Is Fred Smith funding the Kreyol Connection? Host flees town and goes into hiding…. Attorney Fred Smith, QC Save the Bays is now operating like the Bahamian ISIS – seeking to destabilize the Bahamas as they raise money to keep Prime Minister Perry Christie and DPM Brave Davis before the courts; facing INCARCERATION…!!! By NICO SCAVELLA Tribune Staff Reporter THE Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) has received a letter from the government requesting an investigation of comments made on a radio talk show last week by lawyer Fred Smith. URCA Corporate and Consumer Relations Manager Mavis Johnson-Collie said yesterday that the letter was received by URCA officials on Wednesday evening. The letter – sent to URCA by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration – requests that URCA investigate recent statements made by Mr Smith that allegedly encouraged people to revolt against the Christie administration. We did get a communication in the pm yesterday from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Mrs Collie-Johnson told The Tribune. “We are going through the process of reviewing it in conjunction with the content code which regulates broadcast content.” Mr Smith had appeared as a guest on Kreyol Connection with Louby Georges on Guardian Talk Radio on February 17, and it was then that he reportedly made his controversial statements. A recording of the show is no longer available on Guardian Talk Radio’s website. Mr Smith had maintained that none of the comments made on the show was inflammatory. However, Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell said the government had asked URCA to investigate the comments and that the Office of the Attorney General was also advising the government on the matter. Mr Mitchell said the government would allow URCA, which governs the airwaves, to probe the incident. He also criticised Mr Smith for outlining his support of Bahamians of Haitian descent organising to form political parties in the country, and called Mr Smith “delusional” for his statements. Mr Smith had previously said The Bahamas was headed in a direction that would soon see this grouping of society emerge as parliamentary leaders. The president of the Grand Bahama Human Rights Association (GBHRA) also said the stigma in The Bahamas that Haitians are of lesser value should be done away with. Again chastising the Christie administration over its immigration restrictions, maintaining that the government has encouraged a culture of hatred towards Haitians, Mr Smith contended that Bahamians of Haitian descent are “a large part of our society”, and gave his support of Bahamians of Haitian descent organising to form political parties. “I don’t see what is wrong with it,” Mr Smith said. “People have the freedom of association under the Constitution. I see nothing wrong with people promoting self interest in political parties for social benefits for different parts of the community.” Mr Smith called on the government to follow the example of countries, including Canada and Korea, which, he said, encourage different nationalities to contribute to shaping society. However, he insisted that these latest comments should not be construed as supporting illegal migration.  Read More →
Son of noted psychiatrist gunned down outside his home…. Sean Neville gunned down outside his home tonight! Nassau, Bahamas – Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press confirms the shooting death of Sean Neville. BP understands the young Cavalier Construction employee was apparently gunned tonight after exiting his yard. Details are sketchy, but we can confirm the incident unfolded on Culbert’s Hill on Prince Charles Drive area sometime shortly after 8pm. And to put things into perspective, Sean is the son of noted psychiatrist Dr. Michael Neville. He has one daughter. The victim’s body was found outside a grey self drive vehicle with several gunshot wounds to the upper body. But get this: police also found a handgun with several live rounds of ammunition in the deceased possession. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS? The incident unfolded nearby the homes of two Parliamentarians; Minister V. Alfred Gray and Hon. Hubert Chipman! Bahamas Press is live… We report yinner decide  Read More →
Tax reform is already working to the benefit of the nation… February 27, 2015 (Nassau, Bahamas) – As the first VAT filing deadline approaches on Monday March 1st and February 28th is the deadline for the transition to tax inclusive pricing display, the VAT Department and the Ministry of Finance are pleased with the remarkable progress of VAT rollout. Due to the impressive compliance efforts of Bahamian businesses so far the VAT Department does not see a need for official extension of the deadline for adoption of inclusive pricing displays. Now enforcement efforts will be heightened to ensure that retailers fulfil any residual requirements. The VAT Department is still taking a light handed approach and will issue warnings in the first instance before any firm is sanctioned with fines. “We are pleased to congratulate vendors that have made progress in complying with the requirements,” says Minister of State for Finance, Michael Halkitis. The VAT Department continues to encourage consumers to file inquiries if they are unsure whether they were charged appropriately, as it is vital to focus on compliance and consumer protection. “When in retail establishments, display prices that reflect the final total at the cash register should be clearly visible” says Minister Halkitis, “when they aren’t, consumers should contact the VAT Department.” VAT will play an integral part in reducing the national debt and will ensure that Bahamians will continue to receive essential services. As VAT revenues are realized, and the debt burden reduced, the Government will retain more financial resources to provide a safer, more prosperous and modern Bahamas to all Bahamians. For more information visit or look up VATBahamas on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. To contact the VAT Department directly, please send an email to or call VAT Client Services at (242) 225-7280.  Read More →
