Bahama Ducks, an endangered species, show up dead at Bah Mar

Bahama Duck

Bahama Ducks showing up dead

Nassau, Bahamas — Scores of Bahama Ducks and natural wildlife at ponds near the Baha Mar Development are showing up dead in the area and are leaving residents there puzzled as to what has triggered this sudden ecological disaster.

Just over two week ago Bahamas Press teams visited the ponds near the area and reported signs of water contamination and the disappearance of much of the natural wildlife near the pond.

BP has learnt Environmental officers have begun collecting the dead animals for testing. Large numbers of dead Bahama Ducks, an endangered species, have washed up near land at the pond with some beginning to rot and create a strong stench in the area where guests and local nature seekers gather for viewing the natural environment and wildlife.

Major construction in the area, we believe, has disturbed the natural setting of the animals making it tough for them to survive – all in the name of development.

Since the discoveries of yesterday, not a single statement has been issued from the prostituted Bahamas National Trust, which should speak loudly on such matters. Not a word has come from that lawyer who many believed collected his Bahamas Bar papers out of a Cracker Jack box. Not a damn word on the dead animals has been spoken from Sam Duncombe, whose voice appears to have been hushed into the earth like Osama Bin Laden. We need to do better!

We at Bahamas Press would like to know what kind of environmental impact study and assessment was carried out in that part of New Providence prior to the construction in the west.

Fish washed up dead at Montagu.

And if that wasn’t enough, Tuesday morning fishermen near the Montagu foreshore made a discovery which no one could believe. Hundreds of fish and marine animals washed ashore dead, bleeding from the gills.

Observers in the area tell us that Mosko is conducting dredging works in the vicinity and those disruptions of the natural seabed in that part of Nassau’s harbour are believed to be the cause of the disaster.

Shervin Brown of the Fishermen Association told news reporters he has never seen anything like this before and added the statement, “If the fish are dying…we will be dying too.” He called on authorities from the department for the environment to investigate the matter quickly so the public fears of a contaminated seabed can be put to rest. Once again, members of the department of the environment were nowhere to be found as the incident unfolded out east. Perhaps they are all, including the outgoing minister, in Bell Island riding around in that luxury helicopter.

Bahamas Press calls on all international and local watchdogs for the environment to find their voices to protect the animals the same way ‘ya’ told the Bahamian people they cannot eat at all times of the year turtle, grouper, and crawfish. Since you added laws to protect the cat, rat and dog, get to the bottom of the deaths of animals out in the west!  Protect the Bahama Ducks, an endangered species, now dying in huge numbers out in the ponds at Baha Mar.


The pond at Baha Mar turned muddy gold as wastage now contaminate and polute the water table. A NATIONAL INVESTIGATION MUST NOW COME TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT!