Bahamas Press has discovered that the Union is set to be struck off the register due to its poor financial record! What da hell is dis? Days are dark ahead for the Bahamas Customs and Immigration Unions could break up any-day now. After taking a pay cut the last thing Union Member thought was that their funds would vanish! Customs and Immigration President Sloane Smith now brought to question under BP's investigative radar! Nassau, Bahamas – If what Bahamas Press has uncovered in the last few days happens – which is still kept silent by the WUTLESS MEDIA – all we will say is this: trouble is brewing deep inside one of the country’s UNIONS. For some days now Bahamas Press has sat down with sources deep in the Department of Labour and, boy, what they tell us is indeed shocking for the country. Over the past five years now this one group of public servants has been having labour issues that can’t seem to come to a resolution. We had some notable persons in the country such as John Pinder describe members of the Bahamas Customs and Immigration Union as hostile and irreconcilable. Many considered these officers [using Dr. Duane Sands' word] as “greedy” and inconsiderate. But the true reason these officers can’t get a deal done with the government is all due to one man’s ambition – the President, Sloane Smith! BP has learned that the said dictator and tyrant Smith runs the Customs and Immigration Union like his own $0.02 cent candy store. Our credible sources have revealed that the smooth talking Sloane has cut a deal to run as a candidate for the Democratic National Alliance in the next general elections. You heard it first on Bahamas Press!! He tink he slick aye….since he like talk so much on camera, he could talk dat! Closed-door meetings with the DNA leader and Smith have been fruitful and, from what we can tell you, all of the former FNM executives at the Union have gone GREEN! All the PLPs remain the same with the FNM losing its colour and support within the leadership. Boy, they are in a bad state, but that is another story for another day! Additionally, we can tell you that many of Smith’s officers desire that the clerical staff within the union be dropped. This has been a major bone of contention between the union and the government. As Shane Gibson stated, they cannot expect to get insurance for clerical staff or special salary increase for them. Many of the customs officers have expressed a desire to drop the dead weight of the clerical staff, which is keeping them from their much deserved pay raise. BP understands that one of the clerical staff, who happens to be an assistant secretary is one of Smith’s gofers. This bobble head Barbie cannot even type a proper letter and it was so bad BP refused to publish it, as we were deeply embarrassed. Anyone can get a degree from Nova these days but that to is for another day. Our major source in Labour, whom we affectionately call “Deep Throat”, was delighted to share this Watergate scandal to us. ‘Deep Throat’ confirms a resolution with the government for payment to officers was reached, but Sloan Smith, in all his arrogance, would not agree. Could it be that a resolution would weaken his and the DNA political campaign which is in motion? Could it be that Smith wants a fight to drag on as long as possible; leaving thousands of Customs and Immigration workers out in the cold to suffer without getting their agreed payments?! How selfish, coldhearted, wicked and unconscionable is that? Bahamas Press also spoke with many former members of the union, who have dropped out in disgust as they saw the union was getting nowhere and wasting time in courts. Some have even transferred from Customs and Immigration into other units in government and some have even gone overseas where they get real benefits. Looks like they were smart to leave a sinking ship. Former members were glad to spill the beans and confirm that Sloane – a.k.a Creflo Dollar (always selling dreams and hoodwinking) – has suspended the Treasurer of the Union, who, we are told, has refused to sign blank cheques which finance Smith’s elaborate trips of fun and frolic in Freeport. We have been tracking the snake oil salesman having long Freeport nights in Pelican Bay and Our Lucaya, bouncing off feast and fetes at the fanciest restaurants – all at the Union’s expense. Boy, wait til ‘yinner’ see the numbers on this! Boy, and we thought only politicians corrupt!!! What the hell is going on in this little Bahamas?! While his members suffer, endure the pains, catch cramps from hunger and reduced wages imposed by Hubert Ingraham, Smith has decided to make his followers punish some more. The self proclaimed Moses lives high on the hog and ONLY BAHAMAS PRESS HAS BEEN WATCHING ALL DIS!!!! Many now regret allowing him to run unopposed for President! For, as the saying goes, he has become corrupted with power – as power corrupts ABSOLUTELY! Stay tuned! BP HAS MORE TO THIS JUICY STORY!  Read More →
