Bahamas Needs Two BlackHawk Helicopters URGENTLY to HELP FIGHT GROWING CRIME


Nassau, Bahamas — In our contribution to assists the government of the Bahamas with the growing vexing crime problem now facing the country, Bahamas Press, on the heals of A Nation Crisis is calling on the Obama Administration to fund two air BlackHawk fighter helicopters to assist the Bahamas in its fight with the growing crime problem in the country.

BP has learnt just this morning, a gang of police officers were called to the area of Prospect Ridge and Skyline Drive, just a block from the official residence of the American Ambassador’s, were in a dangerous police chase ended. From initial reports sources tell us a squad of police cars locked down the area from early joggers, where they intercepted a man and a woman in a truck LOADED WITH DRUGS!

The streets are not safe to have more high speed chases and with them being all dig-up these days, it becomes even more treacherous and dangerous for motorist to be in the midst of such lawlessness.

The idea that guest and official visitors to the country could be nearby such serious crimes begs the question as to what are we doing to protects guests. We already know we have a serious problem in protecting citizens.

We need the support of these addition crime fighting tools [BLACKHAWK HELICOPTERS] in order to assist police in quickly arresting the crime crisis that has pimp slapped the country hard in the face like the dangerous insect carrying dengue!

Bahamas Press is calling on all our American partners in the US TO HELP! Send us the BLACK HAWKS with gunners in toe and gear to nip this crisis in the butt. Innocent women heavy with child, some still breast feeding and others while in their sleep are  being raped, diced, beaten,  maimed and murdered right before the nation’s eyes while their attackers run in darkness under the bush. WE NEED HELP!

Right now two men and a third is still at large for murders committed over the weekend. People know where 20-year-old Garrison Pyform is. He is wanted in connection with the death of 17-year-old Courtney McKenzie. The crime was committed in Exuma last Friday. Everyone in San Salvador knows who Resland Dean is. He is a 27-year-old male wanted for questioning in connection with the death of 21-year-old Onieka Johnson. He is the the island’s barber and we believe is cutting hair in secret someplace in this small archipelago. He is in a community near you and we need to SMOKE HIM OUT like Sadam out of his hole!


Send the BlackHawks and help us fight crime!

BP’s solution to the crime crisis #1.


  1. Now this is a serious request……..wana know why?

    who will fly the Blackhawkes………
    The cops who could hardely drive?

    The police who take 2 hours to get to a minor car accident and 5 hours to a murber scene?

    The defense force officers who when da haitians dem hit land they show up hours later only to catch some?

    what the eff?

  2. All the new construction of streets,, the cameras won’t be far off and see if they have a spare military sattelite so they can even peek at cha when you peein in da bush!

    • More cameras may actually help. But we need a strategy around the use of cameras for prevention and detection. This island needs to be put on a grid that maps out the routing of emergency medical services policing, mailing and post boxes, school zones etc. Too many jook jook corners for people to hide out in.

      • Well we gat solution #2 for the Crime Problem coming soon. But we are waiting on our two BLACHAWK Helicopters.


  3. would you like those with the rockets to shoot at the cars speeding in the gettaways and the learning manuals to fly them too!HA HA HA HA HA

  4. BP, I thought we already had at least one helicopter, owned by the Agha Kahn. Oops, but da Police cant use it, only politicians. Lmao Cud not resist dat.

  5. I think BP was using the Blackhawk as an example. Chill people no need to get in a twist. I don’t see anything wrong with some type of chopper being used to help with crime detection. Police forces in every major city have choppers to help them locate and capture criminals. So its not a far fetched idea at all. We need to use everything in our arsenal to beat crime. We are simply out of control in this place. We need an eye in the sky!

    • BP went out its way to mention Blackhawks. No one is againt helicopters on this page from what I see. BUt there are far cheaper options.

      • THAT’s alright, you want another helicopter, we want the BLACKHAWKS! TWO! So when ya shot at out police, we could shot ya off the earth!


    • TiaMaria you are right. The thing is choppers would be a great idea to assist the defense force. If we can get two of those bad boys to assist us down in Inagua, Berry Is and Mayaguana where the traffickers run those drug routes from the South then maybe, just maybe we can prevent those high speed chase with Red Dodge trucks hint hint. Maybe we can stop those “sloops” sailing in in harbour at 2-3 mph or knots as they say.

      The thing is imagine choppers in Nassau. As Bahamians we complain about everything. You bring in the choppers and the next week the poor Bahamians complaining because the choppers make so much noise at nights their children can’t sleep! Imagine that.

      Another point is, this ain’t the States, Nassau Streets ain’t that organized where choppers can shine that “beam light” on potential suspects evading the cops. Like the other write said. These people shooting ya and dissapearing in the bushes like batman and robin!

