Foreigner John ‘Da Bigot’ Marquis has a problem with Bahamians


John Marquis

Nassau, Bahamas — Someone told us somewhere in the shadows, John ‘Bigot’ Marquis, was writing again in that ‘dutty’ TOILET PAPER following his read on BP yesterday.

The man who defecated on the history of the Bahamian people once again has taken over the columns of Mother Superior, who we understand is not finding good memory these days to command the reigns of the thrash heap.

We cannot comment on what he had to say, because to be honest we could not find the garbage gloves to turn the pages of the RAG SHEET to the BIGOT.

What is sad is this. The likes of a John Marquis should not be welcomed into the country, whether physically or by a distant electronic pen, because it is personalities like him who by an ungodly invasion, has done everything in their power to divide Bahamians.

It is mercenaries like him who have journalistically, through the imagination of a pen, suited themselves like HUTU militias and Gestapo assassins to play the psychological politics on the intellectually weak; while they defecate on Bahamians!

Eileen Mother Superior Carron

We at Bahamas Press believe the time has come to cleanse the country from the like of such; where we boycott reading such rags! They are not good for the Bahamas. They mean the Bahamas no good! They are against us and have taken away far too much of the needed unity in this country.

By the reintroduction of the Bigot, we have arrived at a new low.

Bahamians should religiously avoid the pages of what we know as the opaquely bias caricature of the ‘foreign enemy’ in our midst!

Long ago this country was freed from the grips of your pen Mr. Marquis. Long ago, Bahamians, who have followed the art of read, have been trained and have matured to censor your poppycock.

You and the Tribune should note times have changed in the Bahamas. We, the people of this country, have CHANGED for the better! And this time, you, Roy Boyke, PAPA, Magoo and the band of jackals that line the gluteus maximus of the Free National Movement should note your political days are numbered!



  1. BP,

    I must strongly disagree with your opinion here. It is vital that sites like this one counterbalance his views. But the only way to do that is to comment on his columns and rebut them with FACTS. Not doing so would be tremendous disservice by you BP.

    How about you rebut his column with FACTS? I tried to but simply couldn’t, even though I didn’t like what he wrote.

    I think a problem that we Bahamaians have in general is an almost automatic negative view of ANY outside criticism, even if what’s being said is true.

    Perhaps deep down inside our collective minds we still have an inferiority complex and can’t get ourselves to admit that in many areas we truly are behind the rest of the world. We respond outwardly by lashing out,; an automatic reflex almost to even constructive criticism.

    Let’s be honest with ourselves. Can we truly say we are good at strategic planning? Do we know how to build a good educational system? Do we have transparency in government? The list goes on.

    Why can’t we as a people try to learn from best practices around the world and apply them here with adaptations for our culture?

    So, while I don’t like Mr Marquis’ “better than thou” tone, I will read his columns because many times what he writes hurts, but is true.

    So BP, how about you step up to the plate and hit a few?

    • NSMITH HERE WAS OUR direct response to Marquis after reading the article:

      Posted By: Bahamas Press On: 7/21/2011

      Title: Murdoch could be saved more quicker than the FNM

      Finally we did read get to read your column and what can we say? Ahhh my, the FNM is more desperate than we thought. CRIME and UNEMPLOYMENT, Starvation and Murder Rocks the Bahamas! If we wanted a novel on the PLP, all we have to do is buy the Tribune. The paper has in fact become the antidote for the aged these days. No one reads it.

      We are sorry John, we are not interested in bedtime stories. Guns all across the country are firing in the distance like the war in Afghanistan. Unemployment under the FNM has skyrocketed like the Atlantis shooting past Mars, and the roads across New Providence are dug-up and are left abandoned like one of the seven wonders of the world.

      NO MORE BEDTIME STORIES JOHN, The Bahamas is a different place since you left. Oh and if I don’t type this quickly, I will not be able to send it, because like North Korea, BEC shuts down 5 times a day. Of-course the Tribune will not write that, they are too focused on THE PAST, THE DEPARTED SOUL OF PINDLING and the PLP.


      • BP,

        I want to commend and thank you for your reply to Mr Marquis’ article. It is vital that you continue to do so.

        His column didn’t use IMF or any other figures because he was addressing a completely different issue: the leadership of the PLP. While I certainly objected to many of his “over the top” adjectives of Messrs Christie and Mitchell, the sad truth is that he is mainly repeating what the PLP commissioned report following the 2007 elections said. I don’t think it’s a simple rehash of history, as both men will again be in power should the PLP win and will most lkely continue their past behaviour.

        It troubles and saddens me that we only have three choices and none of them look good for our nation. The FNM has done some good things and totally screwed up a lot of others; the PLP is stuck in its old ways and the DNA is just strange.

