Tweet Politricks in The Bahamas: 2017 Is Coming Faster Than You Think Prime Minister Christie responds with facts and not red-herrings to State Department Da player gettin’ married!! Nassau, Bahamas — Like Kermit Da Frog, Bahamas Press is sitting back and watching so many political plots unfold but ‘dats’ none of our business. In the PLP, Obie Wilchcombe, thinks he has everyone fooled. He is running for leader of the PLP and trying to distance himself from his PLP colleagues, carrying on like he is not in agreement with governmental decisions. This all started when Wilchcombe decided he would step out on a platform and come up against the government and announce what he thinks should be done in the case of the failing Baha Mar which was not in alignment with what the PLP government is doing. That was the launch of his bid for leadership in the PLP. He plans on going in deeper but The Bahamas will be shocked to know who is sanctioning him. Word on the streets is that the SNITCH collected $130,000 to say what he said. Wilchcombe’s backer is a high ranking PLP who no doubt has control over the party’s stalwart councilors. Obie plans on marrying his long time lover the former ZNS reporter and settling down all in a bid to be prime minister after he has won the leadership of the PLP. What in da hell is dis!!?? Da player gettin’ married!! Wedding song for the occasion will be “At Last” by Etta James. Hubert Ingraham told Bahamians to vote no even after he issued licenses to all the new webshop operators! Will Bahamians GAMBLE with this JOKER AGAIN? – BELIEVE IN CORRUPTION! Meanwhile in the RED CIRCLE, the former Prime Minister and defunct leader of the FNM, Hubert Ingraham, is plotting and ready to reveal his intention to come back as leader of the red party. The post is currently being led by Dr. Hubert Minnis Minnis, who is a dynamic Member of Parliament for the constituency of Killarney and who was the only FNM who was re-elected to his seat by an even larger majority in 2012. But today operatives of Ingraham [Frank Watson et al] would have you believe he is struggling as leader of the FNM. According to Watson, Ingraham and Co. – Minnis is losing popularity every day and is too stubborn to get help or give it up to someone who can handle it. From what BP has learned though, Minnis is also receptive to VERY WRONG advice from a drunk, red skinned FNM man who nobody respects. We believe that is the main problem right there! Unlike Minnis, Ingraham has the big White Knight money men behind him. He has kissed up committing all kinds of “Toss Salad Exercises” to sellout Bahamians to these men! And he has been doing that long enough for them to feel loyal to him and for them to know he is loyal to them and open to be their KING puppet once he regains leadership. They are not that into Minnis because he refuses to accept their advice and bend down to gain their loyalty. Additionally, they see his leadership as a hand off to the PLP to win the 2017 election. They are wrong! Meanwhile, the ailing PAPA is still struggling on to hold his Sunday morning political training meetings with the country’s young politician’s in a popular coffee house out West. Many Sunday morning while BP is mixing the morning coffee for the crew, therein comes one of the the National Review writers to collect her weekly column. We see them, and watch them closely! Come 2017 those young politicians will try to be Ingraham’s candidates for the general elections, but that would mean war and a deadly bloodbath inside the party! This will be fun! The best bet for the Opposition, if Minnis won’t step down as leader, is for the DNA to join forces with the red party and be a force to reckon with. But we not giving them any ideas. Each party for themselves and God for them all. And Besides, we have not yet given up yet on the PLP! We Report Yinna Decide!!!  Read More →
Tweet KB: What a Spiteful Fella! By Jerry Roker For Bahamas Press I have been consistently speaking to the drop in our national standards, while bemoaning the disrespectful manner in which we treat our fellow citizens. We have become a nation of ‘no manners people’ who have no regard for our fellow citizens. It is as though we have tossed out of our psyche things like kindness, respect, manners and civility. For the most part, we behave in a manner that suits our person at any given time and we will cuss, fight and malign anyone that gets in our path. Take for instance, the recently released song penned my local artist KB, referencing our political leaders as clowns. Obviously KB is still pissed over the staging of The Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, which he strenuously opposed, then supported, only to oppose it again. The real clown is him. To used his professional notoriety as a songwriter/entertainer to exact revenge, is indeed petty. In my opinion he crossed the line of decency and respect. I am aware that there are those who supports KB’s spiteful and downright disrespectful attempt at revenge. The have every right to do so and I respect that. They would point to several previous releases by local artists, notably “The Roads Dem Dig UP,” and “Tell Ingraham I need One Job,” that were generally accepted as acceptable social commentary at the time. These two songs are class acts when compared to the personal stuff contained in KB’s latest effort. They are acceptable social commentary while the “clown” song emanates from a bitter, spiteful and unhappy mind. KB went out of his way to be mean-spirited and very personal. His immaturity and selfishness is suffocating. He has gone where, to the best of my knowledge and belief, no other artist of any renown has gone. He prostituted his professionalism in an ill-fated attempt to obtain revenge. KB should be ashamed of himself!  Read More →
