A Talk show with Rodney Moncur cut off air in Abaco by BEC….SHAMEFUL

Political Activist and former leader of the Workers Party on channel 55 in Abaco.

Now here is another story the shameful WUTLESS media down in Abaco will not report. Yesterday Rodney “Da Hammer’ Moncur was smartly dressed on Channel 55 in the Abacos telling the nation how shameful the Free National Movement Government as been towards the Bahamian people.

Moncur, who is still awaiting a nomination from the DNA and appears as the Party’s ONLY spokesperson, told residents it is a disgrace what Hubert Ingraham and the FNM was doing to Bahamians as he highlighted the plethora of issues facing the nation.

The advocate against Crime alarmed further, that crime is far out-of-control across the country and that it was time to hang persons convicted of murder and offer no bail to persons charged for committing murder.

But before Moncur could have climb his voice into his high temper tan-drum shouts and rants – which BP loves to see him climb to – unceremoniously BEC on the island show down the power supply and abruptly ended the show.

Moncur finally felt what residents of Abaco have been feeling since 2007; mass long delays of power supply and empty vacation homes as a result. But what does all this say about the MP who represents the island? Who is the MP again? Hubert Ingraham, Prime Minister of the Bahamas.


  1. As far as I am concerned all these political parties full of sh*t, so aint nobody need to be on here tell no one how to vote. People should do what they believe is right for them, whenever you vote for these parties you’re taking chances, you never know what sh*t they coming with. Looking at what’s happening now, I am glad I didn’t vote for the stinking FNM party in the last election, but I don’t believe the people who voted for them expected them to mistreat them like this. In fact, even though I never liked Hubert’s wicked ways, I never dreamt he would sink so low as to do these things to the Bahamian people. Bran full of sh*t himself, he’s coming out with a drag queen on his team, I don’t know what all of this means, but I definitely can’t be in support of anything like that. Perry still surrounded with these people with tarnished reputations, I am not feeling them either. Then if I don’t vote, all these Haitians will vote this wicked FNM government back into power. Right now, I am between a rock and a hard place, but when I do make up my mind it will be my decision.

  2. let the devil fool y’all bahamians and vote for DNA go a head and jump out the frying pan into the fire this man was under ing-rum wings for sometime y’all do shit in 2007 when we all had jobs and low crime projects on every island’ now y’all selling phone card and don’t have a job. bahamians have another chance to restore things the way it was and y’all wanna take another chance with the DNA i wonder what wrong with we bahamians man you think i going to take a chance with bran? the question is what if he f-up then we wait for another 5 years hell no i going with what i sure of that’s the PLP they have plenty work to do. bran can wait his turn.

    • We always tell ya and Bahamians does forget, Branville in 2011 just a few months ago told a radio audience that While Hubert Ingraham had NO COMPASSION, he was still the best man to lead the Bahamas at this time. The DNA leader said that THIS YEAR! Now, if that isn’t a man who is FLIP FLOP FOOL and FLAM then show me another!


  3. Why are they taking so long to nominate Mr. Moncur as a candidate of the DNA? I don’t like that, because this man was the leader of his own party and risk putting all of that aside just to join forces with the DNA. Although, I wasn’t for Mr. Moncur joining up with the DNA, he there now, so they should treat him with respect and dignity. Bran, is this the thanks and appreciation that you will show to Mr. Moncur? At this point, from what I could see, he doing more than anybody else in promoting the party. He all about on these talk shows bigging up the DNA, although he’s dramatize to get his point across, but everybody who know him know that’s the way he is. This man must be have hypertension, the way he‘s carry on. Anyway, you all need to stop dragging your foot just to give the man an nomination, y‘all making him feel like he begging y’all for something.. Hurry up and show Mr. Moncur some love and appreciation, man! If I were him, I wouldn’t have anything else to say, until the DNA get me sorted me out.

  4. Let’s correct the inaccuracies – Rodney Moncur is NOT the DNA spokesperson nor will he be getting a seat.

    Also Abaco’s power problems did not start in just 2007 you need to go back to the turn of the century for that…2000/2001 is when it started becoming an issue

    • Conian you cannot say that for certain. That point in time is yet to be announced. Even though we are also of the opinion that Mr. Moncur will never be a candidate for the DNA. As it stands, Rodney Hammer Moncur is the only DNA member that is on the talkshow circuit promoting Branville McCartney’s Party, therefore, he is a SPOKESMAN whether they see him as one or not.


      • Bp you now Bran dont want nobody to out talk him, he believe in leading like Ingraham.

        BP, i heard john pinder just got his *** kick buy customs and immigration. whats you take on this.

        • That is true John no longer represents Customs and Immigration workers. A SIGN OF THE ANGRY CIVIL SERVICE! IT OVER!


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