Prime Minister Christie inspects Bahamar as the property is set to put thousands of Bahamians back to work! NASSAU, The Bahamas -  Prime Minister Perry Christie along with members of his Cabinet toured Baha Mar today with the luxury resort’s Chairman and CEO, Sarkis Izmirlian. Mr. Christie along with Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Dr. Daniel Johnson; Minister of Tourism, Obie Wilchcombe; Minister of State for Investments, Khaalis Rolle; Director of Investments in the Office of the Prime Minister, Candia Ferguson and Senior Policy Advisor, Sir Baltron Bethel got a first-hand glimpse of the many amenities that will be available when the highly anticipated resort opens in late Spring of 2015, including the 100,000 square foot casino, beach sanctuary, and Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course. Prime Minister Christie said he was “greatly impressed” by the progress being made on the world-class destination and commended Mr. Izmirlian on the execution of his vision of the multibillion dollar resort.  Read More →
Prime Minister Christie opens regional Local Government forum. Nassau, The Bahamas — Local government leaders throughout the region held roundtable discussions this weekend to further the development of local government systems, and discuss sustainable development goals to end poverty and disparity. Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie officially opened the Caribbean Forum of Local Government Ministers (CFLGM) and Caribbean Association of Local Government Authorities (CALGA) Meetings, August 30, in the Arawak Room, Melia Nassau Beach Hotel. The regional delegates were hosted by Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Local Government, the Hon. V. Alfred Gray. The Prime Minister stated in his opening address that local government authorities in The Bahamas play a vital role in the overall development of our Family Island communities. He declared he placed Local Government within the portfolio of the Ministry of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Local Government because of the synergy that is required to achieve the success of his Government’s initiative towards food security, one of the objectives of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Initiative.Prime Minister Christie said “the UN’s first goal — ‘to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger’ — is crucial to the development of the Caribbean and The Bahamas. My Government upon taking office set national food security as a priority and made strategic steps to address this issue in planning the establishment of the Bahamas Agricultural & Marine Science Institute in North Andros.” He noted: “Regional bodies like CFLGM and CALGA are assets to the development of the small states of the Caribbean. Their efforts would be limited without support and funding from International agencies such as the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF), United Nations Habitat and United Nations Development Programme, and Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). “I express the gratitude of a grateful region in general and the people of The Bahamas in particular to your continued support and intervention to ensure our sustainable and eco-friendly development. “CALGA’s vision and CFLGM’s programmatic framework are both in tandem with my Government’s sustainable economic development plans for The Bahamas,” he said. “The CLGF support is of significant importance in assisting the region with deliberations in moving forward. To this end, my Government supports wholeheartedly all the programmes and initiatives of your organizations.” To continue, he remarked a well-oiled Local Government machinery and structure is vital to productive economic development thrust via agriculture and marine resources, and added that his Government’s Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute under construction in North Andros is envisaged to provide such an economic development catalyst. “This initiative will heighten civil society participation in local development and create a sustainable framework for local economic development of our Family Islands. In particular, BAMSI will transform North Andros and represent a major effort in crop diversification and diversification of the economy itself. Therefore, Local Government authorities need to focus on being catalysts for economic development within their districts, empowering their residents,” said Prime Minister Christie. “During my address at the 68th General Assembly of the United Nationsin September 2013,” he said, “I renewed The Bahamas’s pledge to play our part to help make our planet a place of peace, stability, collaborative endeavor, and mutual support for the good of humankind. I called for a revamping of policies that correct practices that adversely impact the environment and bring about climate change that can catastrophically impact small nation states like The Bahamas.” Prime Minister Christie stated that Bahamians should not just ‘talk the talk,’but ‘walk the walk’ too. “To cite one such example with respect to Local Government development in The