A total embarrassment to The Bahamas


Oswald Brown

Oswald Brown Writes


As I suspected, the breakdown of the Bahamas Defense Force craft taking Prince Harry to North Eleuthera on Sunday was featured on the BBC World News on Monday as well as British newspapers and other international publications.

This clearly was a total embarrassment to the Bahamas Government, and a full investigation needs to be launched into why a more seaworthy boat was not chosen to transport the grandson of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth who was in this country as her representative on the occasion of the celebrations of 60th Diamond Jubilee.

I refuse to believe a theory being circulated by cynics that this was a deliberate act by some Defense Force officers to embarrass Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and his FNM government.

That theory suggests that some members of the Defense Force were peeved by Ingraham’s blatant disrespect for Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade during his address at the opening of Zhivargo Laing’s Fort Charlotte campaign office when Ingraham openly ridiculed Greenslade’s promotion of a number of officers on the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

One reason why I refuse to believe this is that it represents a dangerous line of thinking, given the fact that Ingraham is perceived by many to be on course to establish himself as the Bahamas’ equivalent to Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier, Haiti’s late notorious dictator.

The government of the Bahamas is a NATIONAL DISGRACE! Prince Harry was stranded out to sea as the Government Boat ran out of fuel with the Prince on board. With a violent northeaster crashing near the boat the Prince had to be transferred at sea on another vessel. There was not one report in the WUTLESS MEDIA of the Bahamas! THEY AND THE GOVERNMENT HAVE NO DAMN SHAME!!!
The danger lies in the fact that when the “armed forces” are opposed to a dictator, a coup generally follows and they take over the government by force. This sort of thing is foreign to The Bahamas, so this is the reason why I refuse to believe the reports circulating that the crippling of the Defense Force craft carrying Prince Harry to North Eleuthera was deliberate.

Having said that, however, it is clear that the government, or someone in authority at ZNS, agrees that it was a total embarrassment to The Bahamas.

It may be a coincidence, but I think it is strange that the report on Prince Harry’s visit was not considered newsworthy enough by ZNS in tonight’s broadcast to present the story until half-hour into tonight’s news.

What was even more mindboggling is that when ZNS decided to present the story, it was introduced it as “Out Island News.” They later expanded on Prince Harry’s visit during their coverage of events held over the weekend as well as his departure for Jamaica.

Keep in mind that today, the Prince’s visit was mentioned in numerous newspapers around the world and one of the United States’ most venerated newspapers, the Washington Post, published a “montage” of more than 40 photographs of Prince Harry’s visit to The Bahamas and Belize.

Without question, ZNS has been demonstrating lately that it is under “heavy orders” to support the FNM in its broadcasts, which is not surprising considering that the chairman of the Broadcasting Corporation is Michael Moss, a dyed-in-the-wool FNM, who is of such value to the FNM that he is also the chairman of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, which recently decided to make provisions for thousands of Bahamians who have had their electricity turned off because they couldn’t afford to pay their electricity bills to come in and make arrangements with BEC to have their lights turned on.

This election ploy unquestionably is a part of Ingraham’s campaign strategy to lull Bahamian voters into forgetting that it is because of the mismanagement of The Bahamas’ economy by himself, as Minister of Finance, and his inept and incompetent Minister of State for Finance Zhivargo Laing that the Bahamian economy is in such poor shape and unemployment is at record levels, which is the major reason why many Bahamians can’t pay their electricity bills and put food on the table for their families.

Even a blind man can see what Ingraham is attempting to do. But the more he abuses his power by trying to bribe Bahamians into voting for the FNM, the more obvious it becomes that he a desperate man trying to hold on to power by any means possible.

Here is was in Exuma over the weekend promising residents of that island that they will have Cable TV before Easter. If my memory serves me rightly, one of the conditions for granting Cable Bahamas the license to provide Cable TV to the country was that they would extend Cable TV service to every island in The Bahamas by a certain period of time, which passed a long, long time ago.

