Bahamians Fired and Foreigners HIRED at Burns House


Nassau, Bahamas — After telling scores of Grand Bahamians that his government has the team which believes in Bahamians, residents on New Providence are asking the government if they cut another deal to fire more Bahamians and replace them with foreigners.

Happening today is the mass firing of Bahamians at Burns House Limited, a company now owned by a Dutch Company and the National Insurance Board, since the Ingraham government invested more than 11 million dollars from the Board into the liquor company’s share offering last summer.

Sources deep in the company tell us this morning’s blood axing saw the dismissal of a number of Bahamians who we know did a stellar job at the company.

Bahamas Press can also confirm just days before Christmas human resources manager at BHL was forced to retire and was replaced by an expat out of Europe.

Sources tell us the decision to replace Bahamians with foreigners is an act of betrayal to the Bahamian people! “Wonder if Papa cut that deal too? How could you claim – just yesterday – that you are for Bahamians, and, with the same tongue, sit around the Cabinet Room and watch work permit after work permit come in stamped “APPROVED” to replace Bahamians on the workforce?” a politico told BP.

Meanwhile back at the ranch where the horse and cows eat all the hay, there is no comment by the outgoing government on the developments.

We report yinner decide.