Contractor accused of slaughtering his girlfriend, Nellie Brown

Heart Foundation Member, Nellie Brown, becomes murder victim #227 in the most gruesome slaughter since the murder of fashion designer Harl Taylor.

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is getting more information into the breaking report of a gruesome murder in South Beach early Thursday morning.

Before we begin we want to correct our article which suggested the victim in this brutal slaughter was alleged to have been massacred by her husband. We can now report the man being held by police is  in fact the common law spouse [boyfriend] of the victim, and here’s what else we know.

Sources deep into the investigations tell us dead is 40 year-old, Nellie Mae Brown [COX]. The woman lived with her common law husband Prince Hepburn, who is now in police custody for allegedly committing the heinous crime, at the couple’s apartment complex on Bougainvillea Blvd.

Detectives tell us the accused allegedly stabbed Brown multiple times about the body – too many times for investigators to count. The discovery was made sometime shortly after 9 AM.

The incident drew a large crowd of onlookers who stood in shock upon hearing the details.

A friend who viewed the body told BP, Brown was mutilated beyond recognition as if she had been hit repeatedly with some object which diced her body to death.

An Androsian by birth Nellie’s family members are angered by the news of her passing, with family members in Andros, New Providence and in Freeport Grand Bahama left wailing loudly upon hearing about the crime.

Contractor Prince Hepburn seen here is accused of the murder of his common law wife, Nellie Brown Thursday morning.

A former insurance agent, Nellie worked tirelessly as a member of the Heart Foundation; raising funds in an effort to assist the organization’s support to young persons with heart ailments.

As members of the Zion Baptist Church on East and Shirley Streets, Nellie and Prince were regular worshippers, and were often seen sitting together during the live TV broadcast on ZNS TV13. So what could have lead to this sudden burst of anger to slaughter a loved one in the middle of the night? Bahamas Press will not attempt to answer, nor will be conclude with any theories. All we know is this; this is the second slaughter of a woman in 7 days.

Nellie was a graduate of A F Adderley’s Class of 1986, and had recently celebrated her 40th birthday on February 16th.

She leaves behind two young daughters, a distraught mother, hurting friends and a troubled community awash-ed in blood.

Police say the case will be rapped up soon and Hepburn could be dragged before the courts early next week; perhaps only to be given bail next month.

May soul of Nellie Brown rest in peace. AMEN!


  1. Nelly mae Brown-COX didn’t deserve to die like a hog/dog/cat/rat!!!! OMG…!!! PRINCE HEPBURN is a SERIOUS CHARACTER!!! He really did her BAD!! DO unto others as u would have others do unto YOU!! WHAT HE DID TO NELLY…. NEEDS TO BE DONE RIGHT BACK TO HIM!!!. WHAT YOU SOW U WILL REAP!! NOW!!! PRINCE HEPBURN IS GOING TO REAP DEATH!!

  2. You will not be able step foot in Zion tomorrow. People who don’t even know this woman are going there looking for news and the church already small. If I was Pastor Morrison, I was going cut the service short, so people don’t have time to look around and gossip. He can’t pray her into heaven anyhow, that decision is now up to God. I hope they make sure all her family and close friends are seated first, because they let those all gossip mongers in to take up all the space.

    • I’m just baffled viewing the comments some not so favorable about this unfortunate incident. Jus remember God came to bring sinner’s to repentance. No matter what is goin on in a congregation a pastor cannot force repentance on any individual and he does not decide who enters tha doors of his sanctuary, WHOSEVER WILL LET THEM COME. Life is filled with choices, let us all be mindful and seek God’s guidance with the choices that we make in life. No doubt this tragic event will be the talk for sometime and I am glad I am not a part of this family as I can’t understand their grief and pain because I am having a hard time dealing with this and I don’t even Know them. To the family and friends, GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU remember your loved one for the person that they were full of life and bubbly. To prince, mixed emotions but God still loves you everyday, forever and ever, just wish you had used that cutlass and chap your neck off B4 you got 2 that helpless soul.

  3. Ok, did someone say he was a pastor, was he preaching and to who? What church would allow someone who is sweathearting to preach to its members? If I were there and know about this I would not be in that church,oh no. But you see its like this….When people kill, not much is done about it. The law makers and authorities in this country seems to turn a blind eye because they feel safe in their earthly kingdom. My suggestion is,do what is necessary, change the laws if that is what it takes for us to shake up.The seat belt law may have taken a while but it works. Instill fear in the people so they can understand that you cannot decide to kill or brainwash someone and get away with it. If more pastors investigate its members and find out whats going on in their lives we would have less to worry about because they would have a good chance at fixing the problem before it is too late. Pastors in charge of these churches… deal with your members who are living a contrary lifestyle while serving in church at the same time.Choose whom you shall serve, Jesus or Satan. I cannot say what needs to be done but we all know whats right and wrong and most of us choose wrong but for the sake of our nation….we need changes in the Church and Government, a people that is going to stand for what is right. It is the only way to correct the wrongs and ills of this country.