Bahamas, my Government is on the verge of enacting a Local Government (Amendment) Bill, 2014, presently pending approval that will provide for the establishment of statutory leadership to head the new Department of Local Government, and further empower local government practitioners in our Family Island districts. This Bill is an important step to ensure the modernization of the Local Government structures and help strengthen community associations in the country,” said Mr. Christie. “In reviewing CFLGM’s programmatic framework, I am happy to note that this framework is consistent with my Government’s policy objectives. We in The Bahamas stand ready to play our part in these joint efforts. Of particular note, later this year, my Government will table in Parliament, constitutional referendum Bills for enactment. “At the centre of these is a Bill that would allow a Bahamian woman the same access to spousal citizenship as a Bahamian man under the Constitution.” Prime Minister Christie encouraged the other Caribbean countries that have not yet endorsed CFLGM’s Regional Policy & Cooperation Framework (RPCF) to do so with haste. “Such an initiative can only serve to enhance and sustain local governance and deepen democracy. The Bahamas endorsed this Agreement on 18th November 2008. “Considering the stakes in respect of securing consensus on the Agreement, it is hoped that all efforts will be made during these meetings and roundtable discussions to complete this requirement so that the Agreement can be re-submitted to the Legal Affairs Sub-committee of CARICOM for its review.”(BIS Photo/Peter Ramsay)  Read More →
Bahamas Junkanoo Festival Launch Photo Highlights… Photos: David Mackey - May 7th – 9th 2015; Junkanoo, live bands, cultural show, indigenous colorful costumes designed and made by Bahamians…. Nassau, Bahamas – August 27th, 2014 an explosion of Bahamian culture erupted at Pompey Square as persons from all walks of life converged there to experience a cultural RUSH unlike any other that has ever taken place in The Bahamas. It was the official launch of Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival set to be a post-Lenten five weeks festival of events, highlighting Bahamian cultural expressions in music, art and Junkanoo. This Collage of Culture is said to not be a single event, but rather a collection of celebrations, concerts, cultural shows and street parades that pull from all aspects of culture and heritage. Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival will kick off on Easter Monday 2015. The launch gala provided an exhilarating foretaste of what’s to come May 7th – 9th 2015; Junkanoo, live bands, cultural show, indigenous colorful costumes designed and made by Bahamians, fireworks, food, drinks, jump in the line dance and more. “I am very pleased that we will be soon be able to showcase even more of our country’s culture via this new event,” said the Prime Minister. “Not only is this a great opportunity for Junkanoos, artisans and other craftsmen to display their wares and talents but it also offers us the opportunity to provide additional entertainment for guests who visit our shores.” The Bahamas National Festival Commission along with Prime Minister Christie, Minister of Tourism, Obie Wilchcombe and Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Daniel Johnson have engaged in talks with stakeholders on Grand Bahama Island to stage Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival events on that island as well. (Photos by David Mackey,  Read More →
BTC commitment to build the Bahamas continues.... CWC CEO Phil Bentley Outlines the New BTC Foreshadows $170M investment upgrade toward world class network . NASSAU, Bahamas – In an address to attendees at the August 29th announcement of the majority economic interest in BTC moving to The Bahamas government and the people of The Bahamas, Phil Bentley, CEO of Cable and Wireless Communications, (CWC) foreshadowed new initiatives and plans to transform BTC into a world class telecommunications company. Top of the list, a $170M investment upgrade in BTC networks and to deliver additional services over the next three years to include BTC TV; US60M deployment in cell sites and more powerful radio signals across the entire Bahamas delivering the fastest mobile network in the Caribbean; US$8M nationwide power back up investments to negate BTC outages. Mr. Bentley began his address with a brief historic overview before foreshadowing BTC’s way forward for the immediate future. “This journey began back in 2012. Back then, the BTC Committee and Cable and Wireless came with different points of view. But, over a period of time, our interests eventually came together in the form of the BTC Foundation.” He also thanked and congratulated the members of both Committees admitting that ‘though views often differed, discussions and negotiations remained professional and cordial. “This groundbreaking agreement is good for BTC – creating stability in our investment climate; it’s good for our business partner, the government; and most importantly, it’s good for the Bahamian people, as the Foundation starts to