Do you support the present Government?

Do you support the present Government?

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    PLP all the way ..

  • Zero, Son of The Bahamas

    PLP all the way ..

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Donnie Hall

    No sir they are bias and all for me crowd.

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... ronnie sands

    i do. support the goverment. but want see more, help from central goverment. like. the roads. in central abaco. and the new airport. finished and open.

  • florencewilson

    yes i support the present government 80%

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... rick pratt

    @Kelly, totally agree…

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... cooprboy

    @ Vanessa Cash: ”…small brains & memory loss, God hands upon this Leader and he’s the Moses to lead us through the Red Sea to the Promised land…?” Well, the only Red Sea Mr HAI led his ‘sea of Red’ followers, was to the bottom of the Red Sea. So I guess it was God who destroyed Pharoah’s host in the Red Sea never to be seen again.

    “Without vision, the ‘people’ perish.” Unfortunately, the Leader always seems to survived the destruction which usually annihilated their consummate but blind followers. Like your former leader ýou promote to the status of Moses, just like the captain of the ill-fated ‘Acaica’ off Italy, Mr HAI deserted the crew members & passengers, at the first sign of disaster.

    ”I’m a failure! I have failed thee! If voted out of officers, I deserved more punishment than that!”

    Well as ýou know, the good people of the Bahamas did not dare to disobey ‘yinna papa’ and did exactly what he proffered. They delivered what the spineless MP’s & bamboozled, hoodwinked, run-a-mucked, led astray & been had supporters, were too weak or unwilling to have done! Peace!

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Miri

    Totally support the FNM< they will be returned to power. However I notice your poll numbers DO NOT CHANGE. whats up with that ? You too PLP to be FAIR ? shame on you BP, all you are is a mouth piece for the PLP. Good Luck With that. Lmao

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... STONE-MAN

    I support the current Government 100% because under the current Global situation, I think they doing an excellent job.

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... noel

    rate government excellent


    NO!!!!The Present Government has also promised civil servants increments since july of 2011, and they havent yet paid it, it has now been pushed to the back of the burner and they saying increments will now be paid out in 2013 wow, thats a whole year extra civil servants must wait for a increment and some of these civil servants has it tough, schooling for their kids, car insurance , house insurance, light, water , cable and other bills such as loans and credit cards and these are just to name a few and most of us civil servants are not making a big salary, i cry shame on this present government for failing the civil servants and making promises to us and never did it.

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Bahamian Indeed

    Kelly to implicate that Bahamians are not intelligent if they do not support the current Government is the perfect example of an unintelligent individual. It hurts me even more if you are a Bahamian. Even RT. HAI encourage democracy earlier in his term. Speaking as a Bahamian 13 year civil servant I do not like the way the Bahamas is being manged by the current Government. I will be voting for a change and encourage others to vote as deem fit. God go with you to the polls.

    • http://Enteryourwebsite... vanessa cash

      Its a shame to see how most of the Bahamian people have such small brain and memory loss. compare leadership that’s what it a boils down to. My faith is in Hubert and the FNM and God gat his hands all over them to return them back to govern this mess of bahamas left by the former and never to return government. In God in trust een no leader could have steered this Bahamas through this storm of reccession but God chose the best. One who didnot panic, one who stand strong and steered the ship through the rough seas, one who is fearless and stern who say what he means and means what he says. If yall can’t see the hubert is the best man for the job then yall will suffer in the hands of perry and his scribes. The choice is clear Bahamas! Hubert who is our moses will lead us to the promise land under the supervision of God our father. Let me leave yall with this the FNM theme is We Deliver. Who deliver the children of Israel God with Moses. Believe when I tell you all the FNM will remain as the governing party. God Bless us all! And open the eyes of the blind to see RED the better choice!

      • Trevor

        Hahahahahahaha, think before you speak and you obviously don’t know the only wise all seeing God

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... kennyboy

    Is there any elephants still left in the Bahamas? Study shows that elephants has a very very long term memory. So i get one thing to say, yes Mr Ingram after 4 and a half years we still remember, all the broken promises, we still remember how you chose outer towner over Bahamians, we still remember when we cry for food you say road are more important, we still remember when we wanted to take our kids to the beach you said the beach belongs now to the pale skin man, we still remember how our loans was due to the bank and you decided to place a deaf ears to us and burrow millions of dollars from China to keep us in bondage, yes sir we here your loud burst and the slamming on the tables in parlament making sport of the Bahamian people, yes we no you feel that the outside man can buy all the cays and islands and Bahamian things, (BTC) We understand that we dumb and can’t build roads and stadiums, and docks, I understand we dumb and you need to bring in the Chinese the Brazilyans the Hatians the Dominicans, and your people where ever you from, to take hold of the Bahamas and watch us become slaves, But The Bahamas will never become LIL HATI,

  • http://Enteryourwebsite... Kelly D Burrows

    My support along with the many thousands of intellegent persons in the Bahamas.

    • http://Enteryourwebsite... STONE-MAN

      I support the current Government 100% because under the current Global situation, I think they doing an excellent job.

      • http://Enteryourwebsite... Babyface

        Totally support the PLP. A group of highly intelligent people.

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