    • Mag you sound like a bright person, you really believe these pastors care about their flocks aye? It’s all about the Benjamins baby! You give them sufficient monies they would let you take over the whole church completed. You see them preaching on whatever come to their heads on Sunday mornings and you believe they into those people, this is a business for them. If that pastor was into Neilly and Prince with their foolishness, he would have called them in longtime and talked to them, before it even get to this point. Those church members in Zion Baptist is condone foolishness too, I am sure some of them knew they were still married and that this was a sweethearting situation going in there. Right now, they been right there gossiping about them behind their backs and aint do nothing to help them out off that situation. Every Sunday they there worshipping with them, they just as bad as Neilly and Prince, they can’t talk about nobody. All those members want do is look for somewhere to go every Sunday morning to show their a**es off and see who dress the best and who more holier than the next. Not to changing the topic, look at that other Pastor who gat Asue Draw sponsoring him in the Regatta, I thought gamble was suppose to be illegal, from what I know pastors are not suppose to be mixed up with persons engaging in illegal activities. Mag, all I have to tell you, is sit down and read the Bible and see if you could comprehend it for yourself, because these people who preaching would have you mix right up like conch salad.


    • Maybe everyone should put Nellie to rest now. What’s done is done. Prince need to be punished.Whatever she did. She did not deserved to be dead. There will be more bloodshed if Prince is not punished. He need to be HUNG, no doubt about it.

  4. This lady’s bedroom business is none of ours …My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to her family especially her daughters who are left to deal with this for rest of their lives.May God be with everyone who suffers this public horror….

  5. Whenever leaders have no back bone to take a stand for whats right in his or her Country changes are needed.Where there is no vision the people perish.We have become the killing capital and a lawless Nation.Your country is as good as its leaders.Start leading and stop following.God bless the Bahamas.

    • Dis situation has nothing to do with the leadership of Our Nation its all to do with choices, sometimes in live we make bad choice n we suffer the consequences some worst than others but never the less we suffer.

  6. This is a very bad situation, but I pray that others will learn from this. To every unfaithful Husbands, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends, please take this as a warning. You might think what you are doing in the dark will not come out for your significant others to know, but eventually it does, some takes a long time and others a short time to reveal, but always remember, the bible said there is a time for everything under the heaven. So when you think you are getting away you are not. People have to stop playing with other persons emotion. It is what it is, so the guilty ones should take heed and if they don’t, then be prepared to suffer the consequences.

    • Well said how would you respond if you had put you all in a relationship and came home and saw someone else enjoying the pleasures of what you had build upon?it’s a sad scene but the bible did say,and i gave her time to repent of her sexual immorality,and she did not repent.Indeed I will cast her into a sickbed,and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation,unless they repent of their deeds.I will kill her children with death,and all the churches shall know that I am he who searches the minds and heart.And i will give to each one of you according to your works.Rev chp 2:21-23..The bottom line is whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap,because the wages of sin is still death…

  7. She had a Vibrant beautiful smile , to think of how severed she is …In pieces its so shocking..and what’s also shocking is that when that neighbor piced up the phone to call prince hepburn, they could’ve picked up the phone to call the police. I am very sure how close those apartments are, thats he could hear that lady’s cry for help!!..The police really need to qustion that!..Sweethearting or not, No-one deserves to die in such pain and hurt and gruesome. I Pray GOD Has forgiven her!.<3 R.i.p Nellie.Mae.Brown(COX)<3

    • Da neighbor who called prince thought they was helping him, but little did they know, they did him no justice, they should of encourage him to go back to his family instead of getting him ralled up to do something like this, my God they stayed in their apt. n heard all dat RACUS n screaming!!! cause it had to be an ” UNUSUAL” SCREAMING just looking at the” GRUSOME” scene tell u dat person was crying out for help before they took their last breathe, my God what kind of people dese is just cause she sweetheartng u could shut up your bowel of compassion like dat, when this society condomes dis type of behavior. when its their family sweethearting EVERYTHING COOL, but any one else you are just DISGUSTING. Its wrong but still u gat to have feeling for other people cause ya have ya self n never say never, n ya have children n I know you would want someone to come to your or their rescue, PEOPLE JUST REMEMBER “COMA” YA GA REAP WHAT YA SOW SOONER OR LATER!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This Is How I See it ; No Matter what You did in Life If GOD Can watch you commit murder and kill people and still have love in his heart to forgive you , Then Mr Hepburn could’ve forgiven that lady and walked away. Could you Imagine Every-day her young daughters having to know the way their mother died!..Stop thinking about yourselves and worry about how her family or children would feel. My heart was broken many times before, but NEVER Have i CHOPPED Some-one Up Life Is Short so Make it living while you’l never know when it’s your last!!!..The government, police nor Leaders can save this country..Only GOD!! pray Bahamas! Pray!!! R.i.p Mrs. Cox and may God Forgive you and may all your pan be gone away. Lord have it where her kids can be at peace!.</3</3 :'(

