Bahamian People not the Tribune or their friends at the Economist magazine will determine who leads the Bahamas



The PLP notes the prediction made by the Intelligence Unit of The Economist about the upcoming general elections.

The Economist gets some predictions right, and some wrong.  This time, they’re wrong. Bahamians are looking for change.

The FNM has seriously mismanaged the Bahamian economy by failing to invest in Bahamians; by its failed tax policies that harmed small and medium enterprises and expanded hardship; by failing to stimulate growth in the tourism sector; by failing to stimulate growth in the private sector; by placing special and foreign interests above those of Bahamians and by failing to ensure public safety and security that discourages entrepreneurship.

This is evidenced by record levels of unemployment, scores of business closures, declining stopover arrivals, record levels of murder that currently stands at 109 and a country paralyzed by crime and the fear of crime. The government’s decision to present its crime plan just six months before a general election is too little and too late and shows that they are not serious about crime; many view it as an election ploy.

More damning evidence of economic mismanagement are the downgrade of the country’s sovereign credit rating by Standard and Poors and the downgrade of the country’s economic outlook from stable to negative by Moody’s. Recently, the Bahamas was downgraded by the International Financial Corporation (IFC) in the category of ease of doing business.

One of the local dailies reported that the middle class is “slowly eroding” according to the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation. This confirmed what the PLP had been saying all along – that the middle class is under threat as a result of the harmful policies of the FNM Government.

For the above reasons, the FNM Government has clearly failed the Bahamian people and is not worthy of another term in office.

For its part the PLP continues to actively engage the Bahamian people and continues to present to them a new generation of energetic leaders with a commitment to public service and a vision for our future and sustained development. Our tough, innovative crime and jobs creation plans continue to gain traction and support among Bahamians because these plans place a premium on their interests and well-being.

The PLP will continue to win the hearts and minds of the Bahamian people by challenging and inspiring them to believe in the Bahamas and to join us in building the best little country on


  1. If there is one thing we have learned is that the Bahamian People are not necessarily predictable during election time. So change remains to be seen. Then to add to that, the choices are leas thn desirable. Personally when I look at some of the persons we have calling themselves “politicians”, I see nothing except loud mouths, whose only claim to fame is that they are called “Ministers”. No substance, empty barrels collecting money from the state while stickin it to the Bahamian people. Seriously, watch some of them when they standup to debate or present a bill, it’s a joke to them and I am ticked. Smt

  2. I will rather see a man eat ‘chit’ than to talk ‘chit’ what the u.s.a get to do with the PM finding way to make the country do better? that simply mains if the u.s god forbid vanish of the face of this earth then we bahamians may as well eat chit and die’ b\c these jackass call leader waiting on the us to do better well kiss a rat’s ass. see what happen when your so call leader has no vision u get money u get people create jobs u ‘jackass’ and stop liking man!!!

  3. Anyone who knows anything about journalism would appreciate the use of “stringers” – that is people who write articles and sell them to mainstream newspapers and magazines. The Economist, both the magazine, and its Intelligence Unit, are the prime subscribers to this form of journalism. Given the nature of the Intelligence Report on the upcoming elections it is not too far a stretch to guess the source of the information that is the content of the report. As the blog above notes, the Intelligence Unit is not so intelligent, after all. People should stop spreading lies and untruths.

  4. Lying Mona Vie Laing probably caused this group to get wrong information like his false prediction of the Bahamian economy growing. Dat’s why dey predict the FNM ger win again. He probably do the graph wrong side again like the one he had in the house bout crime stats down. LOL!!! Laing is the biggest joke in town.
    I can’t find anyone who believes what Lying Laing says anymore. Let’s hope that next time he gets up in the house to speak, he holds the graph right side up so he can speak some truth for a change.
    Geez dread!!! Shameless!!!

  5. Have you heard of the term global economy? What our country is experiencing is no different from what the other countries are going through.
    By the way, what you accuse this government of is the same as what the Republicans accuses the Democrats of. Your criticism lacks originality. Standards and poor also downgraded the great USA. So What?

    • The reason a downgrade is so bad for a notion is that it drives up the cost of borrowing which gets passed on to the citizens but just as important, the cost of capital and foreign investment debt increases substantially resulting in many projects being cancelled. That means job and opportunity LOSS!

      The U.S. downgrade is a HUGE humiliation and we will suffer the consequences for generations! It occurred because of a traitorious government (Democrat and Republican!) capped off by the worst president in our history.

      You Bahamians don’t know how good you have it! Demand excellence from your public servants and you will likely get it. A tiny island is far easier to impact compared to the giant U.S. Stop falling for party politics and vote for the people that will actually make a difference.

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