Bahamas cannot host CARIFTA 2013 in the New Stadium according to official


The National Stadium is a reflection of the Ingraham Government's squander of limited public funds.
Hon. Danny Johnson have to call the Chinese back to fix the stadium.

IAAF report cites New Million Dollar Stadium “INOPERABLE” for International Events…

New Stadium Cannot Pass IAAF Certification…

Nassau, Bahamas — New Youths and Sports Minister Dr. Daniel  Johnson, will possess the monumental task of telling the general public that the Bahamas may not be able to host CARIFTA 2013 in the new Stadium as an inspection by the International Athletics Association Federation [IAAF] leaked to Bahamas Press is now disclosing what will be a disappointment for the country.

Bahamas Press has been given an overview of the Federation’s findings after their inspection of the spanking new National Stadium, and what we have seen in that report proves that the contractors and Bahamian consultants overseeing its construction didn’t know what in the hell they were doing.

According to the report, which has yet to be shown to the Bahamas Government, millions of dollars in upgrades will be needed to complete the new facility up to standards.

Readers must remember the thirty million dollar gift was opened with a $1 million party and an impending $50 million dollar upgrade to its surrounding area was announced. But guess what? Since the opening and the Royal Visit the multi-million dollar facility has been collecting dust and not one member of the WUTLESS GUTLESS MEDIA has asked why.

So here we go…

If Charles Maynard's private business cannot keep BEC light on, what made ya think he could successfully complete and open a National Stadium. Boy the FNM is headed for a serious collision.

According to sources deep on the inside, the report, when seen in July -this year- , will show that the entire million dollar track will have to be taken up and re-layed. This alone will be a big BIG BILL!

The report notes the following: Lines aligned for a runner are all unevenly distributed.

Additionally, the track accommodates lanes for 10 runners at the starting line, but by the time runners reach the finish line, there are only 8 lanes. We wonder what kind of tea was being drunk when that was being laid out.

What could the project manager have been doing when this was being done? Readers must note the architect on record overseeing this work was a former Olympian.

The IAAF report will also spell out that the water drop for the Steeple Chase was not properly done and does not meet the federation’s required standards.

The report will also outline the fact that the entire sewerage system at the facility is “inoperable”!

Imagine fifteen thousand (15,000) people gathered in the National Stadium and no one can use the bathroom. According to an official, there is no way the facility can be opened to international events and the ‘terlet’ isn’t working. What a disgrace!

What is also interesting is the fact that with the massive lighting needs of the stadium, not one green energy technology is being used to assist in its massive energy demands. Not water collecting technology to collect water for the watering of the grass. NO GREEN ENERGY AND NO WATER CONSERVATION!

It’s unbelievable!

What was the Bahamian project manager doing? And what was the then Minister of Sports, Charles Maynard [Affectionately known as  Pillsbury] doing when all this mess was going down? Perhaps getting drunk at the doghouse bar!

The stadium was so poorly managed in its construction, it could not be used to host the Olympic nationals this past weekend. And may not be safe to host the 39th Annual Independence Celebration.

The new Minister has his work cut out. He should call back the Chinese contractor to assist in fixing the problems.

The first thing the minister must do however, is fire that Sports Authority Board, who continue to signed-off on many massive contracts!


PS: Now let’s see if the WUTLESS GUTLESS MEDIA could get the same info BP has, and report the truth for once. WE BET THEY CANNOT DO IT!