Brave Davis comes to the defence of the thousand plus lawyers in the legal profession and slams Hubert Ingraham for breaking the law


PLP DEPUTY LEADER PHILIP BRAVE DAVIS at a PLP rally in Fort Charlotte last night.

Brave Davis concludes Hubert Ingraham is desperate to stay in power and calls for the PM to be Brave and Ring da Bell

Remarks By Philip Brave Davis MP

Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador

Deputy Leader Of The PLP

Fort Charlotte Branch Of The PLP

Constituency Office Opening


21 February 2012

Fort Charlotte!

Are you ready!

We are at the gate!

We are waiting for the Bell to ring and I want you to tell them RING THAT BELL!

Mr. Party Leader….

The next MP for Ft. Charlotte, Andre Rollins.

Team Fort Charlotte and Bahamians Everywhere!

To my growing category five [5] PLP HURRICANE Are YOU READY?

We have them on the run.

They are ashamed of their record of running the country almost into the ground having held office for 15 of the last 20 years.

Hubert Ingraham spent much of his time last week rehashing old stories, spinning untruths, taking the low road – all in an attempt to distract you the Bahamian people away from the real issues that impact your lives today.

Brave Davis, Andre Rollins and Perry Christie at Fort Charlotte rally last night

The same stories in 2002 – 2007 and now again in 2012.

Throwing low blows.

But we have a surprise for him. And that surprise is that we were and are prepared for blows below the belt.

The ingredients and mix for our preparation for the blows were handed to us by Papa Clown himself.

As those blows today are being deflected and absorbed by the real issues and concern of the Bahamian people, which were aggravated and made worse by Papa Clown’s Governance …

….- and the pain and suffering inflicted upon them by his vindictive, reckless and spiteful policies.

He is desperate, despondent and dead scared to ring that bell.

I saw Monday’s Nassau Guardian under the headline: Ingraham hits at Davis over crime comments –

….he decided to come out against my record and other lawyers’ for representing persons charged with criminal offenses.

Why single me out?

What about Desmond “Abandoned” Bannister?

What happened to Carl “Fired” Bethel?

Or what about Dion “Seasoned Loser” Foulkes?

What about them who also represented persons charged with criminal offences?

My experience and relationship with the administration of the Criminal Justice System for the past 37 years better equips my colleagues and I to tackle the problems of crime head-on.

I am not ashamed to say I am a noted attorney and when I look in the mirror I see someone with exemplary lawyering skills, which cannot be disputed – even by papa clown. Noted both locally, regionally and internationally.

In fact, he has personally benefited mightily and significantly from my lawyering skills.

But yet he spoke spinelessly about these skills.

PLPs gathered in rally on Farrington Road last night.

What UTTER NONSENSE comes from the lips of a Prime Minister!

Brave Davis is in his mouth every time he gets on a stage nowadays.

But he needs to be Brave and RING THE BELL!

When did he discover that persons charged with a criminal offence being represented by a lawyer contribute to a rise in criminal activity?

What is his point here?

Is he now advocating that persons charged with crimes not have legal representation?

In the words of Kenneth Russell: Sounds like the mind of a tyrant and dictator to me.

I guess we cannot expect anything better coming from the lips of Papa Clown.

He speaks in particular of Samuel ‘Ninety’ Knowles. Why choose him from among the many clients?

I have represented persons charged with similar offenses who are Hubert Ingraham’s close friends and constituents – whom he recommended to me – because of my knowledge in the law. Why not call their names?

Why doesn’t he speak about the others? Samuel Knowles never confessed to be a drug smuggler and he is presently serving time and is appealing his convictions in the United States.

On the other hand, a “confessed drug smuggler” is being facilitated and entertained by Papa Clown and his circus.

In fact, PAPA CLOWN has been rewarding this individual.

He was given the rights to operate a fixed base operation – to operate his own private terminal at the North Eleuthera Airport.

And recently, he was sworn in as a Justice of the Peace, with the blessing of Hubert Ingraham [Papa Clown].

That person is Abner Pinder of Spanish Wells.

His name and confession is recorded in this report – The 1984 Commission of Inquiry.

