Woman in the crowd told BP – “Same shit -different day!” Selling Dreams 2.0! Hanna Martin keeping in touch with BP live in Mayaguana.... ‘Selling Dreams 2.0′ is on the move! Nassau, Bahamas – Christie and the crew selling dreams went to Mayaguana this Easter Monday to welcome the first Bahamasair flight to the island in five years. This is good news for the island that recently witnessed tragedy when three persons lost their lives on a runways full of holes, left in place by the Ingraham regime. But what was interesting was that Christie was just talking – again. Telling the people of that community his same ole line of peas and rice, guava duff and rum punch. There was nothing new. Looks like the government is busy having ceremonies, hauling the media along, and then, selling some new dream to the hopeful [Shake head]. As Christie spoke, the rain began to fall. The sky was crying and we know not – if it was tears of joy or sadness. Nothing is happening for Mayaguana even though the people have stayed loyal to the PLP. The times are bad – real bad. Plenty talk – no action. And so, while Christie spoke, we noticed that people started to look for buckets to catch water in the leaky terminal hanger where the ceremony was being held. The rusty hanger is just as bad as the former runway. But there was no promise to fix that. Christie said when he comes back he will talk about economic opportunities. YEAH, RIGHT! Plenty talk – slow on action… But we could not help but overhear a woman who was in the terminal who said loud enough so we could hear even as Christie spoke, she said, “…same shit different day!” We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Breaking BP News >>> Breaking news coming right now out of the island of Exuma reports that there has been a major – a MAJOR – drug bust in that community by the DEU officers just minutes ago. Bahamas Press can report the incident unfolded just minutes ago on the island — We are live on the island and will bring you more details…. DISCLAIMER: This is a file photo.  Read More →
Victim didn’t have a chance as he was shot multiple times… Another shooting victim picked up off the street on Dunmore Lane today... photo by www.tribune242.com Nassau, Bahamas — Just hours following that shooting in Pinewood last night, which left 29-year-old TJ dead, detectives this afternoon had to be called into the Dunmore Lane area of Grants Town; just opposite Demeritte’s Funeral Home, to open an investigation into another homicide. Bahamas Press can report the victim we know is known by his street name “Scar”. He, we report, is also from the Pinewood Gardens community. We don’t know if he was wearing an ankle bracelet at the time of his death, but police sources tell us he was known to them. Last evening an overnight killing in Pinewood had left a 29-year-old TJ dead, and police report they have four males in custody… In that incident reports suggests that, shortly before 11:00pm a female friend of the deceased went to his Jacaranda Street residence located in Pinewood Gardens to collect him in her vehicle. As the deceased began to walk to his female friend’s vehicle a silver Nissan Altima vehicle pulled up with a male occupant, who fired several shots at them. The vehicle then sped off. The deceased a resident of Jacaranda Street, T.J. was shot to the back and chest. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
A BREAKING BP MORNING REPORT >>> 29-year-old biker TJ is the country's latest homicide victim... Nassau, Bahamas -Five males ages 35, 30, 18 and 17 years are in custody assisting police with investigations into a shooting incident that has left a man dead on Tuesday 22nd April 2014. According to reports, shortly before 11:00pm a female friend of the deceased went to his Jacaranda Street residence located in Pinewood Gardens to collect him in her vehicle. As the deceased began to walk to his female friend’s vehicle a silver Nissan Altima vehicle pulled up with a male occupant, who fired several shots at them. The vehicle then sped off. The deceased who is believed to be a 29 – year-old resident of Jacaranda Street, T.J. was shot to the back and chest. The deceased was transported to hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. A round 2:00am on Wednesday 23rd April 2014 a 30 – year male of Pinewood Gardens, who is a prime suspect, was arrested at his residence along with the other three suspects. Investigations are ongoing.  Read More →