        We’re now at the point of choosing the lesser of three evils I’m afraid.

        But thanks and kudos again; please keep responding to Mr Marquis.

        • NSMITH the point you are missing is this, you cannot weight on the abilities of Mr. Christie without pointing to the factual information available. Crime Stats is availbale and Marquis refused to use them. budget records are available and Marquis refused to use them. The national debt figures under Mr. Christie’s watch and this present FNM and Marquis refused to use them. UNEMPLOYMENT numbers under Mr. Christie are available and yet Marquis refused to present them.

          All John Marquis did in his article was repeat the diatribe used by WIKILEAKS, HUBERT INGRAHAM, and the puppet masters and spin doctors of the Free National Movement. Points presented showed not a grain of facts, but repeated the tune by the aforementioned. Same band different note.

          Bahamians are far more intelligent that you and others NSMITH make them out to be. Even the dumb foreigner is smarter than that low.


          • BP,

            Thanks for your reply.

            I must again disagree with some but not evry point.

            The truth is the global economy went into a deep recession in 2007 and were barely, shakily hanging on right now, and everything could go bust again if Washington and the EU don’t get it right, fast.

            If you look at the economy of the US it’s a mess. Official unemployment is still at 9.2% and real number is more like 16%. Foreclosures are running at almost 2 million per year, average wages are down, GDP growth rate is slowing ad nauseum.

            Because we are so beholden to US tourism, of course our unemplyment will be down. Of course our debt will be up (look at the US and Europe).

            What you didn’t mention was that civil servant layoffs are NOTHING compared to the US and Europe.

            WHat I do agree with you on is crime. Some things, like electronic monitoring, new courts and judges are somewhat helpful, but I’m afraid the lack of education, the single parent families and quite frankly acceptance of mediocracy at best by our parents are the primary causes. Saying things like Urban Renewal Programmes will solve all is more than silly.

            Anyway, I am very glad that you will continue to respond to Marquis’ columns and rebut them whenever you can.

            BTW, I’m a Bahamaian currently employed in the US but hope to return in 2 years.

          • You can disagree until the cows come home to roast! John Marquis in his article failed to present one line of FACTS to his readers. When he does that, then we will consider the trash as credible.


    • When you say facts, NSMITH, where in that entire article presented by Marquis do you see any material included by the IMF or some international rating agency to suggest or backup the claims presented by him. There is absolutely not one grain of evidence to conclude the same by a single independent organization.

      The department of statistics is there, but John didn’t use them. NOT ONE QUOTE BY PINDLING as he claims is used. The Crime Statistics are there as well and he refuse to use them. The Budget by the Christie administration against those now being realized by the WUTLESS FNM government are also there, yet he did not use them in his article.

      But he proceeded to use the same language used by WIKILEAKS and the Guardian. The same Language used by the FNM propagandists and the same used by Hubert Ingraham. Same band different instrument.

      Smith perhaps you should tell the caricature of the great foreign invasion [John Marquis] to stop being a bigot and a modern day voice of colonialism. Those days of divide and conquer are long past behind us.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

    • NSmith I respect your point of view however, many of us who have read Marquis Column in the past feel like he has a bone to pick with the Bahamian People (particularly Black Bahamians). When someone constantly criticizes our way of doing things attack our social establishments, uses unsavory remarks about our people (without putting such remarks in the proper context) we have to question his or her motive. As Bahamians, I think we should welcome others perspectives on how to improve the quality of life for our people but I don’t think we need some foreigner regardless of his intellect, constantly telling us how bad we are or what is wrong with this country. Yes we have our issues, but instead of simply trashing our country and lambasting our people his editorials could he been geared toward offering solutions rather than being intentionally offensive.

      • He hates Bahamians and that is why he for years defecated on the history of this country in every attempt to rewrite it and call it truth. Like Columbus, he want to believe he has some authority to suggest what is truth. A BIGOT is what he is, another colonial master paraded by the enemy within.


      • Crab,

        Thank you for your insightful post. I too really dislike Marquis’ tone and demeanor, but can we really say that what he writes is any worse than much of both the FNM and PLP have been spouting? I don’t think so. When I read the outright lies being spewed out by both major parties it makes me sick. I’m currently in the US and believe me, it’s no better here. It’s really tough to make a difference in the US because its so big; why the hell can’t we as a small nation do better?

    • Amen! Like they say the “Truth will set you free”. Finally someone has hit the nail right on the head and called the spade a spade.

  2. if this website and other bahamians put the same effort into getting rid of all these illegal hishen as they do this marqy fella we would be ok
    but i guess he hishen lovers and marqy haters


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