Clearly, the Bahamian people are not fool enough to be duped by Ingraham’s snake-oil-salesman strategy to win their votes.
If the rumours about the crippled Defense Force boat are correct, it would seem that there is more than one person on the Bahamas Defense Force who wants to let Ingraham know that The Bahamas has had enough of the FNM and his dictatorial leadership.

Unfortunately, the world-at-large may also be privy to this decision by the Bahamian people as a result of the international embarrassment caused by the breakdown of the Defense Force vessel taking Prince Harry to North Eleuthera.



  1. Some of you are so full of B. S. It is laughable. You are saying that they should have tested the boat, well I can tell you the defence force made at least 2 0r 3 trips to H. Isl. to make sure they new where & what they were doing. I guess the Pilot of Pineapple air should have checked the plane before he landed in Long Isl. Accidents happen and I am sure those of you that are griping have had your share of accidents.It was no ones fault and the way I saw the Prince jump from one boat to the other was wonderful to watch. He even helped other to get on board. That shows the CALIBRE of the Man that he is.

  2. Whatever the cause of this was, the fact remains that something went wrong with the vessel carrying the PRINCES! There should be no excuse for this…it should not have happened and it was indeed an embarrassment to the Defense Force and certainly to the Bahamas. We have to be able to call things as they are without being perceived as political. I’m sure that the Defense Force took the necessary steps to safeguard against any accidents or slip ups, but yet still one occurred..so why can’t we call it out?? should we pretend that it didn’t happen? I’m not suggesting that we make it a bigger deal than it has to be…but when you’re dealing with the Royal Prince and the entire world is watching, I’d say that it was a pretty big deal! One can choose to look at the situation politically or not, but the reality is that something like this looks bad on us as it would on any other country, and we have to own it..the Defense force has to own it, the Minister responsible has to own it.

  3. I get the impression that Prince Harry is a down to earth kind of guy and he like excitement and adventures. Now, what I believe happened here, Prince Harry being an adventurous type of guy decided to have a little fun and put that boat to the test, but unfortunately he found out it wasn’t up to par. He might have put it in a gear or was going at a speed that the boat wasn’t accustom to and the boat wasn’t able to handle that sort of chaffing. If you really think about it, most of the time you see those the Defence force vessels out on the water they are usually cruising the harbour. I can’t recall the last time I heard that they were in hot pursuit to catch any drug dealers, even when people call the Defence Force Base after spotting vessels with illegal immigrants on it, by time they reach the scene all the illegal immigrants have already docked and left the boats. If those boats breaking down like that just because Prince Harry decided to put it to a little test, how the hell they suppose to catch those drug traffickers out there who are known for doing most of their activities in those high power boats? No wonder why we have all these illegal people, drugs and weapons in the country.

  4. Its amazing how quick we are to judge our own without finding out all the facts. Just like everything else, if you want the truth just go foreign. Our own reporters neglected to report the full chain of events, yet BBC, Fox7 and ABC gave a full report. The South Florida reporter even boosted about Harbour Island. Stop the black crab mentality Bahamians!!!

  5. Mr. Brown stop talking foolishness. We the members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force are military minded and we put personal feelings aside to carry out our mandate. Regardless which political party is in power we try to do our job to the best of our ability. What happen to the vessel was because of rough weather and the problem was rectify in 5 minutes. Please stop trying to make our organization look bad for your political and personal gain

  6. Rodney please tell the Bahamian ppl how the phuck you could change or repair a whole boat engine, test it, and then catch up with the next boat, all in 15 minutes.

    The Defense force find it hard to catch one Haitian boat a year, so I really don’t think they that sharp to fix a boat in record time. Stop talking chit boy. They ran out of GAS. Gezus.

    You coming with this stupid stupid storey makes u look like a fool, or you trying to take the people for fools.

    I cry SHAME on them officers. If your name was on a promotion list, they need to put a chit stain mark through it. Anyhow God soon come. I can’t say anything more, I mite start cussing. Amen, Hallelujah.

  7. How many engines were on the back of that boat?

    Not lack of gas. More like dirt in the filter.

    Anyway, Good old “Harry” was never in any Danger.