  9. We need to walk away from a bad saturation sometimes it may be hard to do so but taken a life is not the answer.I have been though many things in my marriage when we had nothing no woman was interested but soon as we began to make progress in our lives woman began to come form all angles.I had to get up and walk away . woman today would break up a whole family for material things If you are not true to a person and do not love them you should not play with their minds what goes around comes around we really need God in our land. people should not be calling people up and telling them things because they do not know what frame of mine the person is in. May god be with us all.

  10. We need to walk away from a bad saturation sometimes it my be hard to do so but taken a life is not the answer.I have been though many things in my marriage when we had nithing no woman was chacibg my hosband woman today would breack up a whole family for material things what goes aroun comes around we really need God in our land. people should not be calling people up and telling them things because they do not know what frame of mine the person is in.

    • for to long we as bahamians have sit back and talk, how about we get back to where we use to be and pray that our government bring back the cat nine tail and hanging cause now thieves and molesters are getting 15 and 30 years and cold murderers are getting bail why do u think we had so many murders this month alone ? thats because the perpertrators know that they will get off easy hang one or two murderers and see what happens the young people are’nt afraid of consequences

  11. i just hope that the neighbor could live with herself.this is just another example of being fasssss and all up in other people business will get you and i hope when she go to bed she could sleep at night MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS .

    • DIS is everybody business now the world knows bout dis. If Prince and Nellie wanted dere business to be a secret he shouldn’t slaughter her like a hog!!!!!!!!! he must be was tinking bout eating her n found out human meat aint sweet aye………

      • There is one thing about this murder/slaughter, this murderer was caught with machete in hand. That’s progress for ya eh?


  12. What a Disgrace in Our Nation Pastor massacre his sweet heart. He was married for 29 yrs. n when he was finish with his wife no one came n chap him up! So who da HELL Prince Hepburn is dat he could do a human being like dat n think he ga plead insanity n get off dat devil lie, he may as well give he wife all he credentials cause he wont be needing dem in Fox Hill tell him preach up dare to dem other murderers like he self only dem maybe interested in what he have ta say. Dae should put him in solitary confinement, till he catch he self cause he still angry cause he is a Brut Beast he need ta be caged in cause if he get a cutlass he will do a lot a damage. N all dese people trying ta blame Nellie cause of his jealous rage when ya want sweet heart das what ya get , U wasn’t honest ta your wife so what make u feel like Charles wife was ga be faithful ta u. U gat to be a ***. n she had no obligations ta u . Church boy never had a woman make ya feel dat way, so u leave ya wife, U ain’t nothing but a punk Go pick on someone your size in Jail das where u will die, Go to hell where u belong! HOW could u treat someone child like dat n u is a parent put ya self in another person position, I forget yinna people is MURDERS you’ll don’t think like dat.

  13. Well you know what happens when criminals go out on bail, they go and commit more crimes and add to the already rapidly rising murder rate.

    But that is what you get for messin’ around on your spouse, your spouse is being faithful to you and you go out there lookin’ for another woman or man who is NOT OBLIGATED TO BE FAITHFUL TO YOU!, when you know and they know YOU ARE BOTH WRONG IN THE FIRST PLACE! Anytime one side becomes unfaithful somebody is gonna lose it and retaliate, sometimes if not most times, voilently. He deserves whatever is coming to him.

    There are women out there that just want a sugar daddy or two or three, married or not, so they would tell you whatever you want to hear. You go out there looking for trouble (woman or man) you will find it along with a whole bunch of drama. Too many people sleeping around on each other ITS DISGUSTING. She may not have deserved being chopped up like that but he deserves whatever he gets. The cheating dog!

  14. The only persons who know what truly happened are the ones that were there – let us not be too quick to judge – Remember: He that is without sin……….

    • i totally agree with you…it’s amazing how quickly we as a ppl are so quick to judge. when one really looks at it…if they were both faithful to their spouses this may not have happened….but even still the only person that knows what REALLY happened is Prince n Nellie

  15. I understand what all of you are saying, but this problem of domestic violence lies much deeper than walking away and conflict resolve. The Bahamas must understand that we breed situations like this in our society. We cover and encourage sweet hearting, gossiping, verbal confrontations between men and women. It is what we accept as our “culture” that is the problem. Don’t just look at the immediate situation examine the core! Yes another woman is dead and one more man is added to the many numbers at Fox Hill. But like so many other values that have deteriorated I am not even sure if monogamy was ever a part of our society. And if it was a major part it was not in my life time. We like to say we are a “Christian” nation but we are actually a nation of slackness. From Pastors being charged with statutory rape, to teenagers stabbing each other in classes, to single parents who rather spend more time with their man than their children, to a government that rather sell us out than help us! The problem is where we place our values and sadly the majority rather hide their good son or daughter as long as they are getting something out of the deal. THAT IS A PROBLEM!!!! Until we deal with the real issue of self worth and morality problems like this will continue to occur!

