Parliamentary Secretary Renward Wells BREAKING NEWS >>> MP for Bamboo Town Renward Wells set to make statement in the Parliament this Wednesday – BREAKING NEWS OUT OF CABINET!!!!  Read More →
Pressure from Opposition Leader now confirms meetings between Mr. Christie and Mr. Wells have begun…. Parliamentary Secretary Renward Wells Who authorized the signing of a half-a-billion dollar letter of intent? Nassau, Bahamas — If last week was a great week for the Christie PLP Government when public servants got a raise, disabled persons got equal treatment in the law and job creation numbers, according to the Department of Statistics, went up by 9,000 since the PLP won the government in 2012, it was still not enough for the momentum needed by the Party. Today we got whispers that Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Works, Renward Wells, is to make a statement. Some believe the comments will come from the Bamboo Town MP confirming that he will resign his post following heated questions by the Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Hubert Minnis, who, in the Parliament last week, brought to national attention questions over a deal signed by the backbencher. Last week a document that carried the confirmed signature of Wells on a half a billion-dollar letter of intent was circulated. It was noted, however, by the Minister that Wells had no authority to sign the letter on behalf of the Christie Government. A meeting over the matter was had last week; and, from what we understand, the new generation MP who some [INCLUDING BP] saw as the future of the Party might be forced to resign. Dr. Minnis, in an unending litany of questions tabled in the House, questioned how could such a letter of intent be signed and no one in the government knew? We believe that is impossible! Maybe the Minister of Works didn’t know – but someone knew. Someone high up in the Government had to have known how big money was being agreed upon by the government. Here is another crisis at the feet of the Christie Regime. And, with Crisis after Crisis, it appears that the oldest party in the Bahamas is dying with a death by a thousand cuts. We at Bahamas Press warned the Party months ago about of the troubles now upon it. They didn’t listen. They have taken on advisors who cannot help lift their hand. They have relied on what we described as its “B” team to fight back the tide, and already we can see that clearly there is an editorial tsunami rolling in on the Christie Government. From Ishmael Lightbourne to Rodney Smith to now Renward Wells – as the young people say, “dis ga be long” Three more years and counting long. The missteps and hiccups reminds us of a dying diabetic patient relying on his dialysis, who added in his bucket list to play in the World Cup – knowing that this was impossible he took his doctor’s advice to put his affairs in order. We believe the New Regime must do the same. This is certainly not how the story ends – this, we believe, is just the beginning of the end or, as Churchill would put it, “the end of the beginning.” We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Farmer, musician, politician, writer and activist passes! Edmund Moxey celebrated in tributes by Sir Arthur Foulkes -file photo by Breaking News …. Bahamas Press is reporting former MP and culturalist guru Edmund Moxey has died this morning… The man who served as Coconut Grove MP and created the famous Jumbey Village has left us. His colour life as a farmer, musician, politician, writer and activist paints a story of this Bahamian who struggled against grave adversity in his life. Today we celebrate his life in praises to God for a race well done. MAY HE REST IN PEACE! Amen….. Mr. Edmund Moxey, the son of renowned pianist George ‘God Bless’ Moxey ATCL and Naomi Lockhart, a public school music teacher, was born in 1933 on Ragged Island. Also, “you didn’t have a fully equipped house until you buy an organ” (Moxey, 2004). Dancing in the settlement was a time of great celebration, and Moxey made his debut at age fourteen playing for these dances. At the age of 15, Moxey joined the telecommunications department as a student wireless operator, leading him to spend some time in Nassau. In 1952, at the age of 18, he was sent to work on Crooked Island. There he claims to have met some of the most musical young people ever. Boys were scarce because they had to leave the island to seek employment opportunities in the capital city of Nassau. However there were about 25 young girls with extraordinary musical talents. In addition, they all read music, says Moxey. Books like Crown and Glory, Harmony Heaven were popular American hymnals used by these young ladies. A gentleman carried out the nurturing of these musical talents by the name of Theo Cunningham according to Moxey. Later on in 1953, Moxey was transferred to Coopers Town, Abaco, a highly religious settlement, as he recalls. Apart from playing in the church, Moxey played at Club DeAfrica that was located on Wulff Road near Claridge Road in Nassau. The only other club that was graced by Moxey was The Juju Tree in Fox Hill. Other musicians that would perform and record with Ed Moxey over the years would include Rudy Pinder (conga), Chris Dean (saw), Cyril Dean (goat skin drum), Cyril Webb (goat skin drum), and John King (drums). In 1967, Moxey decided to enter politics and made significant changes as a representative for the Coconut Grove constituency. His interest in developing the talents of the young people in his constituency prompted him to form the Coconut Grove Chorale & Folklore Troupe. Later, in 1969, in a milestone development, his troupe presented folk music and dance to an audience of primarily “grassroots” individuals, a term which did not have at the time the negative connotations that some have come to