When were we going to know and how many not caught are walking around in Nassau today – undocumented???… Some sailing into the Bahamas over the weekend had broken out of prison in Haiti official confirm. No finger printing – No digital photo IDs – No eye scans of illegal migrants proves detention and repatriation is a waste of time and money!!! Why is technology not being used to get a grip on this vexing issue? Nassau/Haiti – You would remember how in a the report recently there were several hundred harden criminals, who had escaped a jail in Haiti, in a major prison break early this month. Well, three of those prisoners were found in the Bahamas and we ‘Joe Public’ have yet to know. You would remember in early August gunmen attacked Haiti’s main prison from within and without on Sunday August 10th, freeing 329 inmates, including a member of a prominent family who faces kidnapping charges. Clifford Brandt, that son of a prominent Haitian businessman, and at least two of his associates were captured at a border between Haiti and the DR with the help of Dominican police. And now Bahamas Press has learnt Cantave Estimé, Marckendy Malval and Bendy Datien, 3 men who escaped from the Prison of Croix-des-Bouquets and part of a group of 104 migrants to the Bahamas were intercepted at sea by the RBDF and US Coast Guard officers, a collaboration between the National Police of Haiti (PNH) and the Bahamas. BP understands The Superior Council of the National Police (CSPN) has taken all measures to ensure the repatriated of the prisoners soon as possible. What we find interesting is their eagerness to get the prisoners, but almost no concern for the 101 other migrants. WHAT IN DA HELL IS THIS?! Bahamian authorities have no identification with all Haitian nationals fleeing to the Bahamas, and therefore, the ability of the Bahamas to identify who is who was near impossible. There is no finger printing. No digital ID and no eye scanning of Haitians fleeing or entering the Bahamas illegally. So… what we have is a revolving door. Haitian authorities renewed – following the arrests of the prisoners – their determination to capture, all escapees from the prison of Croix-des-Bouquets. What must concern Bahamas Press and the wider Bahamian community is this: When were we going to be told this breaking news? And, wonder how many weren’t intercepted and now walk among us – UNDOCUMENTED…??? What a crisis! Bahamas Press is concerned with an already high blood sucking crime problem – WE THE BAHAMAIN PEOPLE CANNOT TAKE ON ANYMORE PEOPLE MUCH LESS CRIMINAL!!!! WHAT IS DIS? When were we going to know? There you have it folks – Da WUTLESS MEDIA DEM chasing behind BIG SEXY – while your national business and major issues facing the country goes unreported…BP IS LIVE! We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Police now holding key evidence which link suspects to the crime scene…. Murdered victim and BIS employee Latore Mackey... Victim met up with the wrong people at the wrong time in the wrong area details in the case reveal…. Nassau, Bahamas – Breaking News coming early this morning confirms police have their case wrapped up in the death of BIS Deputy Director, Latore Mackey. Bahamas Press is live at this hour outside CDU where can report an arraignment of two young men shall come at 2pm today in the courts. Sources deep into the investigation tell us Police have collected damning evidence, which contains the blood of the victim the suspects now in custody and have attained a confession to murder the government employee. We also know the details, which shall be presented in documents before the courts tomorrow, and all we could say is this, WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS? Bahamas Press will remain tight-lipped on the matter until the case is presented before a judge tomorrow afternoon. BP IS LIVE! We report yinner decide!  Read More →
The Supreme Court building in downtown Nassau. Freeport, Bahamas – A 20 year old male is sentenced to (3) three years for killing in the course of dangerous driving. Reports are that on Thursday 28th August 2014, Tyral Hepburn age 20 years of #100 Mallory Lane, Grand Bahama was arraigned before Magistrate Debbye Ferguson in Magistrate Court #1 for killing in the course of dangerous driving. He pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to (3) three years at Her Majesty’s Prison in New Providence. This is in connection with a matter that was reported to the police on Wednesday 6thFebruary 2013.  Read More →
The Prime Minister discusses the Bahamas Carnival with Junkanoo Leaders in Grand Bahama. Also pictured at this meeting at right are Minister of Tourism the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe, Minister for Grand Bahama the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture the Hon. Dr. Daniel Johnson, and Bahamas Carnival Commission Chairman Paul Major. FREEPORT, Grand Bahama – Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie visited Grand Bahama August 28, to expand the launch of the first ever Bahamas Carnival. The mega event is planned for May 2015 and will allow for Bahamians and visitors from around the world to immerse themselves in the music and culture of The Bahamas. Bahamas Carnival “In The Spirit of Junkanoo” was officially launched in New Providence on Wednesday night by the Prime Minister, whose idea it was to stage the mega event. It is envisioned there will be four events in one weekend designed, as the organizers say, “to let loose in The Bahamas,” immersing in its rich medley of arts, crafts, and music. “Junkamania” will kick it off the first day, between 8 p.m. and 12 a.m., when participants will feel the