  16. i dont care what the situation is no one gives life so no one just take another person life, we need to control our anger of just walk away. I think they need to just hang a man like Prince Hepburn because if he was such a calm and good person like some say and church going and the fear of god in him, no devil in hell could possessed him to do such drastic thing so, i just wish they could just let him die slowly so he can feel it, he has kids man.

    • without realizing it you just called out the real reason for Prince’s actions….The DEVIL in hell did in fact get into him. Remember we are human beings and if we are not DEEPLY rooted in the word of God and have a REAL relationship with Him then we can be easily influenced by lucifer…so it is unfair to say Prince is not the calm n collected person that ppl say he is…

  17. Our country has been taken lightly too long this issue of Domestic Violence. Now, it is SCREAMING aloud in our faces. A few weeks ago, the newspaper article said a police was brought before the court for burning his wife about the body with an iron. The woman withdrew the complaint claiming ‘he was drunk,…it only happen once & I don’t want him to lose his job because he is the bread winner.’ We have to OPEN our eyes and recognize the hand writing on the walls of our lives! There a so many rumors about this murder floating around & we can all speculate, but the fact is a WOMAN died at the hand of her LOVER and children lost their parent(s) as a result thereof. We MUST take a good look at what we consider as HEALTHY behavior in a relationship as it is obvious that something is completely wrong. I hear all of you who are providing plausible reasons/rationalizations but- – – Nothing about LOVE produces DEATH! Nothing about LOVE produces PAIN/LOSS! We DESPERATELY need to REVISIT 1COR 13 and mirror every relationship to it as everything else is just a sham.
    My heart go out to everyone connected to Nellie Brown & Prince Hepburn.

  18. This story is very disturbing to me. I have learnt over the years that you should never judge someone until you have walked in their shoe. There are always warning signs and I am sure this case is no different. One of them should have walked away. Some relationships are only for a season infact some marriages are only for a season. Neighbors also need to be careful how they carry gossip cause it can result in DEATH. Regardless this lady did not deserve to die. He could of walked away. If he was strong enough to walk away from his wife he should have been strong enough to walk away from her. May her soul rest in peace and may he find forgiveness and peace in Jesus Christ.

    • Totally agree with you, if he made a commitment to his wife and walked away, why he couldn’t do the same with Nellie? Unless, he was too embarass to see how he gone and leave his wife to be with this woman and she cheating on him. That might have been too much for him to bear and dont let him miss an had a good wife who faithful to him and now he with this woman who’s only into running games. Maybe, his boys them spotted her running around in public and they talk to him dead bad about it. He might of felt that wasn’t good for his ego and this way he decided to deal with it.

      • I agree, then also he might have been completely and hopelessly in love and upon hearing of some infidelity or other simply snapped ’cause he felt like he was dead inside. This could in fact happen to any of us, be careful how you play with peoples’ hearts!

  19. I read some of the comments with amazement. As I married person, I take my vows seriously. If my spouse were to step outside of the marriage, I would not have a beef with the person, as I did not make a vow with them. If you catch ya spouse cheating, walk a way and find the nearest lawyer.

  20. this is a horrible crime, as is any when a life is taken. And to stab her so many times that one cannot count, i tell you what, he was one pissed mutha. with that being said, make sure the person you are sleeping with is true… true to you , you being true to them and you true to yourself… don’t throw stones……..
    man oh man.. nassau gone funky. AGAIN

  21. No one has the right to be judge nor jury at the end of the day one man gets to determind one’s destiny and on that saying only GOD thats right only GOD can judge us.So we all need to stop pointing the finger and try to work together to stop this MURDEROUS demond that is taking over our country!

  22. so so sad we look up to this young man as a big brother, our Pastor, Prophet and Friend, one that we can always depend on, he has always shown love and respect for his family, very humble, in every thing we do it was always family lets put God first,about two years ago it seems that all of the Love that he had for his Wife of 29yrs children and other family members was stolen by the decease he never wants to talk to any of us never wants to worship with us, any more, his words to us many times was ‘dont let the Devil steal your Joy’ My brother’s and Sister’s how could something like this happen to a man who has led so many souls to christ a great Preacher Father Evangelist who travell all over the world. My brother i pray that you find peace with christ and ask for forgiveness if this is so, because i just dont belive this is so not the person that i know, it gatta be some one else and they blameing it on you.

