitation of passengers to international standards. Although there is more that I can share, I will reserve those comments for another time as there are other presenters who have also travelled and have important things to say. I can tell you that the needle is moving, albeit slowly, but in the right direction on all fronts and that will be evident to the citizens and residents of Eleuthera and other islands over the next several weeks. I will leave you with the reminder that Eleuthera was once the jewel in the crown of islands in the Bahamas archipelago, and we are determined to see it return to its former status and hope that more of its enterprising young entrepreneurs will participate in its re-birth and assist the government in its efforts to ensure Eleuthera’s future success. Thank you.  Read More →
Tweet   (Runaway Bay, Saint Lucia) – The Bahamas has now acceded to all three of the agreements which will facilitate the air passenger information system (APIS) which will allow the exchange of information to our border management agencies in advance of passengers getting on the plane to fly here. There were three agreements to allow this to be brought into force. Fred Mitchell MP and Minister of Foreign Affairs took the opportunity to sign the accession documents in Runway Bay, St. Lucia in the margins of the meeting of foreign ministers of Caricom on 22 May . The photo shows from left seated Alva Baptiste, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of St Lucia and Chair of the Foreign Minister’s Council (COFCOR) , Mr. Mitchell, Secretary General of Caricom Irwin Laroque and at the back Clifford Williams, Foreign services officer of The Bahamas and High Commissioner Picewell Forbes of The Bahamas. (Photo courtesy of CARICOM).  Read More →
Tweet PLPs are holding steady on Grand Bahama as Christie is also set to land in FNM country next week! Scores of FNMs outside a DNA meeting on Grand Bahama last night. Freeport GB – While the unfortunate turmoil deep inside the Free National Movement – WITH CANNIBALISM EATING AT THE HEART OF THE ORGANIZATION – the fight gets nastier by the minute,; DNA supporters are in FNM territory gathering the bones and are raking up huge FNM supporters at a rally on Grand Bahama last night. Only Bahamas Press was live in the second city where we can tell you large numbers of FNM supporters have GONE GREEN! One supporter at the rally was a former FNM council member as indeed some like BP still are in shock how the FNM country appears to be going GREEN! Even former FNM MPs Kenneth ‘Ingraham is a monster’ Russell and Vernea ‘Da Village Idiot’ Grant appears to all now be supporting Branville’s Party! With this momentum keeping up, it looks as if the DNA will become the official opposition after all. Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie will land on Grand Bahama come next week just after his budget communication to Parliament. Christie, we are told, will be coming to unleash the final blow to the FNM and perhaps will encourage those who were FNMs for many years to come home to the PLP; the Party with a big tent now housing may former supporters of Sir Cecil! PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts have begin making the way for Christie’s homecoming to Grand Bahama and landed on the island Friday evening. As some say following the nasty, dutty fight in the FNM, “It all goes downhill from here for the FNM as Ingraham plans to challenge Minnis citing poor weak leadership inside the party! We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Tweet Ingraham calls for a political Civil War to erupt in the FNM against democratically elected Dr. Minnis. Ingraham – This move alone proves once again he is a dangerous dictator and is no good for the country!  By Jerry Roker for Bahamas Press The proverbial ‘mess’ has hit the fan. The Old Guard FNMs have once again stepped forward to express their total dissatisfaction with their Leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis. But this time, party Chairman Michael Pintard is hitting back. Mr. Pintard has bemoaned the fact that former Cabinet Ministers in previous FNM governments and senior party officials are running to the press with criticisms of Dr. Minnis, by-passing party forums for such undertakings. While I fully understand and agree with the Chairman’s thinking on this matter, it was his parliamentary members who poked fun and otherwise applauded those renegade PLP MPs who derided their own government almost on every major issue, in Parliament, when they had opportunities to put their respective positions directly to the party internally. Mr. Pintard is right. The Old Guard does have an agenda and they will avail themselves of any method that they believe will assist them in carrying it out. The political cannibalism in both parties must stop. It does not serve any useful purpose other than the narrow and selfish political interest of those perpetuating it. You have to be some kind of ‘special’ ‘special’ character to choose to vent publicly about your party and/or its leader, when you can do so at the internal party level. If one were denied the opportunity to put one’s position internally, then, there can be a case for one venting elsewhere. Who does the Old Guard think they are? Owners of the FNM with powers to discipline and reprimand any officer who has a style or approach not to their liking? My God, FNMs have spoken decisively twice in three years in favor of Dr. Minnis. What else you guys want? Ingraham perhaps. If I may, what goes around comes around. When the renegade PLP MPs took the PLP government and PM Christie to task, the FNMs were in their glory. Their MPs spoke all sorts of stuff about PM Christie and his government and generally sought to gain whatever political mileage these happenings could accrue. Now that their Old Guard has once again turned on their leader in a public, but clandestine manner, my guess is that they are now feeling some kind a way.  Read More →
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