A third senior member of the PLP could tender his resignation as Chairman of a Corporation —


New PLP experiences mass disaffection which could spell major trouble in 2017…Chairman Bradley Roberts could resign as National Chairman soon….

Key pillars in the PLP rejected by the Christie Cabinet! The best men who led the PLP to victory are now isolated within the Party - Miller, Moss and Roberts are the three most dangerous politicians who could deliver big wins for the PLP - but today are being rejected by the Cabinet.

Why is the Christie Government turning on its own?

Nassau, Bahamas — Some prominent PLPs seeing the mass disaffection with its supporters are shell shocked following our revelations. Some believe our polls are skewed and are hoping the numbers are untrue when in fact clear evidence is proving that the popularity of the Governing Party is worse than presented.

Bahamas Press is reporting the disconnect by the New Christie Administration is growing and it is so bad that a third chairman of a Corporation could tender his resignation to the Board any day now.

BP reminds our readers that the reality is worse than suggested. In fact, it is so bad one PLP was overheard telling another that the Christie Administration, if it continues on this same path, could lose all of its valiant election fighters and strong men before a general election is called.

Christie dropped a good man like Greg Moss for this character. AMAZING! Supporters question if Christie Cabinet believe in PLPS!

“Do you remember the revelations at NIB and the fight by some to keep Algernon Cargill on as the Managing Director of NIB? We in the PLP traded our own in the person of Greg Moss – the competent legal mind who discovered that NIB was being raided by its executive management team – and what did the Cabinet of the Bahamas do? They handed over Moss and opted to keep Cargill months after they knew NIB was in trouble under the leadership of Algernon Cargill. The Christie government then spent almost $1 million to find out what the Moss Board recorded to be happening. And then, after a long time and months of polarization – like the paralytic at the pool of Bethesda –  they slowly decided to do what the country had already known should have been done with Cargill. And, to make it worse, the findings of the million-dollar audit is still to this day awaiting a decision for a criminal proceeding to commence,” a politico within the Party told BP.

A second incident which describes even more clearly the way the new Christie Government has treated its own, could best be seen with its Chairman and strongest ground man, Bradley Roberts, who is departing the board of Water and Sewerage Corporation. Word has it that decisions by the Christie Cabinet have gone against the Roberts Board. From what we have heard, after the PLP Cabinet slapped down Chairman Roberts in a bid to upgrade Water and Sewerage, the powerful Chairman who returned the PLP back to power has abruptly tendered his resignation at the Corporation effective Dec. 31st. And from the looks of things Roberts could resign as National Chairman of the PLP soon.

The third incident, which could nail the new Christie Administration and began an all out war in the party, is with the recent decision by the Cabinet against Chairman of BEC Leslie Miller. No one inside the Christie Cabinet is said to be supporting Miller’s decision to protect Bahamians’ interest at the Corporation and, what is worse, recently the Viceroy of the PLP and Minister Philip Brave Davis has acted against Miller and has sided with the damn employees.

It’s Unbelievable!

“This is the danger we are treading here; The Christie Cabinet don’t even support their own chairmen so what you think about Bahamians?  Mind you, this is the same party that went around the country and proclaimed to ‘Believe in the Bahamas and Bahamians’, but from their recent actions it is clear – THEY DON’T EVEN BELIEVE IN PLPS!” another politico told BP. “They are a big disappointment to supporters.”

Recent polls conducted by both the government and BBB Analytics show that the Christie Administration has lost massive support and from where we sit – things this could get far worse before it gets better.

We report yinner decide!