invest in good causes,” said the CEO. Mr. Bentley referenced the Prime Minister’s Opening Address remarks on his ‘big dreams’ at the recent successful regional telecom industry conference CANTO held at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau. “Mr. Prime Minister, as you demonstrated at your CANTO address earlier this month, you are a man with big dreams. So am I. It’s now time look forward to make what we dreamed, a reality. “You and I share a dream to transform BTC into the world-class telecommunications company The Bahamas so very richly deserves. You and I shared a dream that to make this a reality, we needed a fully qualified Bahamian to lead the company. I’m delighted that Leon Williams accepted this challenge. Leon, you and your team have a big task ahead of you. But you have a passion for this business and this country – as you relentlessly pursue excellence, so will you succeed – on behalf of everyone here, I wish you and your team well,” said the CWC CEO He continued: “And as part of that dream of making BTC a company all Bahamians will be proud of, and as liberalisation approaches, I’m pleased to announce that I have approved the biggest capital investment programme to be undertaken in this company in the past 30 years. To realise our dream, we are investing over $170M to upgrade our networks and to deliver additional services over the next three years. Mr. Bentley said the Prime Minister wasn’t alone in, “daring to dream big dreams” as he and BTC CEO Leon Williams also dared to dream of what could be. “We dare to dream of no more dropped calls. Over US$60m of our upgrade investment is going into more cell sites and more powerful radio signals, across the entire Bahamas delivering the fastest mobile network in the Caribbean. “We dare to dream – and I know this is important to our regulators – of no more power outages anywhere in our network because of our US$8M power back up investments. We dare to dream that the Baha Mar luxury resort will offer “always-on” and seamless mobile and WiFi signals and high definition TV services, encouraging more visitors to return each year. “We dare to dream that our $40M broadband and fibre network investment will mean young Bahamians can download their favorite songs in just 3 seconds. We dare to dream that our $25M multi-protocol label switching investment will provide business customers with the most secure network in the Caribbean. We dare to dream of a new TV offering to beat Cable Bahamas – that’s why I am announcing today that BTC TV – giving our customers choice and value-for-money. “We dare to dream that you can check your bills and pay online through our new BTC App. In short, we dare to dream of a new BTC! Setting new standards of excellence, upgrading our networks, adding TV and entertainment, listening to customer feedback, making things better everyday! And yes, I dare to dream that Cable & Wireless’ US$1B uplifted 3 year investment plan across multiple Caribbean countries will revolutionise how our customers live, work and play in the communities we serve. Mr. Bentley then turned his attention to the governments’ commitment to provide a ‘best-in-class’ telecoms infrastructure. “Let me end with some final remarks on the ambition of this country, and the Government’s commitment to provide a Best-in-Class ICT Infrastructure to its residents and businesses. And I was delighted to hear that your Central Information Technology department recently hosted a mission from the United Nations to formulate a strategic approach to Modernization of the State through ICT investments. This is something very close to my heart. “Let me state at the outset, that I commit the new BTC, along with the new Cable and Wireless, to play an active role in this programme; charting the way forward to reduce the Digital Divide across the family islands; building, in your words, Mr. Prime Minister, an “ICT mecca of assembly lines, Data Centres, IXPs, becoming the Caribbean Silicon Valley”. “Of course I’m excited about this dream, but as one of the biggest investors in the region, I also have some advice to you – the leaders of The Bahamas. Now, I was appointed CEO of Cable & Wireless 8 months ago. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling the region – we operate in 16 countries – talking to other Prime Ministers. Indeed, last week alone, I met with 4 Prime Ministers. And I have to tell you, they have the same dream; they too want to create the Caribbean Silicon Valley; they too aspire to have the fastest network in the region. “So, here’s the issue – as a businessman, accountable to my shareholders, I simply can’t make the same amount of investment in every market. So where will we invest, as Cable & Wireless? And which Caribbean country will be the winner in the race to ICT leadership? To invest, we must have the right investment climate. We must have the confidence in fair regulation – nothing does more to shatter confidence than unfair regulatory rulings. We must have efficient importation laws and taxes – some countries have lowered duties on smart phones to encourage take-up and I’d encourage the same response