Boating accident on Bimini one airlifted to Nassau and two missing at sea…


9 PM UPDATE: BP BREAKING| So the news coming out of Bimini confirms two died and two airlifted to the NASSAU. The group met up for a boating trip when the incident unfolded. One male was found dead and the female her body has not yet been recovered. It is unclear if the vessel was registered to conduct fishing tours on the island.

Meanwhile we have another boating incident on Bimini which where the vessel is taking on water after coming into the harbour. We can confirm though everyone is ok in that incident.

BIMINI| We have a bad boating accident story unfolding in beautiful Bimini this morning.

So far we are learning one of three victims in that incident has been airlifted into New Providence, and two others believed to be on the watercraft are still missing at sea. This is a developing story and we will keep you updated as the information reaches our desk.