More residents are being sworn in this morning at Hawkins Hill Office

Jack Thompson alongside Minister Brent Symonette.

Bahamas Press is monitor the steps of the Department of Immigration building where another group of residents are being sworn in by a senior official of the government this morning.

Every Monday morning scores of residents are being fast-tracked to citizenship by the FNM Government.

According to sources, Immigration officers have been directed by Brent Symonette to work overtime to process citizenship applications for Haitian nationals.

Hubert Ingraham, Brent Symonette and the FNM have getting desperate.


  1. Just a few from the 100,000 (a figure this FNM cabinet will not deny) awaiting the return of this FNM cabinet to government their shot at early citizenship, come the General Elections.
    This FNM cabinet is like my grandpa’s donkey Willie who fell down the well, excepting their arrogance toward the Bahamian people, unlike Willie who loved all us kids, is much too deep to haul out, because of all the insults they have poured over their own people.

  2. No one here is looking at how real traditional Bahamians will be outnumbered be these new paper Bahamians of foreign descent! The Bahamas will cease to look like true Bahamians, in years we will not even recognize this country. When tourists come now, all they hear is Haitian creole accents in the straw market! Enough is enough! We can not continue to take on scores of other nationalities to the detriment of our national identity! Sorry but out quota is full in this country! I don’t care what no one say bout humanity, we have to look out for true Bahamians and the future of our children! Not have a country full of paper Bahamians of foreign descent! This is a bunch of crap!!!!!!!

    • I am of Haitian decent and I can bet you that you can not tell me from a ‘true’ Bahamian as you would term it.
      How do I know, well in fact NO ONE CAN and when I tell them that I or my sibs are they dont believe me. So get the heck outta here.

      All this is doing is confirming the xenephobia in this country by some. Dont like the LAW well lobby your MP to change it.

      Say paper Bahamians. A paper Bahamian is a Bahamian just like you. Citizenship is a document signed into law. The law says that you are a Bahamian since you were born in the Bahamas to Bahamian parents just as the law says you are Bahamian if you are registered or naturalized.
      True Bahamians? Arawaks are true Bahamians. Lets see. Americans brought themsleves and their slsaves over, the British brought themselves and thier slaves over. And those persons and thier decendants are what you call true Bahamians.
      Stephen Dillett one of the most celebrated figures in Bahamian history has a school named after him, A War Hero, the FIRST black to sit in Parliament for Nassau, head of the post office, head of the police, and cheif coroner when blacks couldnt do anything, was born in Haiti.
      While you at it, lobby for the govt to stop giving out permanent residence to rich Americans and other foreigners who come with loads of money and ship them home.

  3. And if you do any research you would know that there is a absolutely huge backlog of persons.

    MANY of whom are unassuming persons walking the streets who you assume is a Bahmaian just like yourself and born in the Bahamas. Kudos if they are going through the backlog.

    If you know about the process it is one of the most lengthy procedures with interviews, newspaper ads, JPs etc etc.

    BTW if you have ever been in one of those ceremonies, you would know that many of them arent even Haitians.

    In fact most persons are young, old, white, black from all over the Caribbean, the US and around the world. Who are lawfully eligible for citizenship. Many of whom have had applications in for half or close to a decade or so.

    Whats the insinuation? You get regularized while x party is in power and you vote for them? Well, I live in the real world here and it doesnt work that way. In fact, I can pretty much care less who was i power while it happened with regards to who to vote for.

    In fact many applications go through both administrations how long they take.

    So finally the executive is doing their job swiftly and they are demonized.

  4. It is sad that the process of citizenship is been use to score political browny points. My nephew turned 18 last year May and is still anxiously waiting to become a Bahamian citizen. I do believe that the process need to be free from politic because the same claims you are making now was made by the FNM about the PLP before the last election. The majority of the people seeking citizenship fall in the same category as my nephew. The politics of citizenship need to stop.

  5. BP, I have been reading your stories and wonder what it is exactly you want the Government and Bahamian people to do.

    Firstly, these people are making application for citizenship AS REQUIRED BY LAW! I am pretty sure that those who do not qualify will not be granted same.

    Secondly, it is their right to apply. Are you suggesting that we deny these people citizenship? Many persons were also Naturalized under Shane Gibson in the Christie administration if i could remember well.

    Thirdly,The fight against Immigration should be just that; not an act against BAHAMIANS whose bloodline could be traced to foreign countries. Everything is being done according to law. If it upsets you, then run to change the law.

    • When we we realize that in the Bahamas – you’re damned if you do; and damned if you don’t? You pick your poison.

      People ask for change and when they see it they call it everything else but what it truly is. Our country is heavily divided not on principle, but squarely on political rhetoric. So reason is out the door. When you slice through all the boloney you realize that at the heart of the matter is one prevalent issue…… WHO GA CONTROL THE MONEY!!!!! Let’s get real here.

      If we could elevate our thinking beyond today and truly stand up and take action for a better tomorrow we could stop this bleeding. It will be painful, but we could ALL take comfort in knowing that there will be an end to the misery. We have to hold our people accountable in every aspect. It first has to start with our leadership and then trickle down.

      If we can’t strengthen the back of this country (which is our leadership) then we ga continue to fall and spiral down into the depths of complete and utter destruction. Independence day just gone and I am sure many top level politicians don’t have a clue on why they were celebrating. I am tired of the “Puppy Show”. The days of “trying” are OVER. We have to DO now and get this country back on track.

      I am by no means saying the current administration is not doing their job. I am not a hater so I will give credit where credit is due. So I can acknowledge that in some aspects they are; but you know if some of it is by hook or crook and for dat – I say we must eradicate that behavior.

      Someone asked me before HOW to clean up this mess. One suggestion is to look at benchmarks and case studies which are all around us. If we look at what they had to do in Mexico to rid corruption. The whole political system was in shambles and of course it was directly tied into the police so justice was for sale to the highest bidder. The Bahamas has been teetering with this and slowly the pendulum is swinging heavily in tha direction so we really have to lock down this behavior now.

      I ain’t for no Green, Yellow, Red or Blue… I am ALL for the real colors of the Bahamas the Aqua, Gold and the Black…

      Bahamians – Let’s get real pride back in this country. THEN and only then can we party.

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