BREAKING BAHAMAS PRESS NEWS >>>> ANOTHER CRIMINAL FROM US WAS SITTING LOW AS A TOURIST IN BAHAMAS! >>> WANTED US FUGITIVE ARRESTED IN EXUMA 70 - year old Loomes Wheeler of Kissimmee, Florida in Georgetown. Nassau, Bahamas — A man from Florida charged with numerous sexual offenses in Osceola County who fled to the Bahamas was arrested in Exuma on Saturday 12th April 2014. According to reports, around 7:50pm, officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit assisted by officers in Exuma, acting on intelligence arrested 70 – year old Loomes Wheeler of Kissimmee, Florida in Georgetown. Wheeler is wanted for nine (9) Counts of Capital Sexual Battery, four (4) Counts of Lewd and Lascivious Conduct and three (3) Counts of Sexual Performance by a Child. Wheeler is presently being held for Breach of the Immigration Act and is pending deportation to the United States.  Read More →
One man is dead following a fatal shooting in Millennium Gardens – incident is believed to be over woman… Scenes from that fatal shooting in Millinium Gardens last night.... Nassau, Bahamas – A suspected robber by the name of, Giles Russell, was shot by an officer after attempting to rob the off duty police last night. And get this; sitting nearby in a get away car for Russell was a female. That female, who BP will not name at this time, was indeed an Immigration officer. Police nabbed the pair last night as they attempted to make good their escape. Bahamas Press can report the as Russell was shot and attempted to get away; he dropped his weapon before attempting to flee into that awaiting vehicle. Police are now questioning the female – The male robber Russell was taken to Doctors Hospital. All we can say is this; look what the damn immigration officers have come to. But ya know this the Bahamas – where – if a Principal could murder and be at the top of a school, then certainly without any standards, the female immigration officer is expected back to work soon. This is the Bahamas where money talks and bullshit walks! Meanwhile Bahamas Press is reporting another overnight shooting that has left on man dead in the Millennium Gardens area. According to BP reports, two persons on a trail motorbike were shot by persons driving in a Honda Steam. One of them succumbed at the scene. This incident happened near children’s home in the area. Sources believe the shooting was over WOMAN! And while the country celebrated more police boots on the ground this week, a crew of officers celebrated the graduation of their squad-mate. The party began last night, but all didn’t end well. The party was in full swing when a rasta male known as Mikey from the Fox Hill community was told to cease and desist his smoking of ganja at the event. A row then ensued between the officers and the ‘peace pipe’ smoking Mikey. Along with Mickey was another male known in the Pinewood area as Jacob Wells. The men and a third suspect then jumped into their White Escalade, and then opened fire on the partying government workers; hitting two males in the leg. The men then fled the crime scene along the Cowpen Road area. A prison officer and another police were both the victims of that shooting. Their injuries were not life threatening. After reading this morning’s report all we say is this; looks what the people wearing uniform and working for government have brought the country to. They are setting little example and are committing crimes! Tell me, what two harden criminals doing smoking weed at a police officer’s party in the first place? Could they be celebrating the elevation of one of their own? Here again is news you will not read anywhere else but on Bahamas Press. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Victim was hit by a vehicle and left in the road to die…. Bobby Thompson BAHAMAS PRESS BRINGING IT TO YOU FIRST. We have our team outside the clinic in Governor’s Harbor, Eleuthera right now, where the country’s latest fatality has been recorded. Our agents tell us that the victim is a male, Bobby Thompson, of Palmetto Point, believed to be about 35-years-old. Thompson is said to have been walking near the dump between Palmetto Point and Savannah Sound when he was hit by a car. The area has absolutely no lights and the drivers are believed to be guests to the island. Our agent on the island has spoken to someone who knew the victim. He is said to have been a very quiet man, the oldest of four, who kept to himself. BAHAMAS PRESS FIRST ON THE SCENE AGAIN! BP is live down in Eleuthera tonight! We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Butler Turner don’t know what side of the fence she is on when she wakes up in the morning – Party could lose swelling support if chaos continues…. Long Island MP, Chairman and Sands looks as if they are keeping the confusion inside the party going…They together may just keep the FNM in Opposition for another five years! PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts along with sleek and dangerous PLP warroom teams now being assemble inside and outside of BIS are being called to desimate the FNM! Nassau, Bahamas – Just when the Free National Movement Government appears to be an alternative poised to return as the next government of the Bahamas, wild statements and bold mixup commentary from the top leadership of the party sets them back. Examples: The FNM led with confidence the party’s position that to dismiss the ruling of the referendum would prove the Christie Regime does not respect the will of the people as expressed in the Jan. 28th 2013 poll. Yesterday we found out that the Minister of Legal Affairs Damian Gomez said that the promise made by Obie Wilchcombe to present such a draft to make gaming legal is not realistic. But this morning in a report in the Tribune FNM DEPUTY leader ‘BIG SEXY’ Loretta