Bahamian McGill graduate heading to Toulouse, France to teach English


Kyle Dorsett

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Nassau, Bahamas –A relative of Kyle Dorsett sent us this write up and encouraged us to begin promoting Bahamians. We invite persons graduating to share their success story with our global readership.

My name is Kyle M Dorsett and I am a 22-year-old young Bahamian. I recently obtained my Bachelor of Arts in English literature with Political Science on June7th, 2012  from McGill University in Montréal Canada.

In May, I was selected by the French Embassy for the Bahamas and Jamaica to teach English in France. This October, I will begin a seven-month teaching assistantship in two secondary schools in Toulouse, France. To my knowledge, I am the only Bahamian chosen for this position in 2012.

This amazing opportunity to live and work in France for year is a continuation of my French immersion plans. Last summer, I was the first recipient of the Only Love Goes Around (OLGA) Foundation French Exchange Grant. For four weeks, I lived and studied in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. During my stay last summer in France I stayed with a family that didn’t speak any English. This afforded me the opportunity to improve my French language skills, gain a new professional experience and interact with a new and world-renowned culture that is known for its contributions to gastronomy, fashion and the arts.

Also, my studies in Québec, the French province of Canada, also helped to strengthen my French language skills.

After my experience in Toulouse, I plan to further my education. I desire to become a university professor specialising in Caribbean literature, history and politics.