attribute. In 1969, Moxey was trying to come up with ways to further develop appreciation for the music elements of culture in Nassau. A meeting with the Nassau Jaycees, a service organization, started the ball rolling towards the birth of a cultural community center. It is there that the question of funding came up, and the suggestion of a festival of some sorts was proposed. The “Jumbey Festival” was the name chosen because jumbey sounded like goombay and was the name given to a certain type of vegetation, which was extremely common in The Bahamas. Ironically, jumbey leaves, also referred to as bough (pronounced bow as in curtsey) was commonly used as feed for goats, whose skin was used for drums that produced the core sounds of goombay. The festival took place on Coconut Grove Avenue for the first two years, but the putting up and tearing down of the temporary structures was too demanding according to Moxey. Two years later, the Government was then petitioned to donate land that was eventually developed and built upon. It wasn’t 1971 that this project was well on the way. Performances in music, dance and displays of artwork and local craft created excitement on the grounds of Jumbey village. Many of the artists were sought out by Moxey and featured on a regular basis at a Jumbey Village. Serving as a sub-chairman for the cultural committee for the independence celebrations, Moxey approached schools for their input. According to Moxey, attempts were in the making to bring foreign artists for these celebrations to which he strongly objected. This production, he insisted, should be an all-Bahamian production, and so it was. A cultural pageant was staged depicting life in The Bahamas from the Arawaks straight on to independence in 1973. According to Moxey, this wonderful dream that was realized died when the Government of the day stopped supporting his efforts in 1973. Although the reason given was that of budgetary constraints, to this day, Moxey believes otherwise, contending that the popularity gained through this venture seems to have offended some. Finally, in 1987 explosives were put to the by then derelict site to make way for the National Insurance Board office complex. This event was an extremely sad one for Moxey and even in relating the event in 2004; his deep emotion was quite evident. Another significant contribution made by Moxey was the documenting, along with Timothy Gibson, of 50 Bahamian songs. After 81 years on the earth – Moxey lived a full life. To his entire family we extend our deepest sympathies. May he rest in peace. Amen.  Read More →
DEAR BP, I had to write you to get some advice on my situation. For 20 years now I have carried my two wonderful kids through their educational journey. Both have completed degrees and are now looking for jobs. I am tired – extremely tired now. Both kids are now moving into their own lives and it appears as if I am not ready to accept their decisions or directions. So many changes have gone on in my own life. I have had a divorce. Lost my home. Lost my job, yet all I have are these two children and I don’t know if I can let them go. I want them have good jobs, not ones that could lead them along some wrong path to financial ruin. PLEASE HELP! Signed, Cannot let it go! BP RESPONSE: Boy I tell ya – the story of a true Bahamian woman. A real mother – maternal – as one professor would tell me. Well, you know, “Cannot Let It GO” I believe your life lessons have channeled you to expect and accept that life is filled with many bumps, twists and turns, many corners and dead alleyways and abrupt stops. And I assure you that in life even the good things must come to an end. Fortunately for you, from what you have shared so far, you have certainly seen much of life already, and I suspect the greater journey of your life’s chapter is just ahead. Listen, the time has come for the birds to fly out of the nest. And this is not the time for you to hold back the tide. In this next phase of motherhood – it is time for you to see whether your grooming, nurturing, love and upbringing will add to or deplete the earth. You will be there to coach still. You will be there to instruct, and your own examples will be prescription of counseling for the younger ones who you will have the pleasure of your wisdom along the way… As long as it is nothing illegal – why be concerned? And why just believe that a job is something so secure for them? Why not support them in that business startup risk [If this is what you are afraid of], which could produce for them the next great idea the world has been waiting for? So let them fly. Let them fall. Let the kids learn; for this is what life is all about – and your experiences will be there. This is what they will need to guide them along the way. Tell you of a story of a woman who had plenty kids and lost her husband when she needed him most. And with no support or assistance she did what she knew best [started baking cakes]. Today she is one of the world’s greatest bakers – Sara Lee. BP says let them be them and you – you… BP…  Read More →
Luminaries such as Mrs. Rosa Parks, Dr. Maya Angelou, Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Ms. Ella Fitzgerald, Dr. Keva Bethel were all members… BOY YINNER GA LOVE DIS – THE STARS MEET! >>> BP Reports >>> Attorney General, Senator Allyson Maynard Gibson is shown with Ms. Brandy Norwood (Recording Artist and Actress). On 16th July, 2014 both ladies were inducted as Honorary Members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. at the 66th Alpha Kappa Alpha Boule in Charlotte, North Carolina. Honorary Membership is the Sorority’s highest honor. Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded in 1908 on the Howard University Campus. Honorary Members include luminaries such as Mrs. Rosa Parks, Dr. Maya Angelou, Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Ms. Ella Fitzgerald, Dr. Keva Bethel, Mrs. Leah Tutu, Dame Nita Barrow, Mrs. Elinor Guggenheimer, Ms. Belva Davis, Judge Cheryl Albury, Judge Joyce London Alexander, Ms. Margaret Busby, Dr. Mae Jemison, Mrs. Carmen de Lavallade-Holder and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. Senator Maynard Gibson said that she is grateful for and humbled by the honor and that with God’s help she intends to continue to uphold the principles and tenets of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!  Read More →