Butler-Turner “yesterday criticised the Christie administration for failing to table in Parliament regulations to legalise and tax web shops in the country.” Now you gatta wonder who is behind all this confusion and chaos in the FNM which could keep the party out into 2017. When it isn’t Darron Cash, who said he is for legalizing the Webshops, it’s Big Sexy, who now says she is disappointed that Christie dem can’t bring the law. But just a few weeks ago it was the stated position of the party to agree for the Christie Regime to stick with the will of the people. Wasn’t it also the FNM’s position to have Bahamians vote “No” during the referendum? So what is this now by Loretta? Is this an attempt to intentionally keep confusion within the party and then make it even harder for the opposition to gain a chance when all indications and polls today show that the FNM has gained much needed ground since May 7th, 2012? Boy, I don’t know, but if Loretta dem keep this up – they ga sink the FNM ship for good. Yesterday PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts took opportunity to the double take by Butler dem and capitalized on its! If voters continue to see the ball of confusion coming from people like Sands them who want to privatize the hospital and Butler and Cash dem who agree with the legalization of the number business, then it makes it looks as if the party is saying one thing as a unit and something else comes from personalities. The organization must quickly get things together. To the leadership of the FNM [particularly the Ruling HIGH-RANKING Councils of the Party]: take control of your ship before people like Christie, Davis and Roberts [THE CDR] begin launching missiles hard at it and implode the FNM ship for good! In short – Loretta, Cash and Sands them ga cost the FNM a victory come 2017 if this is not quickly fixed…. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Police should question who in Immigration gave the pair authorization to conduct business in the Bahamas! These two really believe we in the Bahamas are not up to their scam which has been practiced before in other parts of the world! Robbery at Bahamar >> Jay Lopez (L) and Elvis Perez (R), both guests at the Melia Resort, claim they came to the Bahamas on business and, in the middle of the night while they were sleeping, someone mysteriously stole a bag out of their room that had “$30,000 in cash in it”. They claim they were doing business in the country. Well, this is an easy investigation to solve. Firstly, police should ask Immigration if that is what they declared when entering the Bahamas! Both men should have sought clearance to do “Business” in the Bahamas. Secondly, was this Bahamian money or American Money and we wonder if people can travel with that kinda cash on them? In conclusion we wonder if NB12 asked, “What kind of business was this?” But ofcourse – that was never asked…. Things that make you go – Hmmmmmm!  Read More →
Young schoolgirl was dropped home 2am in the morning – Questions now circle Aquinas College over the termination of a PE teacher who is alleged to have dated a 10th grader. Teacher had been removed from two schools earlier and Catholic Board has yet to say “Why”? Young teen was taken to fish fry on a date by the PE educator. This is a file photo and is not the actual photo of the teen... Nassau, Bahamas -- Bahamas Press is now following serious, SERIOUS developments within the Catholic Board of Education under the leadership of Claudette Rolle. Now this is the second story on the institution in weeks and, from what we have now uncovered, it is safe to conclude that something stinks to the high heavens. Bahamas Press’ deep investigative teams have been following a recent dismissal at the Aquinas College, the plushest and newest campus under the board’s control, where we uncovered the recent termination of a Physical Education teacher. Bahamas Press will at this time withhold the name of the teacher who we will describe by nickname “Loverboy”. The Catholic Board should now become seriously concerned that BP is now on campus and promises to expose across the country the findings of our deep  investigations into what is happening on the grounds at the schools. And here’s our story: 1)    Since entering the Physical Education department within the Catholic education system, the PE “Loverboy” educator has been transferred to three of the schools here on New Providence: first at St. Augustine’s College, then at St. Francis Xavier and since last year at Aquinas College on Gladstone Road. 2)    We can confirm in all transfers, the principal reasons for his removal was for dating young teachers who had recently joined the profession, but at Aquinas the PE instructor moved on and began his hunt for even younger schoolgirls still in class. Bahamas Press can confirm that the educator was fired weeks ago, and we kept silent so as to see if anyone would pick up the story. 3)    The young schoolgirl caught up with the Loverboy PE teacher while in class. According to sources the two hitched and what happened following this initial encounter forced an angry parent into the school with threats. Bahamas Press understands a closer investigation revealed that the Loverboy educator took the 10th grader out for a date at the Fish Fry. The couple (teacher and student) were both spotted in the area. Following the outing, only the GOOD MASTER knows what happened next after the young schoolgirl showed up home around 2 am the following morning. And there is more! Get this, in the expanded philosophy at the Board of Education reads how teachers are made aware that “the Catholic school environment must therefore be concerned with the spiritual, mental, physical and social growth and development of those persons entrusted to their care.  