Another home invasion leaves a husband dead and wife fighting for life


Nassau, BahamasBP is reporting there has been another murder in the capital, this time an entire family experienced a home invasion early this morning, which resulted in the death of the head of the home.

Sometime around 2:00am this morning, three armed bandits forced their way into a residence located on Saki Close off Soldier Road.

The home was occupied by a female in her mid 30s and a male in his 40s. Also in the home were two young children of the couple.

From what we can tell you, the gunmen opened fire on the male and female hitting them multiple times.

The female was taken to hospital where her condition is listed as serious. The male succumbed to his injuries at the scene. The men also shot up a vehicle before leaving.

Now we can tell you sources in the area confirmed the victim 105th murdered victim as Robbie Rolle. He is being described as a very courteous young man, who assisted many persons in the community.

Police are investigating and are seeking assistance from the public.

Meanwhile, Bahamas Press reported a murder in the Cowpen Road area yesterday afternoon. This incident is UNTRUE. We can confirm the incident was the result of a domestic dispute, which resulted in a female being badly beaten by her lover. The male we are told had beaten the young woman black and blue. That incident is also being investigated.


  1. So sorry Miller and family of victims here and God’s peace and protection on the children.What really pisses me off is these people get bail like how Prince Hepburn get bail after he chap up Nellie Brown and call police and admit he do it AND STILL GET BAIL!!MUDDASIC

  2. My brother is dead nothing or no one on this earth can bring him back. Some many of us our hurting, many don’t feel the pain unless you have live through a tragedy.

    One thing we need to do is stop this violence, my brother did not deserve to die this way, no human being should. Stop protecting children and adults, turn them into the police.

    We need sincere prayers, faithful christains.

    Politicains feel as if criminals or only killing themselves, they ared dead wrong. MY BROTHER WAS NOT A CRIMINAL.

    • Miller we know he was not, the community know he was not but Papa and Tommy say all the people getting murdered are criminals killing up one another. We know Marco Archer was no criminal. We know Tajia was no criminal. And we know the security officer at a school in Eight Mile Rock was no criminal! The real criminals are in the Parliament WESTERN side giving out $5,000 checks at a time to help out each other.


  3. I am now convinced that BP only gets half of the story right….just like The Punch. the woman wasn’t his wife, as she was clearly shown to be in “good health” on the cover of the Tribune this morning….outside the morgue after identifying his body.

    While I appreciate the zealousness that this site shows to bring “the news”…..I implore you to refrain from connecting dots without having the whole story. Please. This isn’t the first time that you’ve drawn the wrong conclusion.

    FYI, your “Cable Bahamas” story is wrong also.

    • OK OK OK OK the woman was his mistress! We only could report what we are told! OK IT WAS HIS SWEETHEART! OK!


  4. Great-Aunty Alma, I’m so sorry you lost Robbie in this senseless manner. I’m so fed up with the crime in this country, this is the 2nd cousin I’ve lost to gunfire in 3 months. WHY????

  5. I wondered why Ms. Rolle (the chicken shack on east st) was closed today; her son died. These people dont care about nobody these days. We have to pray and cover our children as our grandparents use to cover us. We live in a time now wherein the Bahamian youth isnt even making it to 25 without all this crime that is wrecking havoc upon us.

  6. My Lord. We are the Wild Wild West–but with no sheriff or deputy around. So sad to run up on a family like that. Those poor, poor children seeing that. Just seeing those imps with guns can cause someone to die from fright. My God, please help someone in that farce we call government to have the cahonas to start the process to implement hanging. We need a miracle from Heaven to get those people to enforce some law and order around here.


  8. i hope these ppl get the same **** and know what it feels like to have this happen to their family i hope someone kills their kids! they took my family their turn next

  9. when u get the police them in bed with the government of the day’ and the police them telling the minister who to retire and who to keep what kind result can we expect as far as crime! these dooch bag called leaders have they head in one another ass so the can’t see what going on, the truth is we bahamians f-up big time by voting for these jackass’ if i did not know any better i would hate every politician…….

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