Breaking Update >>> Another Young Bahamian Doing Good in the World >>>> Artist Matthew Wildgoose L to R: Manager Ty Johnston, Bahamian actor Matthew Wildgoose; and celebrity acting coach Tracey Moore at this year's UrbanWorld Film Festival. ATLANTA, Georgia – Bahamian actor Matthew Wildgoose was cast and starred in a lead role for a live performance in September at one of the largest running African American film festivals, UrbanWorld whose title sponsor is HBO. The audience was moved with Matthew’s ability to become his character. Matthew’s talents received notice and recruitment by celebrity acting coach Tracey Moore, and the role literally landed in his lap three days after relocating to Atlanta, Georgia to continue the pursuit of his arts and entertainment career. Moore has coached many celebrity actors over the last two decades and when the role was introduced to Moore, she immediately told Matthew that the character had his name written all over it. With a leap of faith in crossing over to the international market of television and film, the island boy has a busy schedule while preparing to audition and read for several named writers and directors in the industry. Matthew shares his thoughts of how life has positioned him. “As far as the Bahamas go, home is home and I can always go back, but at this time in my life, I want to be a world class actor and I know that I can achieve that here in the United States. I’ve been acting for 15 years and having a acting career in the Bahamas hasn’t been easy, so the next step in achieving that is here in the US.”  Matthew continues to study at the Alliance Theatre (Atlanta), and is represented by An Entertainment Extraordinaire Agency. It should also be noted that Wildgoose is a talented visual artist as well. In August he exhibited in the Bahamian Pop Art Show in Nassau, Bahamas.  Read More →
Police in Abaco are investigating the remains of what is suspected to be human. Reports are that on Tuesday 30th September 2014, police received information that suspected human remains were found in a bushy area east of Wilson City, Abaco. Officers responded and the remains collected. A pathologist report is expected in this matter.  Read More →
Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis NASSAU, The Bahamas – On the occasion marking the 65th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China on September 28 at Melia Nassau Beach Resort, Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs the Hon. Philip Davis outlined the flow of diplomatic relations between The Bahamas and China since 1997 that has comprised a fostering of goodwill and friendship. The Deputy Prime Minister said: “Ambassador, since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and The Bahamas in 1997, there has been a constant flow of friendly activities between us in all spheres, political, cultural, medical, economic and educational. “Perhaps one of the most significant developments of friendly relations between our two countries this year has been the lifting of all barriers to legal travel by our two peoples.” DPM Davis said that back in February 2014, both The Bahamas and China signed a visa wa iver agreement, allowing travel without visas for up to thirty days. “This landmark and trend-setting event, not only for The Bahamas, but also for the entire Caribbean, opens the way for easier travel of visitors and business persons between our two countries,” which he said facilitated the strategy to ensure that the Baha Mar resort will experience no impediments, as far as travel is concerned. “In this vein, I should add that as we speak, both sides are reviewing an Air Services Agreement, which is a prerequisite for seamless one-stop travel between Nassau and key cities in China, that will further ensure legal and hassle-free migratory flows between our two countries.” DPM Davis also spoke even further on the plans for tourism links. “The Ministry of Tourism is currently investigating the modalities for the imminent establishment of a Tourism Office in Beijing to promote, in an aggressive and effective manner, the wide range of leisure experiences that are offered here in The Bahamas for Chinese tourists, not only in Nassau and Grand Bahama but also in our many Family Islands,” said DPM Davis. “Just this year alone, we have seen the granting of some 19 scholarships by China to Bahamian students to study a wide range of disciplines, which would empower these young people to make meaningful contributions to the continued development of The Bahamas, on their successful completion of studies and return home.” DPM Davis said that on other matters, there have been cultural exchanges from both sides, with a Chinese combat Troupe coming here for our 41st Anniversary of Independence this past July and a cultural group from our side visiting China just a few weeks ago. “Another significant event this year has been the visit to The Bahamas of a number of doctors, who performed successful surgeries for the removal of cataracts on a number of Bahamian citizens, thus enabling them to gain their sight once again,” said DPM Davis. Mr. Davis said that this has had a profound impact on the lives of these people and for this, Ambassador, we are forever grateful to the Government and People of China. “It is clear that, notwithstanding the fact that we are separated by many thousands of miles, we are able to join hands across the wide expanse and express friendship, which is the key to a harmonious world, where peoples live in peace, respecting their differences and celebrating their many similarities.” said DPM Davis.  Read More →