Roberts: the hapless and opportunistic carpet bagging and self interested FNM has crawled from under a rock and behind the tall grass to see how they can best use the pain and suffering of Bahamians to secure a selfish and narrow political advantage. PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts By Bradley B Roberts National Chairman Progressive Liberal Party In the wake of the unfortunate environmental release at the Rubis Robinson Road service station, I express my empathy for the families adversely impacted by this spill and all must be done by all stakeholders involved to ensure that the families affected are dealt with in a just and fair manner. As the current government continues to work with the affected residents and Rubis to bring a fair and just resolution to this matter, the hapless and opportunistic carpet bagging and self interested FNM has crawled from under a rock and behind the tall grass to see how they can best use the pain and suffering of Bahamians to secure a selfish and narrow political advantage. This is reprehensible, heartless and callous. I am advised there is no file in the Ministry of The Environment as proof of the steps taken by the FNM government to protect the interest of the Bahamian people while in government and Minnis must speak to this if he is to appear to have a modicum of credibility as a leader. Having been exposed, Dr. Minnis must apologize to the Bahamian people for the negligence and inaction of the FNM government as far back as 1996 and during its last term in office when they had full knowledge of these environmental incidents at this very same Robinson Road site. The long term expose of residents in the Marathon area to this environmental contamination has adversely impacted their health and quality of life because 19 years is a long time to be exposed to such unhealthy conditions. This is reprehensible on the part of the FNM and a full and frank explanation is needed. I suspect that the shameless arrogance of Dr. Minnis will prevent him from acting responsibly. I call for a public hearing on this matter with powers to send for people and papers as far back as 1996, at or around 2010 and again in 2012 to put the series of events in proper context so the Bahamian people can fully appreciate the timelines, the extent of the challenges at this site and for all to see exactly what the root causes were that brought us to this point. I thank the government of The Bahamas, especially the BEST Commission and the Department of Environmental Health for their decisive actions, leadership and general superintendence over the past 24 months in protecting the health and wellbeing of the residents and workers in the general area of the incident and for taking all necessary steps to protect the health of the environment for future generations. The honourable member for Marathon must remain fully engaged with the people of Marathon and a fierce and vocal advocate for those families. The government must remain focused and vigilant in executing its primary duty in governance which is protecting the public’s interests, keeping the concerns of the people of Marathon and the public front and center at all material times. Further, the government must reject out of hand all attempts by the FNM at mass distraction, political posturing and bluster where they will seek to use the pain and suffering of ordinary Bahamians for its sick, selfish and narrow political means. The Attorney General, Senator Allyson Maynard-Gibson is on record as rejecting any attempt to use this unfortunate incident as a political football; this is wise and the entire government must take this lead.  Read More →
Hubert Minnis - Leader of the Opposition STATEMENT…. The PLP Government has once again betrayed the trust and failed the people of the Marathon Constituency, and the people of the Bahamas. Prime Minister Christie and his Cabinet Ministers have botched the handling of one of the worst health crisis in recent times. There has been a total lack of concern, lack of responsibility, lack of information, and lack of coordination. Why did the Government conceal the contents of the Rubis Report for over a year?  Why has the Minister of Health been silent and the Prime Minister absent during this health crisis? While Cabinet Ministers duck and dodge, and play the blame game, the Prime Minister who claims to be a champion for the environment outside the country has remained silent when disaster hits his own people. Public Health Crisis in Marathon The facts are undeniable that the PLP Government was aware that the Rubis Robinson Road Fuel Release Report revealed that the Rubis oil spill exposed hundreds of residents and thousands of business owners, employees and customers to more than one hundred chemicals that make up the substance we call gasoline, the most toxic of these are the chemicals benzene, xylene and toluene. It is also undeniable that the PLP Government was aware that the soil, well water used by some residents for bathing and washing, and the air they breathed were contaminated by the human carcinogen benzene, that causes cancer, specifically leukemia, damages a