Gunshots in the Canadian Parliament? Police officers take cover near Parliament Hilll following a shooting incident in Ottawa, Oct. 22, 2014. BAHAMAS STATEMENT: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to advise the public that The Bahamas High Commission Building in Ottawa, Canada and other buildings in the general vicinity including the Canadian Parliament were on lock-down earlier today due to an attack on public buildings by an individual or individuals. The attacks were not directed against the Bahamas or Bahamian diplomats. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police had ordered all persons in the vicinity to remain indoors during an intensive manhunt for the person or persons responsible for the attacks. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Fred Mitchell has been in contact with the Charge, Ms. Roslyn Horton who confirmed that all Consulate employees are unhurt, safe and accounted for. The High Commissioner Calsey Johnson is in the Bahamas for diplomatic week. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police released the employees at the Bahamas Embassy in Ottawa to go home after the immediate area was pronounced safe, and the office was closed at 4:30pm today. —END— Full story…[ WILL THE TRIBUNE CARRY THIS ON THE FRONT PAGE?] Canada Shooting: Soldier Dead In Parliament Attack By JON WILLIAMS, JACK DATE and LEE FERRAN Investigative Reporter A Canadian soldier was killed this morning in shootings that forced police to lock down Parliament and hustle the country’s prime minister to a safe location. A gunman killed inside Parliament has been identified as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian national. Police said earlier that they were searching for two other suspects. “Today is a sad and tragic day for our city and our country,” Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said at a press conference this afternoon. The gunfire prompted security force to take Prime Minister Stephen Harper to a “safe” place not at Parliament Hill, his spokesperson said. Harper’s usual office is in a building near the shooting site. “The prime minister is safe and not on Parliament Hill and being briefed by security officials,” his spokesman Jason MacDonald said. Ottawa Police said via Twitter the initial shooting took place at 9:52 a.m. at the National War Memorial of Canada, but that was just the beginning of the violent episode, which has now stretched into investigations in at least one other location: Parliament Hill. A nearby shopping mall, the Rideau Centre, was subsequently evacuated. Ottawa Police Constable Marc Soucy told Canada’s CTV police were searching for more than one suspect and no one has been arrested, and later said there was believed to be three suspects. Civic Hospital in Ottawa, the country’s capital, received four patients, including the wounded soldier who died of his wounds. “Apart from first patient, they had minor, non-life threatening injuries and remain in hospital at this time,” hospital spokeswoman Hazel Harding told ABC News. Earlier today witnesses told CTV they saw a man with long hair carrying a rifle and heard four shots fired at the soldier, who was guarding Canada’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The soldier later died of his wounds. A witness told Canada’s CBC the gunman then ran the short distance to Canada’s Parliament, jumped a wall, stopped a car at gunpoint and hijacked it, the witness said. The driver got out safely, then the man drove the car to the Centre Block on Parliament Hill where senior government leaders have their offices. A CBC reporter inside the Canadian Parliament reported chaos there, hearing lots of gunshots. A lawmaker tweeted more than 30 shots were heard inside Parliament’s Center Block. The gunman was shot dead by the Parliament’s Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers. All military bases in Canada have been put on lock down in response to the events in Ottawa, CTV reported. The U.S. Embassy in Ottawa recently followed suit. Senior FBI and Department of Homeland Security officials told ABC News they are closely monitoring the situation. The White House said President Obama has been briefed. Canada raised its national terrorism alert level today, following an incident Monday in which a Canadian soldier was killed in a hit-and-run by a man suspected to have been a radicalized jihadist. “This level means that intelligence has indicated that an individual or group within Canada or abroad has the intent and capability to commit an act of terrorism,” Jean-Christophe de Le Rue, a spokesman for the Public Safety Ministry said, according to AFP.  Read More →
Working Group members - and sponsors of the competitions - accepting the donation of laptops from Bahamas Business Solutions Limited’s Assistant Manager. Left to right are Fredricka Bowe, Bahamas Financial Services Board; Anissa Dean, BBSL; Jennifer Duncombe, HR representative from KPMG; and Zoe Powell, SEO, Ministry of Education. Missing from the photo are Alanna McCartney and Tanya Woodside, representatives of sponsor Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise. Nassau, Bahamas – October 21, 2014: BFSB once again is coordinating the Essay and Speech Competition hosted as part of the annual National Career Awareness Month (NCAM). The 2014 competitions are being cosponsored by BFSB, Bahamas Business Solutions Ltd. (BBSL), Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise, and KPMG. Participating students from Secondary Schools around The Bahamas (Grades 10-12) will write/present on the topic of Financial Services Industry Skills Needs. BFSB says this is in line with the theme for this year’s NCAM Theme: “P.R.E.P.A.R.E. Passion, Respect, Exploration, Persistence, Attitude, Responsibility, Ethics.” Zoe Powell, Senior Education Officer, says the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology along with its NCAM Steering Committee partners from the major industries and civic social arenas are cognizant of the evolving employment needs and the mandate to prepare the future workforce in order to remain globally competitive. She continues, “In the present global economic state of affairs, The Bahamas is faced with unprecedented unemployment issues that require exceptional strategies. This year’s NCAM is centred on careers that are readily available in The Bahamas and the available resources that will support our students through the career search process. Much attention will be given to the advancement of the soft skills.” The financial services sector and, indeed, business generally recognise the value of “People Power” in terms of sustainable growth. The essays and speeches will present views from the students on the skills and qualifications needed in the financial services industry in this 21st century. How can Bahamians be equipped with the necessary skills and qualifications – academic and otherwise – to meet the evolving human resources needs of this sector? And, what approach should be taken by companies within this second largest sector of the Bahamian economy to ensure human capital development? The competition ends on November 25th with the speech competition – along with the presentations ceremony for winners in both the essay and speech contests – scheduled to be held at the Melia Nassau Beach Resort.  Read More →
During a press conference Monday, October 20, at the Ministry of the Public Service, Minister of Labour and National Insurance and of the Ministry of the Public Service the Hon. Shane Gibson shed light on the week of activities aimed at highlighting the work of Public Servants. Pictured from left are Elise Delancy, Under Secretary, Ministry of Labour and National Insurance; Mr. Gibson, and Jocelyn Simms, First Assistant Secretary. NASSAU, The Bahamas – Recognizing that democracy and successful governance are built on the foundation of a competent Public Service, the Government is staging a number of activities to highlight the work of its more than 20,000 public officers. During a press conference Monday, October 20 at the Ministry of the Public Service, Minister of Labour and National Insurance, and of the Ministry of the Public Service, the Hon. Shane Gibson shed light on the week of activities aimed at highlighting the work of Public Servants. Also present were Elise Delancy, Under Secretary, Ministry of Labour and National Insurance and Jocelyn Simms, First Assistant Secretary. The 15th Annual Public Servants Events are being held October 14 to 26. Because of the additional activities introduced, the Ministry decided that certain activities would precede the actual week, which began on Sunday, October 19 with a church service at Bethel Baptist Church. The activities are being held under the theme: “Charting the Course, Serving the Nation and Securing the Future.” Such events are: · A Retirees Seminar held October 14; · Float Parade and Golden Oldies Dance held October 17; · The Volleyball Tournament held October 18; and · Retirees Awards Ceremony for Public Service Week – October 22 and October 23 at Government House. “Too often our Public Officers are castigated and not celebrated,” Mr. Gibson said adding, “This is the time to celebrate and be celebrated. These celebratory events are designed to promote the role, professionalism and visibility of the Public Service.” According to Mr. Gibson, 15 years of celebrations have put the Government of The Bahamas “ahead of many other organizations when it conceived and implemented a Public Service Recognition Week.” In December 2002, the United Nations General Assembly designated June 23 of each year as United Nations Public Service Day. This encouraged member states, including The Bahamas, to organize special events on that day to highlight the contributions of Public Service in the development process of any country. “In The Bahamas, our activities have been created to recognize the work of Public Servants, highlight their contributions to society and celebrate their value,” Mr. Gibson said.” He said as the ministry continues to develop its events, “we will widen our reach to encourage young people to pursue careers in the public sector — truly securing our future.” Mr. Gibson also acknowledged that with scarce resources, the Public Service is still called upon to “go the extra mile” and with ingenuity and resourcefulness they continue to make it happen. ‘Public Servants deserve our thanks every day throughout the year and we invite the community to continue honouring them for the work they do each and everyday. The value of Public Service cannot be overestimated,” he said. He then offered “gratitude of the Prime Minister and Government and people of The Bahamas to every Public Officer.”  Read More →