Should women support equality in the law now? Or should they leave the answer for the next generation to answer? Do you think this woman should have EQUALITY IN THE CONSTITUTION? THE QUESTION WILL BE PUT! Do you believe women in the Bahamas should have equal rights to men? YES OR NO? Photo by Bill Summer Photography…. Should young Bahamian women support eqquality in the law in 2014? Or should this matter be put off for a next generation to answer?  Read More →
BP Breaking News out of TCI right Now….>>>>> Members of the TCI media locked out of the courtroom this morning while BP was headed inside. Ahhh Boy. Police officer 24 year old Mikhail Hinson is charged with torching this new police vehicle on the island. TCI – Bahamas Press is reporting media was today barred from giving direct coverage of the high profile case of 24 year old Mikhail Hinson, the now suspended police officer believed to be behind the callous torching of four vehicles and the back door of the Chalk Sound police station. A CID officer was told to deny media entry, the door of Magistrate’s Court #1 was locked. There was initially no explanation on why there could be no in court coverage of the proceedings where Chief Magistrate, Clifton Warner was sitting… but attorney Ashwood Forbes, for the accused did divulge a bit more, saying because of the sensitive nature of the case and other charges to come, no media is allowed in as yet. While earlier in the day it was explained that Hinson would be charged at this stage with setting fire to a building. Forbes, said there would be five charges in all. No plea was required and Mikhail Hinson returns to court tomorrow as he remains in police custody.  Read More →
Wall Street Journal Special on Bahamar Bahamar Project now underway for West Bay Street in Cable Beach. By CRAIG KARMIN and MATT WIRZ NASSAU, the Bahamas—Thousands of Chinese construction employees are working from dawn until dusk on this sun-drenched Caribbean island in a race to finish China’s largest overseas commercial real-estate project. But delays and labor clashes are dulling the buzz surrounding the venture and threaten to undermine China’s future business. When completed, the $3.5 billion resort and casino, being built by a Chinese state-owned company, will include 2,200 new hotel rooms, luxury condominiums priced as high as $12 million, a 100,000-square-foot casino and an 18-hole golf course. Singer Lenny Kravitz is designing the nightclub. China’s goal is to create one of the Caribbean’s most glamorous destinations, and its new project will boast prestigious brands such as Hyatt Hotels Corp.’s Grand Hyatt and the luxury Rosewood Hotels & Resorts. Beijing plans to use this showpiece to drum up more business in the region and in the U.S. for its construction industry. Longer term, it hopes to establish a reputation as a purveyor of luxury resorts to burnish its cachet and economic clout. But construction delays and labor strife are calling that model into question. The developers of the resort, known as Baha Mar, have said they would miss their December 2014 deadline by about six months, pushing back the opening to the slower summer season. The project also has sown discord among local workers and business owners who complain they haven’t shared in the economic benefits of the construction thus far. A Baha Mar spokeswoman says of the opening, “We’re focused on late spring 2015,” but declined to comment further. China’s model of shipping in workers for overseas construction projects has been successful in Sri Lanka, Angola and other parts of the world, proving an efficient way to build projects rapidly. But the problems in the Bahamas suggest it might not work everywhere. A black eye here could make it harder for the world’s second-largest economy to win contracts in other markets where it hopes to gain a foothold. “When they move to richer countries, they won’t be able to dictate terms and will have to comply more with the locals,” saysDerek Scissors, an economist and resident scholar for American Enterprise Institute who tracks China’s overseas construction. The builder, China State Construction Engineering Corp., imported a workforce of about 4,000 from China for the Baha Mar project. In a country where unemployment has hovered around 15%, more than 70% of the laborers on Baha Mar are foreign, mostly Chinese. The foreign influx has fueled resentment among local construction workers, contractors say. Blue- and yellow-helmeted Chinese workers eat their meals primarily at the construction site and sleep nearby in temporary camps rather than staying in local lodging and eating at the island’s restaurants. “We call them the prisoners,” says Chrys Sturrup, a driver in Nassau. “We never see them at the beach or on the street.” Another problem: Many of the spending decisions are being made out of China rather than on the ground in the Bahamas, which can slow progress. Robert Myers, whose landscaping company is working on Baha Mar, says getting paid has become a chronic issue because any questions over accounting require officials in Beijing to sign off. “It’s maddening,” he says of the monthslong delays. “It sucks up management hours trying to get everyone paid.” Miscommunication between China State