Major reception planned for Haitian President Martelly! Will he tell Haitians VOTE in the UPCOMING CONSTITUTIONAL REFERENDUM? Immigration and Defence Force Officers gathered at the South Beach Pools to begin a ground investigation. Haitian President Michel Martelly Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is reporting another arrival of illegal Haitian migrants who landed in the Southern New Providence area around 4am this morning. We are told a number of the migrants have escaped into the Southern corridor bushes. Many of the migrants were seen jumping off the boat as the boat was moving even though a Defence Force Station is at the South Beach Pools. In our photo shown here Immigration and Defence Force Officers have assembled near the South Beach Pools where they are getting ready to begin a ground operation. We are told when the illegals landed a number of suspicious vehicles were seen in the area visibly picking up some of the migrants. And get this…. We just got word thatis set to land in New Providence this week [TOMORROW]. President Michel Martelly will visit The Bahamas Tuesday to meet with Prime Minister Christie “to strengthen, harmonize and energize relations between Haiti and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. At this meeting the two men should sign 4 agreements: A framework agreement for cooperation; an agreement on on scientific and technical cooperation on the capacity building of port institutions; an agreement of commercial and technical cooperation in the field of quality control of agricultural products and export fisheries, and an agreement on the promotion and reciprocal protection of investments.” a statement read.  Read More →
Atlantis Casino Cocktail Waitress Jereka Horton now in hospital following tragic car accident. 25-year-old Jureka Horton fights for life following terrible accident. Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is reporting 25-year-old Jureka Horton was indeed the driver in that fatal car wreck which took the life of passenger Andre Wallace. Horton is at this hour in hospital battling from injuries sustained in that mishap. The Atlantis  casino cocktail waitress was driving southbound on Bethel Ave. in the White Grove community when she lost control of her white Honda Civic. Her friend, Andre Wallace, lost his life in that mishap around 4:30am early Sunday. Doctors say she will make a full recovery…Pray for her…. American caught with drugs According to reports, shortly after 8:00am on Sunday 27th July 2014, Tourism Police Officers arrested a 48– year old female of Ohio onboard a cruise ship at Prince George Wharf for possession of a quantity of marijuana. The suspect is expected to appear in court today to be formally charged. PEDESTRIAN SUCCUMBS TO INJURIES FROM MISHAP POLICE are investigating a traffic accident that has left a man dead on Sunday 27th July 2014. Preliminary reports are, that shortly after 8:00pm, a man was driving a white Honda Rav 4 vehicle south on Market Street near Quakoo Street, when he struck a male pedestrian who was attempting to cross the street. The unidentified male pedestrian succumbed to his injuries at the scene. The driver of the vehicle was not injured and is assisting police with their investigations. Investigations are ongoing. MAN PULLED FROM WATERS AT POTTERS CAY PRONOUNCED DEAD File Photo. POLICE are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a man found floating in waters at Potters Cay Dock shortly after 10:00pm on Sunday 27th July 2014. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death. Investigations are ongoing. 11 ARRESTED BY MOBILE DIVISION OFFICERS OVERNIGHT Consistent with the Commissioner’s Policing Priorities for 2014, Mobile Division saturation patrols intended to reduce crime and to minimize the ability for criminals to commit criminal activities resulted in the following arrests overnight: Three (3) arrests for Outstanding Criminal Warrants Two (2) arrests for Causing Harm One (1) arrest for Armed Robbery One (1) arrest for Causing Grievous Harm One (1) arrest for Causing Damage One (1) arrest for Disorderly Behaviour, Obscene Language & Resisting Arrest One (1) arrest for An Outstanding Criminal complaint One (1) arrest for Possession of Dangerous Drugs POLICE are appealing to anyone with information regarding any crime, no matter how small or insignificant (the tip) may seem, to anonymously call Police at 919 or CRIME STOPPERS at 328-TIPS (8477) (New Providence) or 1-242-300-8476 (Family Islands).  Read More →