    • i can attest to the person, prince hepburn of whom you speak and to the words of God he spoke and the type person he is. such a humble man. prince is also a member of my family too. however, don’t be judge and jury over anyone else’s situation cause only he who feels it knows it. we suffer in life for the choices we make. you are just an outsider looking in. noone ever knows what they would do when they are faced with a situation. prince made his own choices and he must live or die with it. in today’s world who knows what or who is next? what happened is wrong and the devil is indeed busy seeking whom he could devour and trust me he is a liar. he is busy stealing God’s people. the devil make the strong – weak. he make the happy – sad. he makes the rich – poor. he makes God’s people turn away from the teachings of the Almighty. he transforms the good into – bad. he make christians – sinners. we must fight the devil by continuing to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. keep Him in everything. ask him to direct our paths by ordering our steps. without God anything is possible. stick with God and he’ll make a way. let me encourage you to pray for your family member that he would return to God and seek forgiveness. that he would return to God’s Holy word. in closing, pray that Nelly found peace with God and that she may rest in peace. God Bless you.

      • marriage is honorable and the bed undefile whore mongers and adultress god will judge. for the wages of sin is death he could have walk away he allow the devil to take control of his life so he should suffer he should be kept is solitary confinement so that he will have time to thing about what he did and the lives that he destroyed

    • I understand that this man was a relative but come on man he killed that woman. This crime was premeditated this man had time to think about what he was gonna do, when that neighbor called him he went there with da intent 2 kill dat woman. If this were a true man agod he should of prayed about this situation, but them demons was there dwelling along. and thats my 5cents sweetie

  23. where there’s no leader the people will perish. there is not one thing this man had to think about befor he do this. are so call leaders has fail us. the government say the murders are people who know one another so it okay. just don’t go around shooting people you don’t know. all they do is tell you what happen and not one solution to this scary situation. i don’t give rat’s *** who killing who i wanna know what yall doing about this sick town. in 2007 we turn back. FNM DON’T GIVE A **** ABOUT BAHAMIANS.

    • Why do we blame the goverment for the choices we make.God gave us free will to choose wiether to do good or evil,he does not make us choose but lets us choose.So we decide what we do with our lives.

  24. The Moral Fiber in our country is gone,parent’s are NOT raising children,teens having children glamorized,shacking up glamorized,being a thug glamorized,Laws not enforced.The killing of the lady is sad but our moral fiber is dying.

    • rev. knw what i dont understand how many person knows about this relationship, when this man was leaveing his home and sweetharting this woman, knowing that he is an ordian pastor, and never scold him, see wen we see Bishops,Pastors,Ministers and every man & Woman of God I say to you Stop Taking These Big Thites From These People and Covering up there Sins, its a crime its a crime and you r responsibile the blood is on your hands if you know an didnot warn him. Get rite People of God, God is watching us u r responsible

  25. Throughout the Middle East citiziens are standing up & taking back their countries from heartless, selfish,greedy,power addicted,wealthy leaders. What’s wrong with Bahamians? No one is paying attention to crime because we don’t matter. Look at the big picture & realize that the leaders are currently money struck with the kick backs from the developments, work permits(when Bahamians are unemployed), giving away our birth rights to strangers (cable beach land, bell island, btc & more). Obviously this crime and others is only the beginning of what’s to come because we’ve accepted this way of life. Forget what might have inspired this crime and let’s be the loving, strong Bahamians that we are & take our country back & demand that justice is served as it should be served without mercy & swiftly. It’s time for a REVOLUTION we can do it.

    • Oh boy. I completely agree with you. Well said. But how will a revolution happen with half of the citizens brain dead (some are crawling around here commenting about just pray). Yes it can take just 10 ppl to make an impact but the hardest part is getting the ball rolling. The make up of Bahamians is they are horrible to one another, but highly intimidated and passive to politicians. They look up to politicians like they are movie stars. Whereas in America and other countries, they look at politicians as their employees. You are here to WORK for US.

  26. Have you experienced the Transforming Power of Worhsip?
    “Then Jeus said to her, “Your sins are forgiven….Your faith has saved you, go in peace.” Luke 7:48, 50 (NIV)
    “Jesus takes our sins seriously and he also takes forgiveness seriously. We need to do the same.” No matter how sinful you think you are, Jesus will never turn his back on you when you come to him looking for transformation. The woman in Luke 7 gave her life in worship to Jesus. She poured herself out before him Jesus will never turn away a person who worships like that. He knows our failures, our sins, and our heartaches. He hears our confessions. He knows we are trying to reach out to God and he will not turn us away who are reaching out the lord just because they somehow offend our sense of decorum instead I pray we will be like Jesus – willing to tun and be touched by someone who is crying out for mercy and forgiveness.
    It amazes me how many people I meet who are like the woman in Luke 7. The have a story to tell. Just like the hymn “Amazing Grace” they can say, “I was lost and now i’m found. i was blind but now I see” all because of the transforming power of worshipping the Lord, Jesus Christ. You and I both have a testimony of how we once had a black heart and then God forgave us and transformed our lives because we came openly and honestly to him, Jesus does not make light of sin. When he spoke to the woman, this is what he said to her, “Your sins are forgiven…. your faith has saved you; go in peace (Luke 8:48,50 NIV). He took her sins seriously and he also took forgiveness seriously. We need to do the same.