Construction and Western subcontractors also has caused problems, people involved in the project said. When construction fell behind schedule this year, for example, the Chinese firm postponed the removal date of cranes it used for high-rises without informing subcontractors tasked with building out the grounds, a person on the project said. Dozens of workers and machines showed up to excavate pools and irrigation channels only to find their way blocked by concrete pads the cranes rest on and were forced to sit idle for months, he said. Baha Mar is the brainchild of Sarkis Izmirlian, a businessman whose father had amassed a fortune through African peanut farms. His vision: a megaresort to challenge Atlantis, the 3,400-room resort complex, gaming and entertainment center on nearby Paradise Island. But when the financial crisis hit, Mr. Izmirlian’s hotel and casino partners backed out. China Construction America Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of the Chinese construction giant, helped Mr. Izmirlian line up financing, a China Construction America executive said. China’s Export-Import bank agreed to provide a $2.5 billion loan for the project. China State Construction put in $150 million for a preferred equity stake, while the Izmirlian family has invested about $850 million. A Baha Mar study estimated it will create 8,000 new jobs directly and indirectly on the island. The Bahamian prime minister even agreed to move his office down the road to create more room for the project. Construction began in February 2011 with what Mr. Izmirlian promised was a nonnegotiable plan of opening by the start of high season in December 2014. Soon that timetable proved impossible. Mr. Izmirlian in April called a meeting with senior China Construction officials in China and complained about the halting progress. Within weeks, the Chinese firm sent hundreds of additional workers to the project. In June, Morgans Hotel Group, which had been hired to manage one of Baha Mar’s four new hotels, dropped out after the developer attempted a $10 million capital call, say people familiar with the matter. Hotelier Sam Nazarian’s SLS Lux brand is replacing Morgans. Despite the project’s bumpy start, he says he is optimistic. “You see the passion and personality of this project,” he says. Write to Craig Karmin and Matt Wirz  Read More →
Dark horses shall emerge from the bowels of masonic ashes… What in the hell is dis? Nassau, Bahamas — BP has been reliably informed that brothers are now refusing to attend the meetings of Royal Eagle Lodge #1 which is a part of the Prince Hall Lodge. Brothers have exercised their rights not to attend as they have finally come to their senses and refused to stand for their Worshipful Master, Uriel “Da Tief” Johnson’s, wayward ways of womanizing, orgies, random impregnations and most importantly stealing from the lodge. Last time BP took a look at this lodge we reported that a gossip/sex ring of Royal Eagle Lodge brothers and Greeks in the South West Bahamas was very active and causing serious dissension with certain brothers of the lodge who found these acts despicable. To make matters worse it was discovered that the leading Greek woman of this pact is the chief adviser to the Worshipful Master telling him what to dish out to which brother who she does not like while holding her money over his head. The brothers have refused to be a part of a Lodge knowing that a woman is running it. This seems to be the nature of Royal Eagle Lodge as the Worshipful Master that reigned before Da Tief did the same thing. He had his biggety, rude, spoil brat girlfriend running the lodge and selecting his cabinet members as well. As BP said before the other constitutions in freemasonry in the Bahamas have Prince Hall Lodge as a laughing stock due to its crazy practices and what is allowed to take place. If you know a man is a tief, why would you put him in charge of a lodge where money is continually coming in? Do you want to catch him in the act or are you also a recipient of his “booty”? What in the hell is dis!!?? BP has been informed of multiple incidents in Royal Eagle Lodge that has caused disarray among the brothers. This is silly season in Prince Hall Lodge. A time when brothers will sell their souls to the devil for titles in the lodge. BP has reserved those stories to run during the usual pre-election series. This election is going to be interesting. Dark horses shall emerge from the bowels of masonic ashes. WE REPORT! YINNER DECIDE IN DECEMBER! SO MOTE IT BE!  Read More →
Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie officially opened a Local Government Leadership Training Seminar, September 29, at Melia Nassau Beach Resort, Cable Beach, for local government practitioners and Family Island Administrators. Pictured seated at left is Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Local Government the Hon. V. Alfred Gray. NASSAU, The Bahamas — Installing Local Government Practitioners to create economic opportunities in the Family Islands is the Bahamas Government’s strategic approach to global business sustainability. Under the theme “Re-tooling & Strengthening Local Government To Lead Future Economic Expansion and Diversification In The Family Islands,” the Department of Local Government expects to stimulate creativity and economic prosperity through Family Island leadership. Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, who officially opened the Local Government Leadership Training Seminar, September 29, at Melia Nassau Beach Hotel, told Local Government Practitioners and Family Island Administrators they were essential to sustained national growth and economic diversification of The Bahamas. He explained how economic expansiveness has as a key factor the role of local government, stating: “I went into work this morning and I have not stopped, just continuous meetings, working through lunch, working through a lunch I didn’t have, but meetings that are all sort of dove-tailing into what is good for The Bahamas; meetings entailing development and entailing regulation, involving islands of The Bahamas, and in fact involving yourselves.” He said their level of responsibility in a nation of islands was profound, whether as elected representatives or administrators. It was important that they knew The Bahamas and the island communities well in order to fulfill their roles and participate in growth. “Just as I am able to walk you through every development in The Bahamas and [see the] implications from Bimini, right down to Ragged Island, where we propose to build a military base at Gun Point; to Mayaguana, where we are proposing something there…[in sum]to let you know the importance of the position that you have…” said Prime Minister Christie. He explained that he was recently in a meeting concerning the further expansion of Bimini, which requires a balanced decision with respect to environmental protection and development. “The whole prospect of a Government being represented by yourselves, at the local level, is very important to us, because at the end of the day, the Bahamian people must participate in the decision making in one form or another, that is taking place.” Mr. Christie introduced participants to the principle of Buoyancy Leadership, which is leading at the pace of followers, so as to not overwhelm people with change. He said the Privy Council, in a certain case, opined that Governments should consult the people of their country, particularly people who are located in remote parts of the country, so as to ensure that they are made aware of what is being imposed and are able to participate and convey their thoughts to authorities. Continuing, he said: “The Government of The Bahamas through my government have agreed on a particular set of developments by a group called the ‘ I-Group’, in Mayaguana, which at the time that I was last Prime Minister, had 274 people living on the island. “This massive development we proposed by way of joint ventures, so we could control the pace of development and the extent to which the developers were able to carry the population, because we know the people are never to be taken faster than their capacity to endure what is taking place.”  Read More →
Texas, USA -- U.S. Federal health officials have confirmed that a patient being treated at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas hospital has tested positive for Ebola. The case announced Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control is the first Ebola case diagnosed in the United States. The hospital said in a statement Monday night that the patient’s symptoms and travel history suggested the patient may have Ebola. The Ebola virus that has killed more than 3,000 people across West Africa. Presbyterian Hospital says it’s taking measures to keep its doctors, staff and patients safe. A CDC press conference on first Ebola case diagnosed in US at 5:30PM ET.  Read More →
The cocaine in shoes and pocketbook at JFK. - US Customs and Border Patrol imageNews Americas, JFK, NY, Tues. Sept. 30, 2014: A 33-year-old Jamaican woman was last night being held without bail at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn after she was busted for cocaine in a pair of wedge heeled shoes and in her Chanel pocketbook. Janisha Amalee Atkins , 33, was busted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers after she arrived at New York’s Kennedy Airport aboard a JetBlue flight from Montego Bay. Atkins now faces federal narcotics smuggling charges and will be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the U.S. Eastern District Court of New York. During the course of the inspection on September 19th, CBP officers said they discovered two pairs of platform shoes that felt unusually heavy in the passenger’s luggage. Atkins was escorted to a private search room where the officers probed the shoes and discovered a white powdery substance that tested positive for cocaine. CBP officers say they continued examining the luggage and discovered a pocketbook that also felt unusually heavy. Atkins’ pocketbook was probed and it also revealed a white powdery substance that also tested positive for cocaine. Atkins was arrested for the importation of a controlled substance and was turned over to Homeland Security Investigations. The total weight of cocaine seized was approximately 3.7 lbs. with an approximate street value of more than US$64,000. “This latest seizure demonstrates the vigilance of our CBP officers, and their excellence in detecting those who would try to smuggle these illegal substances,” said Robert E. Perez, Director, Field Operations New York. In recent months, several Caribbean nationals have been busted with cocaine at JFK including a Trinidad national who had tried to hide the drug in cooked goat meat.  Read More →
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