Tweet Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie By Simon Lewis Bahamas Information Services FREEPORT, Grand Bahama – Prime Minister the Right Honourable Perry Gladstone Christie on Friday morning described the late Sir Albert Miller as a man of legendary status and one who made a tremendous impact on the growth and development of Grand Bahama Island and the country as a whole. The Prime Minister was participating in the official viewing of Sir Albert’s body, which on Friday lay in repose at the Gerald Bartlett Police Headquarters in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Born February 19, 1926 at Long Island, Sir Albert was 89 when he passed away on August 18th 2015. He served for more than thirty years as a senior executive of the Grand Bahama Port Authority, retiring as Co-Chairman of the company. Prior to that Sir Albert was a distinguished police officer having received many colonial medals. He joined the Force in 1943 and rose to the rank of Deputy Commissioner. He was an outstanding businessman, owning and holding shares in many companies. He was a Rotarian and former Chairman of the Grand Bahama Island Tourism Board and was quite active in the Anglican Church. Addressing family members and several Cabinet Members assembled in the tastefully decorated foyer of the Gerald Bartlett Police Headquarters Mr. Christie said “here lies one of the great men of our time.” Continuing, the nation’s leader said that if the story is properly told of Albert Miller “he would be represented for his children and their children, and their children’s children as one whose life typified greatness.” Mr. Christie stressed that the late Sir Albert was not born with wealth, and given an opportunity he maximized that opportunity in every aspect of his life. Also, that wherever there were challenges, Mr. Miller continued maximising opportunities, and lived a life that is clearly indicative of accepting every challenge and overcoming many challenges. He said that Mr. Miller walked with kings and kept the common touch. The Prime Minister added that he had the opportunity to meet and talk with Sir Albert just prior to his death, “and satisfy myself that he had run his full course and he was absolutely satisfied with the race he had run. “He knew completely that he had done all that he was expected, and even more to do, and felt good about it. And he was able to see this very occasion here that there would be his passing and our coming together to celebrate his life. “We came down, my colleagues and myself to demonstrate of behalf of the country our esteemed privilege we have had in knowing him,” he said. Mr. Christie feels that the life story of Sir Albert must be captioned. “This life (Sir Albert) is too meaningful to allow it to go into oblivion in history. The achievement is too powerful not to have it be used as a source of inspiration for young generations yet unborn, who would know that a man came from Long Island and became the best police officer and became the best corporate man, became the best daddy, the best husband. God bless him and may he rest in peace,” the Prime Minister concluded.    Read More →
Tweet Rebels are destroying hard earned tax dollars to build the country! Ambulance later recovered by police down the street. What we ga do when we allow the rebels breakup all the Ambulances? NASSAU, Bahamas — According to reports, shortly after 7:30pm on Saturday 29th August 2015, an EMS ambulance from the Public Hospital Authority was dispatched to a home located at Herbert’s Way, Joan’s Heights West to attend to an elderly female in need of medical attention. On arrival at the scene the medical attendants exited the 2006 Ford F-350 ambulance and went inside of the home. Shortly thereafter, a young male jumped into the ambulance and sped off crashing into two vehicles. The suspect then alighted from the ambulance and fled on foot. The ambulance and the two vehicles were extensively damaged. Police is searching for the suspect. What do you think will happen to the country when we allow these rogues burn down and destroy all the ambulances? What village yinner think that suspect fled in? We report yinner decide!  Read More →
Tweet BP SUNDAY SPECIAL >>> Could Stellar Waste be behind the recent fires at the New Providence Landfill? And why is a new Environmental Group and Stellar Waste be located in the same location? BP has intel that some people are organizing and recruiting “Arsonists” to create problems at the Landfill! Nassau, Bahamas – As the death toll in the Chinese port city of Tianjin continues to rise where some 145 people are reported dead following a massive explosion and fire in that city late this month, Bahamas Press has opened a month long investigation at the city dumpsite following a spate of fires in the area. In January this year, the media were told a series of fires at the New Providence Landfill were caused by a “concentrated arson attacks on the site and facilities,” according to officials. BP, becoming very concerned about these developments, began tracking down why these incidents were occurring so frequently with almost no focus on them by