woman’s reproductive organs, damages the immune system increasing the chance for infections, and damages the lungs, brain and kidney. Benzene can pass from a mother’s blood to her unborn child and effect even children even before they are born. The reported exposure created a Public Health Crisis in marathon. When did the Ministry of Health become aware of the crisis and why were none of the protocols activated. The Minister of Health has yet to address the public and residents on this health crisis. Public Health Concerns of Residents The report revealed that residents expressed frustration back in 2013 in the PLP Governments failure to communicate with them. Residents’ exposure by inhalation, ingestion or contact to these toxic chemicals was at levels that are still unknown and unmonitored. The opportunity for monitoring and risk reduction to persons was deliberately denied. The Ministry of Health has been nonexistent in this health crisis and chose not to monitor or medically assess all exposed persons from the date of identification of this environmental disaster, there is now no way to retroactively determine any individual’s net or total exposure. They have provided no information, no testing, no warnings, no advice, and no treatment for residents. The real crime committed was to allow individuals to remain in a contaminated zone with ongoing toxic exposure, with no proper education, no real option for patient specific risk assessment, or options for elimination of exposure to the most vulnerable (children, elderly and pregnant women.) Two years after the actual spill and more than one year after the PLP government knew the cancer causing toxin benzene was in their soil, water and air, the Ministry has yet to screen or test residents. Their reckless, callous and cruel disregard for human life is simply inexcusable. On behalf of the residents of Marathon I call upon the PLP Government to immediately begin the screening and testing of residents, and implement proper warnings and health information for residents to properly inform and protect themselves. Lack of Ministerial Responsibility and Coordination. Leadership is crucial in a crisis. The PLP’s response to this health crisis has revealed a complete lack of coordination between Ministers and Ministries. It appears that they failed to communicate and are now blaming each other for their dereliction of duty. Once again the country has been let down by Christie’s weak leadership, only this time it may have costs the lives of Bahamians. The PLP Cabinet’s behavior has been utterly shameful, and each response has been a slap in the face to residents and the public. On behalf of the Marathon Residents I call upon the Minister of Environment, the Minister of Health Minister of Education and the Attorney General to apologize to each resident and resign forthwith! The Prime Minister must immediately appoint a task force from a cross section of Government Ministries to do what should have been done over a year ago. The Free National Movement demands the PLP Government immediately: 1. Create a multi-ministry task force to coordinate a proper response by the Government. 2. Immediately commence the communication program recommended in the Rubis Report to educate residents on health risks. 3. Fulfill each and every recommendation by the Rubis Report and regularly report to the Parliament, the residents of Marathon and the public on the progress. 4. Immediately begin public health screening and testing of residents. 5. Provide legal aid and free legal assistance to residents who wish to commence legal action. 6. Immediately review present legislation and make necessary amendments to ensure that similar spills are prevented. 7. Create and release to the public government policy and protocols for similar oil spills. 8.  Commence the examination of all service stations, oil – chemical storage facilities in the Bahamas, inclusive of  BEC at Clifton , and its immediate environ to determine if water, soil, or, air has been contaminated by dangerous chemicals. 9.  Immediately appoint an independent Commission to publicly examine the issues surrounding the gasoline spill, and all subsequent actions taken or not taken by Rubis and the Government of the Bahamas. 10. The Government in conjunction with WHO ( PAHO ) should as a part of their provisions for health care for residents, ensure that the anxiety and fear being experience is addressed immediately. The people of Marathon deserve better! The people of the Bahamas deserve better! The Free National Movement will not rest until we restore trust and good governance to our Bahamas!  Read More →
