Brave Davis set to take a BIG WIN in San Salvador


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PLP Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador MP Philip Brave Davis.

San Salvador is SOLID GOLD!

Reports coming out of San Salvador confirms Philip Brave Davis is set to be returned to Parliament following the next general elections.

Reports coming in from the constituency confirms the Island is SOLID GOLD!

Hundreds of PLPs left all offices to greet the PLP deputy leader as he landed just after 3pm this afternoon.

Wendall Jones’ show, Issue of the Day broadcasted live out of the island today.

One lady told the national audience: THE FNM has failed the Bahamas! They ain’t check for us. They refused as the government to give us our fair share.

Hubert Ingraham only did things for Abaco.

He told San Salvador we don’t need anything. Well, we ga show the FNM we don’t need them and we don’t want them!

Meanwhile,  reports reaching our news room confirms also there is a big fights erupting inside the camp of the FNM.

We are told a woman complained to FNM MP Charles “Pillsbury” Maynard to clean up her area in Excellence Gardens. Charlie we are told looked at it and never returned back.

The residents complained directly to Papa and days later Earl Deveaux, and Neko Grant along with Papa showed up. Papa carried on like a mad man and made Charlie feel like a small schoolboy who defecated in his pants. Papa said and we quote: The people are living on the dump. Charlie looked like he wanted to cry as he was scolded!

Papa then turned to the residents asking for their support. The lead spokesman for the residents replied: HELL NO YOU AND CHARLIE GATA GO!


We report yinner decide!