WHAT HAPPENED: Tido had beaten his victim black and blue, bruised her. Crushed her skull and then burned parts of her body to concealed evidence! Maxo Tido laughing his way out of the court. WHAT A JOKE - GIVE THE MAN BAIL! And the Privy Council says “THIS WAS NOT THE WORST OR THE WORST! My GOODNESS!!! Nassau, Bahamas — Murder convict Maxo Tido and his lawyer, Glendon Rolle, had appealed on grounds that the 60-year-sentence imposed in a re-sentencing was unduly severe and asked the court to reduce it by more than half. Rolle had argued that the new sentence should run from the date of the appellate court’s decision on the matter, which when combined with his client’s 10 years or more on remand, would fall within the 30-60 year range for murder sentences set out in previous decisions. Yesterday, Justices Stanley John, Abdulai Conteh and Neville Adderley, found that sentence imposed on Tido “did not consider the categorisation by the Privy Council that this murder was not a case of the worst of the worst”. The judges added that the “probation report on the appellant contained prejudicial matters, such as the preference of the victim’s mother suggesting a long term of imprisonment and the sentence of death, initially imposed upon the appellant, ought to be carried out”. The judges allowed Tido’s appeal and substituted the 60-year sentence with one of 40, which would take into account the eight years spent in prison before re-sentencing in 2012. “We are satisfied that this term will meet the considerations of deterrence, retribution and punishment necessary in this case,” the court ruled. On March 20, 2006, a jury convicted Tido of murdering Donnella Conover in 2002. Her body was found off Cowpen Road, battered and bruised and her skull was crushed. Evidence also revealed that parts of Connover’s body were burned after her death. A month after his conviction, then Senior Justice Anita Allen ruled that the crime committed by Tido warranted the death penalty. The decision came days after the Privy Council in London ruled that the mandatory death sentence in place up to that point in The Bahamas was not constitutional. In 2009, the Committee for the Prerogative of Mercy decided the law should take its course, as Tido’s case was not one that warranted mercy. However, he appealed to the Privy Council, The Bahamas’ highest court of appeal, which ruled that the killing did not warrant execution. Consequently, he had to reappear before the Supreme Court for re-sentencing. In March 2012, then-Senior Justice Jon Isaacs, gave Tido 60 years. This was reduced to 52 years considering the time Tido had spent on remand. PS: Bahamas Press has been banned off Facebook for the next 28 days. For all breaking updates, news reports and up-to-the-minute news log on here at join us on twitter or instagram for breaking news report….  Read More →
Man goes on facebook to show off his weapons – BP and Police shows up! Man with high-powered weapon captured by police. Check out that police gun pointed on him ready to fire. Here is the man which was wanted after posting his new automatic weapon toys on facebook. Nassau, Bahamas – If you believe having a little education and quoting from Google like Andre Rollins is dangerous, imagine having no education yet brandishing your new handgun on social media! POLICE in the Southwestern Division are reporting a significant arrest of a wanted man after he was found in possession of a loaded handgun and ammunition yesterday during a major operation under the leadership of Superintendent Matthew Edgecombe. The jackass came on Facebook showing off his new weaponry just days after being released from prison and being wanted for attempted murder. The operation, which is consistent with the Commissioner’s Policing Priorities for 2015, is part of the force’s strategy to cut down on criminal activity by targeting problem locations and persons engaged in criminal activities such as murder, armed robbery, rape, shootings, stolen vehicle, firearms and drugs. Shortly before 2:00 pm, Southwestern Division officers, acting on intelligence gathered, mounted a heavy military presence in the Andros Avenue community where they arrested this 24–year-old man after they found a tech 9 handgun along with 33 live rounds of ammunition in his possession. BP was happy when we arrived on the scene after the tip and we celebrated residents who were the eyes and ears for police. If more of us keep sweeping the village clean of criminals – the community would be clean and safe from their violence! GREAT JOB OFFICERS AND RESIDENTS OF ANDROS AVE. We report yinner decide! Look at the weaponry a man wanted by police and recently released on bail has! PS: Bahamas Press has been banned off Facebook for the next 28 days. For all breaking updates, news reports and up-to-the-minute news log on here at join us on twitter or instagram for breaking news report….  Read More →
