Bahamas Press retracts story and confirms – No truth to story on DNA member law firm


Bahamas Press retracts story on DNA and issues an apology!

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press has told a great untruth about a DNA senior man over the weekend and today we stand and deliver an apology for the unconfirmed report that was published by the blog last week.

Now this is but the second time since our editorial journey began where we have retracted a story from our blog and issued an apology to an individual.

We want to be clear with the facts.

Last week a staff member, who was terminated from the firm, contacted a member of the team through agents to deliver a cruel attack against a senior man of the party.

We have since learned that the story given was indeed untrue and that, contrary to the facts, business at the firm is solid – with its impeccable reach around the world – and we can confirm the firm continues to thrive.

Bahamas Press
apologizes to all parties offended by this report and promises that such an unreliable, damnable, false and damaging story will be retracted from our blog immediately.

Again, we apologize.