Battling in the Bahamian Courts is would be a WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!!! Leaks were found at the Marathon Texaco/Rubis site as far back as 1995/96 – What the Public may not know about this Rubis Debacle? Former Atlantis employee Cheryl Knowles who lived on Prince Charles and OLD Trail Road next door to Rubis had suffered for years died of Cancer! By Alexander James Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press has been following these developments in Marathon and has decided to express some points, which we know the WUTLESS MEDIA and operatives of Fred Smith will not cover in a report. Bahamas Press has tracked down an expert in the field who worked for Chevron in the Bahamas and whose experience in the business has taken him into the EU. According to that source, “There were leaks at that Rubis service station site as far back as 1995/6 and during the FNM’s second term in office. There were also leaks at Rubis Shirley Street service station; the contaminated soil was remediated and residents in the area received financial compensation for damages suffered.” BP understands Texaco installed monitoring wells at the Robinson Road site in 1996 when then retailer Philip Cartwright observed losses in his fuel from the underground storage tanks. Texaco was bought by Chevron who would have assumed the liability and also been made aware of the leaks at that site from 1996. Chevron did nothing substantive during their time in Bahamas to address the issue, and when they sold to Rubis the liability would have been assumed by Rubis unless they were unaware. Both Chevron and Rubis should be held to account and not the Bahamian retailer, as the oil company owns the equipment at that site. The retailers would have told Texaco of the leaks and they did not fix the problem. It is as simple as that! Bahamas Press tells the residents affected that they should not to waste their time paying attention to people seeking to distract the issue from the place where the matter can and will be resolved. Our legal opinion from deep inside the EU have assured that “the Marathon residents who are affected have a valid claim for damages and should seek legal advice in the USA and France as Chevron is based in San Ramon, California and Rubis is based in France. European Union laws are very strict on environmental responsibility of European owned companies and/or subsidiaries.” Additionally, data gathered by Bahamas Press confirms from insiders of former Texaco confirmed, “During the past 10 years or so….Texaco had a company in the Bahamas called Environmental Resource Management (ERM) that has been in here to map up and clean up underground gasoline from diesel tanks that had leaked into the ground at multiple stations throughout the Bahamas! “In particular….there has been mitigation of underground leaks at [GET THIS]  Foxhill, Airport Storage Site, Blue Hill Road, East Bay Street, and other New Providence Locations…” That same insider has confirmed to BP, “I am also 100% aware that the presence of leaked fuels were identified in Exuma, Grand Bahama, Eleuthera, and several other Islands…..This is a widespread problem.” The MP for Marathon is not liable or responsible for the damages caused by these big oil companies. If for the sake of an argument one takes the view that he is responsible then the FNM under HAI is responsible as this started under his watch and they did nothing! Also, Dr. Donald Cooper who was the Director of The Environment at the time was aware of the Shirley Street leaks because he had a financial interest in the Shirley Street Texaco station, now Rubis. It is reasonable to conclude that the government agency was aware of the leaks from 1996 and we ask the question again to the Free National Movement pundits – WHAT DID THEY DO ABOUT THIS SITUATION THAT IS NOW BEING ADDRESSED BY THE CHRISTIE ADMINISTRATION?! The MP/Politicians is not where the blame is! In fairness to the MP for Marathon he has at least diagnosed the problem and identified the solution that will bring remedy to the affected residents of Marathon. Placing the blame at his feet is wrong, unconscionable and ill intentioned. It is reprehensible for both the FNM and the media to use this highly unfortunate environmental incident as a political football, where the FNM only interest in this is to use the pain, suffering, inconvenience and death of Bahamians to seek some demented political advantage. Dr. Minnis as Leader of the Opposition must account to the people of The Bahamian people for the negligence of the FNM who did not protect the health of Bahamians living in the area and the long term exposure to an unhealthy environment from 1996 and during their last term in office that together have placed the health of many Bahamians at risk. Earl Deveaux was both the MP for Marathon and The Minister for the environment – WHAT DID HE DO ABOUT THIS SITUATION? Bahamas Press contends the culprits of this environmental disaster are Chevron and Rubis! As our EU legal expert advised while investigating this report, “There is no contributory damage on the part of the government as the government clearly acted in the public interest when the matter came to its attention shortly after its discovery in December 2012. “Further, to date the recommendations made by Black and Veatch were implemented and monitoring of wells in the general continue. Suffice it to say, the government is not financially responsible for the oil company’s mess! “Further, the current administration is now addressing it by being transparent when they became aware and the responsibility for ensuring that private property is maintained to a level where it does not become a nuisance rests with the owner of the property. When the owner fails to do what he is legally required in this instance, which is not to damage the environment or cause a public nuisance, pain and suffering to neighboring property owners, the offending owner must pay civil and punitive damages where possible negligence is proved.” We report yinner decide!  Read More →