    Let me ask you, who do you relate to in this story?

    – Do you feel more like Pharisee who refused to be touched by people, someone who was always reminding others of their failures?
    – Do you relate to the woman or Prince Hepburn who knew she/he was a sinner and needed forgiveness, a second chance?
    – Do you relate to Jesus who is willing to be touched by other people’s brokenness and who responds by offering grace, mercy, forgiveness and the peace of God?

    • The only thing worship does is transform the preachers pocket from flat to fat. We been praying in this country for a thousand years and we are getting worse every year. Trust me the preachers love mayhem, the more trouble out there the more bull they can sell you and all they do is run straight to the bank. The Believers run to the church trying to buy salvation while holding their noses in the air, “i dun pray the lord aint ga let nothin happen to me”. Be that fool and believe that bull. Stop being fools people and put in work use your brains and maybe we can find a solution.

      • Well said Smitty. Very well said. We have been praying for years. God is looking at us Saying, everything you need to corrct the problem is right there. I think ppl with no ideas and who were brought up ignorantly turn to the solution of “we just need to pray.” Correct the “ministers” love the mayhem knowing the Sunday coming will bring in a load of cash. Those ppl are brain dead. Dont even know if their brains can be revived from such foolish thinking.

  27. Ladies pay attention to what Mac, Smitty, Terry and Tanya Bain had to say, especially about taking things from men when you know that you do not mean them any good. Men stop trying to but LOVE, it is free. Ask it could happen 2 u and so sad if you don’t believe me. See what Mac last sentence say. Stacy print this out and stick it on your forehead, you obviously know more about this, you better take heed.

  28. Wow! So a woman is killed, presumably by her common law husband, for reasons not known to any of us and here we are taking it to Jesus and discussing the merits and demerits of his alleged actions. Let’s wait for the court date. Maybe it will cause us all to think that perhaps the biblical injunction to keep sexual intimacy within marriage is not such an archaic and restrictive injunction. Paying attention to God’s word may cause us to meet him later rather than sooner. Or maybe, truly meeting him sooner will allows us to commune with him later. A friend of God does not encourage others to disobey/violate/ignore his commandments by words or deeds. Those who call themselves the very elect of God may be called into judgement on this one.. However, it’s just my take on what scripture says, I may be wrong. Bishop Hall?

    • to all you married and singles out there, listen be honest & stay commited to your patner, for God sake, do the right thing, i know things might be though, but try your best to be honest, and trust God for everything, He is able to do above beyoun anything that we can ever ask or think, if we be honest to ourself, God and our family & friends this would be a better Bahamas. Families i am sorry for all hurting im really sorry for what happen,let us all pull ourself together,and put all of these cases in the hands of God and the Law of the Land, dont take it in our own hands, Peace my Brothers & Sisters.

  29. Nellie mae was one of the sweetest person i’ve ever known,,,,she and my sister (Natasha McIntosh-Thompson, deceased on feb 25, 2011) along with LuAnn Morris wer very good friends,,,,may her soul rest in peace….

    • Tamika Brace thank God you sit at the right hand of the father. You insensitive Christian. May God spare us from people like you. To the Family I wish Gods peace rest with in your hearts.

      • The bible tells you LIVE IN SIN, DIE IN SIN. Christians need to stop sugar coated and covering up for foolishness being done in the name of the LORD. GOd will not be mocked. He brings out what people do in darkness. He gives people time to change then he turns you over to a reprobate mind. Bahamas lets continue to cover for gay priest, bishops and pastors, lets continue to condone sex in the church office, lets continue to be sympathetic to voodoo etc and see where this country goes. Keep on making excuses.

  30. sorry what i meant to say is they wont start hanging until some severed heads pop up on their door steps i dont mean to be insensitive to the lady’s family either but you’d be surprise i jus waiting to her the full story…..everybody head ain strong sometimes we lose it

  31. Okay no one has the right to take anybody life except in the event of self defense. but we have to look at from all angles some dese woman out here is practice mess you know. Some of these woman out here is do too much foolishness, they wont stop hanging unless some severed heads pops up on their door steps. trust me but lets not look at the situation as if this woman is completely innocent nah even though she didnt deserve this death. you’d be surprise to know what kind of lifesyles some of us live and what we bring on ourselves.. sometimes we bring tis on ourselves NOT SAYING SHE DESERVED IT NAH but a serious of decisions has an end what kind of decisions was she making to bring forth tis end?