the public. But, as our investigations opened, we were taken to Sandyport where a familiar group surfaced. Does anyone remember the group Stellar Waste to Energy Bahamas? Yeah! The group who circulated a letter of intent which stated that they had an agreement with the Government of the Bahamas to produce waste to energy at the New Providence Landfill. That shameful scandal embroiled an MP where the government, through a signed LOI, was committed by the MP. BUT NO DOCUMENT WAS ON ANY FILE IN THE GOVERNMENT NOR WAS EVER THERE ANY DOCUMENT APPROVED BY THE CABINET! Unbelievable! Stellar Waste’s offices are located in Sandy Port! But here’s more. Just before these recent fires in May of this year, a strange, newly organized local environmental group told the Tribune that “they are moving forward with plans to host the first in a series of air quality monitoring projects around the island of New Providence in the coming months.” In that May 20th report, the Organisers of Raise Awareness about the Bahamas Landfill (RABL) indicated that the projects would consist of placing portable air monitoring equipment in various homes to test the population’s exposure to toxic air pollutants. Our investigations initially didn’t make the connection between RABL and Stellar Waste, but a closer and more detailed inspection of the faces behind the two groups has uncovered an interesting thing. Intel shared with Bahamas Press tells us some arsonists are being recruited to start up fires at the New Providence Landfill. That information, which we hope police and authorities will now look into more closely, could possibly prove a connection between the company who sought to use a fraudulent document to take control over the landfill and another new environmental group who claim they are now testing air quality in the area. We have identified one of the RABL’s cofounders to be Laura Paine, who we understand works out of the Essex Law Chambers – guess where? Also in Sandyport – just near the offices of Stellar Waste. Stellar Waste’s office is also in Sandyport, and, according to our intel, is “actively grooming recruits” for only the Good Master knows! Why is the RABL group setting up air quality testing at the Landfill and not at Potter’s Cay Dock? Is there a connection between the environmental group and Stellar Waste? We also find it strange that just days after air testing was to commence at the landfill – fires began happening! We call on the POWERS THAT BE TO LOOK CLOSER INTO THIS AND AVOID a serious threat that could be brewing by criminals! We ga report yinner decide – and our investigations shall continue!  Read More →
Tweet By Jerry Roker for Bahamas Press The Bahamas must embrace and welcome the talent, ideas, life-skills and experience that every Bahamian offers, as we push forward to creating the 21st century Bahamian society we all aspire to design. Every Bahamian must step forward to make a difference for our nation. But we harbour among us a group of arrogant, chest-thumping zealots who believe they are this nation’s intellectual elite, who tout their pseudo-intellectual leanings as though they are the Bahamian intelligentsia, but hardly provide any positive, constructive role for our society. These folks align themselves with Opposition politics, and denounce Government as dumb and unintelligent. This group believes they are the nation’s paragon of virtue and moral living, ignoring their own questionable personal ethics. They bandy around words like accountability, transparency and corruption with little content attached to these terms, propagating meaningless connotation of popular soundbites. Certain media houses, some with their own personal, subjective axes to grind, use hysterical soundbites from these babblers to distort the image of The Bahamas. The FNM has culled together quite a few of these myopic minds in its fold. The DNA maybe in its drive to attract membership and support, left its ranks opened to any and everybody, and so anybody with disgruntled and discontented feelings against Government and the FNM gravitated to that party. These pseudo-intellectuals use social media to propagate views and opinions that lack objectivity, rational analysis and objective thinking. So, with an Opposition party backing them, and with certain media houses lending credibility to them, this group gained a lot of traction, in the process damaging the image of our nation. The DNA seems not to care who it attracts to its ranks, with any and everybody who shows up at its doors welcomed: the common meeting point seems to be hatred for the PLP and vengeance against certain FNM leaders, and revenge for perceived personal wrongs. This common theme in many folks who turned Opposition against Government seems to be the primary driver in Opposition politics. Of course, nothing is wrong with a group of disgruntled souls, believing themselves to be the nation’s intellectual elite, taking to social media and Opposition-minded national forums to vent their views: after all, we’re a fully developed democracy, and we encourage diverse opinions and freedom of thought and freedom of expression. The Bahamian national stage is democratic, free and open. However, we must be careful that we put things into proper perspective. These pseudo-intellectuals not only believe themselves to be The Bahamas’ greatest thinkers today, but they also believe there are the best and brightest among us. We must encourage and attract young intellectuals to the