in the Bahamas. We must also have the flexibility to engage the services of international specialists to provide the local training to get the job done on island. “I hear the phrase “Bahamas for the Bahamians” – but it can’t be. The world is now a global village. It’s “The Bahamas for the world” and “the world for The Bahamas.” And I know he isn’t here today but I’d like to single out my appreciation to the immigration Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, the Honorable Mr. Fred Mitchell in getting the required international skills on to the island. When they leave, these people leave a rich legacy of skills embedded in the Bahamian people. And we must have a flexible labour force; the confidence that we are in it together with our union partners; we can’t fight a new entrant with one hand tied behind our back. This is how you encourage investment, ladies and gentlemen. “And with investments comes the need for a fair return. This brings me to the word “profit”. “Returns and profits are not immoral or bad words. The more profitable BTC is, the more investments we make; the more investments we make, the better our service to customers; and of course, the more profits we make the more dividends are paid to our government partners. “So let’s not forget how we should judge success in this historic agreement – the more successful BTC is, the more that will be paid into the BTC Foundation to support good causes. So please, customers of BTC, don’t switch to a new entrant! Will a new entrant spend US$170M in the Bahamas? Will a new entrant invest in Abaco and Andros and Cat Island and Crooked Island and Mayguana and Inagua, and connect all the family islands? Will a new entrant work with union partners? So I say this to you. Don’t let the new entrant prosper at the expense of BTC and don’t let the BTC Foundation lose out on funding good causes. Mr. Bentley said it was the Prime Minister’s dream to have a BTC philanthropic Foundation that could invest in good community causes or directly in people to further their dreams and those of the country. Athletes such as Tonique Williams-Darling, Pauline Davis-Thompson, Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie and the Golden Knights were examples. “The dream of this nation is to unleash the talents of young Bahamians who themselves dare to dream to be the next Usain Bolt or Frank Rutherford; the next tennis star like Mark Knowles; the next professional basketball player, like Michael “Sweet Bells” Thompson – they too had a dream.” The CEO aid that The BTC Foundation will also help to fund the artistic abilities of the nation’s next Amos Ferguson, Antonius Roberts or screen stars, such as Sidney Poitier or Esther Rolle. He said he was humbled and privileged to play a small part to support the giant ambitions of a proud nation that punches way above her weight. Mr. Bentley ended his speech on the BTC Foundation. “Bahamians are a people of energy and possibilities. As a manifestation of this, I commend the BTC management team to you. They will deliver for the Bahamas. They have to deliver for The Bahamas – and for me! They will ensure that BTC and the BTC Foundation prosper, and they will bequeath to the next generation a rich legacy that will continue to make The Commonwealth of The Bahamas a leader among her peers. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to be here, and I commend to you – the people of the Bahamas – the BTC Foundation.” The majority economic interest in Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) now resides with The Bahamas government and the people of The Bahamas, following the completion of all legalities required for the transfer of a two percent shareholding in BTC from Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) to the BTC Foundation. The other shareholders are the Government of the Bahamas (49%) and CWC. CWC retains Board and management control. The two percent shareholding from CWC will be held in a charitable Trust for the people of The Bahamas and called the BTC Foundation. As a two percent non-voting shareholder, The BTC Foundation will receive two percent of BTC’s dividend payments.  Read More →
NASSAU, Bahamas — The VAT Department recently issued VAT Guidance Notes to further familiarize the public on Value Added Tax, and in this instance on the tax as applied to these services: finance and insurance, transportation of passengers and goods, retail and wholesale trade, construction, land and property information, medical and healthcare, education, charities, clubs and associations; there is also VAT and the Hawksbill Creek Agreement, and the tax with respect to motor vehicles. The department stated that additional Guidance Notes will be issued to apply to the areas of hotel and holiday accommodations, duty free shopping, cash accounting and flat rate schemes, and transitional arrangements. The Government’s tax education campaign advises the public and the local business community of their civic responsibility to register and comply with the new legislation, which will be in effect January 1, 2015. The VAT Department disseminated the new Guidance Notes to complement the General VAT Guide, released on July 30, 2014. More detailed information specific to industry sectors is provided with details of situations and circumstances to be expanded and revised, based on feedback. The department stated that the documents in the Value Added Tax Bill 2014 and the draft Value Added Tax Regulations 2014 are general in nature and intended to provide an overview of details and legal information essential to public awareness. VAT information may be obtained on the Bahamas Government The Ministry of Finance released today a series of Value Added Tax Guidance Notes.  