NEWS BREAKING RIGHT NOW >>>> Migrants crammed on the smaller Defense Force Vessel. New vessels and stronger patrols by the Defence Force are reaping results… Exuma, Bahamas — Authorities are now wondering how did some 100 plus illegal Haitian Nationals ended up on board of an American vessel with a dead man onboard. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force apprehended over one hundred (100) Haitian migrants around 8:30am this morning, in the Exuma chain. Her Majesty’s Bahamian Ship P45 under the command of Acting Sub Lieutenant Owen Sands intercepted the white and green American sailing yacht at approximately 4.5 nautical miles off Harvey Cay. As a search of the vessel resulted in the apprehension of numerous undocumented Haitian Nationals. The Migrants were subsequently taken into custody and are currently being transported to Coral Harbour Base where they were handed over to Immigration Authorities for further processing. The first group of migrants arrived at 2:00pm today. A number of the migrants were suffering from dehydration. The Defence Force’s Medical Officer pronounced one migrant dead on arrival. A medical team from the Department of Health’s Disease Surveillance Unit headed by Dr. Julian Smith with the assistance of Nurse Earnestine Flowers was also on hand to provide assistance. The second group of migrants are expected to arrive at Coral Harbour Base after 6pm this evening. Bahamians must support the Christie Administration, which is doing all it can to bring great reforms to the country. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
TEAM LGBT goes down in flames as support for Loretta is being rejected!!! Loretta Butler-Turner Butler could ditch the FNM like others! Nassau, Bahamas — Loretta Butler Turner, who will now go down as the first Deputy Leader of a party to challenge the Leader, will be defeated at the Nov. 21st Convention of the FNM. Ground information coming into BBB Analytics have confirmed that an 87% majority of canvassed delegates have locked up their support of current leader and Killarney MP Dr. Hubert Minnis. In a straw poll last week on a popular talk show, Dr. Minnis won the poll 102 to 2 against Butler-Turner. The news is not well with the TEAM LGBT, which, in a last minute conversation, has told members of the party if she fails in her bid to become leader, she will step down from frontline politics. That news hitting a delegate from Long Island who responded, “She could carry her [___ ___ ].” This leadership race is not going well… We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Back to the News >>> The Chamber of Commerce has a NEW CHAIRMAN >>> Mr. Gowon Bowe The Board of Directors of The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation announces the resignation of Mr. Robert Myers as Chairman of the BCCEC, as well as Co-Chairman of The Coalition for Responsible Taxation. As a result of Mr. Myers’ resignation, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Gowon Bowe to the position of Chairman with immediate effect. Mr. Bowe previously served as Vice Chairman of the BCCEC and Co-chairman of the Coalition for Responsible Taxation and has demonstrated exemplary leadership both within the Chamber and the Coalition. Mr. Myers has served the Chamber of Commerce with great distinction over the past six (6) years as a member of the various committees and the Board, the establishment of The Chamber Institute and most especially in the past 12 months since the establishment of the Coalition for Responsible Taxation, a Division of the Chamber. Mr. Myers was the catalyst behind the massive drive by the BCCEC and private sector advocacy for a review and certain amendments to the implementation of Value Added Tax in The Bahamas, having commissioned extensive studies to be conducted on VAT implementation in The Bahamas. His work and dialogue with the Government on Fiscal Reform, Freedom of information and Energy Sector Policy speak well of his accomplishments as Chairman of The BCCEC. Mr. Myers has made an invaluable contribution to the development of the BCCEC, and by extension the economy of The Bahamas by his many initiatives and his contributions have not gone unnoticed. We wish Mr. Myers and his family all the best in his future endeavours and express a great sense of gratitude to his stellar leadership. The Officers, Directors, Executives, staff and membership look forward to working with Mr. Bowe in his new role as Chairman. The BCCEC continues with its work and mandate to represent the interests of private sector business and employers in the country and remains committed to ensuring that the voice of the private sector is heard. The Chamber will continue its strong leadership with a focused and dedicated executive and staff and talented and diversified board of directors.  Read More →
Breaking news only on Bahamas Press >>>> Fireballs on Bahamar construction site... Nassau, Bahamas – Large clouds of thick black smoke and torch-like fireballs engulfed a service truck that exploded on the Bahamar construction site this morning, forcing fire fighters to race to the scene. Bahamas Press can tell you the explosion happened around 10:35 am just after a driver quickly got out of the vehicle uninjured. We can confirm fire fighters arrived about 10 minutes after the explosion and quickly doused the flames. The vehicle is registered to a company called Thermoset. The owners have a contract with Bahamar and are known for sealing roofs. We don’t know if chemicals were in the vehicle at the time of the explosion. Once again Bahamas Press is live at the scene. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Persons living in the Bahamas undocumented have been advised to get their affairs in order! Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press confirms a raid today resulted in some 60 persons being detained at the detention centre. Sources now on the ground report the raid was the result of an all day exercise, which nabbed persons undocumented and unregistered without any status yet living in the Bahamas. The exercise today was a joint efforts between the Immigration, Police and Defence Force in the Carmichael and Joe Farrington Road areas. Early Sunday morning in Bimini, acting on intelligence, members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force’s Bimini Detachment and local Police assisted Immigration Department personnel with the apprehension of nineteen (19) Cuban migrants. The Cuban Migrants were intercepted after their 35-foot Bayliner motor vessel ran aground on south Cat Cay in the Bimini chain where the vessel was abandoned. A search of the immediate area resulted in the apprehension of undocumented Cuban nationals consisting of thirteen (13) males, four (4) females and two (2) children. Immigration officials confirmed how some 2,800 persons have already been repatriated this year after being found living in the country without any status. Meanwhile the ‘Da Joker’ has been missing in action since these developments begin as the new immigration policy is rolled out.  Read More →