national conversation, and to cause authentic engagement. But such young minds must engage citizens with objective analysis, rational sense and independent thought. Our nation would only achieve its potential if we tap into the human capital of every Bahamian citizen, including our bright young folks. The inherent intellectual asset resident in the talents, skills, life experiences and knowledge of the Bahamian nation, wrapped up in every Bahamian, is vital to us achieving what’s possible for us. Every Bahamian plays an important role in developing the Bahamian nation. Our individual human capital adds up to our national human capital. This idea of our human resource capital is important: it’s the most crucial asset we own as a nation. But we cannot allow a few vocal, vociferous voices to hijack this capital pool believing they form the national elite of our human resource capital, and that they know how to think for us, and what they say is absolute gospel. This group has been operating with immunity, touting themselves as sensible, rational and virtuous. But their constant negativity, unproductive rhetoric and harsh language show them up for their deliberate damaging of the image of our Bahamas. People who really care for our nation would not allow their own base emotional reactions to cloud their contribution to the Bahamian social space. Citizens who really care to play an engaging, constructive role on the national stage would go out of their way to be productive, rational, objective in sharing their views, opinions and ideas with us. But this pseudo-intellectual group never, ever sees anything positive about The Bahamas, instead using their vociferous platforms to shout down anybody they don’t agree with, cussing down anybody not lining up with their feelings, and assassinating the character of folks who support the freely and fairly elected Government of this nation. We must welcome Bahamians to play a role in our nation, especially our bright young citizens. Bahamians are enterprising, bright, innovative people. We generate new ideas and innovative solutions as a way of life, as our lifestyle. So we welcome the hand and heart and mind of every single Bahamian in the task of development and propelling us into a classy 21st century society. But we want such engagements to make a positive, constructive difference, to inspire us and lift us, to motivate us, to cause us to believe in ourselves.  Read More →
Tweet Two shooting incidents One man dead! Nassau, Bahamas – Police seek public’s help in solving two shooting incidents that has left a man dead and two men detain in hospital Saturday 29th August 2015. In the first incident, shortly after 12:00am, a man was leaving a nightclub located on Faith Avenue South, when he was shot in the arm. The victim was transported to hospital where he remains in stable condition. In the second incident, shortly before 2:00am, police received a report of a shooting incident at Minnie Street. When police arrived on the scene they met the lifeless body of a man with multiple gunshot wounds and another man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The man with suffering from multiple gunshot wounds was transported to hospital, where he remains in serious condition. Investigations are ongoing.  Read More →
Tweet OAKES FIELD AND GROSVENOR CLOSE CAMPUSES The public is advised that due to Tropical Storm Erika, The College of The Bahamas Oakes Field and Grosvenor Close Campuses will close effective Friday, August 28 th , 2015 at 6:00 p.m. This means that all classes previously scheduled to begin at or after 6:00 p.m. have been suspended. Operations at the Harry C. Moore Library and Information Centre will also close at 6:00 p.m. Friday until further notice. On Saturday, August 29 th , the Oakes Field and Grosvenor Close Campuses, inclusive of the Harry C. Moore Library and Information Centre and Chapter One Bookstore, will remain closed. No classes will be held on Saturday and all activities previously scheduled for any College of The Bahamas facility on Saturday, Sunday and Monday have been suspended. On Monday, August 31 st , the Oakes Field and Grosvenor Close Campuses, including the Harry C. Moore Library and Information Centre and the Chapter One Bookstore, will remain closed until further notice. All essential service staff members in the Security Department, Office of Information Technology and Physical Plant Department must report for duty as assigned. NORTHERN BAHAMAS CAMPUS The Northern Bahamas Campus in East Grand Bahama will close effective Saturday, August 29 th at 12 noon and will remain closed on Monday, August 31 st and Tuesday, September 1 st until further notice. RESUMPTION OF OPERATIONS Following the passage of Erika and after the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has issued the official “all clear”, a thorough assessment will be conducted of all College facilities and a subsequent notice will be issued regarding the resumption of operations and classes at the respective campuses. College of The Bahamas faculty, staff and students should closely monitor all official COB communication channels (website – , emails and social media channels) as well as the national news media for announcements and updates related to contingencies and operations at The College.  Read More →