House Speaker Must be STOPPED BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY as he fails to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION AND DEFEND THE COURSE OF FAIRNESS OR NATURAL JUSTICE!!!! By Jerry Roker for Bahamas Press Nassau, Bahamas — When I was a young lad growing up, we were not allowed to play with cards. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I risked the wrath of my family members by indulging in friendly games of “nucks.” While doing so, I was always fascinated by the fact that there were only four jokers in the deck and instead of playing with them, we always took them out. The reason why they were not used as part of our games still escapes me. Fast forward to the present, and on the government side of the political divide there are now four operatives whose behavior smacks of political cannibalism. I call them jokers. Marco City Since he was fired as Chairman of NIB, he has been pretty much on a tear, criticizing virtually every major policy initiative of his government. Let me hasten to say that as far as i am concerned, for the most part, his positions are well-reasoned and thoughtful. It is my understanding of our system of party politics, that one has the opportunity to state ones views on all matters proposed by the party, or your own proposals, at regularly scheduled parliamentary meetings. Certainly, if I am a team player, I would want my colleagues to see or hear my views before I vent them publicly. It’s just basic decency, unless it is your intent to embarrass your government. It is not what you do, but rather how it is done. Marco City is on record as opposing at least one of the four amendments proposed by the Constitutional Reform Commission, ostensibly because, as he puts it, it might open the door for same sex marriage. Utter rubbish! These amendments have as their core purpose equality. Why muddy the water, Marco City? And you know what? He has been given a free ride by those who seek to politicize these matters. In spite of all of this, I give him my J of hearts. Bamboo Town Letter of intent will forever be etched in the minds of Bahamians who heretofore never heard of it. A rather simple matter, Bamboo Town, by his obstinance, arrogance and disobedience, turned it into a spectacle. Mr. Christie spent quite a bit of political capital on Bamboo Town, and I am not sure it was money well spent, because soon after Bamboo Town was fired from his position as Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works he threw his unequivical support for and approval of the behavior of Fort Charlotte, who himself had been fired for misbehavior. Literally everyone who I have spoken to spoke glowingly about Bamboo Town’s intellect and intelligence. My grammy use to say: son, education ain’t sense. Bamboo Town gets my J of diamonds. Garden Hill From way back yonder, I can recall reading media reports of Autitor General’s reports being presented to Parliament. These reports were eventually debated and often provided information that those in power during the period of the audit were roundly criticized about. It always seemed that these reports had exceeded their shelf lives as they covered periods long past. There was a reasonable conclusion that, where weaknessess were brought to the fore, the Ministry of Finance would ensure that they were fixed. Well, a recent Auditor General’s report on the Small Homes Repairs Project of The Urban Renewal Commission, made its way into the hands of the media. To the best of my knowledge and belief, it was never brought to our Parliament as required by our Constitution. But the Public Accounts Committee apparently summoned the Co-chairs of the Commission to a meeting, to discuss the Auditor General’s report. They refused to appear for no other reason that, under the circumstances, it would have been improper for them to do so. Enter Garden Hills to the rescue. On a matter not before the Parliament, he is seeking to coerce the Co-chairs into appearing before the PAC. Well, blow me down! I wonder if Garden Hills is seeking to bring to fruition, the views espoused by his former spiritual leader on the question of leadersip in the country. Mr. Christie, you’d better watch your back sir. Garden Hills gets my J of spades. Ft. Charlotte More so than all the others, Mr. Christie placed his personal and political credibility on the line to ensure Ft. Charlotte had a place in Parliament. But what thanks did he get? Ft. Charlotte ‘bit the hand that fed him.’, even when Mr. Christie gave him an opportunity to atone for his belligerence, disrespectfulness and bad manners. He continues on his path like a raging bull. It is quite understandable why Mr. Christie wiil be disappointed with the performances and behavior of quite a number of his ‘new generation leaders.’ What was very instructive for me recently was Ft. Charlotte urged the government to settle with the policyholders of the private company CLICO that went belly up, but said no to National Health Insurance. At least we know where his head is. Ft. Charlotte gets my J of clubs. Teams need people who speak up and express their thoughts and ideas clearly, directly, honestly, and with respect for others and for the work of the team. That’s what it means to communicate constructively. Such a team member does not shy away from making a point but makes it in the best way possible — in a positive, confident, and respectful manner. Team members who function as active participants take the initiative to help make things happen, and they volunteer for assignments. Their whole approach is can-do: “What contribution can I make to help the team achieve success?” Cooperation is the act of working with others and acting together to accomplish a job. Effective team players work this way by second nature. Good team players, despite differences they may have with other team members concerning style and perspective, figure out ways to work together to solve problems and get work done. Team players treat fellow team members with courtesy and consideration — not just some of the time but consistently. In addition, they show understanding and the appropriate support of other team members to help get the job done. They don’t place conditions on when they’ll provide assistance, when they’ll choose to listen, and when they’ll share information. Good team players also have a sense of humor and know how to have fun (and all teams can use a bit of both), but they don’t have fun at someone else’s expense. Quite simply, effective team players deal with other people in a professional manner. Which team are these guys on? We report yinner decide! Stay tuned this Sunday as BP will present a special report on the Rubis Matter….  Read More →
St. John’s College Alumnus Raphael Munnings NASSAU, The Bahamas – St. John’s College Alumnus Raphael Munnings, leader of the famous ‘Beginning of the End’ band of “Funky Nassau” fame was honoured at a Special Assembly at the school on Thursday morning. Students from primary through secondary school levels learned of his achievements as an international entertainer – his band “Beginning of the End” was named one of the ‘41 Bahamian Cultural Warriors’ acclaimed during the Bahamas 41st Independence Anniversary Celebrations in 2014.   The band’s hit song “Funky Nassau” sold a million copies in 1971. Forty-six years since his band started and after a long and successful career as a songwriter, entertainer, and producer, Mr. Munnings said he was honoured and impressed by the students of all ages, backgrounds and races at St. John’s who filled the auditorium; and he was touched by the nostalgia of the moment – there was once a time he was just like them. The band, the ‘Beginning of the End’ formed in 1969 with leader Raphael ‘Ray’ Munnings on lead vocals and organ along with brothers Leroy ‘Roy’ Munnings (guitar and vocals), Frank ‘Bud’ Munnings (drums, conga and vocals), and Fred Henfield (bass).  They were accompanied by the Funky Nassau Horns – Neville Sampson, Vernon Mueller, Kenneth Lane, Ralph Munnings, and their legendary musician father Freddie Munnings, Sr., who owned and operated the iconic ‘Cat & Fiddle Nightclub’ in Nassau. The smash hit, “Funky Nassau” has been featured in film and re-recorded by a number of international performers. Mr. Munnings belongs to a musical family that has made longstanding contributions to the musical and cultural development of The Bahamas.  Read More →
Walt Wolfram, a professor at North Carolina State University, interviewing Assistant Professor at The College of The Bahamas Dr. Chanti Seymour for a PBS documentary. Nassau, Bahamas – Two College of The Bahamas English professors will be among the linguistic experts featured in a special Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) documentary entitled “Talking Black In America” that explores the evolution of African American speech and factors that have influenced it. Walt Wolfram, a professor at North Carolina State University, recently interviewed Assistant Professor Dr. Chanti Seymour and Associate Professor Mrs. Anne Lawlor, faculty in the School of English Studies, for the television production. A part of the narrative involves the development of speech in the Caribbean. “It’s assumed that the language situation in The Bahamas for blacks did not start of as a creole because there were so many whites in The Bahamas at the time,” Dr. Seymour explained. “Once the Loyalists came with their slaves and left their slaves and once more and more