  32. she took him from his wife and family, enjoyed all the material things of this world…..the love of money is the root of all evil, took everything he had in terms of money and wealth then had the heart to give it to anouther man, how would u feel if it happens to you….not saying that its right ….BAD WOMAN MAKE GOOD MAN SLEEP IN POLICEMEN HAND!

    • Were you the other man? – I doubt it; but, you’re speaking with such confidence as if you can swear for what she did. Bahamians, please LEAVE PEOPLE BUSINESS AND MIND YOUR OWN… At the end of the day, she stands alone before God and only He has final judgement.
      R.I.P. Nellie, forever in our hearts <3

    • Fa reallll,.the Bible say so you live so you die.she lived in danger. Anytime a woman goes with a married man and broke up his family he don’t really trust sorry he stooped that low and killed her instead of walking away.but I know one thing his wife has peace now from her coming to her house as if she belong there harassing her! I hope she accepted Christ. Before the breath leave cousin don’t have to go to bed in fear anymore. Nellie dead and prince on the slammer on the way to meet Nellie in Hell!

    • So True, but so sad. Maybe he is paying for his mistakes, maybe God got tired of waiting for them to repent, so he left them on their own, I wonder about the wife, the pain she felt when her husband walked out on her, I want hear her story of faith, how she held on to God’s unchanging hand…..
      if she did.

  33. Personally, it is NOT who’s in power is responsible for the frame of mind of ‘us’ as individuals. One must take full inventory of our lives and our actions. We as a nation and individually need to grow UP. ‘Seek ye first the Kindgom of God” we look elsewhere and at times take matters into our very own hands. It is wrong, for God is our maker and creator, NOT we ourselves.

  34. Its a domestic affair and they may say u cant blame the government. Well if the government continues to allow its people to suffer without jobs and brag about how much work permits they issue while Bahamians go hungry these things will happen. Am not saying this is the case but if there is no moneys coming into a household, a the mother has children to maintain decides to trade hear commodity to assist her family, the husband even though he gets a belly full might not be so understanding of the trade when he finds out and might put some licks or even worse on his spouse. Do you know how bad a man feels who can’t put food on the table for his family! But no matter what one will do what he or she has to to ensure their survival whether its a crime or not so the politicians need to fix the problem.

  35. Many people will walk in and out of your life,
    but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.
    To handle yourself, use your head;
    To handle others, use your heart.
    Anger is only one letter short of danger.
    Great minds discuss ideas;
    Average minds discuss events;
    Small minds discuss people.
    God gives every bird its food,
    But He does not throw it into its nest.
    He who loses money, loses much;
    He who loses a friend, loses more;
    He who loses faith, loses all.

    Beautiful young people are acts of nature,
    But beautiful old people are works of art.
    Learn from the mistakes of others.
    You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.
    The tongue weighs practically nothing,
    But so few people can hold it.
    Friends, you and me….
    you brought another friend…
    and then there were 3…
    we started our group…
    Our circle of friends…
    and like that circle…
    there is no beginning or end..

    Sleep my dear nellie,
    you will continue to be in my heart and i will always love you…….

  36. This seems more like years of pent up anger. Who knows what caused it. Only he can say. Either way a woman lost her life and now this man will lose his life by DEATH PENALTY NO LIFE IN JAIL). Nobody win in this situation. WE NEED JESUS.

  37. Has almost been 40 murders this year in our beloved Bahamas already.Until we as a people take a stand, no matter who is in government, this will continue to go on.The legal system is in a mess, the courts have a huge backlog. Fellas getting bail like it was candy. Stand up Bahamians tell the fellas in the red or yellow or even green we will not stand for it anymore. We need to hold our heads up high and take our country back. The few that are giving the Bahamas a bad name need to be dealt with according to the laws on our books.

    • we need to stop these praying foreigners coming ino our country, collecting our money, casting all their evil and leaving all their demands. We have enough praying christians here. We want to stop all the other artist, stop these so call praying minister etc.

    • While most of the comments are on target with respect to enforcing the laws in our country, the most important things are being overlooked. We as people need to be better human beings. I say this because, no one wants to take blame, no one wants to say am sorry and no one wants anyone to tell them when they are wrong. We cover up people and things that do and which we see are wrong and lawless. Especially when it comes to our friends and family. And we keep our mouths shut when the suffering or wrong is not done to us. Further, if you are not interested in someone – stop taking things from them. If you know a person is only using you for what you can give them – stop buying love. The best love is free. Its always been free. Stop expecting favor for favor or for simply being a good human being. Envy, jealously and materialism will be the end of us. What Christian Nation. What a BIG JOKE. Practise being a better human being and love yourself. That’s my five cents.