These documents provide general guidance and advice to the public and the business community as part of the Government’s public education campaign in respect of the VAT that will be implemented in The Bahamas on January 1, 2015. The Guidance Notes serve to complement the General VAT Guide that was released on July 30th and provide more detailed information that is specific to particular industry sectors or in respect of specific situations and circumstances. These will be expanded and revised as necessary, based on feedback. The eleven Guidance Notes being issued today are for: ·         Finance and Insurance services ·         Professional Services ·         Transportation of Passengers and Goods ·         Retail and Wholesale Trade ·         Construction Services ·         Land and Property ·         Medical and Healthcare Services ·         Education Services ·         Charities, Clubs and Associations ·         VAT and the Hawksbill Creek Agreement ·         The Treatment of Motor Vehicles The additional Guidance notes that will be issued in the immediate days ahead are the following: ·         Hotel and Holiday Accommodation ·         Duty free shopping ·         Cash Accounting and Flat Rate Scheme ·         Transitional Arrangements These documents are intended to be general in nature and provide an overview in the areas that they cover.  Persons wishing to obtain more detailed and legal information in respect of their particular situation and circumstances should also always consult the Value Added Tax Bill 2014, the draft Value Added Tax Regulations 2014. These can all be found on the website (AND ATTACHED BELOW) of the Government of The Bahamas.  Those requiring further clarification may also contact the VAT Taxpayer Services help desk at (242) 225-7280 or the VAT Department by email at or in writing at: Value Added Tax Department Ministry of Finance Gladstone Freight Terminal Gladstone Road P.O. Box N-4866 Nassau, N.P. The Bahamas Click to download the attached file(s): Bahamas_VAT_Guidance_Medical_and_Healthcare_Services_v2.pdf Bahamas_VAT_Guidance_VAT_and_the_Hawksbill_Creek_Agreement_v2.pdf Bahamas_VAT_Guidance_Charities_Clubs_Associations_v2_1.pdf Bahamas_VAT_Guidance_Retail_and_Wholesale_Sector_v2.pdf Bahamas_VAT_Guidance_Professional_Services_v2.pdf Bahamas_VAT_Guidance_Education_Services_v2.pdf Bahamas_VAT_Guidance_Transportation_of_Passengers_and_Goods_v2.pdf Bahamas_VAT_Guidance_Construction_Industry_v2.pdf Bahamas_VAT_Guidance_Professional_Services_v2_1.pdf Bahamas_VAT_Guidance_Land_and_Property_v2.pdf  Read More →
DPM Davis Addresses United Nations Conference in Samoa… DPM Davis addressing a UN Conference in Samoa on Climate Change. CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE ADDRESS: APIA, Samoa — Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works, the Hon. Philip “Brave” Davis arrived in the Samoan Capital of Apia Sunday, a full day ahead of the start of the United Nation’s Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) which got underway Monday. The time differential here is seventeen hours. Mr. Davis was accompanied by Minister for the Environment and Housing, the Hon. Kenred Dorsett. Mr. Davis’s presence as the second most powerful Bahamas Government official, along with that of Minister Dorsett and a strong, expert, field from a number of government ministries, corporations and agencies and non-governmental organizations in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, is expected to send a strong, clear, message to the global community and representatives of the numerous small island developing states represented here that The Government of The Bahamas is committed to, and very serious about, sustainable development. The four-day SIDS Samoan Conference has been scheduled for September 1-4, 2014, at the Faleata Sports Complex in Apia, Independent State of Samoa, known formerly as Western Samoa. Representatives from the BEST Commission, the Ministry for the Environment and Housing, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism’s Sustainable Development Unit help to comprise the Bahamian delegation. A representative from the country’s non-governmental organizations is also in attendance and part of the delegation. Bahamian officials anticipate that Mr. Davis’s presence, and that of Mr. Dorsette, will add two strong voices to the campaign to reduce the harmful effects of climate change that many small-island nations – including The Bahamas – are experiencing. “The Bahamas, situated as it is and with the