A police officer and male doctor now at the centre of that wedding bust up involving the gay son of a former FNM Chairman and young female doctor…


Sissy son of former FNM Chairman told friends he is tired of people thinking he cares what they think! ‘Da Poofter’ could make a move for the first public gay marriage in the Bahamas!

Only the dog looks like he has sense these days.

Nassau, Bahamas –– Shocking and, we dare say, dangerous revelations now hitting Bahamas Press could change the country, as we know it, forever.

We have more information on that bust up, shuffling, gay former FNM Chairman son who dumped his beautiful doctor bride for his male lover[s].

Only Bahamas Press has the exclusive on the fallout, which we know has now hit two government institutions like a meteoroid.

Bahamas Press can tell you the daughter of the FNM Fox Hill general is devastated and some suggests she is not taking the discovery well at all. The beautiful bride was set to enter into marriage with the big poofter this weekend in a guest list, red carpet style wedding where the man who is the godfather of the sissy groom – former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham – had an invitation. But get this – the story has taken a turn for the worse as BP now has made a shocking discovery.

We can tell you more about ‘da poofter’. Sources close to the family tell us he had recently lost his job at a local bank here in the capital and often hung out with “boys” at a popular lodge and sorority.

According to sources, ‘da poofter’ was headed on a weekend of fun and frolic in the black sissy capital city of North American – Atlanta, Georgia. The stag trip, we are told, was set before the wife to return to New Providence and a week before the wedding. But there is more.

A dangerous love triangle is now being discovered as we can confirm the former banker was the boyfriend of a police officer and a male medical doctor! What in the hell is dis!

Our deep throat close to this investigation tell us, the police officer went to da poofter’s home only hours after the story broke on BP, carrying on bad like a jungaliss after he found out a another gay lover was “riding” his tings!

We can now tell you the sissy doctor was trying to assist in getting da poofter a job with him, but the idea was opposed and shot down by other members of the business.

Former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Inrgaham on the guest list at the big flopped wedding that was set this weekend found out his godchild is a poofter. He was a friend of the sissy groom.

All we ga say is this: Guess who the policeman and doctor is? Hallelujah!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile the father, who only has 9 and a-half-fingers, is contemplating chopping off his right hand. One source tell us the former FNM Chairman was overhead saying in an recent party meeting – “If ya right hand offend thee, CHOP IT OFF!” Some believe the father is starting to lose it following the embarrassing ordeal.

Meanwhile da poofter was never suspected of having an affair with the male doctor, who we are told, visited regularly with the bride and groom. Hmmmmmm!

We are told ‘da poofter’ with a love triangle turn square is now praying the Serenity Prayer: grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

Some say the gay son of the former FNM Chairman could go public and seek a public marriage to one of his two gay lovers [POLICE or the male Doctor].

What in da hell is this on Bahamas Press ta-day!

Meanwhile the bride is telling friends she wants her $50,000 back and could file a lawsuit seeking damages and may name the police and male doctor in her lawsuit.

We report yinner decide!