Dr. Hubert Minnis now tightens rope on Christie Government on Wells matter. FNM Press Conference RE: Renward Wells – July 27, 2014 Garbage Gate: What did the Prime Minister know, and when did he know it? I have invited members of the Press here today to emphasize the most recent example of Perry Christie’s failure as Prime Minister and the extent to which his continuing failure compromises the very last shreds of integrity cloaking his ineptitude or mis-government. A few weeks ago the Government of The Bahamas number one trading partner, the United States, issued a scathing indictment of the Christie Government. The report, with its emphasis on trade, made it abundantly clear that the Christie Government was conducting its affairs with potential foreign direct investors (particularly US investors) in a way that was potentially damaging to this country’s good name—and the FNM adds, to the good relationship we have with the US. The report made it clear that allegations of double standards in the Government’s dealing with potential investors gave the distinct impression that the processes had been contaminated by corruption and that the taint of corruption appears to go all the way to the highest levels of government. Rather than taking the US Government’s report to heart and looking inwardly to examine and correct the problems, the Christie Cabinet and more specifically the Prime Minister, went into full attack mode. I thought then, and now, that he reminded me of the Shakespearean quote: “the lady doth protest too much, methinks”! Scarcely two weeks later there was a jaw-dropping report that a Letter of Intent had been signed on behalf of the government for the building of a waste-to-energy facility at the dump site on Tonique Williams Darling Highway, which would sell energy to BEC for half the current cost of fossil fuels, and would generate nearly 30% of electricity demand in New Providence. It was later confirmed that the letter of intent had been signed by Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works, Renward Wells, MP for Bamboo Town; but that the Minister of Works, and Deputy Prime Minister (along with two other Ministers) had denied having prior knowledge of it and that Wells had no authority from the government or Cabinet to sign the letter. The Bahamian public and even a former PLP Minister believe that Wells’ execution of a letter of intent to commit the government of The Bahamas to a $650 million contract with a company called Stellar Waste to Energy Ltd., had breached the code of conduct that we all accept as part of our Westminster system of government. It was then reported that Wells had been asked to resign by the Prime Minister; an assertion made repeatedly by journalists since that time which has never been denied by the government. The very next day the Deputy Prime Minister, Philip Davis, defied his own Prime Minister when he said about Wells and the Letter of Intent that: “From all accounts there ought to be concern; but the question is whether he (Renward Wells) did anything wrong or whether he did anything that is in any way contrary to established protocols.” As we all now know, Renward Wells has not resigned, and Renward Wells has not been fired. This sequence of events reveal that the PLP government of Perry Christie is now caught in a sordid web of conflict, confusion and cover up. Mr. Davis says “there ought to be concern”. We agree. The vast majority of Bahamians also agree. Bahamians are very “concerned”. We too, the FNM are very concerned. Mr. Davis then suggested that there was some question as to whether or not Mr. Wells had done anything that “is in any way contrary to established protocols.” Mr. Davis is a very senior Attorney and politician. He knows the Rules. He knows exactly what the “established protocols” are. And he knows too that Renward Wells has indeed violated “established protocols”. The Manual of Cabinet Procedure which is issued to and which binds every Minister AND every Parliamentary Secretary states about the duty of a Parliamentary Secretary (Page 9) that: “within the Ministry to which he has been assigned a Parliamentary Secretary may handle such matters as may be assigned to him by the Minister to deal with on his behalf.” The signing of a letter of intent for the use of the Dump Site for waste-to- energy production by Parliamentary Secretary Renward Wells directly interfered with the Portfolio responsibility of another Cabinet Minister, Kenred Dorsett, Minister for the Environment. Under the Manual of Cabinet Procedure not even the Deputy Prime Minister could have authorized Wells to sign a letter of intent which impinged upon the portfolio responsibility of a different Cabinet Minister and Ministry without full Cabinet approval. Mr. Davis is well aware of this Rule of Procedure which binds every Parliamentary Secretary. For some reason the Deputy Prime Minister is “playing cute” with the Bahamian People, as if there were any real “question” whether or not the “established protocols” were violated. There is no question. The established Rules of Cabinet Government were violated. Minister Kenred Dorsett announced in June of this year that the government had agreed a deal for a previously unknown foreign Company, Renew Bahamas, to manage the Dump site and to set up a waste recycling facility. After the revelation of the Letter of Intent Minister Dorsett stated to the media that, despite the letter of intent, the deal with Renew Bahamas was “still in force”. In the same article the owner of Stellar Waste to Energy contradicted the Minister and said that he would move ahead, based on the letter of intent, and that Renew Bahamas conflicted with his plans. There is a clear conflict between the plans of two separate Ministries for the use of the Dump site, as each plan is in total conflict with the other. The ONLY question is whether Renward Wells acted alone or whether