topography that it enjoys, is most vulnerable to climate change and recognizing that, we have to demonstrate our commitment to the world — and in particular the industrialized world — of our seriousness to protect our physical environs not just for us today, but for our future generations of Bahamians,” Mr. Davis said. “The gathering of information, the exchanging of ideas, and the development of new strategies that can come out of sessions such as these as a result of the participation of the world’s top technocrats and scientists, some of whom are gathered here, we believe, will go a long way in assisting and encouraging each of the participating countries – both small island developing states and the much larger industrialized nations — in implementing the necessary strategies needed to reduce many of the challenges that we face with respect to climate change – particularly within the small island developing states,” Mr. Davis added. Monday’s First Plenary Session was dedicated to the Opening of the Conference and the Election of the President of the Conference in addition to a number of “housekeeping” matters. Delegates heard statements from the Conference President in addition to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, the President of the Economic and Social Council, the Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States and the Secretary-General of the Conference (in that order) in addition to statements from major groups in accordance with the practice of the General Assembly. Monday’s Second Plenary Meeting featured multi-stakeholder partnership dialogues on Sustainable Economic Development. Tuesday’s Sessions are expected to focus on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management and Social Development, Health and NCDs, and Youth and Gender; Wednesday, on Sustainable Energy and Oceans, Seas and Bio-diversity while Thursday’s final session will include focus on Water and Sanitation, Food Security and Waste Management before wrapping up with the Closing Ceremony. Minister Dorsette said the issue of climate change is “very important” for small island development states especially since 2014 has been declared the International Year of Small Island Development States. “Our attendance here at the SIDS Conference is critical, simply because we find that when we talk about climate change, the impacts for climate change are different for countries throughout the world. For SIDS, we have found that for a very long time, our voices were not given the prominence they ought to have gotten in our international and global meetings and so we were certainly pleased that this year, the United Nations determined that this year we would focus on issues relative to small-island development states and when you have regard for the adverse impacts of climate change – rises in sea levels, ocean acidification – for island nations which are really marine nations, when it comes to climate change it will not only affect our way of life, but lives in The Bahamas when one understands what potential impacts exist for sea level rising and so I think this conference is going to be important,” Mr. Dorsett added.  Read More →
Some people just gatta stop playing and make up dey mind! Loretta Butler-Turner Nassau, Bahamas – Boy, you gatta wonder what the FNM smoking these days and the last press event set up for Loretta Butler Turner [BIG SEXY] was no strange event. LGBT must have had a change of heart last week when she told members of the media she would agree for a delay in the Constitutional Referendum now at the Committee Stage of Parliament. At that press conference, the usual refrain of the FNM could be heard by Butler. “I would agree for a delay of the referendum if necessary to give the public more time,” she added. Well, wait. Mind you, this is the same Butler-Turner [BIG SEXY] who argued that the FNM been fighting for this long time and this is what she will support no matter what! In fact, she was overheard in the Parliament congratulating PLP MPs saying – Way to GO! Let’s do for women what the FNM refused to do! But now that someone has whispered in her ear and told her to agree with the delay, here comes Big Sexy in usual form. Flip Flop. Turn around. 180 degree change of heart. You know, it is just like the VAT debate. One day in the papers former Minister for State Laing said VAT was always coming and was being prepared by his FNM government. And now today – VAT – according to people like Loretta – is the death of the Bahamas – Yeah, RIGHT – just like they said National Insurance was. But ya know…..Ya gatta wonder to yourself when you see these things … what kinda cocktail dey on? We report yinner decide.  Read More →