It is in the book! [Show BOOK]

The book also speaks about GORDA CAY. And perhaps Papa CLOWN MAY WISH TO TELL US MORE ABOUT THIS CAY.

Papa Clown memory may be long, and so is mine.

Your lust for power and maintaining power is clouding your head and loosening your screws.

Getting nasty and low.

How could it come from his mouth that lawyers’ representation of criminals is contributing to the state of decay of the country today?

As I said earlier, he has been at the helm of this country for 15 of the past 20 years and has served as Prime Minister for the last five.

What example has he set for abiding or adhering to the law?

Civility is absence from his conduct. This is widely known.

He breaks the law!

He fails to declare to the Public Disclosure Commission, when the law requires him to do so.

He fails to table a Midterm Budget when the law requires him to do so as Minister of Finance.

It is your time to look in the mirror Papa Clown, what do you see? A Prime Minister breaking the law?

It is no wonder Hubert Ingraham cannot talk about crime.

Hubert Ingraham and the FNM are like the paralytic man. They are motionless when it comes to correcting the problem of crime in the Bahamas.

And here are the facts:

Since the FNM took office, four hundred and forty four persons [444] have been murdered in cold blood on the streets of the Bahamas.

And unlike the excuse given by Mr. Ingraham, those victims are not all involved in any drug activity.

That young banker, committed family man and churchman, killed in his driveway on Friday past was not involved in drugs!

That young woman who was killed while nursing her young baby while visiting the country again was NOT DRUG RELATED!

Nor was the attack on a guest to this country, who was robbed of a cell phone and then shot dead, connected to drug activity.

Your sweeping generalization, Mr. Ingraham, against young innocent victims of these crimes is one BIG FAT lie!

Fort Charlotte it gets worse…

There are as many as three hundred and five – 305 – persons out on bail for murder right now.

But take a look at this.

Because this government is utterly incapable of bringing murder cases to trial within a reasonable time period, fewer than 25 convictions for murder cases have taken place in nearly five years.

Fort Charlotte,

Our Bahamas is headed in the wrong direction.

They are clueless.

They are lost and are not living up to their primary obligation to protect the Bahamian people!

Mr. Ingraham!

You and the FNM have failed us miserably!

And it is time to VOTE THEM OUT!

When you elect your next PLP Government, you will be electing a team that


And Fort Charlotte we need Andre Rollins on that team.

We in the PLP understand that the state of our economy is directly linked to the high levels of violence and criminal activity. Not until we fix the problems of crime will we find successful solutions to our economic woes.

Only the PLP has presented ideas for reducing violence, for putting Bahamians first, and for expanding our economy.

Our Bahamian people need get back to work.

Our 21st Century Classrooms project, a public-private partnership, will give the needed stimulus back into our economy.

We will modernize and upgrade our classrooms and schools across the nation, creating jobs now

– for architects, engineers, green energy experts, those in the construction trades

– and it is part of our plan to revolutionize education in The Bahamas, so that we can attract and build and keep 21st century jobs.

Not just our students need our support – Bahamian workers need the government’s support, too.

Therefore, when elected, we will also announce the Worker Retraining Initiative, our plan to dramatically expand access to retraining programs and work opportunities.

These are just a few of our solutions to getting people back to work.

And so Fort Charlotte we come tonight to lift the hand of our PLP son in this community.

Andre Rollins, along with our team of young men and women, believes in safe streets.

We believe in investing in the Bahamian people.

We and the PLP believe in Young People. He is a young man and from what I see he is ready to serve you.

Fort Charlotte: It is time to register. I need every one of you under the sound of my voice, whether by radio or at this rally tonight, who have not done so as yet to do so now in order to get rid of the FNM!

You must register to vote PLP.

Because it ain’t long now.

Fort Charlotte:

Come with us as we set a course to Put Bahamians Back to Work!

Come with us as we point young Bahamians into an era of prosperity and growth!

Come with us as we build our nation and restore Opportunity to thousands of our countrymen and women.

Come with us as we restore JOB OPPORTUNITIES back into this economy and new business opportunities for all our people.

Come with us, and send to Parliament our Brave man Andre Rollins!

It is time to ring the BELL!

Come with us as the PLP Believes in the Bahamas.