he was given instructions to act and, if so, by whom? The Prime Minister, in his characteristic style, now says the government will provide answers in due course. This is insulting were it not so embarrassing. If this Prime Minister was worth his salt, he would have FIRED Wells within an hour of Wells’ refusal to resign. The fact that he did not fire Wells raises more questions, but we return to the aforementioned: what did the Prime Minister know, and when did he know it? The people of The Bahamas surely deserve a full explanation, but then can we really expect more from a government that has suppressed full disclosure and transparency on every other matter of public trust, whether it was a true inquiry into the apparently questionable issuance of a Nolle Prosequi to accused gun smugglers, or the secret dealings surrounding the proposed BEC privatization, or the apparent subservience of the PLP to a host of election financial donors and foreign financiers such as the Web Shops and the Nygards of this world. The entanglement of this PLP government in this sordid web of conflict, confusion and cover up must be cleared up to the satisfaction of Bahamians. This secret and sordid mess must be cleaned up. There must be full and frank disclosure of all the circumstances and facts which led to this apparent and embarrassing conflict between two Ministries of the same government, between a Parliamentary Secretary and two Ministers of the same government, and between two foreign investors doing business with the same government. In the event that the government, as it has done all too often in the past, thinks that they can use their Parliamentary majority to crush and to stifle debate and full disclosure on this embarrassing instance of  “lack of Transparency” , “government interference” and conflicts of interest, then they are sorely mistaken. Bahamians can “connect the dots” and in the absence of a full and frank explanation by the government they will, indeed, continue to connect the dots in this sordid web of conflict, confusion and cover up. More than half a Billion dollars to invest is an awful lot of money to be touted by an Investor who has obtained some obviously spurious permission, evinced by something called a Letter of Intent, in such shady and obscure circumstances. Bahamians will connect the dots. The Prime Minister must do his duty, if Renward Wells will not. The Prime Minister must fire Wells and fully explain this sordid situation to Bahamians. The Opposition will NOT let the matter rest because it may be indicative of larger issues that are being kept from the sight of the Bahamian people.  Read More →
Labour Stats proves Christie Government has created more than 8,000 new Jobs since coming to office! The Christie Cabinet getting results on the job front. Less Bahamians are unemployed since Christie Government came to office. Davis in 2012 told Bahamians to come with the PLP as they set a new course and put Bahamians back to work! Minister D. Shane Gibson - Minister of Labour is by far the best Labour Minister the country has seen in over 15 years! NASSAU, The Bahamas – The Department of Statistics 2014 Labour Force Survey has revealed that more than 8,000 jobs have been created as a direct result of the proactive and innovative policies of the Government. This, the Minister of Labour and National Insurance the Hon Shane Gibson confirmed in a Communication to the House of Assembly on Wednesday, July 23. 2014. The date, compiled by the staff of the country’s premier authority on data contains “irrefutable evidence” of the success of the policies of the administration led by Prime Minister the Rt Hon Perry Christie, Mr. Gibson said. The survey was conducted during May 2014 and provides empirical data on the Bahamian Labour Force that covers the period since the last survey, which was carried out in November 2013. “In just over two years, the survey confirms that more than 8,000 jobs have been created as a direct result of the proactive and innovative policies of the PLP Government,” Mr. Gibson said. The labour force stands at 197,335 people, up from 188,310 in May of 2010 and supports the fact that there in an increase in the number of employed persons and a decrease in the unemployment rate, which stands at 14.3 percent; lower than it was in May 2012. In November 2013, the unemployment rate was 15.4 percent. Of particular note, he said, is the significant reduction in the number of discouraged workers, especially on Grand Bahama, where this number has decreased by 60 percent. “This new spirit of enthusiasm in Grand Bahama is directly related to the focused leadership and the on-going initiatives of the government including the opening of the Memories Resort, the excellent working relationship with the Grand Bahama Port Authority and the Hutchison Group and the ongoing consultations with our social partners to improve the economy of The Bahamas,” Mr. Gibson said. He noted that both New Providence and Grand Bahama have experienced decreases in their unemployment rates, with 15.0 percent and 14.7 percent, respectively. Discouraged workers in the country fell from 6,765 in November 2013 to 4,880 in May 2014, representing a decrease of 