liberated Africans came to The Bahamas we got a more creole-like language. A creole language is a mixed language, one that consists of at least two different languages coming together. In our case it would be English and various African languages.” The production team was also eager to find out how the United States of America has influenced Bahamian language, particularly because of the proximity of the two countries. Dr. Seymour proffered that despite this, Bahamian creole has been maintained, although some persons have practiced what she called “style shifting”, where they mimic American speech presumably to be better understood. Mrs. Lawlor asserted that it is extremely important for research to be conducted on speech in The Bahamas. “Research is very important to understanding who we are today and to understanding our culture because when I talk about the fact that these restructured systems that occurred in The Bahamas, when you had contact between English dialect speakers from England, the colonizers and the West African slaves, people say ‘that is ridiculous. What is African about our language?’” she said. “Well it’s a tricky question because the words in these creole systems are typically words taken from the colonial languages. So, yes, our words are English, but they are superimposed on aspects of grammar that can only be referenced by looking at some of the West African systems.” In addition to conducting research work in New Providence, the PBS production team also travelled to Cat Island to gather information. Professor Wolfram is operating as the Principal Investigator for “Talking Black in America” portrayed as a documentary and outreach programme of the National Science Foundation. The documentary has not yet been released.  Read More →
Students from schools throughout New Providence attend the International Girls in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Day Forum and Mini-Fair at the British Colonial Hilton, Thursday, April 23. (BIS Photo/Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.) Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson By Llonella Gilbert Bahamas Information Services NASSAU, Bahamas — Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs the Hon. Allyson Maynard Gibson, QC, encouraged female students attending the International Girls in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Day Forum and Mini-Fair to get into ICT to find lucrative careers. The Attorney General explained that the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) reported that there is a “chronic decline in the number of female Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) students, which is in turn contributing to a predicted global shortfall of at least two million ICT jobs which will not be able to be filled through lack of qualified staff.” “While The Bahamas workforce may be predominantly female in general, with more females holding traditional jobs in the ICT sector, there is a gender gap in the number of females involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects generally as compared to their male counterparts.” Mrs. Maynard-Gibson added that, “There are also not enough females who are even aware of the many varied opportunities in the sector or how they can apply those skills to just about any career field being considered.” The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA), Cable Bahamas and Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) and other sector licensees facilitated the one-day Girls ICT Day Forum and Mini-Fair at the British Colonial Hilton, Thursday, April 23. The purpose of the event was to equip young girls with knowledge about the ICT sector and to inspire in them the confidence that the sector can be for them, as well as to expose them to a myriad of career opportunities. Every year on the fourth Thursday in April, the ITU and the global technology community celebrate ‘International Girls in ICT Day’ an awareness-raising initiative designed to promote tech careers and studies to a new generation of girls and young women encouraging them to become ICT creators. Mrs. Maynard-Gibson said the Government through its published 2014 Electronic Sector Policy, has key objectives for the sector. The Attorney General said one of the objectives is providing a specified basic level of electronic communications services to all populated areas at affordable prices, and free of charge to certain institutions of key and educational importance. Another objective is to ensure key institutions in the public and private sector have access to domestic and international electronic communications, capable of withstanding natural disasters, and which support the essential governance, social and economic institutions. Other objectives include ensuring the availability of reliable and reasonably priced broadband internet access to residents and visitors and ensuring the use of ICT in the delivery of health, education, and government services, which is essential in an archipelagic nation. Mrs. Maynard-Gibson told the students present that the ICT sector is no longer a small unit in the corner of an office with a computer manned by one person. “It is a vibrant industry requiring skilled personnel such as software engineers, computer programmers and coders, structural engineers, civil engineers, game and animation developers, mobile app developers and digital video producers and digital artists.” She said the Government is committed to the further development of the sector and has already commenced a number of bold initiatives to achieve its sector policy objectives. “These include a commitment to the liberalisation of markets within the electronic communications sector.  