This concern is fundamental to the teaching and instilling of good Christian values into our youngsters as we prepare them to take their rightful places in our Bahamian community.  All teachers are therefore reminded that each and every child placed before them is a unique person endowed with God-given sanctity and rights.” BP has Questions: 1)    Why did it take a parent to demand the termination of this educator before something was done? 2)    Why was the incident never reported to the police? 3)    Why was the educator transferred to more than three schools just years apart? Were there any reason[s] for this usual transfer of the teacher? 4)    What is the Board now doing to upgrade its protection of students at all schools around the country when it comes to teacher/student relations? 5)    How is it no member of the WUTLESS MEDIA of the Bahamas uncovered this development which occurred weeks ago? Why was it never reported? And there’s more: We understand the terminated Loverboy PE teacher is now seeking a job in the public education system. Boy, I tell ya – when you see ya children acting funny – yinner better sit them down and have a heart to heart chat with them. The predators are out and some a dem starting up church! We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Christie has lost his Rock-star appeal in two short years…. PLP Leader Perry G. Christie had to beg for claps at funeral. Why congregation fell asleep on Christie? Nassau, Bahamas -- The lengthy home-going service for Pastor Earle Francis gathered news makers from around the country at the Enoch Beckford Auditorium  on Carmichael Road. BP was live on location for the home-going celebration as we sent home a pastor, shepherd, hotelier, family man and warrior for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie and Leader of the Opposition Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis both joined in the service along with a host of community leaders to bid farewell to the late Earle. It was one evening last week when the Earle slipped away into his eternal reward, leaving his family and friends behind. During the service, the Leader of the Opposition was the first to speak, paying tribute to the man who had given so much to the country. Dr. Minnis celebrated the fact that the Earle was able to see his children blossom into their gifts and witnessed for himself the rise of a national icon through his son Percy Vola Francis, leader of the Saxons. The Opposition Leader was greeted with a thunderous applause by those attending the funeral with some clapping their hands high into the air as he made his contribution to the late Earle. One woman sitting next to the front row could be heard saying, “Das the next Prime Minister right there!” But then coming behind was the man of the hour, one who has fought many political battles and who sits in the great seat of power of Prime Minister for a second time, the man with the gift of oratory ability like that of Sir Winston Churchill. As Christie spoke, the room got quiet. And then, while he spoke further, the auditorium got even more quiet. before we knew it people were sleeping. And there was a problem: no one was clapping for Christie; in fact, some people attending the funeral began to snore loudly! What in the hell is dis? Then Christie couldn’t take the silence and said, “Well, if y’all could clap for the Leader of the Opposition, then y’all could clap for me…” Tired hands began to clap in weakness trying not to embarrass the PM. BP sat quietly and could not believe that Christie, the man with a 30-seat majority in the Parliament, was begging for applause! It was one a dem “UNBELIEVABLE” moments. An UNTHINKABLE TIME! What has happened with the PLP’s leadership so quickly?! BP could not believe what we were witnessing – BIG TIME PLPs are clapping for Dr. Hubert Minnis and leaving the Prime Minister begging for applause? Dis is something else happening in this town! Boy, I tell ya, as Winston Churchill said during a speech at the Lord Mayor’s Day Luncheon at the Manson House in London on 9th of November 1942: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Major accident on Prince Charles Drive this afternoon… Randy Fraser installed as pastor of new church this afternoon. Free food after service…BP IS LIVE! Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is following the installation service of Bishop Randy Fraser to the office of Pastor at a local church here in the capital. Fraser is being installed this afternoon at Worker’s House on Harold Road. Fraser was released from prison following his conviction of having unlawful sexual relations with a teen girl. We understand some big time ministers and politicians are expected to be on the guest list. BP IS LIVE! Only God can forgive man for our many weaknesses… Accident on Prince Charles Drive… Another bad accident on Prince Charles Drive this afternoon has left cars in a wreck! A BP Breaking Report >>>> News is happening right now where photos sent to BP is reporting a major accident on Prince Charles Drive highway. No Deaths, however, people are very shaken up. Traffic is blocked up in the area….  Read More →
