Bahamas WASTE please collect yinner bin!


Bahamas Waste Bin in da Road?
Bahamas Waste Bin in da Road?

Nassau, Bahamas – Residents in this community tell us they want this dumpster removed to the appropriate location in their community. Now we ain’t sure which area this is in, but we know its on New Providence.

We are told Bahamas Waste left the bin in the middle of the road, where it has become a hazard to drivers.

BP believes someone dragged it in the road so that the garbage for the area to be dumped is not heaped in front of a yard. But we are not sure.

Anyway, the resident sending this picture sent this to us to put Bahamas Waste on blast!

And so we say to Bahamas Waste: Come for yinner bin cause dese people love “DUTTINESS”!

We report yinner decide!