POLICE INVESTIGATING A DROWNING OF AN AMERICAN VISITOR AT CASTAWAY CAY Abaco, Bahamas — According to reports, shortly before 4:00pm on Thursday 26th February 2015, a 38 – year old male visitor from New York, who was a passenger onboard a cruise ship moored at Castaway CAY in the Abacos instead is alleged to have drowned while swimming in waters in the area. An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death, ‘cause boy these days ya never sure. We report yinner decide. PS: Bahamas Press has been banned off Facebook for the next 28 days. For all breaking updates, news reports and up-to-the-minute news log on here at join us on twitter or instagram for breaking news report….  Read More →
Prime Minister Christie along with CARICOM leaders at meeting in the Bahamas. By Betty Vedrine Bahamas Information Services NASSAU, The Bahamas – The Bahamas must feed itself as a matter of urgency, Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie relayed to delegates at the Opening Ceremony of the 26th Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) at Melia Nassau Beach Resort, February 26-27. “Currently, The Bahamas imports almost everything that we eat, a situation that is common in many CARICOM nations,” said Mr. Christie. “Our annual food import bill is approximately one billion United States dollars. My Government has decided that it is time that “we must grow what we can and only buy what we must.” To this end, Mr. Christie said that the government has embarked on meeting its agricultural needs with the creation of the Bahamas Agricultural and Marine Sciences Institute (BAMSI). He welcomed the Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Dr. Jose Graziano da Silva and Ministers of Agriculture of CARICOM member states who have been meeting in Nassau. On Tuesday, February 24, during a luncheon at the British Colonial Hilton, Prime Minister Christie invited input from the Agriculture Ministers on sustainable methods to reduce the country’s dependence on food imports and towards expansion of BAMSI. The following day, the Ministers of Agriculture visited North Andros for a site tour of the institute. Mr. Christie said that BAMSI is a $20 million investment and that it would become the tool that would demonstrate that substantial cuts can be made in the country’s huge food import bill. “Over the next two years, it is envisioned that we will reduce food import by 20% in as many as 30 imported crops and, in time, through our value added strategy, improve that percentage incrementally,” said Mr. Christie. He said that this objective ties in well with the government’s agenda to enhance human capital and also the theme of the current inter-sessional meetings, which is, ‘Leveraging CARICOM’s Human, Cultural and National Resources for the Economic Development of the Community.’ “My government is committed to eliminating the perceived stigma of backyard farming amongst idle youth and highlighting the prestige and longevity of a career in agriculture, marine resources and other spin-off economic industries.” Present Jamaican PM Hon. Portia Simpson Miller chats along with former Jamaican PM P. J. Patterson at CARICOM in the Bahamas. Scenes from CARICOM on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at Melia in Nassau.  BIS Photos by Patrick Hanna… Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie Jamaican PM Mrs Portia Simpson Miller Prime Minister the Hon. Ralph Gonsalves of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Irwin LaRocque Secretary General of CARICOM and CARICOM Chairman Rt. Hon.Prime Minister Perry G. Christie. Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, Prime Minister of Jamaica, greets Carrington Missick from Gerald Cash Primary School. High Commissioner to CARICOM His Excellency Picewell Fobes greets the Grand Bahama Youth Choir. Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Fred Mitchell. PS: Bahamas Press has been banned off Facebook for the next 28 days. For all breaking updates, news reports and up-to-the-minute news log on here at join us on twitter or instagram for breaking news report….  Read More →
Drunk woman on car. Nassau, Bahamas — Festival Rum Bahamas starts today at the beginning of holiest season of the Christian Calendar – Lent – but the Christian Council says nothing. In a matter of hours, the drunken and promiscuous behavior will start, first by the Greek organizers then secondly their patrons after the liquor starts flowing. BP warned the Christian Council but its members sat idly by and rapped on the Bahamas Government saying the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival will bring, incest and rape. What will drunken behavior bring? Firstly its the season of Lent. Does the Christian Council not see something wrong in having a drunken, RUM festival during this season? OR is it because its organizers are foreign and WHITE and no doubt flashing money around?  BP wants to know if the organizers of Rum Bahamas were BLACK and Bahamian if the Christian Council would have SHUT THEM DOWN as they OUGHT TO. BP urges all Christian citizens of this Bahamas to BOYCOTT Rum Bahamas and teach these foreigners to do as the Romans do and acknowledge our holy season of Lent. BOYCOTT RUM BAHAMAS!!! We report! Yinna decide!!  Read More →