  38. It is my understanding that the input of a ‘noisey’ neighbor may have been the final straw that resulted in the brutal outcome.

    We have to be very careful with the information that we say that relate to matters of the heart. I am sure (if such a occurence is true) ‘this person’ is regretting their whispered words which caused a sad effect.

    • People need to stop being noisey and leave well enough alone in other words people keep your damm nose out off other people affairs.

    • I agree… What a neighbour should report they dont. (house and car break-ins) etc. I guess the movie they expected to see ended up being like the chain-saw massacre…. Like the reggae tune say…. “LEAVE PEOPLE BUSINESS ALONE, LEAVE PEOPLE BUSINESS AND MINE YOUR OWN”

      • I agree also… What da neighbour should have been watching is dat man walking with da cutlass he used to chopped dat lady up and i know if you nosey enough to see who was going and coming you heard that woman screaming for help. That then was the time to be nosey and call the police, but you to busy watching the wrong thing. U need to be charged cause you cause all of this. This a lesson for NOSEY NEIGHBOURS STAY OUT OF PEOPLES BUSY U COULD BE DOING MORE HARM THAN GOOD! SAVE A LIFE MAYBE EVEN YOUR OWN MINE YOUR BUSINESS THATS ALL, JUST MINE YOUR BUSINESS

    • I hope that person who was such a noisy neighbor never have a peaceful nights rest again. You just caused to murders. They should charge that noisy person with involuntary manslaughter. Or what every the legal term is . If you had kept your mouth shut that woman’s blood would not have been on your hands.

      Pleasant dreams!

      • if you brother is being taken advantage of would you not tell him or would you sit back and watch him be made a fool off. i am quit sure the neighbor was not desiring of this outcome. the fault is that of the couples, if she did something that she should not have she is wrong and if he is the one who slayed her, then he is wrong. but would you not be happy Clarice to know that your neighbor is looking out for you. wouldn’t you wanna know if a jungalist stoppin by while you are at work.

      • Its on his hands, no one else made that final deadly dicision but him, the neighbour and everyone else probably expected there to be an argument and some one getting kicked out, not your normal neighbour, or friend, to up and hack someone to death. But more neighbours need to open their mouths when they see something suspicious or illegal though, not keep their mouths shut.


  39. That was not a sudden burst of anger. That seems more like years of pent up anger. Who knows what caused it. Only he can say. Either way a woman lost her life and now this man will lose his (probably by death penalty or life in jail). Nobody won in that situation. Sad just sad.

    • Terry:

      Do you think one day the death penalty will ever surface back in this town. How sad it is for the bereaved family, a life was selfishly drastically snapped away from them, regardless of how she lived, and what she did, the way she died was selfish and painful. SAD SAD

    • I agree Terry, This is a sad, sad situation. I think the signs were there long before this happened. The abuse may have been verbal, mental or physical for a while. This did not just happen over night. I hope the children get therapy and are placed in a lovining caring home. They are going to need alot of love and support.

  40. There are no words to describe my feelings about this unnecessary evil visited upon yet another one of our sisters. May God have mercy on our souls for remaining quiet, for standing idly by while our nation builders (women) and our future (children)are being slaughtered.

  41. OMG what is happening in our country, its like all the demons of hell are on the loose. Member of Parliament, Church leader and a country as a whole united body need to pray and stop playing politics. Just on the heel on that gruesome murder another one was killed last night. Minister of National Security the buck stops with you do what is right to save our country.

  42. Something had to went terribly wrong. It takes a very sick person to be able to do something like this. My prayers are with their families and love ones.

    • Well I cannot judge this man regardless of how gruesome this may be. I do not know the circumstances…this could be a crime of passion or this individual could have just snapped on discovering something. It just is a sad situation for both parties. No one can judge for you aint pass nothing till you dead….a moment of insanity can cause bad judgement.

    • man ain sick you know. im not giving him right but you’d be surprise to know how much tis man den do for tis woman and how much he den sacrifice for her and she turned around practice crap. I not saying she did something what im saying is you dont know what she did to push tis man to the point of chopping her not that is a reason to.. everybody ain strong man

        • too often we tend to cover up things he should have walk away i know a man now his wife was taking him for everthing he got she didnt want to have a child for him lie to the man that she have a thing on her womb and the doc give her birth control when he asked the doc it was a lie she just didn’t want the man only what the man can offer her lucky the man was talking to someone who he can trust he walk away how he look back and say i have life and i make that move, she now calling him telling she sorry he change his number and move on that a real man now she suffering god is good men if you reach a point like that walk away , you will have again

      • If indeed he did this crime then he is a psychotic. Nobody in their right mind would do such a thing, I mean if you get so angry you perhaps punch the wall or something, not go and stab someone to death. Its brutal cold blooded murder.

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