Retiree Ruth Miller heads back to work. Mayaguana, The Bahamas – Former Financial Secretary Mrs. Ruth Miller has been appointed to head a committee made up of persons from the private and public sectors to advise the Government on the way forward as liberalization in the telecommunications industry comes on stream. The Prime Minister revealed this much to a gathering at the Mayaguana Airport to celebrate the return of Bahamasair after five years and the airport’s newly refurbished runway. Prime Minister Perry G. Christie announced the possibility of a new company coming into the Bahamas to compete with the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) in a liberalized telecommunications environment. The liberalization era comes out of an agreement made between the former Government and Cable and Wireless Communications (CWC) on their majority share purchase in BTC and the continued privatization of the industry. The Prime Minister said while he did not wish to forecast it, nonetheless, new competition should result in cheaper prices and improved services which are often the results of free market competition. “This is usually what takes place,” he said. “We have embarked on the process. Bahamians will be given a choice as whether to stay with BTC or another provider,” he said. Well its looks like the New Generation of the PLP reaches back to the barrel of retirees once again. And so its official Retired Financial Secretary Ruth Miller will now head up the team to continue the plan of introducing new telephony businesses in the country. Can they CHANGE or are they the same? Another big disappointment from the Christie Regime…  Read More →
A manhunt by POLICE in Exuma have intensified island-wide manhunt for 33 – year old Denardo Smith AKA ‘Fat Boy’ of Hartswell and Williams Town, Exuma. Smith is wanted in connection with a shooting incident that occurred on Tuesday 22nd April 2014. According to reports, shortly after 2:00am, a man was about to enter his vehicle following and altercation with the suspect in the George Town area when the suspect armed with a handgun allegedly shot him in the abdomen and fled on foot. The victim was airlifted to hospital in New Providence this morning where he is detained in stable condition. This man is believed to have escaped by to Haiti.  Read More →
North Andros, Bahamas — POLICE in Andros are requesting the public’s help in locating three men wanted for a Causing Harm incident that occurred at Lowe Sound, Andros on Sunday 20th April 2014. The first suspect is 22 – year old Troy Miller of Lowe Sound Andros. Miller is a dark brown male, weighing 170 pounds, slim build and about 5’ 10” in height The second suspect is 47 – year old James Marcus Brown of Lowe Sound Andros and Freeport, Grand Bahama. Brown is a light brown male, weighing 220 pounds, thick build and about 5’ 11” in height. The third suspect is 47 – year old Devon Burrows of Lowe Sound Andros and Freeport, Grand Bahama. Burrows is a dark brown male, weighing 160 pounds, medium build and about 6’ 1” in height. Meanwhile police are reminding members of the public in particular family members, that it is an offence to harbour criminal suspects and are sending a stern warning, that those found doing so would be charged and placed before the court. The police and BP have plenty – plenty eyes on the ground and we call on all citizens who see someone moving around under the tree, in the back of the yard or even inside fitting the description just report. We know now that we in the modern media have posted these men, police will have no problem capturing the suspects as BP has thousands upon thousands of electronic readers. Maybe even the suspects will get this update on their smart phones and turn themselves in.  Read More →
Government worker puts in 1/2 an hour of work weekly, collects a full salary, housing allowance and lives in Florida! Prime Minister Christie confronted outside the Cabinet Office by key generals from Centreville who cannot get an audience with him. Generals have warned Christie that a new day is coming in 2017. PM Christie should call for a real staff audit  in the department before the Bahamian people uncover the details on Bahamas Press Nassau, Bahamas – Some are beginning to believe a senior member in the Christie Cabinet is regularly swilling a bottle of Haitian Rum before and after he joins the Cabinet table, ‘cause when BP examines what is going on in his ministry, one can only come to that conclusion. Sources deep in the department tell us the Minister, who is MP for a northern family island seat, has promoted top generals of the opposition party within the department. But it gets worse; the employee we focus on today is a relative of the Minister. And here is where our story gets better. Bahamas Press has learnt that, since promotions within the department the employee has become an untouchable, collecting a full salary along with a lavish housing allowance – all paid for by taxpayers. In documents shown to BP, the employee’s half hour once a week contribution is communicated to the department via email from community of Port St. Lucie, Florida. And according to our sources deep within the department, the government employee has taken up a second job in that Florida community. What in the hell is dis? We are told the “untouchable” was first transferred into the department under