Executives at BTC packing up and leaving – CWC has his hands full! CEO Jeff Houston and Marlon Johnson gone! Executives now leaving BTC! One observer classify the latest departures as a tragic loss for CWC! Nassau, Bahamas – The fallout has begun at the Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation. BP has learnt a number of resignations have begun. Sources deep in BTC tell us the return of new CEO Leon Williams has triggered something huge at the Corporation and today telephones are off in Western New Providence. What in the hell is this? We can confirm the man who engineered the burst of globally award willing public relations at BTC, Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Marlon Johnson, among others, has also issued notice of resignation at the telephone company. You would remember BTC went under a major brand and marketing promotion, which saw an explosion of new prizes and car give-a-ways from BTC under Johnson’s leadership. You would remember how BTC’s reality show “Starmaker”, which saw a rebirth with young audiences, was just another of the great inventions of Johnson. That BTC’s market could now be threatened when Digicel enters. Will that powerful branding plan be taken to Digicel? No one knows but at BTC there is quiet noise today. In a letter which circulated throughout BTC office Johnson wrote: Colleagues, This July 31st will be my final day at BTC after 7 years and nine months. I want to say a very special thank you to all the Ministers, Former Ministers and Honorary Ministers of the Ministry of Excitement (aka the Brand & Communications division) with whom I have had the very real priviledge and honor to work alongside. I thought about the things we have accomplished and blazed trails on over the last seven plus years.  The list is truly too long to list.  I often tell my friends that I get far too much credit for the great things that the Marketing division of BTC has accomplished.  The accomplishments and the milestones we have reached are due to your imagination, your diligence, your hard work and your perservence.  The credit for everything that we have done belongs to you. All of you in your own ways have made me a better professional – and more importantly – a better person.  Through the good and the bad, the ups and downs, the rows and my “carrying on like a complete and utter jackass”, the team has stuck together and always ensured that the job got done and that it got done well. It is my hope that in some small way, I have contributed to your development and as you have helped me grow – that I have returned the favor as well. I know that the MOE team in particular will serve my succesor with the  same level of ‘professionism’ and pride that was given me.  As the company and the division settles into new leadership, there will be some disruption and some uncertainty.  But I admonish you all to stay focused and to continue to work hard for the company that has given much to all of us. I know that I haven’t been easy.  And I am not very sentimental.  But do know that I appreciate you and all that you have done and all that you do everyday.  It has truly been the time of my life. I am ‘gonna’ be watching and of course continuing to expect great things out of you and great things out of BTC! Lots of love and all that mushy whatsnot, Marlon The artist formerly known as the Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Communications  Read More →
Garbage and old cars all throughout the village… Nassau, Bahamas – -Mounds of garbage and filth was exposed today deep inside a huge shantytown on Faith Ave north. Heavily armed police and defence force officers along with government officials visited the site with a tractor and cleared away the tall bushes behind the community, which the shantytown was hidden. You cannot build illegally on land! BP supports the government in these exercises…  Read More →
Educators were all rushed into an emergency meeting today… Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press can confirm Mount Carmel Preparatory School, just behind the Maderia Street McDondalds, has been sold. Reliable sources have confirmed to Bahamas Press that, when the school reopens, it will be under with new owners. We can report a former Scotia bank manager has purchased the school. We know the group bought the Faith Temple School building where the school will be relocating September 2014. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Young Bahamians making our country proud around the world! Officer Preston Moss, Mr Mike Guy, Second Secretary and Vice Consul, Bahamas High Commission London and Officer Sanchez Davis at the passing out parade at Britannia Royal Navy College. A Royal Bahamas Defence officer was awarded Best International Cadet at his graduation at Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth UK. Twenty- two year old Sanchez Davis was chosen among his peers as the top international cadet. This title automatically puts Davis in the running with other international colleagues from each entry this year to win an opportunity to return to the UK in 2015 and receive the overall Best International Cadet at the Lord High Admirals Ceremony. A second RBDF officer twenty-five year old Preston J Moss, who graduated as well, received honourable mention during his training at Britannia Royal Naval College. Both Bahamian officers, Davis and Moss completed training and had their passing out parade on July 10th. Head of the institution, Captain Henry Duffy of Britannia Royal Naval College told the audience at the passing out parade in Dartmouth that he is pleased with the progress of the officers. “The successful completion of their initial training here on the banks of the River Dart marks their formal transition from civilian to military officer. They have been tested, stretched and assessed in a wide range of challenges. In this sense, BRNC has prepared them well to continue this journey of professional and personal development and to springboard them on their way to a unique and very special career. It is a career that will, I assure you, test them to the limits at times, but one that is always wholly rewarding, exciting and respected,” said Captain Duffy. Second Secretary and Vice Consul at The Bahamas High Commission London, Mike Guy attended the graduation at Dartmouth and congratulated the young men on their achievement. “It is always rewarding to see young Bahamians do well internationally. Officers Davis and Moss worked extremely hard and for the duration of their training both of them stood out on their own merit. We are extremely proud of the achievements of these young men,” said Mr Guy. The officers completed three phases of training including militarisation and marinisation; they were required to take various exams, essays and conduct presentations. Davis and Moss underwent aggressive sea training exercises that took them on board the HMS Bulwark and HMS Illustrious. Their Royal Navy training also involved submarine exercises and various military operations. One of the highlights in their training was participating in the commissioning of HMS Queen Elizabeth. Before graduating, officers Davis and Moss met with the Minister of National Security, The Honourable Dr Bernard Nottage and Royal Bahamas Defence Force Commodore Roderick Bowe during their visit to Dartmouth in April, to update the officials on the progress of their Royal Navy training. Davis and Moss are now receiving training in the International Warfare Officers Foundation Course from July 14th to October 31st, 2014. The course trains students to be warfare officers as they learn more about navigation, boat handling, rules of the road and seamanship. Davis and Moss are the first from The Bahamas to participate in this course. Minister of National Security, Dr Bernard Nottage and Commodore of The Royal Bahamas Defence Force Mr Roderick Bowe visiting Sanchez Davis and Preston Moss in April 2014 at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, UK. International Officer Cadets  Read More →
Minimum Wage Government Employees gets $800 annual increase in salary… The Government and the Bahamas Public Service Union signed a five-year industrial agreement during a press conference Thursday, July 17, 2015 at the Ministry of the Public Service. Pictured are government representatives headed by Minister of State for Finance the Hon Michael Halkitis, seated sixth from left and BPSU President John Pinder, seated fourth from left supported by union executives. NASSAU, The Bahamas – The Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and the Bahamas Public Service Union entered into an industrial agreement at an estimated $200 million over a period of five years. The agreement, which was signed Thursday, July 17, 2014 impacts the lives of approximately 20,000 Public Servants; the benefits ranging from a minimum wage increase to hazardous protection. Benefits are set to take effect, beginning August 2014. Minister of State for Finance the Hon Michael Halkitis thanked the executives of the BPSU for their level of patience and kind consideration for arriving at an “amicable” industrial agreement, during the Signing Agreement Ceremony at the Ministry of the Public Service. He also applauded the work of the Government’s negotiating team led by veteran trade unionist Keith Archer. Also present were Financial Secretary John Rolle, Elizabeth Keju, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of the Public Service, BPSU President John Pinder, and representatives from both sides.“As we all know, these are very challenging fiscal times and we have asked all public sector unions to work along with us as we manoeuver through this very rough financial time,” Mr. Halkitis said. He acknowledged that the BPSU has demonstrated its commitment to that invitation by signing off on “this very important” agreement.“I should like to take this opportunity to express the Government’s sincere appreciation to the hard working 20,000 plus public servants that give outstanding service each and every day do the Commonwealth of The Bahamas,” Mr. Halkitis said. He added, “While no side in any negotiations achieves everything it sets out to do, we are all grateful for the level of cooperation that has resulted in this document that both sides can live with. Again, congratulations to both parties on a job well done,” he said. The Industrial Agreement calls for the first benefits to be paid this year – an annual minimum wage increase by $800; fixed monthly hazard pay and risk allowance; increased pension benefits; mandates that performance appraisals be conducted by the end of each quarter of the calendar year; open salary scales to allow for double increments in the form of a lump sum payment. In 2016, under a new budget year, there will be a general increase for the entire public service and all will receive a double increment as an increase that will be added to their base salary, according to the agreement.  Read More →
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