FNMs sacked Butler-Turner and ousted her as Deputy Leader of the organization! Loretta Butler-Turner at OAS meeting on Political Violence against women. She suffered Political Violence in the FNM last November when they rejected her as leader! FNMs could lose the women vote in the next General Elections…. Nassau, Bahamas — The OAS held a roundtable discussion on “Political Violence Against Women: A Hemispheric Challenge,” as part of the activities commemorating Women’s Day of the Americas, held on February 18, and International Women’s Day, on March 8. And guess who we sent to represent the Bahamas? The woman beaten by the FNM party last year November: Loretta Butler Turner. Turner was the high and mighty strong Deputy Leader of the FNM and then she herself suffered Political Violence by her own party and was resoundingly rejected and defeated for the leadership of the organization. Butler-Turner and her team LGBT movement in the organization suffered the most vicious, ‘vicked’ political violence known to mankind during the campaign within the FNM, where some insults and rants were hurled against her, equal to that of naked abuse! What a fight that was! The Long Island MP said in her country “women are vastly underrepresented” and that, in political life, when women are not physically attacked in order to be marginalized, they are often intimidated. “We need more participation of women in the political life of The Bahamas, both nationally and locally,” she said. Just before the leadership race, Butler-Turner announced how top members of her party didn’t want a woman inside the all boys club and, more importantly, didn’t want her at the top of the organization. Current leader of the Opposition beat out Butler-Turner 3-1 during the November election. What is even worse is that, just a few weeks ago, the Party sacked another woman senator known as a die-hard supporter of the defeated Deputy Leader. UNBELIEVABLE! The problem now for the FNM is that women make up the majority of voters in the country and perhaps the Ruling Governing Party could sweep the majority of support due to its careful welcome of women to the leadership of the government! This saga now unfolding deep inside the FNM, for certain, will be one to watch. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Prime Minister Christie welcomes regional leaders to the Bahamas! Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie at the opening of CARICOM. Nassau, Bahamas – The Caribbean has ‘extensive’ intellectual, cultural and sporting heritage that should be further developed Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas the Right Hon. Perry G. Christie, who is Chairman of CARICOM, observed at the Opening Ceremonies of the 26th Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Prime Minister Christie said Caribbean youth development and empowerment should be the focus of discussions to ensure tomorrow’s leaders are prepared. CARICOM’s meetings take place February 26-27, 2015 at Melia Nassau Beach Resort. Mr. Christie said: “The mandate of CARICOM leaders to address the common goal of a sustained developmental path for the common man and woman precipitated my proposal that we discuss the topic of ‘Leveraging CARICOM’s Human, Cultural and Natural Resources for the Economic Development of the Community.’” He noted the Strategic Plan for the Community that was approved at the Thirty-Fifth Regular Meeting in Antigua and Barbuda had identified the creative and service industries as key economies for the Region. The evidence is cemented, he said, in the world-wide recognition of Caribbean personalities such as Bob Marley, the Mighty Sparrow, Lenny Kravitz, Edwidge Danticat, The Golden Girls 4 x 100 Relay Team, Rihanna, Usain Bolt, Ato Boldon and others who have received international acclaim for their talents and contributions. While it is important to applaud the triumphs of those who have already made their mark on the world stage, he continued, it is still incumbent on regional leaders to assist the rest of the Caribbean societies to realize their dreams. The Prime Minister said to this end, Caribbean leaders had already started to address that objective: “We began this process in 2010 in Suriname with a Summit on Youth Development,” said Mr. Christie. “The time is optimal for us to be active in implementing the ideas drawn from the youth themselves and contained in the Declaration of Paramaribo on the future of youth in the Caribbean.” In that Declaration leaders agreed to support actions aimed at empowering and developing youth in the region. “We have done the research. We have the views of the youth. Let us take the necessary action to deliver on the provision of Paramaribo and ensure that tomorrow’s leaders are academically, socially and mentally ready for building on the policies of yesteryear,” he said. He further stated that females should not be left behind in the process and that every effort should be made to empower females. “In tandem with that we must also ensure that female empowerment is a priority not only as a moral imperative but also as a social necessity,” said Mr. Christie. “In this latter regard, it is a statistical fact that over fifty percent of our families are run by single mothers. Recognizing, as we do, that the family is the most basic, most fundamental, building block of society, the case for female empowerment, inclusive of full equality for women in relation to their male counterparts, is therefore too compelling to countenance any serious dissension.” (BIS Photo/Letisha Henderson) The Bahamas National Youth Choir performs at the Opening Ceremony of the 26th Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Thursday morning, February 26, at Melia Nassau Beach Resort. BIS Photo/Patrick Hanna...  Read More →
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