A government worker shot dead….Tommy Turnquest now has blood on his hands!


Tommy Turnquest, Minister for Crime has lost the crime fight.

Nassau, Bahamas — An Environmental Health Services employee was gunned down on Harold Road earlier today.

Bahamas Press reports the government employee was shot to death, as thieves sought to steal public money.

BP detectives at the scene around 11am this morning report, Dwayne Cartwright, [THE VICTIM] was making his way to headquarters to drop off the morning deposit. The funds are collected daily from refuse and scrap metal payments at the dump.

Usually when Cartwright makes his drops he is escorted by police, but this morning’s exercise no police escort showed up; we wonder why.

As he approached the highway exit from the dump, some men traveling in a Honda wearing construction hats flagged Cartwright down. One of the men opened fire on the victim shooting him fatally.

Cartwright becomes the 235th victim of senseless murders in the Bahamas since 2009.

We are left with one thought following this incident; why did the police fail to escort Cartwright to the deposit location? The car was ditched and was marked without any decals or plate. How could such be on an open PUBLIC HIGHWAY?

Bahamas Press is calling for the powers that me to answer in this latest tragedy.

The victim is believed to be in his late thirties.


  1. So much corruption in this little country. God can’t be pleased. Even it they catch these killers, they will be given bail, by the time the case come up all the witnesses would probably be in their grave or they can’t remember what occurred on that ill-fated day. The victims and their families might as well wait on God’s judgment, because at least you know could believe in his justice and there isn‘t any running from that. Cold, cold killers, they did not have to kill that man! I don’t want to make this man’s death political, because what happened to him was so unfortunate. I am just saying, “if it was me and I was in the position to do something with theses coldhearted murders, I would have done it. Even if it meant enforcing the death penalty. Something needs to be done, people going around killing people and not thinking about it. If you don’t put fear in these murderers they will continue to put fear in us.” Sad to say, “I don’t believe this were their first time, it seems to me that they were prepared to do what they had to do in order to get what they wanted.”

  2. Until the government actually enforces HANGING that is on the books, criminals will always have the upper hand. Fear needs to be invoked on these low lives who feel it is ok to kill someone in cold blood.
    Condolences goes out to the Cartwight family, may God’s peace sustain you all through this most difficult time.

  3. Things happen. In today’s world crimes occurs every day. We should not be surprise,and why blame a Government Minister because this happened in an area he represents. Bahamian should be more informed. Do you all really thinks that this Minister wanted this man killed? I would think not. Again things happen when and where we never expect it to. Don’t let your blame be all about politics.

    • We need to stop playing games went a incident occurred,my deepest sympathy goes out to the victim Family.we must stop casting blames on the Minister of national defense,quit your foolish polictrick.My solution to this problem is that we be our brother”s keeper,If any person witness this crime please reported to the police.

      • @natural

        If you lose your job and can’t afford to put a roof over your families head and there is no more help to be had. What is the worst thing are you prepared to do to feed your children who have being sleeping in the car with you for more than a month and they have just shared the last slice of bread 24 hours prior. What do you do Natural, when all hope is gone. Do you considered the thought of commiting a crime, will it cross my mind. We have so many people in this hopeless state brought on by high taxes which added to joblessness for Bahamians. Am with out work Natural, my children and I are hungry what should i do, can you help me until things get better or should i help myself to what you have Natural, what should I do.

        Its just a metaphor but for some it is a reality

  4. What’s so “SHAMEFUL” about this,is the fact that this crime happened in the present Minister of National Security constituency,to a government employee transporting government money.You would think after all of the ridicule this fella put on his predecessor (Mother Pratt)he’d taken the bull by the horns. But like his leader and his party they’re full of “BULL”!!!!!

  5. yall could comment all yall want the fact to the matter is this will not stop until people have choice of job or crime if that jack ass pm didn’t cancel over 80million dollars worth of contract crime would not be so high but the pit bull moron doosh bags fnm lost and out of touch with reality so hope and prey you aint next..

  6. This is so wrong! Where is the justice for this man and his family? When he got dressed yesterday to go to work, I am sure, both he and his family were not aware of the fact that he would not be returning home to them ever again. Another innocent life have been taken, so, what are we going to do now? While I agree with the government and our law enforcement officers that this should be a community effort and the government is not capable of dealing with this problem alone, every time someone loses their life senselessly on our street are we expected to join in the chorus with the government in singing this same old song? Which I feel the best title would be, “This is a community effort.” In fact maybe they should consider making this the new National Anthem, as much as this song is being played. I just hope you all realized, the more we sing this song with them and do not try to encourage or make our government accountable for enforcing the laws on the books and getting them to do the job they are being paid to do, how bloody things are getting around here in the main time. Yeah, it’s a great song and we could sing it all day, until the cows come home, but until we start putting fear in these criminals and punishing them for their actions nothing is ever going to change. Don’t be surprised if the criminals like this song too and they find it to be very motivational, that maybe the reason for all these killings, so they could enjoy hearing it again.

  7. This is a sad period in our country, but this is the result of allowing you people to suffer with joblessness, high taxes, etc. They eventually victimize each other for sustenance. Am not excusing the actions of these men but suffering brings out the worst in most people as they seek to alleviate their own pain. And again they have killed someone’s child, father and husband and if they are caught , justice will elude us once again. SMH, how sad.

  8. I met Mr. Cartwright over a year ago and he always seem to be a pleasant person, it’s real sad when people feel that they can take a life. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Be blessed.

    • Who would have known that they would not have had an escort that day, WHO? and exactly what route they would be taking. It must have been orchestrated by someone close to the routine, these guys were masked and on foot, in my view the criminals must be either from the police or someone in the government office!

  9. da police who suppose to escort him was in exuma locking up terry. told yall the police and the fnm in bed….. whatch ya back..

  10. BP.This really serious. Another murder, another family and perhaps children left to mourn. There is no reason for employees to risk their lives carrying money in this day and age. There are so many crooked and evil persons in the work place that carrying large amounts of money can be suicidal. Employers must take some responsibility for the risks they are asking employees to take with these daily and sometimes predictable trips to the bank.There is absolutely no good reason why the government should ask or demand employees take these risks. If police would spend more time escorting these government deposits and less time serving civil summonses for cash, in uniform to intimidate people, we would be better off. Some officers in charge at various stations make a mint doing this for a host of legal firms while, innocent people die!

  11. Bp you do a good on bringing us the latest news but at some point this blame game got to stop,crime is every ones problem,and until we come together as one to solve it,these horrible crimes will continue to happen.

    • there are [ersons to blame, our lawyer leaders who have the ability to amend our laws to inforce capital punishment. alot of murders that happen are done by people who are out on bail for murder. So the police are doing there jobs, the judges are doing there jobs but there hands are bound by the curent laws. so is there blame to go around? the boss man say yes

  12. BP I smell a rat and some stink fish!!! Coincidently the day the police escort was a no show that’s the day that the gentleman was robbed and killed!!! I’m not buying this!!! What is this country coming to!

    • Those are my exact sentiments. I am suspicious! The question is how did the goons know that Mr. Cartwright would be without Police escort, the time he would be exiting the dump site and the fact that he definitely was carrying money! It seem too contrived to me. I will start by checking the phone calls and SMS from everyone associated or connected to this incident.

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