Nassau, Bahamas
– Little has been said about what transpired at the DNA’s Bamboo Town Spring Festival over the weekend. Agents attending Saturday’s botched fair tell us all considered, the message of the newly formed independent Party is not resonating.

With much energy already we understand Branville has spent over $1 million out of his political war chest, but still getting the Party’s structure of the ground is tough and time is running out.

The Christie the COMEBACK KID and RISING ROCK STAR is moving on the ground in Exuma. Christie is READY!

We believe the Branville factor ga hurt one man, PAPA! We also believe the FNM Party will loose significant support base in Bamboo Town, South Abaco and now news of a BIG fight up in North Eleuthera, just to name a few. The third force is stacking the cards higher than thought in the favour of the PLP.

Christie is for the first time has a unified team. He is carrying a deep bench. He is already on the ground. Branches in the PLP are already opened and the CDR says by the end of the month [MAY] all candidates will be in the gate waiting on the bell. Christie is ready!

At the same time in Papa’s camp there is much infighting, pushing and hauling. A candidate like ‘Tinny’ says he isn’t leaving Exuma. Others like McAlpine says he isn’t running in Kennedy. The candidate seeking the seat for St. Thomas More is fighting with Carl Bethel, who wants to break away from the pending CUT_YINNER_KNOW WHAT in Sea Breeze!

Phenton Neymour is hauling his tail ‘outta’ South Beach before the Boundaries Commission could cut, saying to himself and us, “there is no hope of any win in sight”. Sidney Collie has abandoned his constituency, Neko ‘Drunk Again’ leaving, Earl Helicopter is leaving, and someone trying to push Kenneth ‘Da Janitor’ out of High Rock to help the Lying MonaVie man. Things are ‘Dutty TUFF’ in the camp of the FNM.

Keod Smith, Former Ambassador to the Enviornment has now emerged as 'Chief Defender' of the Enviornment

Hubert Minnis we are told is once again giving free medical assistance at the PMH these days, and Kenyetta Gibson don’t know where in the hell he’s going, but he is hauling like a cat walking on water out of Kennedy; he don’t want no part a dem and they don’t want no part a him. Again we say, things are ‘Dutty TUFF’ in the camp of the FNM.

It is so bad in the community of the Governing Free National Movement that Papa left for London just days before day marking the anniversary of his victory. Papa is believed to have crawled back into the city without saying a word about his May 2, 2007 election win.

When we assess the situation we see plenty trouble ahead and like a weatherman we warn Bran to GO SEE THE CDR before it is too late. In fact, GO and GO NOW! Remember now, BP told Bran how the FNM was plotting against him. And it was the FNM goon squad, which came to his town meeting and broke it up. GO SEE THE CDR!

Sources in the PLP tell us Christie could pull out his most dangerous weapon yet to contest the Bamboo Town seat and if that happens, there is sure to be blood in the water in BAMBOO TOWN!

We hear a possible ‘political be header’ named Keod Smith could lock the Bamboo Town nomination for the PLP.

Smith we know was a dangerous hidden arsenal in the PLP’s war chest. Christie used Smith to politically behead the leader of the FNM following the 2002 general elections. Keod sent Tommy weeping back to his ‘pah’ house on the hill. Many forget how the leader of the FNM was left no choice but to sit in the Senate.

Last week Christie sounded a warning to Branville and to-date, nothing has come from the DNA’s said leader.

Branville McCartney, GO SIT AND MEET WITH THE CDR!


  1. Bran must not get discourage, he just have to be more selective as to who he share his plans with, because politics is a dirty game and people would not hesitate to backstab others to further their own political ambition. I feel, Bran stand a good chance in the next general election, if he could get himself organized properly and align himself with some good candidates and bring a real plan that Bahamians would be able to identify with. Trust me, people are sick and tired of both the FNM and PLP. Right now, for me its either Bran or nothing, I am just waiting to hear what he is dealing with and how his administration intend to enhance the lives of the Bahamian people. If I don’t find it impressive, I may not be voting in the next general election.

    • Kim we are investigating a SENIOR FNM MP in connection with the THREATS AGAINST BRANVILLE!


      • If it is a member of the FNM cabinet that is making these threats and trying to intimidate Bran, it’s only because they are jealous of him, because they didn’t have the balls to do what he did. I hope the bastard(s)are found and exposed.

  2. Could it be that reality is starting to set in and Bran is starting to see that he may have bitten off more than he could chew?

    He took an unnecessary gamble when he decided to form a party. Even if he wants to align with the PLP, its too late now.

    Forming that party now was a bad, bad move. Like i have said repeatedly, he should have stayed an independent and focus on winning his seat as an independent. If he won, then form his party afterwards.

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