You will see shortly the full realisation of this in the cellular mobile market.” The Attorney General reiterated the announcement made by Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie in the House of Assembly in February 2015 that the successful company to obtain the country’s second mobile network provider license should be announced sometime in May 2015. She also noted that the ICT curriculum in Bahamian schools is currently under review to ensure that what is offered locally to students is in keeping with the global approach to ICT.  “In our schools we will also have to consider integrating basic coding skills into the computer programming curricula, alongside basics like reading, writing and arithmetic,” the Attorney General Maynard-Gibson said. The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA), Cable Bahamas and Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) and other sector licensees facilitated the one-day Girls ICT Day Forum and Mini-Fair at the British Colonial Hilton, Thursday, April 23. (BIS Photo/Raymond A. Bethel, Sr.)  Read More →
How many patients yinner think may have been killed by the nurse turned murder suspect? The girls dem sugar Katriona Gilbert! Nassau, Bahamas — ‘Da Girls Dem Sugar’ Katriona Gilbert murder accused in the death of her young lover Ariel Lowe is not getting used to jail life. Sources tell us former nurse is depress but is now ‘Da Girls DEM Sugar’ in teh bbig doll house! She was processed in early March at the Nassau Street police station before police escorted the visibly distressed 28-year-old to stand before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt on murder and arson charges stemming from the February 23 discovery in Miller’s Heights. “I’m about to arraign you on the charges of murder and arson,” the chief magistrate told the Farming Gail Road resident. Gilbert was charged with murder under section 291 (1b) of the Penal Code, chapter 84, which does not attract the discretionary death penalty if a Supreme Court jury finds her guilty at trial. “It is claimed that you, on Monday, February 23, at New Providence, by means of unlawful harm, did intentionally cause the death of Ariel Lowe. For this offence, you are not required to enter a plea,” the chief magistrate said. Gilbert is also alleged to have “intentionally and unlawfully caused the dwelling house of Karen Stubbs, at Margaret Road, Miller’s Heights, to be set afire.” Bahamas Press has now found more into this story and we want to assure you we have not forgotten it. We demand Justice! Justice for the innocent who was beaten regularly and abused by someone she was passed on to. Now get this: We understand two sisters abused the young deceased girl. Our investigations reveal that, after one relative had sexed up the victim, Gilbert took her from her own relative and then, like a criminal, terrorized the young poor girl’s life. You saw the video posted on BP Viewed by over 83,000 global readers. Bahamas Press now understands Gilbert, who left her police husband, was a practicing nurse. Well, what in da hell is dis? We wonder who else may have died at her hands? BP just wants to tell yinner we are following this story. ‘Da Girls Dem Sugar’ is now surrounded by hardened female prisoners. What yinner think she doing now?! We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Victim 55-year-old, Doretta Rolle, was found dead in her apartment in Nassau Village last week Friday… 46-year-old, William Strachan taken to court. Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is reporting this morning how police have quickly brought to justice a man suspected in the death of his 55-year-old lover. Get this, 46-year-old, William Strachan, was charged on Thursday before Magistrate Andrew Forbes for the murder of his girlfriend 55-year-old, Doretta Rolle. Her body was discovered last week Friday. You would remember how early in the morning around 7am detectives said they went to a home in Nassau Village and found a woman dead inside. The victim was found in an apartment complex on Taylor Street. Strachan stood quiet as the charges were read before him. He was denied bail and remanded to the Bahamas Correctional Facility. An attorney did not represent him and the case was adjourned until June 19th. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
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