Another murder tonight has claimed the life of a 5th victim in 4 days…Victim has no face left to be identified!!!


Two Women shot on Plantol Street last night…

Dellarese Curry and Chesternique Wilson both were walking in the area when they came under attack. Both are now in hospital.

Englerston appears to be under a serious gun culture and turf war and the innocent are getting shot in the crossfire.

Nassau, Bahamas — An ongoing five days of violence in the inner city community of Englerston has another bloody murder scene tonight. This we can report is the fifth murder in that part of the island in just four days.

Night after night, hails of gunfire can be heard in this inner city part of town, where it is believed that a turf war had erupted.

Some are suggesting this ‘war of terror’ started following that bloody scene on the steps of Nicoles Beauty Salon some weeks back. But what is now unfolding is a senseless and violent trail of death.

Tonight’s incident is playing out near Hanna’s Plumbing near Cordeaux and Palm Beach Streets. Bahamas Press agents now live on the scene can tell you the victim has lost his face in this shooting, and he has suffered multiple shots to the upper body.

People are walking in the area and are being targeted we are told, and, for some unknown reason, in the last few days too many have died.

BP is now at the crime scene in full riot armory. We are taking no chances in this part of town.

We are calling for a truce! We are calling on those concerned to put down your weapons. We call on authorities to declare an all-out war on gun-traffickers as we have done on drug traffickers. And we call on residents who have serious trouble with their children; sons, daughters and others – to turn them over to the law.

The death trail is senseless and stupid! What has happen to the plan to smother this violence to our streets?

Now since this report was logged on Bahamas Press there have been two other shootings in the same area. One man was shot on Minnie Street and just around the corner two females were shot on Plantol Street. We have identified those shot as Dellarese Curry and Chesternique Wilson both were walking in the area when they came under attack. In both incidents the victims were taken to hospital.

Young gun-totting thugs are killing the goose that lays the golden egg!


Central Police Station in downtown Nassau.

Bahamas Press reports a 28 – year old women of Southbridge, Massachusetts and a 27 – year old woman of Waltham,

Massachusetts are in custody after they were arrested for possession of dangerous drugs on Friday.

According to reports, around 9:30am, Officers from the Tourism Police Unit (TPU) acting on information, went onboard a Cruise ship docked at the Prince George Dock, where they arrested the two women who had a quantity of marijuana in their possession. The two women will appear in court early next week to be formally charged.

We report yinner decide!