Bahamians across the country got nothing but LIP-SERVICE from the DNA this Back to School… One Word in Golden Isles on Saturday - "TSUMANI" - GOLD RUSH FLOOD THE PARK Shouting PLP ALL DA WAY!!!! Christie’s Gold RUSH BACK to School Event in GOLDEN ISLES was MASSIVE!!! Nassau, Bahamas — If you missed the Michael Halkitis and Golden Isles Back to School Jam this weekend, you really missed a treat. It was the biggest Tsunami of PLPs gathered in one place since 2012. Halkitis’ polling numbers grew by leaps and bounds yesterday after what some confirmed was the most concerned, most organized, biggest gathering of PLPs since the Clifford Park Rallies… “All I could say, BP, is this is the silent majority which says nothing, but comes alive and is organized whenever the MP calls. Michael is the best MP this constituency has ever had. He is always on the ground, listening to the needs of the people and yesterday proved for parents that he again is one of the beaming stars and future of the PLP,” one resident of Golden Isles told BP. One woman, when she saw the crowd in her GOLD RUSH t-shirt, began screaming – “I told yinner – Christie is the Man! Look what my Prime Minister is doing for the people. Where is the damn DNA? Where is the FNM? They abandon us just like they PAPA!” All we could say is this: Look at the People shouting GOLD RUSH! Let’s see if those in the WUTLESS MEDIA ga publish this.  Read More →
Dear Sir, Glad you availed me the opportunity to use this column to express my views. I’ve listened, with attentive ears, to the Value Added Tax (VAT) row from inception. Everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs, “No! No! No!” to VAT. Now if you listen the yells are becoming more and more faint. A few weeks ago, an “embarrassingly small” motorcade was held as a protest to VAT. The results of that motorcade itself should tell us that more and more Bahamian citizens are reviewing the said taxation system and seeing that it can work, if properly managed. There are so many people out there who like to say “NO” before seeing how something can work. And, most of the time their “No” is based on the political party that is in power. Well here’s the thing …… Bahamians said NO to National Insurance and that system has worked VERY WELL for decades. Bahamians were also opposed to the privatization of BTC and now they bask as they receive thousands of dollars in donations for various causes from that entity. Before privatization of that organization that was unheard of. VAT is doable! VAT can work! VAT is going to benefit the government in many ways! Let’s move ahead, full steam and accept that this is moving us forward as a country. Yours etc. Stacey Bain  Read More → DA MALIBU SCANDAL >>> Senior officer in the Department steals a whole damn car from the Bahamian public! Ministry of Health office on Meeting Street! Sale of the car was never placed on public tender which was a requirement! The car, which valued $15,000, was taken home for $4,000! Nassau, Bahamas — In life there are some things that are ugly and the findings in this article are no different – our findings are ugly, stinking, rotten to the core and downright dishonest! Bahamas Press, once again, is deep in the bowels of the Ministry of Health and this time we are knocking on the door of the technocrats. A senior public officer in the department is now under investigation in what we can only describe as: ‘THEFT BY REASON OF EMPLOYMENT’. Get this: The government of the Bahamas issued a new 2009 Malibu for the Ministry of Health.  It was assigned to a high-ranking officer to ride around in. But the ride was so soft and enjoyable, the officer decided the car should be kept home for her own enjoyment. And so, to the surprise of BP’s investigative team, we have uncovered a war chest of receipts. We found receipts applied to the Government account of Nassau Motor Company [NMC] in the thousands in claimed repairs on the 2009 luxury sedan – [Some we have posted below for your review [FREEDOM OF INFORMATION]]. We understand the senior government officer racked up the bill at NMC, then, with the assistance of another officer in the government, worked a deal to allow that same Malibu luxury sedan to be purchased by her, without the asset being offered for public tender. Evidence shown to us confirmed some $4,000 was “borrowed” from the department account [MOH] by the senior officer to purchase the damn car for himself. WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS? The real value of the Malibu at the time of sale, according to car dealers, stood at around $15,000, yet the senior officer [who we believe stole the public car] sold it to herself for $4,000! Now if that ain’t a thief, then yinner please tell me what it is? We understand a Cabinet Paper has been issued on the matter, and sources deep in the department tell us an option has been placed on the table. We, however, have one conclusion in this: the public officer is to return the public’s Malibu IMMEDIATELY…and then be FIRED FROM THE PUBLIC SERVICE WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT from the Ministry of Health forthwith! YOU CANNOT HAVE THIEVES WATCHING THE DAMN COOKIE JAR!!!! It is amazing when things like this occur not a damn word is heard in the press or from the opposition…We wonder why? Perhaps this is normal behaviour for them! MUMS DA WORD! BP is live looking out for the PEOPLE’S ASSETS! We report yinner decide! SHOWN BELOW ARE INVOICES RACKED UP IN JUST MONTHS BEFORE THE VEHICLE WAS SOLD!  Read More →
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