the Ingraham regime, but was for years employed by the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas. And it gets worse. Recently, the BARBANCOURT horse backing Minister hired a red gal out of one of the dying dinos [WUTLESS MEDIA DEM] to do the work of his relative so she would have absolutely nothing to do and collect money from the public purse; while we the Bahamian people wait on the regime’s indecision and lack of public education on VAT! Bahamas Press is now on the move looking through documents and paper trails of the soon outgoing regime, and we will report how another BARBANCOURT swindling MP racked up a $48,000 credit card bill on the public purse while in London for four days… Selling Dreams to the Bahamians People – das the best we’ll get from the Christie Regime! Boy I tell ya! Someone gats to be serving that Haitian rum around the Cabinet Table every Tuesday! BP will report and let yinner decide!  Read More →
40-year-old Samatha Dominique Perigod died on Saturday… Samantha Perigod and daughter lady di. Samantha Dominique Perigod 1973-2014 Bahamas bids farewell to cultural writer and singer Samatha Perigod. Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is reporting the passing of a major cultural icon, singer, writer who died on Holy Saturday. Samantha Dominique Perigord, a native of Nassau, died this weekend after a short illness. Perigod was born on May 26th, 1973. This Bahamian singing star has written for many artists. She wrote many popular songs inculding: “Forever Junkanoo” and “Who’s Right” (which was nominated for best song in the Cacique awards in 2005) for Terez Hepburn, “Dirty Dog”, “Wet me Down”, “Jealous”, “Vibe for You”, “Backbiting”, “Too Sweet” and “I’m Feeling Lonely”, for Spice, “Bahamian Ting” for Nita of the Falcons, “Leave Me Alone” for Kiara Sherman, “Rake ‘N’ Scrape Bonfire” for Funky D, and “Take Me Back” for Elon Moxey. The artist also wrote for producers such as KB, Dillon (D Mac) Mackenzie and Les Turnquest who would use her songs for different recording artists. Some of Samantha’s songs which were written for various recording artists have not been released as yet. On the popular album, “Bahamian Divas”, she sang “Show Me Your Motion”. Samantha’s duet with ‘Funky D’ entitled “Don’t Mess With Me” further propelled her into the limelight. This Bahamian superstar has also recorded the song “Let’s Do Something Sweet” which was released on “Best of the Best volume five”, and was one of More FM 94.9’s top ten songs in 2005. She also released her song, “Women Be Strong” in 2005. The song made it to Island FM 102.9’s top twenty songs list for 2005. She additionally released “Ain No Ting” and “Bazy Took Me Took Me To Inagua,” duets featuring Bazy (creator of the song “Numba Man”). In addition, she was given honorable mention in the VH1 song competition and was a finalist in the Nashville Song competition. Her song “Don’t Mess with Me” is also played in London. Bahamas Press sends our deepest condolences to her family on her passing. Rest Eternal Grant Unto Her OLord! Amen. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Bahamas Press News Happening Now >>> The illegal trafficking of persons is taking a toll on the public purse – Haitian Nationals prepare for flight into the capital this morning. Detention Centre with already 200 immigrants now there will be housing some 340 by the end of today… Illegals being transported to airport... Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is the only team live here on Ragged Island this morning reporting the capture of some 140 illegal migrants on the island. BP can report some 112 males, 25 females and 3 children are being transported back to the capital today. The group was discovered on Easter Sunday after their ship ran aground just off Salt Cay bank in the area. We can report the hardworking police went out in a small boat to get those stranded, making a few back and forth trips to get the group onto the mainland. Only two officers kept watch over the migrants all evening and night until this morning. They should be given a medal. Who was the captain? Were any persons drowned? Those questions have yet to be answered. Repatriation exercises are taking a toll on limited tax dollars. Some are beginning to believe this is big business for rogue immigration officers and businesspersons who are reaping thousands in the trade of humans. Already the Detention Centre in New Providence has over 200 illegals being housed and awaiting repatriation. With the additional 140 today, the centre will be housing people beyond its capacity! BP is now live in Ragged Island where the first plane to transport the group arrived early this morning… We report yinner decide! Some 140 illegals landed on Salt Cay bank near Ragged Island last evening... Illegals being transported to New Providence this morning.  Read More →
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