1,905 or 28 percent. Both New Providence and Grand Bahama experienced a decline in the number of discouraged workers from 3,335 to 2,920 down by 475 or 14 percent in the former and from 1,915 to 760 representing a decrease of 1,155 or 60 percent in the latter. According to Mr. Gibson, the newly instituted National Training Agency; and the Department of Labour have made contributions in reducing the levels of unemployment in the country. One of the functions of the NTA is to devise strategies and actions that would positively affect the overall employment rate among the youth between the ages of 15-24. According to labour force survey, unemployment among this group is considerably higher than any age group and stands at 28 percent. The survey also indicated that unemployment among this target group decreased by about four percentage points, decreasing from 32 percent to 28 percent over the six-month period. “The activities of the National Training Agency had undoubtedly contributed to this decline in unemployment as during this period August to December 2013, the Agency trained over 450 youth and young adults in New Providence and found full time jobs for well over 100 of its trainees. “The average wage paid to these trainees is between $220 to $260 per week. Annually, this reflects almost two million dollars that would be circulated in the economy,” Mr. Gibson said. He added that the NTA’s second cohort of 170 New Providence trainees recently completed their prescribed period of training and the first Grand Bahama cohort of over 150 trainees will complete their training in another week, which will bring the number of persons trained by the NTA to over 800 young Bahamians. Mr. Gibson revealed that over the past months, the ministry has held meetings with and plan to meet with banks, hotels and other businesses all in an effort to ensure the best possible balance is accomplished between the requests for expatriates and the need for more Bahamians to be afforded opportunities for employment. Shane Gibson House Communication – Labour Force Survey  Read More →
Breaking NEWS from Glasgow, Scotland at the Commonwealth Games… Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press reports Bahamian 2 time Olympian Arianna Vanderpool Wallace has delivered the silver in the women’s 50m butterfly final in 25.53 seconds! She has made history for the Bahamas! The medal is the first for the Bahamas at the Games. On her Facebook page Arianna wrote: “Thank you for the love and support! It means the world to me. I hope this is the first in a long line of medals in Bahamas swimming!” BP IS LIVE!  Read More →
Victim is murder accused Jeramine “Timer” Russell Jeramine "Timer" Russell is last night's homicide victim. Nassau, Bahamas — Man initially charged in the murder of banker Stephen Sherman was shot dead last night in a hail of bullets… Breaking news report now coming into Bahamas Press confirms that Jermaine Russell is dead. Russell was shot several times shortly after 3:00 am this morning at Apple and Peach Streets by a man armed with a handgun. He was in the area exiting a club when a hail of bullets descended in his direction. Russell, we can report, was transported to hospital but succumbed to his injuries shortly after 8:00 am this morning. Last July, Russell, then 33, of Pinewood Gardens was arraigned before Magistrate Constance Delancey in connection a July 7 armed robbery. He was known to police. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Why would anyone gag and tie the hands of a 73-year-old? WHAT IS THIS? Nassau, Bahamas — The conclusion of murder is now the focus of that elderly 73-year-old woman who perished in a deadly fire this past week in Palmdale. Bahamas Press’ deep investigation with teams on the ground and evidence collected conclude another horrific incident has occurred to a senior citizen. Detectives have now uncovered a series of clues at the crime scene and further evidence on the body confirm the same and point to murder. Maud McCartney, a former ambassador within the Ministry of Tourism, was found on the floor in the living room of her home on Collins Avenue where she had lived since 1965. The fire was reported shortly after 6pm on Wednesday past and by the time a team had arrived the home was engulfed with flames. Some of that evidence confirms the victim had been gagged and tied before the blaze occurred, and, along with the discovery of scratched matchsticks, clearly shows an attempt by her killers to light the blaze. BP teams can now report an even deeper investigation is being conducted to find out why Maud was attacked in this way. All we say is this – THERE ARE SOME ‘VICKED’ PEOPLE WALKING ON THE EARTH! We report yinner decide! Woman now believed to have been burnt in that house fire last week was murdered...  Read More →