Body was found by two teens on their walk in the area…Woman is a former banker, who had ended up on drugs… Woman found dead this morning opposite church in Dignity Gardens. Woman was a former banker, who ended up on drugs. Woman found was just off rehab and was a former banker who went on drugs… Nassau, Bahamas -- A woman is the latest individual found dead at a scene right now off a Carmichael Road West community near the entrance of Dignity Gardens. Sources say the woman appeared to have been discarded in that area, but we do not know at this time. Persons in the area tell us it is a 50-something year-old woman who was known as “Fastwalker”. She was a former banker who had ended up on drugs. Recently, it is said she had entered rehab and had gotten off drugs, but today was mysteriously found dead. The body was found just opposite a Baptist church near the community entrance, right in front of the church where Palm Sunday services were being held when the discovery was made. “Could you imagine what this country is coming to? People are showing up dead right in the door of churches and no one saw nothing?” one person seeing the incident told BP. Sources tell us the body was found less than 10 feet from the road and carefully hidden from public view. Main Carmichael Road West area backed-up with traffic as detectives from the homicide division of the CDU began investigating the scene. BP can report the senior detective now investigating this latest incident is BK Bonamy Jr. According to a source two young persons were walking in the area this morning when they uncovered the victim just after 10am. We cannot at this time confirm an identity of the individual, however, we know it is a female. BP is live. We report yinner decide!  Read More →
International Maritime Groups Concerned About Safety in Freeport Harbour After Pilots Resigned....Glenys Hanna Martin in a state of PARALYSIS to make a decision in support of Bahamians! Don’t believe in Bahamians Refuse to put them FIRST! Some 15 Bahamian professionals cannot get a license from the Port and no one cannot say why! Christie Regime Refuse to show that they believe in young Bahamians! Government has turned their backs on young Grand Bahamian Professionals – Regime rather give Pilotage Services to Foreigners…Grand Bahamians refused a license by PORT! Christie Regime Don't "BELIEVE" in Young Bahamian Pilot Professionals on Grand Bahama - WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS? Freeport, Bahamas — Young Bahamians on Grand Bahama must be asking themselves, “Where is the Government who said they will BELIEVE in Bahamians on May 7th, 2012?” For a few months now, the Bahamas Pilotage Group on Grand Bahama have been fighting for autonomy in their sector of the economy. For years the group of some 18 plus on that island have worked for a company that is in conflict. This conflict, in our opinion, is against all international standards and therefore the need for their independence is a priority in making sure that the Port of Freeport is safe. And in doing so in March this year, 15 marine pilots on Grand Bahama gave 30-day notices of resignation at BORCO, Freeport Harbour and Statoil. The group is now aligned with all international Pilotage Associations all over the world – who are also independent, by the way – and are seeking their operating license from the Port, which is being denied to them. Now this is incredible because we know when all 18 Pilots serviced THE FREEPORT HARBOUR AREA, there was a shortage of manpower to manage the port. We know all 18 were overworked and worked long shifts. And guess what – right now there are only 2 pilots and the company managing ships is telling Bahamians the port is safe? Well, blow me down. It’s Unbelievable! An international advisory has already been issued to all shipping companies about the pending disaster and accident waiting to happen at the FREEPORT HARBOUR as a result of the resignations on Grand Bahama. We at Bahamas Press know currently that only has Two (2) Licensed Pilots remain, both of whom are in demanding Management positions, Orlando Forbes who is Port Director of FHC and Ellison Charles Rolle who is Operations Manager, Marine Department of FHC. Reports suggest that both Management Pilots at FHC are already extremely fatigued and have not at all been able to take the necessary time for adequate rest to operate safely, considering the high traffic. Additionally, BP understands the Freeport Harbour Company has began the dangerous practice of hiring inexperienced Pilots, or Pilots not fit for Duty. Pilots who have major illnesses like Kidney Failure and are currently receiving dialysis treatment are now being used. What in da hell is dis? But get this: today in the Tribune the Minister for Transport Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin repeated the comments that the Bahamas has a safety record and that, “The Bahamas as a major Maritime Administration has consistently advocated safety, security, quality and the protection of the marine environment, a fact that is borne out by the exemplary safety record of the Bahamas Flag fleet – one of the largest and most modern in the world..” But while Hanna- Martin boasts of safety as a part of her government’s record, what is actually happening at the Freeport Harbour is just one step from disaster. Maybe she has become paralyzed, like some others we know in the Christie Regime, and refuses to defuse the situation before we end up with a major crisis on our hands. Maybe she is afraid to act because she is intimidated by those at the Port and the Shipping Company to do for Bahamians what was promised by the Christie Regime before May 7th, 2012. What we find most amusing though is the fact that the daughter of Arthur D. Hanna – the man who was the architect of the plan of an aggressive “Bahamization” policy to put Bahamians First in their country -  is now backpedaling  in indecision to stand up for Local Bahamian Pilots practicing their profession of Pilotage for which they are most eminently qualified. Pindling must be rolling over in his grave! Bahamians are left ABANDONED IN A TIME OF CRISIS! Boy, I tell ya, as Winston Churchill said during a speech at the Lord Mayor’s Day Luncheon at the Manson House in London on 9th of November 1942: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” We report yinner decide!  Read More →
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