Bahamas Press page discontinued on Facebook…


Dear Reader,

After years of building our page on Facebook, the social media site has decided to cancel our page and has given it over to some fictitious group/person.

We at Bahamas Press apologize to all our readers for the inconvenience caused.

We advise readers that we have made an editorial decision to decline further use of the social media and regret the loss to our over fourteen thousand friends there.

We advise all readers of Bahamas Press that news, updates and information can be found on as we provide up-to-the-minute breaking news in and around the Bahamas.


Bahamas Press/Editor


  1. My how the mighty have fallen….I predicted this long before elections, that after elections we would see the demise of BP…because your objective has been achieved the FNM is now out of office so it makes no sense now reporting the crime numbers of the PLP when we all know you are one and the same….I now predict that you will be back in 2017….enjoy your sabbatical…BP..I look for this site to be disbanded too in short order….

    • I dont feel sorry for BP, thats what they get for being unprofessional and biased especially during elections (BP is owned by a PLP. I cant wait for this site to be cancelled as well. Probably this will help BP to be a neutral media group

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