  8. I think people are missing the point of this article. It has nothing to do with Mr. Brown being a grumpy old man or that the Defense Force vessel ran out of fuel or lost engine power. It happened becaue that Bahamas government has failed in its duties to put practical, nesseary equipment/machinery in place to ensure that the men and women of the RBDF can effectively do their jobs. I am sure if you speak with them this is a regular occurence and it puts their lives in danger as well as the frustration and low morale that results when you don’t have adequate tools to work with on a daily basis. This present government has been using mudsling tactic to distract the people from the real issues facing this country. We are in trouble. Our economy is in trouble. We just spent more than $600,000 on the opening of a stadium and the Road Improvement is grossly overbudget by some 77 million dollars. That in and of itself calls for criminal charges to be brought againt this government especially The Prime Minister and his hand sidekick Min. Laing. The thing that makes me most afraid with both of them and the FNM Government is their lack of accountability. No matter what issues have been raised they have yet to accept blame or responsibility for anything. It is just a constant back and forth that the PLP did or did not do one thing or the other during their tenure. But not once have Min Laing get up and said that maybe we were in error or our plans did not go as we projected. This would tell me that they see their own humanity and not see themselves as omnipotent. This inflated behavoir is dangerous not only for the PM and Min Laing but even more so for the Bahamas as a nation.
    Let us in this time not fall into the trap of mudsling but listen attentively to what persons around you are saying. Pray for this nation and especially for the Government of the Bahamas. Let us bring respect back. Let us learn from the mistakes made by other nations so that we don’t have to walk the same road of shame(Jamaica….devalued dollar for example). It is often difficult almost impossible to recover from.

  9. Well, well you’ll don’t get it. Security Detail and protection. No fault of Mr. Greenslade, this hard-working Commander, because I certain the British security detail must have come to The Bahamas in advance to scope the area/sites before his Royal Highness visit. Defense Force, you are all responsible for this split second delay. Do you know what can happen during the transfer of this VIP to the other ship. The money the FNM take to construct the hick-ups roads they should have bought a fairly new vessel and test out before th trip. Defense Minister please look and review the security detail handled by the Vatican and our Pope, unbelievable tight security! BP keeping infoming the masses, the FNM tend to hide their deficiencies, always bringing Maynard/Laing to grin on TV and digrace PLP’s ministers. There is too much evil duing this election fever. Defence vessels break-down and parked whereas they could be in use. no wonder we hav a problem protecting our borders. BP keep infoming us, the Ministe of Defence needs to resign. UK is known to have tight security, learn from them Defence Force.

  10. Whatever it was it was an EMBARASSMENT. This type of thing did not and will not happen in his other destinations, Belize, Jamaica, etc. Whether it ran out of gas or engine failed, something negative happened and the Prince will remember it. Not that I’m sucking up to him because I don’t care for the Royal family. But when you have someone deemed important like him, everything should go right. We were a laugh for the international media. Bahamians never do anything right and never know what to do. When I heard he had to change boats I shook my head and said Only in da Bahamas.

  11. My sweet Savior, how the hell the Defense force boat bruk-down carrying the Prince. Geeeeezus, what the hell is this.

    You mean to tell me that the dam Defense Force couldn’t find a boat that was full of gas and serviced to take the Crown Prince to Eleuthera, they just grab the first piece of chit floating in the water to put him on. Gaddammmm.

    And ppl wonder why this country going to hell in a handbasket. The commander musse was in Magic City with Kittie and Precious, and leave the base in the hands of monkey and donkey. Amen, Hallelujah, Lord send the fire.

  12. BP you need to do better and report the full story like the international press did. The vessel Prince Harry was on lost one engine and did not run out of gas. Since the vessel lost one engine he was transferred to another vessel to ensure he remained on time for his engagements in Eleuthera. Neither did u report that the vessel was repaired and caught up with the group 15 minutes later. If you look at pictures of the Prince in Spanish Wells you will see that their were three (3) Defence Force vessels there which in fact supports the story the international press reported since they were their first hand….where was BP…snorkeling offshore?


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