Tweet BTC begins back-to-school charity tour in Andros iVolunteers: The BTC community service corps, the iVolunteers, assisted with eye exams, games and activities, and handing out backpacks and school supplies at the 3rd Annual School Aid. Many volunteers traveled from other islands to lend a hand at the event. Nassau, Bahamas – Its back-to-school time and BTC is back at it, assisting over 200 Androsian school children, and 60 parents to prepare for the new school year at their 3rd Annual School Aid event. This is the first time that the event has been held outside of Nassau, and also the first time it was open to the public. At the event, 11 iVolunteers, BTC’s community service corps, assisted with the activities as students enjoyed games, health screenings, food and drinks, face painting and a wide range of other entertainment to help participants get in gear for September. Each student received a BTC backpack filled with school supplies and BTC provided back-to-school haircuts and styles for the students, with a barber and salon stall on site. The parents were also encouraged to join in, receiving seminars on parenting, good health, and nutrition. The Karaoke King of Nassau flew in to entertain the crowds and gave participants chances to win free giveaways and phone cards. Christopher Hinsey, BTC Senior Manager, Andros, said that he was pleased with the event and looks forward to seeing it grow. “We decided to have it here in Central Andros for the first time, serving the students from Behring Point to Stafford Creek,” said Mr. Hinsey. “It was a real success and I believe the kids enjoyed themselves, they are still talking about it! It was good for the parents to also get out and participate. The greatest part of it is that we [BTC] were able to partner with the community. I think this is something that the kids would be looking forward to and we will only see greater participation in the future. We have made a really indelible impression.” iVolunteer and BTC Marketing team member Ajna Darling said that the staff members who volunteer simply want to bolster the children’s self-esteem. “Some students aren’t fortunate enough to afford a heavy duty school bag,” she said. “We want them to feel just as good about themselves as the students that can.” The event is part of a series of initiatives that BTC is spearheading for the back-to-school season. The company plans to have another School Aid event in Exuma to coincide with the opening of the BTC sponsored Rolleville Library later in September. In addition, BTC has donated t-shirts to COB freshman orientation and donated school supplies to their adopted home, the Bight Mission Home, in Cat Island. BTC will be hosting a myriad of additional events for students throughout the first months of the term. The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) is the leading telecoms operator in The Bahamas. BTC is jointly owned by Cable & Wireless Communications (51%) and the Government of The Bahamas (49%). Barber: An Androsian child gets a complimentary haircut at the barber stall at BTC’s School Aid event in Central Andros. This is the first year the event is being held in Andros, and the 3rd year over all.  Read More →
Tweet Criminal suspect Rony Jean dressed in police uniform driving around in stolen vehicle cornered after committing crime.By Jerry Roker for Bahamas Press Unfortunately, police officers encounter lawbreakers on a regular basis. Unfortunately, some resist arrest. Some flee. These are simply occupational conditions of being an officer — an admittedly tough job that few of us would sign up to do. But none of those offenses grant a license to gun a man down. A life is the most precious, most valuable thing in creation. It cannot be casually ended. It cannot be callously taken. It must always be honored and protected, and the person living it needn’t be perfect; he or she is human. The bar of justification for extrajudicial killings is high, and necessarily so, even among suspects accused of crimes. How much more problematic could killings be of people who don’t live to get a trial? It is tragic to somehow try to falsely equate what appear to be bad decisions made by criminals and those made by the officers who killed them. There is no moral equivalency between running and killing, and anyone who argues this obdurate absurdity reveals a deficiency in their own humanity. Death is not the appropriate punishment for disobedience. Being entrusted with power does not shield imprudent use of power. If you are approached by a police officer, the prudent thing to do would be to comply with their request. You should not run, or otherwise seek to make good your escape, but no one should be killed for running. Yes, being a police officer is no picnic. It legitimately makes one ask why would anyone want to become a police officer. How can we address concerns about ‘use of force,’ how can we address concerns about officer-involved shootings if we do not have the circumstances of those incidents? We simply must improve the way we collect and analyze data to see the true nature of what’s happening in all of our communities. There will be investigations and Coroner’s Court hearings for all of these cases. Evidence will be examined and presented. It is proper to wait for that. But any exculpatory evidence must justify this use of force, not simply seek to excuse it. That will most likely be a high bar. We must wait and see. But it is important to remember that waiting is a luxury of time afforded to the living. Time has ceased for those killed.  Read More →
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