Young writer making waves already…. Alexis Ferguson, a Bahamian high school student who is promoting her first published work. NASSAU, Bah.- Alexis Ferguson, a 16 year old Bahamian author has started a promotional tour for her novel “Risk”. “Risk” is a fantasy fiction novel set in Hawaii and the ‘Mahgic Realm’ which centers around Jade, a mind reading teenage girl, and a the Mahgi, a group of supernatural beings who possess extraordinary powers. The first stop on this tour is an appearance on Bahamas at Sunrise this Friday morning October 24th. Alexis will be talking about her experience with writing “Risk” as well as promoting a book signing to be held the following day (October 25th) at Buy the Book bookstore located on Saunders Beach. The book signing will be between 11am and 3pm and the event is free of charge. “Risk” is Alexis’ first full- length published work. The story follows Jade, a seventeen-year-old Mahgi-human hybrid, who was living a fairly normal life on Earth filled with love, friends, and family until she was told by her mother that she was living a lie. She discovers that the father whom she knew to be dead for almost eight years, was not only alive, but in prison on the planet Mahgiria, for committing an unforgivable crime on Earth. Her father was serving a sentence on death row, and was shortly about to face execution. Upon hearing this, Jade, despite her mother’s refusal and the risk of losing not only her life but her brother’s as well, decides to leave her family, friends, and the love of her life behind to rescue her father from his inevitable death, though he is all but deserving. Though it takes much preparation, Jade finally leaves Earth. For the first time in her life she enters the land where her father was born, a land flowing with the mahgic that runs through her veins. Jade grows quite comfortable with the lifestyle of her people, but when time starts to run from her, there’s nothing left to do but run headfirst into her mission. She quickly learns the harsh truth that rushing into things is never the way to fix them, and the only thing that she can do now is break the promises she made back home. Left to suffer the consequences of her action, Jade soon realizes that the situation she has put herself in is much bigger than just saving a father she loves. Can she save Earth from the leader of Mahgiria? No matter how hard she tries, and no matter how powerful she is, Jade must come to terms with the fact that she cannot complete her journey on her own. And with the world in danger, she is going to need help now more than ever. ‘Risk’ is not only a tale of a young girl’s faith in the ones she loves, but a story that shows that, if a person has the mind and the strength, there is no limit as to what one should risk to do what is right, regardless of the consequences. Risk is available at most local book retailers including Buy the Book Opposite Saunders Beach, Nassau Stationers on Rosetta Street, Logos Book Store in the Harbor Bay Plaza or online at, and Google Books. Alexis has been writing since the age of thirteen, and is currently a high-school student at Nassau Christian Academy. She is currently working on her second novel “Resist” the second book in “The Mahgic Saga” trilogy which is scheduled to come out in the near future. She aspires to become a professional novelist. To find out more about the books or Alexis you can visit her website and on Facebook at , and . You can also reach her by telephone at 364-3584. -0-  Read More →
MILLION DOLLAR DRUG BUST DURING DAY 5 OF OPERATION SHOWTIME II file photo of a drug bust in May this year. photo. Acklins, Bahamas — POLICE are reporting the seizure of a large quantity of dangerous drugs and the arrest of two men ages 36 and 31 from Acklins Island during day five of “Operation Showtime II ”, held in New Providence late Sunday 18th October 2014 through the early morning of Monday 20th October 2014. According to reports, shortly after 1:00am this morning, a team of officers assigned to “Operation Showtime II ” along with officers from the Police Marine Support Unit acting on intelligence went to an area at sea, one mile south of New Providence, where they intercepted a 32 foot vessel with the two suspects onboard. The officers conducted a search of the vessel and uncovered just over 1,000 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of one million dollars. The suspects were taken into custody and are expected to appear in court later this week to be formally charged. Shortly after 9:00pm the operation team arrested a 31 – year old man of Cameron Street for questioning reference to Murder and Armed Robbery. Additionally, 7 other persons were arrested for various crimes to include, armed robbery, firearms, drugs and out standing court warrants. The operation is aimed at disrupting crime groups and targeting persons involved in criminal activities, such and Drugs and Firearms, Persons wanted for various criminal offences, Prolific Offenders, Persons wanted for Outstanding Court Warrants and motorists operating in Breach of the Traffic Laws.  Read More →
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