rhythm, the music of junkanoo and the soul of the Bahamian people; “Music Masters” will follow when people from around the globe can witness the best Bahamian musicians sharing the spotlight with a Grammy-award winning artist on a stage built for stars; “Midnight Rush” between 12a.m. and 6 a.m. when all can participate in sweet Junkanoo street rush; and “Road Fever,” the main masquerade, in the capital 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. that will showcase an epic collage of costumes, colour and culture on parade in front of the most iconic grandstand crossing of any carnival in the world. Prime Minister Christie traveled to Grand Bahama along with Tourism Minister the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe; Minister for Youth, Sports and Culture the Hon. Dr. Danny Johnson; and members of the Bahamas Carnival Commission headed by Mr. Paul Major. Prime Minister Christie brought the message of involvement to the Junkanoo community of Grand Bahama during a meeting at the Ministry for Grand Bahama, then went on to meet with more than 100 persons from the business community to encourage their active participation in the event.While meeting with the Junkanoo group leaders, the Prime Minister said he wants to create a platform to take Junkanoo to the world, and that he wants Grand Bahama to be a major participant, with involvement from the business community. He noted, “we have not yet found the formula to take our culture and integrate it into our economy and make money for the people who are practitioners in our culture.” According to the Prime Minister “we have not taken advantage of a billion-dollar tourism economy and maximized the return on it for the people who spend their lifetime making other people happy as participants in culture. “We you look to other countries and there are three hundred plus Carnivals in the world. When you look at other countries you see that the people who are leading in those enterprises make money from it,” he said. Mr. Christie said that he had been sitting with Percy “Vola” Francis and the late Gus Cooper for years, lamenting the fact that they are artistic geniuses who have not really benefited economically, while there is “no parallel in the world for people with their talent and what they do, their output culturally, there is no way to explain it.” He recalled returning to The Bahamas on an aircraft with the Tourism Minister and telling Mr. Wilchcombe that he was going to start a festival by whatever name similar to Carnival. According to Mr. Christie, the decisive intervention for him was when Gus Cooper and Vola Francis came to him and said to make this work, they would bury their differences as Saxons and Valley Boys, form a company jointly together, and they would begin the process. The Prime Minister recalled then going out and finding Paul Major to head the Commission, and finding leading businesspersons in the country to be a part of the Commission. (BIS Photos/Vandyke Hepburn)  Read More →
BP update now running on Social Media…. Freeport — BP now live at scene of an accident involving an EMS vehicle on Grand Bahama. We can tell you the incident occurred just after 5:35pm near Russell and Pinder Funeral Home… Some persons were transported to hospital. The incident occurred when a gray Honda pulled across the EMS vehicle….BP iis LIVE… Mother Pratt sure showed Big Sexy Loretta what a damn liar she is. MOTHER came out tonight and reminded how between 2002 to 2007 she was the blame for all criminal activity when she was Minister for National Security. Pratt said people like BiG Sexy must stop making crime a political problem and let us all work together and find a solution to help young men…. Robbery caught LIVE ON CAM! Help catch the culprits…. Now these people need your help. Reader of BP ask we post this incident where bandits in a gray Honda Van stole a Water Pump from a resident BIG Saturday… If you can identify this vehicle or persons spotted in the vehicle – PLEASE CALL THE POLICE OR BP! Check this out on Bodie Show…. A green man supporter called into Orthalnd H. Bodie show today saying he is supporting the DNA because they have an app. [WELL WAIT!] Bodie response: “An App? You ga vote for an app? What about the philosophy and ideology of the party? BP response: BODIE! Dhow them Dumb Niggas Again [DNA] my good side…BP gat an app to. In Fact, we have a website with more than 500,000 global followers. If that supporter ga vote for an App. he mussy ga die for BP eh?…. WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS! Gov. Vehicle driving recklessly and dangerously on the streets… Vehicle registered to the Supreme Courts.... Check this government vehicle out… READER Say: BP I wanna put this vehicle on blast…..They over take me this morning, hit my mirror and did not even stop to say sorry…then had the nerve to stop on the damn red light….Boy these type of vehicles with these license plate are something else…I AM OUT..SMH… From the looks of things this vehicle is register to the courts….what is this?  Read More →