  6. If they ever do something like this, it is why the US is broke now. 88m would be the price tag. You basically are taking you, all your kids, grandkids and everyone else in the neihbour’s hoods kids and grand kids tax dollars and giving it away for a weapon that doesnt even match its use.
    I am sure there are cheaper helicopters out there.

    • THat’s why we calling for them. The US ga give us them and when ya shoot at the police you will be taken down by the BLACKHAWKS! Bahamas Press is calling on the OBAMA administration to grant the Bahamas two Blackhawks to help in the fight of CRIME!


  7. Black Hawk Military helicopters for the Bahamas? Don’t be idiots following a bigger idiot for the suggestion. Crime MUST be dealt with on the ground level! Just like with the last crisis, get more cops out on patrol, get those lazy cops in khaki out there to sharpen the rust from them, increase community policing, this must be dealt with on a ground level!

    Hate it or not, stop with the politics and bring back Urban Renewal! Make citizens and families accountable for what happens in their neighborhoods and homes. And someone tell these church people to stop crying for prayer as the solution. Prayer without works is DEAD!

    • Mind you it should be on the ground but the ground gat too much people getting away so we going into the air to fly over these drug houses.


  8. B.P.

    Why not put out a poll where you have residents putting in meaningful suggestions to crime eradication. Let us get on the television stations, the online blogs, the online tabloids, in dailys and have meaningful dialog. It is a sad sad day in The Bahamas when we have to cry out to another land to help us when we have some of the smartest and brightest minds in the world. Call on the Religious LEADERS a little louder, call on the PARENTS a little louder, call on the FRIENDS a little louder, call on the COMMUNITY on the whole. My heart aches at this moment as I write this, our most beautiful country is in shambles and unless we stop pointing fingers and blame, we will be doomed. I love our little piece of the rock, I love my brothers and sisters. Let us look for some meaningful ways to find peace and more tolerance for each other as we try to rebuild our beautiful Bahama Land.

    May God Continue To Bless us All.
    Solutions PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. BP , of all the dumb things you could say , why would you say balckhawks. lets be practical how about a smaller type of aircraft. blackhawks are for military purposes. while we are getting the balckhawks how about a few tanks and some SCUD missiles.

    • We note the fear in some of the criminals already just by our request for the two BLACKHAWKS! Drug runners know, when they could shoot a gun on the police car, the blackhawk could fire one shot to take out the vehicle completely!


  10. To tell you the trust, I love my Bahamian people and prefer seeing them working any day than watching these foreigners come here and take bread out of Bahamians’ mouths, but when it comes to my safety and wellbeing if the our Bahamian government officials and law enforcement officers can’t protect us, cheaper they bring in the foreigners to deal with it, if they thing it will make a difference. Our government is bring them in foreigners for everything else. I agree with BP, something needs to be done. It’s time for our police force and government to put their pride aside and make a decision to seek outside help. It’s obvious to everyone with sense, they don’t have a grip on this crime situation. The more they continue to allow their pride to get in the way, the more persons are going to die.

  11. The Bahamas does not need Blackhawk Helicopters.It would be a waste of money, as most of the time they will be on the ground with no fuel, or no parts for repairs.It needs a government that is interested in fighting crime,a judicial system that works, & politicians to stay out of the criminal system, regardless to who your auntie, cousin or anyone else is. Maybe outside policeman would help also.We have been waiting for almost 7 years for the RBC bank robbers who were caught redhanded to be brought to justice.No blackhawk will help this situation.

  12. Totally agree with the BlackHawk Helicopters at least thats a big start in identifying and trying to lock down some of these culprits, you can see more from the air in assisting the Police right to exact location where these culprits are. We are in URGENT need of this assistance. LETS GET THIS ONE GOING……

  13. Bad suggestion, we already have helicopters here in Nassau, Freeport and Abaco. Those same helicopters could have been used during the police chase involving the couple with the large quantity of drugs. The need for the US to send Black Hawks doesn’t seem like the right idea.
    I agree that something needs to be done regarding the crime situation. The truth about this is that the police are doing all they can but the problem is the judiciary system.

  14. Two black Hawk Helicopters huh hmmm. A bandaid solution at best. I’ll say the government needs a more grounded approach for lack of a better…

  15. Do u offer a reward/ incentive for turning criminals in in the Bahamas????? Blackhawk helicopters wont really help u fight the battle unless they are up in the air 24-7 patroling the waterways. U need good law enforcement/ knowledgable in drug/gang crime and enforcement.


    • I am an American. I love your beautiful country. Sorry for all of your loss. But, it’s hard to understand why people would want help from the US, but many Bahamian people want to preserve their precious culture. Aren’t they afraid of foreigners will take jobs from the natives?

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