BREAKING NEWS >>> STATEMENT OF COLLEGE COUNCIL CHAIRMAN – MR. ALFRED SEARS Dr. Rodney Smith and a student. After a long, transparent, competitive and rigorous search process conducted by a Council-appointed Advisory Search Committee (ASC), the Council of The College of The Bahamas at a special called meeting on June 11th considered the assessment conducted by the ASC of four shortlisted candidates for the position of President of The College of The Bahamas. At the end of its deliberations, Dr. Rodney Smith was chosen to be the candidate that Council would present to the Minister of Education, in accordance with Section 6 of the College of The Bahamas Act, for the Minister’s approval. On June 12th Council informed the Minister of its determination and was then informed by the Minister that the matter of the approval of Dr. Smith as President of COB would be made the subject of a decision by the Cabinet of the Government of The Bahamas. The subsequent media coverage of this matter and the length of time it has taken to bring this matter to a conclusion, now compels Council to make this statement in the interest of providing faculty, staff, senior administrators and students with an update regarding the search for a President of COB. Council would first like it to be known that Council’s choice of Dr. Rodney Smith as its preferred candidate is in keeping with the assessment conducted by the ASC of the four shortlisted candidates. In its assessment of Dr. Rodney Smith, the ASC noted that Dr. Smith had extensive leadership experience, impressive credentials, and an in-depth knowledge of the institutional mechanisms needed to ensure peak performance levels in all areas of the operation of an academic institution. Indeed, across all of the assessment tools used by the ASC to evaluate the candidates, Dr. Smith consistently scored the highest. The ASC also found that Dr. Smith was the candidate best able to articulate the vision of the Council and the mandate of the Government for leading the College through the process of becoming recognized as a university in 2015. Secondly, Council wishes to affirm the statement recently released by the ASC that the Search process was open, fair, transparent, and respectful of stakeholder interests. Indeed, as emphasized by the ASC in its recent press statement, the public was given opportunities to participate in the search process, question the shortlisted candidates and provide feedback to the ASC on each of the candidates. We therefore agree with the ASC that the search process was sufficiently open and subject to public scrutiny. In this regard, some commentators in the press have criticized the ASC for not revealing to the public its assessment of all the shortlisted candidates and information about the candidates related to that assessment (references, other job offers, etc.). This criticism ignores the importance of confidentiality being maintained during a search process. Council believes the ASC, in the conduct of the search process, struck the appropriate balance between the public’s participatory interests and the need to protect the privacy-confidentiality interests of each candidate. For both the ASC and Council, the only question mark that hung over Dr. Smith’s candidacy for President of the College was the circumstances that led Dr. Smith to leave the College in 2005 after having served as its President for approximately a year. Notwithstanding this concern, ASC members and Council members were of the view that Dr. Smith was, undoubtedly, the best candidate for the position of President of COB. In reaching this position, the ASC and Council considered that Dr. Smith deserved a second chance because he had assumed responsibility for his actions that led to his resignation, had voluntarily resigned because of the act of plagiarism attributed to him, had suffered public humiliation, and had – in his various interview-encounters with ASC and Council members – shown sufficient contrition over the circumstances that led to his resignation from the College in 2005. Moreover, as part of the formulation of its position regarding Dr. Smith’s candidacy, Council Members considered it a highly relevant factor that, notwithstanding the price and public humiliation experienced by Dr. Smith over the affair, Dr. Smith had been able to weather the storm and excel within the academic arena in the United States. There was no evidence to suggest that the events that led to Dr. Smith’s departure from the College was consistent with a repeating pattern of events in the life of Dr. Smith, which might suggest a character defect. This consideration also played a pivotal role in relation to the decision reached by the College Council. Finally, Council wishes to reaffirm that its position, vis-à-vis Dr. Smith, in no way interrogates or invalidates any previous decision of the Council regarding Dr. Smith’s tenure as President of COB, and, in this regard, Council is fully aware of its obligations to protect the past and present degree of autonomy reposed in the Council of The College of The Bahamas for the general direction and control of the institution. In all the circumstances, the Council has used its best judgment to promote the interest of the institution. Upon receipt of the Minister’s reply and the completion of all requisite negotiations, the Council will keep the faculty, staff, administrators, staff and students apprised of the progress of this matter.  Read More →
Car lost control near the traffic light and slammed into a light pole and the wall… The white Honda Civic which crashed early this morning around 4:30am. Andre Wallace was a passenger who died in this early morning crash. Nassau, Bahamas — Sad and shocking news has come into BP newsroom this morning and at this hour we have more details. Dead this morning in the country’s second traffic fatality in just 24-hours is Andre Wallace. He, we can tell you, was a passenger in a white Honda Civic vehicle. Our reports can confirm that, shortly after 4:00 am, a white Honda Civic vehicle being driven by a woman, along with young Wallace as a passenger, was traveling south along Bethel Avenue north, when it lost control and crashed into a utility pole. The vehicle then careened a few feet along a cliff before it came to a sudden stop; mangled and crushed with both individuals inside. Wallace succumbed to his injuries on the scene. The female passenger was transported to hospital where she is detained in serious condition. This is the second traffic fatality within just hours in the country. May he rest in peace. We report yinner decide! We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Fall from the Top to reach for the PINNACLE!~ Dear BP, I was very encouraged by your comments last week to the mother who does not want to let her children go. I felt that your advice was needed and appropriate in that situation. I, too, need some advice. I was recently laid off at an offshore bank in Eastern New Providence. It was hard to go, because all my life, as I followed my career path, I believed that I was near the top. I felt that it [the job] was in my path, but now I am back home, unemployed in this tough job race and just don’t know what to do from here. After becoming unemployed and shopping around almost everywhere, I have found it nearly impossible to feel encouraged. What am I to do when I sit at a place where there is complete darkness all around? Signed – Fall from the top. Dear Fall ‘From the top’:  Let me first start by addressing your disillusionment and dispel this described “darkness” in your career at this time. I share the opinion of Albert Einstein who once said: “… darkness is the absence of light”. Your view that the lights have gone out on your career is not true! This is the way you see it now, because where you were before felt as if you were achieving your goal. Our lives never go as we plan. Our lives, I believe, are predestined. Channeled and guided by the GREAT AND MIGHTY POWER OF GOD! What you must remember is that in life there are seasons. Yes, times and changes just as summer, fall, winter and spring come – seasons come in our own lives. We creep and then we walk and then run. We have times of laughter and times of sadness. The saying is indeed true – Weeping may endure for a night. What I love about this, though, is that HIS GREAT AND MIGHTY HAND – that guides us on our way – is always there. Your day of joy and day of New Beginning is coming I assure you. Just look back and see the road you have trod already. You are not alone. HE IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THERE TO GET YOU THROUGH – EVEN THIS TIME! And so the first point is that no – there is no darkness. This is but only a transition to the next stage of your career that will afford you a teachable moment for when the next big thing comes along. Which brings us to our second point of focus. A wise woman recently reminded me of an old saying passed down through the ages which says; “Whatever your hands find to do  – DO IT WELL!” or as scripture puts it – “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might….”! That wise woman added how we as a nation must remind our people of the dignity in work. All work. In all professions, skills and trade, and we should exercise our best efforts in them. You must remember ‘Fall from the top’ from whence many people of the world have come. There was a time when our forefathers paid little to no attention to “THINGS” [TINGS]! “Stuff” and or getting more and more “ITEMS”. They lived simple and respectable lives. They dressed decently. They spoke softly and with kind words. They looked out for their community and they honoured and worshiped God in complete and absolute devotion. To this I now add, if you possess these virtues in your life, there is no ‘Fall from the top’. There is no darkness in your career – for you possess something the world needs. And let me add this: Begin to look deeper within yourself and look at those skills you know are transferable and can be used to get you through this period. Maybe if you offered yourself as an educator on “Finances” within a summer camp you can plant a seed to someone’s future. Maybe the time has come to share that skill of banking or accounting with your community, church or family members. Maybe it is time to gather young minds to encourage them to move forward, upward, onward together to greater aspirations, drawing from your own experience; like moving minds towards an Bahamian owned and globally operated Offshore Bank – maybe this is your next be thing! Where you are now – I assure you – will lead you into a better and even brighter future. Your day is coming – you just wait and see. -END Write to Dear BP at, or via Facebook @Alexander James  Read More →
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