Fiscal Corrections are Necessary! Dear Editor, Over the weekend a handful of persons were up and down in the streets, supported by the Oligarchs, to oppose the introduction of necessary fiscal corrections with the introduction of VAT! The people opposing the plan will tell you the cost of living will rise and people will suffer. The good question really is who will be raising the prices? Without VAT Bahamians saw last year these same merchants raising prices to their advantage, claiming all kinds of reasons why they must stick it to the consumer. What they know – and refuse to let you know – is that VAT is necessary to make sure they all pay their fair share of taxes, many of which they don’t presently pay. Taxes are collected to pay for roads, bridges, government services and are used to carry the cost of maintaining government buildings. When we don’t collect taxes, and money on our country’s credit card falls short, we must borrow. And when we borrow – what happens? WE PAY HUGE INTEREST FEES! Successive Governments have allowed that card to max out without paying attention to what would develop if we fail to meet our obligations. For the first time the Government has decided to address the situation by tightening its expenditures and closing the areas down where losses in revenue have been allowed. VAT will now assist in addressing the urgent need to curb deficit borrowing. Yet, despite this urgency, those who perhaps would like to see Bahamians suffer are campaigning to not allow the financial doctors the chance to do what must be done. Wake up Bahamas – VAT IS NECESSARY! Sign, E. Laing  Read More →
Delano Brice had revived following shooting in Quakoo Street on Saturday.... Murder count now 83…. Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press has learnt that shooting victim on Quakoo Street, who was attending a repass on Saturday afternoon has died in hospital. Bahamas Press understands Delano Brice, the victim shown here in the street like an animal passed in hospital last evening. He was shot in the neck by an attacker in broad daylight. May he rest in peace.  Read More →
BREAKING NEWS >>> Police have taken into custody a minor and are investigating an incident of molestation of two girls, an 8-year-old and a 5-year-old. The young suspect now in the care of the state is just 15-years-old. The mother of the 15-year-old son, we understand, was partying like a rock-star in Grand Bahama, chasing after a piece a man when the incident occurred. The children were all spending time together at the grandmother’s house when the little girls were molested. Meanwhile, BP is reporting a fire this morning in the east where a three month old perished. Three kids [the infant, a 5 and 6yrs-old] were all left home by the parents in ‘Lizzy’. We understand, as the blaze began, the smaller children ran out leaving the baby inside. According to reports, shortly after 10:00 pm, Police received a report of a house fire at St. Vincent Avenue, Elizabeth Estates. On arrival at the scene, firefighters found the house fully engulfed in flames. After the fire was extinguished, firefighters discovered the remains of an infant child burned beyond recognition. And get this: The mother was at work, leaving the kids with the father. He slipped out to somewhere leaving the children with the uncle – that uncle left the home to do only what the Master knows – and thus the kids were left all alone to face the fire. The young three month old perished. What a country! WHAT A COUNTRY!!!! Parents deserve to be shot in this day and time… We report yinner decide.  Read More →
Biker was without helmet… But we refuse to learn…. BREAKING UPDATE >>> Man on motorbike without helmet dies following accident on Grand Bahama…. Freeport, Grand Bahama – A thirty six year old male is dead after he was involved in a traffic accident on East Atlantic Drive in Freeport. Reports are that on Monday 25th August 2014 shortly before 8:00 pm, a traffic accident occurred involving a black Yamaha motorbike driven by a male and a 1991 black Lexus that was driven by a female. The driver of the motorbike was reportedly going south on East Atlantic Drive when he reportedly collided with the driver of the Lexus near the junction of Tamarind Street. The driver of the motorbike received injuries about the body and was taken to the Rand Memorial Hospital via EMS personnel. Both vehicles received damages. On Tuesday 26th August 2014 shortly after 10:00am, the male driver of the motorbike died while in the Intensive Care at the Rand Memorial Hospital.Investigations are ongoing in this matter.  Read More →
Body of BIS Deputy Director Latore Mackey being loaded into a van Monday morning. Latore Mackey is country's latest homicide victim... Nassau, Bahamas — Detectives understand money was on the BIS officer, who has closed down his nightclub on West Bay Street, but get this; no money was taken. Some believe the men now under arrest were employees of the Government employee who also owned a club in Western New Providence, however, that cannot be confirmed at this time by BP. Mackey lived in eastern New Providence, but what took him into White Road before 4:30am Monday morning is still being explored. POLICE REPORT: POLICE ARREST FOUR SUSPECTS IN MONDAY MORNING’S HOMICIDE POLICE have made four arrests in the ongoing investigation in to the murder of Latore Mackey that occurred on Monday 25th August 2014. According to reports, between 1:30pm and 3:20pm on Tuesday 26th August 2014, a team of officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit acting on intelligence arrested a 24 –year old man of Palmeto Avenue, a 22 – year old man of Young Close, a 20 – year old man Bimini Avenue and an 18 – year old male of Young Close in connection with Mackey’s murder. POLICE ARREST SUSPECTS IN TWO OTHER MURDERS POLICE took into custody on Tuesday 26th August 2014,two men for questioning reference to two additional murders. The first arrest occurred around 12:35pm, when Flying Squad Officers acting on intelligence arrested a 20 – year old man of Kemp Road in connection with the murder of George Nixon that occurred on Thursday 21st August 2014 and the murder of Charles Davis that occurred on Sunday 24th August 2014.  Read More →
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