A Bahamian now named in the Bishop Eddie Long Sex Allegations



  1. No wonder Jesus never pastored a Church. How can you arrive at a private settlement, if Church members funds were used to pay off these young men?

  2. Wow, say it aint so. This young man is definitely different from the other accusers. He is flaming.

    Yep, if the attorneys for the good bishop had contested the original 4 boys allegations, the presence of this Bahamian fella as the 5th accuser, being obviously clearly absolutely and totally gay would have put the nail in the coffin.

    I hope all involved use that settlement money wisely. This Kemp boy/ girl looks like he will blow that in one scoop, cus he wants to be a star.

  3. The report stated this Bahamian guy made the case difficult for Eddie Long and his identity was kept in secret the whole time. I wonder why that is? Could Kemp possibly be connected to Full Gospel ministers in The Bahamas? Did Long silence/pay off Kemp as well to protect Full Gospel ministers in The Bahamas?

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